Avrora - Sleep Booster Reviews

Avrora - Sleep Booster Reviews

Published by on 2023-01-20

About: Avrora is a perfect sleep solution for those who would like to fall asleep
easily and wake up energized with the help of special breathing techniques,
meditation sessions, sleep stories, calming sounds, and refreshing alarm
melodies. Avrora is based on the only extremely effective drug-free option for
overcoming sleeping problems.

About Avrora

What is Avrora?

Avrora is a sleep solution app that helps users fall asleep easily and wake up energized with the help of special breathing techniques, meditation sessions, sleep stories, calming sounds, and refreshing alarm melodies. The app is based on drug-free options for overcoming sleeping problems and helps to eliminate the underlying causes of sleeping problems and develop better sleep habits.



- 30+ sleep boosting sounds that let you fall asleep easily without waking up at night

- Special breathing technique to unwind your mind before sleep

- 30+ relaxing meditations for better sleep at night

- 10+ specially designed refreshing alarm melodies that wake you up gently

- Sleep quality assessment used for all-inclusive individual sleeping solutions

- Fully integrated with Apple Health, exchanging sleep analysis, mindfulness minutes, and heart rate

- Adjusting sleeping schedule

- Widgets and Siri shortcuts (including for Wind Down)

- Sign in with Apple - log into your account to save and keep your data safe across devices

- Auto-renewing 6-month subscription for $39.99 to provide unlimited access to the all-inclusive sleep solution while maintaining an active subscription.

- Client support available at [email protected]

- Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy available on the app's website.

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Key Benefits of Avrora

- Quickly fell asleep well before the 30 min was up

- Personal Smart Alarm

- Snore Tracker & Recorder

- Variety of Nature Calming Sounds

- Variety of Stories

- Variety of Breathing Sessions

- Survey to help improve sleep patterns

25 Avrora Reviews

4.6 out of 5


Stops randomly

So I got this during the free trial and it worked well. The breathing exercise then meditation then sleep sound helped me fall asleep quickly. It worked well enough during the free trial I bought into it for $40 thinking I had found a solution to my sleep issues or could at least track what was going on during the night. Then the problems began.... I get no recordings of any noise made during the night and I know there are noises, for instance the other night I was woke up by my dog standing beside the bed barking at my face wanting to go out. Of all things that should have been recorded but it was not. My more bothersome issue is that if I wake up during the night... to let the dog out... Avrora doesn’t think I’m going back to bed so Avrora stops tracking sleep and the alarm never goes off. It also seems to interfere with every other alarm clock I have on my phone so those no longer go off inside the time I have programmed that I want to sleep in Avrora.

It also doesn’t appear in the Subscriptions section on my phone so I don’t know if I can assure myself that it won’t charge me again next year. Contacting their customer support has gotten no response. My next step will be to contact PayPal to block further charges and an official complaint to Apple. I have been left no choice. Very disappointing considering the great sleep I got during the free 3 day trial.



Rating 5 star so hopefully they won’t bury this and you won’t get ripped off too! You will be charged even if you want to cancel.
SCAMMERS!!! I am not happy with this product, I realized immediately I would not be and attempted to cancel the subscription so I would not be billed.
SCAMMERS! Follow the instructions to unsubscribe...? Avrora does not show in subscriptions, so how do you unsubscribe? I have sent 2 emails to the developer and one to Apple Support, and I am coming close to the deadline to unsubscribe. Please prove me wrong, show me you are not thieves and con artists... I have screen shots proving that your instructions do not work, and that your app does not appear so it can not be canceled before the trial ends. I am trying in good faith to cancel Avrora, posting this review was not my first choice.


So far it’s a scam...

