Supernatural - Companion App Reviews

Supernatural - Companion App Reviews

Published by on 2024-01-31

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About Supernatural

What is Supernatural?

Supernatural is a virtual reality fitness service for the Meta Quest that offers immersive workouts with real coaches and music. The app has been recognized as one of TIME's Best Fitness Inventions of the year and one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies of the Year. The app offers a library of over 500 workouts, meditations, and stretch sessions, and allows users to set goals, track their workout history and metrics, and share their progress with friends.



- Set up membership and build a profile

- Access a library of over 500 workouts, meditations, and stretch sessions

- Preview workout playlists with Spotify integration

- Set weekly goals and track workout history and metrics

- Share workout posts with friends through social media or email

- Add up to 3 profiles to a membership for free

- Pair Meta Quest to work out in VR

- Connect with friends and the active community

- Pair a heart-rate tracker to get more data on performance

- Integrated with HealthKit to provide workout activity tracking in Apple Health & Fitness app.

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Key Benefits of Supernatural

- Impressed with the software after using it for a few hours

- Company monitors reviews for process improvements

- Beautiful scenery

- Social aspect of in-person fitness classes

- Variety of workouts

- Availability of a trainer

20 Supernatural Reviews

4.1 out of 5


Has great potential

I just got this today for my quest 2, and am already impressed. I had ankle surgery a few months ago, and am always looking to find low impact activities to get back into shape. After using this for just a few hours, I am sure I haven’t even discovered most of what the software has to offer, however, I am thoroughly impressed with what is it already. I see that the company also monitors reviews which is great for constant process improvements, so I will give you one request that does seem at least a bit more attainable, than some of the others I have seen.

I know it takes a long time to create the workouts, and having to create one for every song out there, doesn’t seem feasible. However, it would be great if there was a search option, and if a song you’re looking for is in a workout somewhere, it can just take you to that specific workout. I find myself wondering if there is a song I’m looking for in a workout somewhere, and if it was, I would do that entire workout anyways, not just the one song. I hope that makes sense.

Either way, I am excited to see what you guys do with Supernatural in the future. And I’m happy I can continue to avoid the gym, and embarrass myself in the comfort of my own home. Cheers!


Great but needs more personalization

Supernatural really pushes someone like me who works out but not as regularly as I should (I’m always sweating and out of breath at the end). I love the scenery, the music and the different levels of intensity. Overall, great workout and worth the subscription costs if I use it regularly.

That said, my problem with the workout is that I’m the first to say I need to work on making sure my form is correct for the side lunges, but even in the lower intensity workouts often these lunges go so fast that I’m trying to keep up rather than focusing on doing them right. As a result, I started to hurt my back. Until I can do them right and quickly, it would be nice to be able to remove them from the songs, or make them appear less frequently, so that I can focus on the other movements that I *am* doing right, or slow down so I can concentrate on my form. Basically, more of a personalization tool for the movements. I imagine this would also be good for people who might have an injury or disability and therefore can only do certain movements.

While one option is just got ignore them, of course, I feel less accomplished, and even frustrated, when I have to ignore part of the workout.


Better than the other option

I was looking for a fun workout option for my off days from running. I bought the other workout app and am doing the trial for this one. I’m glad I bought the other app first because it made me appreciate how much more advanced Supernatural is. The scenery is beautiful, the trainers are good and not annoying and the music is so much more enjoyable than the other app. The other app requires package add ons to get more workouts vs Supernatural is all inclusive of the monthly fee. Also, Supernatural does a much better job of giving a whole body workout, not just arms. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because, I’m a numbers girl! It uses your Apple Watch to sync the heart rate but it doesn’t tap into the full potential. I’d love to see an estimate number of calories burned based on either what the watch says or based on your height, weight, age and heart rate. Also, Wish there was a countdown clock so I knew how much time was left. If I’m getting tired, I’d know if I should hold back or give it my all the last minute...or if the kid is hungry, I get a sense of how much longer I need.


OMG!!! Best work out I have ever had!

I am not one to write reviews on games to much but this game is absolutely incredible and to me it’s worth every penny. I just had a baby about three months ago and I have been wanting to work out since I was allowed to but you know due to covid I couldn’t start and honestly lack motivation to do so by myself. But I was intrigued by this due to it having a couch. And honestly was expecting it to be not that great of an app due to VR still being so new. But you guys have taken my breath away with beautiful scenery, and I fill like there is a person there to show me how to do the excersise properly and to motivate me. I love how I can add people to my account but wasn’t sure if they could use their own oculus or do they have to use mine? But for me what I would love to see in the near future would to be multiplayer so that way I can feel like I’m working out with my friend instead of just my coach. As for the workouts oh man it put me in a sweat and I could really feel the burn it was great. Totally worth the money 100% and I can’t wait to see how you guys add and develop this game to bring it to its fullest potential 😃


It’s alright but...

