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Supernatural is a virtual reality fitness service for the Meta Quest that offers immersive workouts with real coaches and music. The app has been recognized as one of TIME's Best Fitness Inventions of the year and one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies of the Year. The app offers a library of over 500 workouts, meditations, and stretch sessions, and allows users to set goals, track their workout history and metrics, and share their progress with friends.


- Set up membership and build a profile

- Access a library of over 500 workouts, meditations, and stretch sessions

- Preview workout playlists with Spotify integration

- Set weekly goals and track workout history and metrics

- Share workout posts with friends through social media or email

- Add up to 3 profiles to a membership for free

- Pair Meta Quest to work out in VR

- Connect with friends and the active community

- Pair a heart-rate tracker to get more data on performance

- Integrated with HealthKit to provide workout activity tracking in Apple Health & Fitness app.

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Box. Flow. Meditate. Recover. Have the time of your life working out from home! this app is an immersive, virtual reality fitness service for the Meta Quest. New workouts daily that transport you to the most stunning destinations in the world, while you work out with real coaches and move to music you know and love. TIME's Best Fitness Invention of the year, one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies of the Year, and loved by The New York Times, TODAY, People, Men's Health, Goop, and more! Use this Companion App to get the most out of your this app experience: • Set up your membership and build your profile. • Explore a library of over 500 this app Boxing and this app Flow workouts, alongside meditations and stretch session. • Preview workout playlists with Spotify integration, and queue up workouts into your list • Set weekly goals, track your workout history and metrics • Share workout posts with friends through Facebook, Instagram, text or email • Add 3 profiles to your membership for free with roommates and family members • Pair your Meta Quest to work out in VR. • Connect with your friends and our active community. Follow each other’s workouts and share your progress as you climb the leaderboard together • Pair a heart-rate tracker to get more data on your performance. This app is integrated with HealthKit to provide workout activity tracking in Apple Health & Fitness app. *Requires Meta Quest or Quest 2 VR headset. Additional profiles only available on the same Meta Quest.

Top Reviews

By jlb1527

Has great potential

I just got this today for my quest 2, and am already impressed. I had ankle surgery a few months ago, and am always looking to find low impact activities to get back into shape. After using this for just a few hours, I am sure I haven’t even discovered most of what the software has to offer, however, I am thoroughly impressed with what is it already. I see that the company also monitors reviews which is great for constant process improvements, so I will give you one request that does seem at least a bit more attainable, than some of the others I have seen. I know it takes a long time to create the workouts, and having to create one for every song out there, doesn’t seem feasible. However, it would be great if there was a search option, and if a song you’re looking for is in a workout somewhere, it can just take you to that specific workout. I find myself wondering if there is a song I’m looking for in a workout somewhere, and if it was, I would do that entire workout anyways, not just the one song. I hope that makes sense. Either way, I am excited to see what you guys do with this app in the future. And I’m happy I can continue to avoid the gym, and embarrass myself in the comfort of my own home. Cheers!

By cautlyn7318

OMG!!! Best work out I have ever had!

I am not one to write reviews on games to much but this game is absolutely incredible and to me it’s worth every penny. I just had a baby about three months ago and I have been wanting to work out since I was allowed to but you know due to covid I couldn’t start and honestly lack motivation to do so by myself. But I was intrigued by this due to it having a couch. And honestly was expecting it to be not that great of an app due to VR still being so new. But you guys have taken my breath away with beautiful scenery, and I fill like there is a person there to show me how to do the excersise properly and to motivate me. I love how I can add people to my account but wasn’t sure if they could use their own oculus or do they have to use mine? But for me what I would love to see in the near future would to be multiplayer so that way I can feel like I’m working out with my friend instead of just my coach. As for the workouts oh man it put me in a sweat and I could really feel the burn it was great. Totally worth the money 100% and I can’t wait to see how you guys add and develop this game to bring it to its fullest potential 😃

By LiteBriteHan

My first ever review

I’ve never written a review but I had to for this. I used to frequent the gym 3-4 times a week before quarantine. When lockdown started, I signed up for another fitness subscription (just videos, not vr). Without the social aspect of in-person fitness classes, my motivation waned until working out became an unbearable chore. Fast forward 7 months and 25 pounds later my brother got me the Quest 2 for my birthday and this app was recommended to me. I was hooked after the first workout! I now use the app 6 days a week and I LOVE IT. These workout are no joke, you will sweat! I live in an upstairs apartment and love that I’m not doing jumping jacks or burpees (thank god I’m not doing burpees) and annoying my downstairs neighbors. The music and locations are great and I want to be Dwana’s best friend, I love her so much. I’m so excited to see how this app evolves! TLDR: It’s fun and you will sweat! Perfect low impact, full body workouts for upstairs apartment dwellers. Music 👍 locations 👍 Dwana ♥️

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