I bought the lifetime membership so I could use all the features advertised. I have a medical condition in which the snore & voice tracking would come in handy. I’m leaving this review, because so far, this specific feature has (in which they are offering) never once worked. Also, there is nowhere in Avrora to even navigate to this specific feature. It’s a scam as far as I’m concerned. I’ve contacted them twice now with no response. I’ve had the application since the 19th of August (2019.) Hopefully they can get this fixed, and push a new update soon. I have no reason to believe they will (being I’ve had no response thus far.) From what it looks like based on other reviews, and based on my own experience, this is a SCAM. Please don’t not buy this application. There are others out there that are easier to navigate, and are more personalized. Also, cheaper, and the features advertised actually work. I will update this review if anything changes, but as of now I cannot vouch for this application. (Hopefully they don’t respond to my review with “bugs can happen, and we are working on this.”) If they do then I’ll know it’s definitely a scam 😂 because that’s what they’ve been replying with to other reviewers for some time now. 🤷🏼‍♀️


false advertising

so i have been told i talk in my sleep A LOT from my family members. and so i got Avrora to try and see if i could record it a little bit. i did the 3 day trial and no voice recordings were made, so i thought maybe they just didn’t pick up or something. however, my boyfriend picked up on it. it WOKE HIM UP because i was talking in my sleep. crazy how Avrora didn’t record that. anyways, so after about 5 days and no voice feedback, i cancelled my subscription. a couple days later my phone started buzzing like crazy. no sound, just buzzing telling me to wake up. so it was from Avrora and i clicked on it. by now my subscription was cancelled but i still is Avrora downloaded. i opened Avrora and it told me it recorded 3 voice recordings last night when i was sleeping. so of course, i bought the cheapest (yes still very expensive) plan i could get to listen to the recordings. once i bought it and they got my money, i had NO RECORDINGS. they just WANTED MONEY. Avrora is a waste, hard to work, and there are much more apps that are better and worth the money. waste of $40 👎🏼


Sleep was TOO good

I actually had to quit the free trial after 2 nights because the sleep was too good. My biggest issue before Avrora is waking up multiple times per night. With Avrora, I set the “fade out” timer for 30 minutes (where it gives soothing sounds and affirmations for 30 minutes to help you drift to sleep) and I quickly fell fast asleep well before the 30 min was up. And then it was a heavy, deep blackout continuous sleep and I missed all my alarms both days. (Multiple alarms I set both on Avrora and on my phone itself). I was late to work both days. I feel super rested and relaxed, but doesn’t work for me as I need to jump out of bed in the mornings. I highly recommend Avrora for anyone who doesn’t have to be anywhere super early in the mornings.



When I saw Avrora I said no way that’s gonna work because I’ve been looking for a sleep booster app that does the trick for months and I honestly though that his was false advertisement but when I downloaded this app IT WAS LIKE I FELL ASLEEP IN 2 SECONDS! 😴This is so great and I love all of the cool features it has like a PERSONAL SMART ALARM, SNORE TRACKER & RECORDER, A WHOLE BUNCH OF DIFFERENT NATURE CALMING SOUNDS, DIFFERENT STORIES,DIFFERENT KINDS OF BREATHING SESSIONS, AND AT THE BEGINNING THEY ASK YOU LIKE A LITTLE SURVEY TO SEE WHAT YOU WANT TO IMPROVE IN YOUR SLEEP PATTERNS AND TO HELP YOU FALL ASLEEP FASTER!💤💤💤 Thanks for your time reading this, I hope this really inspired you to download Avrora for free right now!😁😁😁


I confess, I wanted to know how much I fart in my sleep…

I saw an ad for Avrora somewhere, maybe Facebook? Some place where the algorithm knew I would be interested in knowing how much I fart in my sleep…do I wake myself up? What am I saying in my sleep? I was really interested. So I downloaded Avrora …and registered, but didn’t pay yet…because, you know, just gotta check it out first. And then, emails….in a single day, I received 11 emails from Avrora . Eleven. 11. And then more the next day. I gave up trying to use Avrora because I still haven’t been able to successfully unsubscribe from the barrage of emails (read:SPAM) that Avrora keeps sending me. So far what I have been able to determine is that this whole app is spam in a scam. Don’t download it, don’t pay for it, don’t register. It’s a waste of time. They’re just selling your info. I am at peace with only the universe knowing my sleep-fart trends.