I would say the 20 dollar month to month payment is a little much. I know, I know “you need to think about the cost for developing, producing, and the trainers making new content” but I think for an application like this, it’s good, just not $20/month good. I think $10 even $15 would be more reasonable. The workouts are moderate at best and are sometimes hard to follow because it is off beat sometimes. Not only that, but sometimes I simply am not able to hit the targets because they are out of reach or the tracking seems off. (Beat saber operates right on point) It’s straight forward but it’s the same every time and gets boring. I wish they would track when you miss or mess up too because it feels like it doesn’t matter if I actually try or not. Like a landscape beat saber (though beat saber is still more visually appealing). I wish there was an option to turn off the voice trainer (yet you can turn off sfx and music all the way?) I perform better without the voice in the background. I wish they had single songs that you could compile into a custom playlist because when I exercise I hope to enjoy every song, not just some. Also I’d prefer getting to complete a workout without the cool down because it feels unnecessary.


Fun game and a good sweat, but…

I’ve used this every day for two weeks, and it really doesn’t feel like a work out. However, I’m definitely sweating hard after and know I got some good exercise in while having fun. The scenery is amazing and really adds to the experience. I really only have two issues that keep this from being a 5 star review. First, please give me the option to completely mute the trainer during the songs. Pre and post workout is fine, but some of the trainers complete ruin the in song experience with their constant commentary, yelling, singing along, etc, while I’m trying to connect with the music. I understand they’re trying to motivate, but not everyone wants or needs that. It’s actually ruins some of the workouts. Even with the trainer volume turned as low as it will go, it’s still annoying. Second, it would be great to incorporated more legs into the workouts. Running in place, high stepping over obstacles, etc. Would really enhance the full body workout experience without changing the concept of the game much. Thanks!!


Really good, but not perfect

Pros: The workouts are varied with different music and different trainers and really gets you sweating and your heart pumping. A great way to do cardio. Backgrounds are beautiful. Leanne and Raneir are awesome!

Cons: cool downs frequently stretch either shoulders or legs, not both. I’ve been using Supernatural for over a month (I have a yearly subscription) and it’s getting a little repetitive. Really would benefit from a lot more backgrounds and some more moves. I wonder if you could have things to jump over. Pretty expensive for what you get.

Overall, I really like Supernatural and it gets me a great cardio workout! I’m just starting to crave some variety and I’m only 1 month in. I wonder how I’ll feel in 10 months. I’ll echo what another user wrote that Supernatural would greatly benefit from multiple profiles so that my wife could also use it (don’t get greedy—include in the monthly price).


My first ever review

I’ve never written a review but I had to for this. I used to frequent the gym 3-4 times a week before quarantine. When lockdown started, I signed up for another fitness subscription (just videos, not vr). Without the social aspect of in-person fitness classes, my motivation waned until working out became an unbearable chore.

Fast forward 7 months and 25 pounds later my brother got me the Quest 2 for my birthday and this app was recommended to me. I was hooked after the first workout! I now use Supernatural 6 days a week and I LOVE IT. These workout are no joke, you will sweat! I live in an upstairs apartment and love that I’m not doing jumping jacks or burpees (thank god I’m not doing burpees) and annoying my downstairs neighbors. The music and locations are great and I want to be Dwana’s best friend, I love her so much. I’m so excited to see how this app evolves!

TLDR: It’s fun and you will sweat! Perfect low impact, full body workouts for upstairs apartment dwellers. Music 👍 locations 👍 Dwana ♥️


Worth every penny- because I actually use it

I work from home 8 hours a day and have 3 kids so it’s been really difficult for me to find the time (and motivation) to exercise. With this, I can literally fit in whatever length of workout I am able to for the day. Motivation is never an issue because it’s super fun and the coaches are all awesome. Honestly, the ability to throw on the VR and do a quick 2 songs barefoot and in my pajamas has removed the last roadblock for me. I used to be a runner before I injured my knees and I found the “getting ready for a run” routine to be a challenge to my motivation.

The only things I have found myself wishing for are: the ability to search by length of workout AND intensity level at the same time, and the ability to sort workouts by whether they focus on upper or lower body. My scraggly arms need a rest sometimes and I’m trying to find more squat/ lower body exercise routines while they rest 😊


Not a gamer or a fitness buff

I’ve had a very difficult time wanting to exercise. It’s part of laziness, fatigue, long workdays. I saw this advertised on Facebook. First I bought the oculus quest, just to see if it was something I could use and not lose my sanity. I read some reviews of this app, Some people complained it was like the game beat saber, I actually found that beat saber gave me the foundation I needed to work out for this app. Another person wrote about the expense of $19 a month. Well if you try to get a fitness trainer and go to a decent gym (which isn’t open right now)You’ll spend more. I look at this is an investment in myself, and at 52 years old it’s about time. I love the platform, I love the different settings around the world, I look forward to working out. So for every person who thinks I’m not a gamer, or I don’t really like working out and I’m just going to stay fat - try it! Invest in yourself this is a great way to get fit.


I like it, but not sure if I like it enough

I am using VR movement games to rehab after an injury, and thought this app would be right up my alley. I love the scenery, like the motions it requires, and like the variety of workouts. However, I’ve seen some reviews that mention things I’d like to comment on as well:

The variety of music is good, but it would be amazing to be able to pick and choose the songs you want your workout to consist of, rather than enjoy two songs and tolerate three. I like the availability of a trainer, but I don’t like having them on over the music throughout the workout; it would be nice to be able to toggle the voice in or out as desired. It would also be nice to be able to toggle the lunge triangles out of the workout if necessary, as sometimes I am able to do them, but sometimes I physically cannot.

We are in the trial period and deciding whether to continue; the price is fine if we both like it and will use it. We are used to paying for the gym and this is a good alternative to public gym cardio.


An amazingly fun and strenuous workout

I’m having so much fun working out to this app! I’ve worked out my whole life, utilizing weights, cardio, indoor/outdoor and am in good cardiovascular shape. I’m a sweaty, tired mess after doing just a medium intensity workout! Don’t let that scare you, though! I feel this is like all exercise : you’ll get out of it what you put into it. I love the immersive feel and despite another comment I read, I feel the trainers do a great job of making comments and reminders during the workout. It’s my understanding that you can turn those comments off, if you want, but I find them helpful. I’m totally digging the boxing workouts, which is something I’ve never done; they’re so much fun and what a great workout!
Last bit of praise: I love that my brain is totally engaged, so it’s like a mental workout and a mental vacation from outside stresses. I love to travel, so the realistic destinations are awesome, too!


The future of exercise has arrived

This is truly an incredible workout app/game. The scenery is incredible, music is great and the flying objects are so well synchronized with the rhythm of each song and it gives you one hell of a workout. Even on days where I’m a little sluggish and would have normally skipped a workout, this app gets me motivated to get one in.

A few suggestions:

1. I wish there were different bat options and connecting the bats should produce a vibration like Saber

2. There should be a filter to allow you to filter out previously taken workouts

3. Coach Leanne Pedante is the real star here among the coaches. I would probably not be as excited about using Supernatural without her. I hope the other instructors they add have a similar level of energy and enthusiasm throughout the workout because Supernatural is only as good as it’s instructors. Some of them just lack the energy and have generic comments however with Leanne it feels she’s right there with you throughout the workout as she mentions patterns, low triangles, movements specific to each song real-time so it feels she’s with you doing the same workout rather than listening to a coach speaking in generic terms

4. I hope they keep adding to their collection of natural scenes. The computer generated ones are neat too but nothing beats actual exotic locations in the world. I can’t wait for Petra, Jordan to be added.


What I needed

I rarely write reviews. Supernatural is excellent. I really connect with the coaches. I’m a 40 yr old single dad so I don’t really have anyone “cheering” me on. At first it sounded silly but hey, big positivity takes getting used to when it’s not your norm. I love the boxing work outs, I end up sweating like crazy and they’re so fun I literally don’t want to stop. I’m motivated to workout everyday so I can be able to *workout longer.* THANK YOU for making good music in a workout app happen. It makes all the difference.

I sawsomeoneelse suggested a countdown clock. That might be pretty cool to have as an option to turn on or off, or to have show up for the last 60 or 90 seconds.

I wish there were a way to get feedback on my form. Are my jabs straight? Am I over rotating in my hooks? Am I dipping low enough? Is my fist turn correctly for my hooks? Can it tell by the arc of my motion and position relative to the headset of my elbow is high enough on my hooks? I’d love to see the gestalt of my arcs and movement combined with my height data to show freeze frame tracers of my movement overlaid with suggested better patterns. Does that make sense?

Also, the meditations are great. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be someone who meditates and for the first time ever…I am.

The price is totally worth it. There’s nothing better out there. And this app seems to be getting better all the time.


More please….