OK, but expensive

It's a couple apps in one. It's a noise generator, meditation app, sleep tracker, alarm clock. That's fine, but for what I paid ($39), I wanted it to be more quality. For noise generator, I'm going back to Endel. I never thought I'd say a noise generator is beautiful and elegant, but Endel is just that. Sleep Booster is pedestrian in comparison. For the sleep tracker, I'm going back to Sleeptracker. Sleeptracker is decidedly not beautiful and elegant, but it picks up night noises like snoring or shuffling and records them. Whenever I used Sleep Booster, I'd have no data, even though I know I got up hours before the alarm went off. For the alarm clock, I'm sticking with Alarmy. It is a configurable amount of persistent. Sleep Booster does a good job in this category too, though you can't configure it with missions in order to ensure you are out of bed.


Helpful but annoying

Sometimes Avrora will continually crash about 5 min after starting the sleep routine, so you have to delete it then reinstall it. It would work absolutely perfectly if they fixed that bug. There’s no need to subscribe to it and pay for it unless you want more features, but I don’t really see a point in it. I mainly use Avrora to help me fall asleep because I need background noise and I can’t find another app that will keep running the noise for a set amount of time like this when my screen is off. Helpful but there are small bugs they need to work out! Helps me sleep though so it does what it advertises


Unsubscribe does work if you know how to work a phone

Just wanted to write a review on the review that’s up about you guys being scammers and the person stating they cannot cancel their subscription. With apple- you can simply go into your iCloud and it’ll show all subscriptions you have. Then you can select whichever one you want to cancel. That person obviously doesn’t know how to work a phone but yet knows how to act like they are a victim. Probably wants something for free. It’s not rocket science people. Also Avrora is great!!


Costly App, Priceless Life Lessons

I just wanted to say that this sleep app not only helped me fall asleep, but also taught me many invaluable life lessons. I have been using Avrora for about 3 months now, and each of the audio sets has taught me ways of thinking that I use throughout every single day. You must be entirely trusting of the audios content in order for it to have this effect, but I believe Avrora has made me a better person, and I am eternally greatful for this. While Avrora is a bit costly, the life lessons it provides are priceless. Thank you.



I gave it 3 stars because I’m not paying the amount they ask to keep Avrora . The sound really did put me to sleep. When I woke up I saw the data of how I slept and my snoring and all BUT I didn’t finish looking and fell back a sleep. Here’s another problem I ran into, there’s no way to go back and look at your evaluations I wanted to go back and see if I talked in my sleep AND listen to whatever recording there were if there were any but I can’t. I feel like I should be able to go back definitely. The second night... it didn’t even go past the talking part to get to the campfire sounds and I didn’t have any data at all when I woke up >:(



Not sure how Avrora still has 4.5 stars... first, started the free trial and wasn’t at all convinced it was worth the cost. Second, the “bedtime meditation” is awful, which I’ve tried a few times now to use... I’ve seen other complaints about the seemingly strange forced tonality of the speaker, I won’t lie, that was my first thought and not exactly a relaxing one unfortunately. Also, at the end of the “bedtime meditation” the last thing she says is “now open your eyes, and fall asleep.” Ummmmm, what? And then the “relaxing music” starts which sounds like a bird aviary at dawn during mating season. Yeah, so in summation, because I’m a masochist (apparently) I’ve now proven to myself repeatedly that Avrora not ONLY does not put me to sleep, but sets my wide awake and annoyed. Cool, finally deleting.


Best app ever!!

This is the only way I can go to sleep. It even helps my 1 year old who is extremely active and sleeps in my husband and I room and usually keeps me up all night long. This has helped get mine and her sleep schedule on track. I would recommend paying the $40 for the extra sounds and such because it really helps, I guarantee if you wake up during this, and play your “white noise” that they provide on Avrora , you’ll be out like a light and so will anybody who’s in the room. Best app out there❤️❤️❤️


How I’m the world does this have 4.5 stars?

What a terrible app. I used this last night and thank god I didn’t sign up for the free trial after reading all the horror stories in here about the company scamming their customers.

I downloaded Avrora for the recording feature but honestly the free voice memo app that comes on an iPhone would have worked 10x better. It recorded about 1 hour of time, before I even put my phone down and went to sleep so it basically recorded me reading texts and watching tiktok... cool, thanks? The recording was very difficult to scrub through and only went by the second so I can’t imagine how long it would have taken to go through an entire night.