Long story short get Supernatural now for your oculus.
Now the good part, i hate working out. Im a mid 30s dude from a generation of people the mostly said nah no thanks. That got me to be 5’6 and 247 pounds of ew. Ive tried getting so many things, diet programs, magic pills, weight bench and bike so boring….😴🥱got an oculus for xmas. Saw an ad for SN and got it to try, since then i workout everyday 💙💙💙 the boxing ones but the most important thing for me is the soundtracks you can choose from with new ones added everyday! Its really what keeps you going. Right when you want to stop you get to the breakdown in a Disturbed song or Blink 182 and you just keep going Fallo out boy just came out with an Orgy track🤯 since x mas im down to 221 goal is 195 lets get it 💪🏽 TY this app dont listen to the haters you changed my entire life only thing we need more of is more Metal Soundtracks. Team #coachdoc🤙🏾


Love it!

I am 51 (and overweight). I bought the Quest a couple of weeks ago (my first VR experience) and after playing Beat Saber, I realized I was actually getting a workout. I had skipped past this app because it seemed expensive, but then figured I’d give the free month a try. After one day, I dug out my old fitness tracker and couldn’t believe my results. Yesterday was day number 6 and I already decided it was worth the $19/month (so I jumped on the opportunity to pay $149/yr). It may seem like alot of money, but compared to a gym membership it’s really not. I am so excited to begin my weight loss journey! Coach Raneir Pollard is my favorite, but Leanne is awesome, too (haven’t even tried the others yet because I love their workouts so much). I live in a small town where there are no gyms nearby. I gained weight because I live a very sedentary lifestyle. Supernatural is definitely going to change my life!


I’m working out and enjoying it!!

I’ve never written a review for an app before, but I saw that this app actually replies to reviews so it’s great to see that they’re reading and taking feedback, so here’s mine:

I love ALMOST everything about Supernatural, the workouts are fun, exhausting and they’re something I look forward to doing every single day.

Coaches are entertaining and fun, the music is energizing, the views are spectacular and it’s just such a great idea.

I think the cost is a bit too much or maybe if there was different options like monthly, 6 month and yearly, it would help. The fact that you HAVE to pay for an entire year at a time seems unreasonable.

For ‘search’ I wish we had more options like searching by titles or even just selecting songs and ‘creating your own playlist workout’ it’s hard to go through a list especially when I get my workouts in between meetings with limited time but also when I DO have more time there’s no workout long enough.

Overall it’s a very well designed and though out app. My free trial is expiring and although a bit excessive, I will purchase Supernatural because I enjoy it THAT much

And, just because I love that you’re reading please consider the ‘create your own workout’ option :)


Working up the sweat and heart rate and having fun with Supernatural.

this app offers the perfect opportunity for me to workout at home and on my own schedule. I feel like I am in the gym with a private instructor, but I have the convenience of having the workout at my home, office or wherever I travel with my Oculus Quest 2. I particularly like the fact that workouts are designed to focus on different muscle groups and that I can choose workouts that suit my time available or level of intensity desired. The music, scenery and coaching make it a pleasure. There are some occasional glitches that cause the workout to freeze, but this does not occur often. I do wish I could use Supernatural to predetermine a workout schedule in advance such that logging into this app with my Oculus would automatically pick up the workout(s) I had scheduled.


Love BUT would love some options

First of all I’ve started this two weeks and haven’t missed a day. I love the variety of workouts and the fact I can adjust them to my needs (bad knees!!). Totally love having classical, musicals and 80’s music to workout to! What I’d love to see options for is - turn off the coaches voices during workouts. After awhile you’ve heard the same childhood stories over and over and sometimes it gets annoying. Also I’m concentrating on the beat and enjoying the music. Another option is I would like to be able to skip warmup and cool downs as I do two workouts back to back. I don’t want to cool down between them.

Thanks for offering the workouts and the music! Can’t wait for new collections and even more classical music! Perhaps some Rachmaninov? 😀


Supernatural Fail

I loved this game on my Quest. I got ONE workout in before I started having problems. I tried to add my spouse to my account. Could not get that to work. Sent a message under ‘contact us’ in Supernatural . No response whatsoever. Went back to the game and now it won’t boot up. At all. It says ‘loading’ then goes to three dots flashing sequentially. The game never comes up. I deleted the game from my Oculus, and re-downloaded. Same symptom.

UPDATE: After sending an email as instructed, I received an immediate response and eventually we got all problems resolved. The blinking dots were indicating poor WiFi signal. Also I got my spouse added to my account with instructions from the support team.
I will be purchasing after the trial period.
We are enjoying the workouts very much!

Is Supernatural Safe?

Yes. Supernatural - Companion App is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 608 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Supernatural Is 52.6/100.

Is Supernatural Legit?

Yes. Supernatural - Companion App is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 608 Supernatural - Companion App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Supernatural Is 67.9/100..

Is Supernatural - Companion App not working?

Supernatural - Companion App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Plans

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