The breathing exercises require you to LOOK at your phone which completely defeats the point. The “guided meditation” lady is awkward and the story is impossible to follow so your mind starts to wander immediately, I had to turn it off after one minute.

At the end of the day after reading other reviews Avrora just seems like a money making get rich quick scam.


A Life Chnager💕🙏🏼

I’ve had sleeping issues for years. Whether it was from trying to go to sleep or trying to stay asleep. Tried multiple methods from visiting sleep specialists to overly priced apps/soundscapes that are apparently proven to help you sleep. With Avrora, any amount of sleep I want to achieve was the best ever and the price was not bad either.
I encourage any and everyone who has serious issues when it comes to sleeping to please get Avrora. I did...and I don’t regret it! Thank you this app❤️


Sleep Booster is Great!

I love sleep booster it really helps me feel more calm and fall asleep way faster than before. The only thing I don’t like about Avrora is when you allow notifications and they send too many and they all for the reason. And if you wake up earlier than the usual time I wake up,it has an alarm so I have to walk from my bathroom all the way to my phone and turn it off. Besides that Sleep Booster is great! You should go try it instead of reading reviews. See the world with your own eyes,not others opinions. Have a great rest of your day or night.


I love it..

So far. Of course I just got mine. My husband and I are truck drivers. I drive nights and it's sometimes hard for me to fall asleep during the day. Not anymore. I just put my air pods on and listen to calming music. It puts me right to sleep. Quickly. The music is beautiful. It just takes you to this calming place. As if you're on vacation on a beautifully fancy island. I haven't tried anything else yet. But I have a feeling I'm going to love it too. Goodnight 😴. Ruth B.


4 stars ....

I am impressed that on the free version mediations, breathing, sounds to fall asleep to & being able to set time allotment are all great. However, where I find a lack is that I cannot view the sections I am able to utilize in the weekly or monthly view on the iPhone XS.
My suggestion to the programmers &/or the developers is that they use other apps at both free & premium levels so that you’re actually offering something completely different from the competition.
Otherwise, I am happy to continue using Avrora instead of my other one 💙



I saw an ad for Avrora on Instagram and I was interested so I downloaded. The cost is ridiculous especially when there are better, more accurate sleep tracking apps. I did the free 3 day trial and cancelled because $5 a week is just absurd. I don’t need help falling to sleep, but I wanted to track my activity and this is way off. The first night I woke up a couple of times (dog) and Avrora did not reflect that in my report. Same thing for the next two nights. It says I was in a deep sleep all night when I absolutely was not because I woke a time or two. There are far better apps out there and I only gave this 2 stars because aesthetically it’s sleek and modern.



I had this for 5 minutes & canceled my 3 day feee trial. maybe i was sketched going into it bc it’s literally recording every noise while you sleep. What if you’re sleeping alone, check it in the morning & hear a voice that isn’t yours?? scary!! either way i was willing to look passed that and try it anyways bc why not?? i have insomnia so worth a shot right ?? well i pressed start & it told me to put my phone on my bed beside my pillow plugged up, (what if it catches on fire??) so another red flag. but still, maybe it’ll help me sleep. then i do the breathing part, that’s fine. next, meditate. now don’t get me wrong i try to meditate on my own every day anyways, good vibes & inner peace am i right?? but then... this is where i snapped. it is playing cute calming music i’m in my head thinking meditating being calm & sh*t, but this extremely unnerving female human-robot hybrid voice comes on out of the blue. no kidding i thought someone had came into my room! then she starts telling me to touch my stomach and “feel the warmth of the skin on your fingers” and that. that my friends is when i closed out Avrora , canceled subscription & deleted so thin a 30 second time frame. good luck everyone bc Avrora is terrifying.


Does what is says!

Great app! I have a clear picture of why I’m tired despite what I think is a full nights sleep. Never heard myself snore. I was surprised at how often I snored as well as hearing the shortness of my breathing. All of this was concerning to me, to which encourages me to be healthier and sleep better. The graphs and analyses presented after each night is a great visual of what’s happening; to which is a very important thing to understand and mitigate should there be any issues.


So cool and detailed! Recorded when my daughter woke me up.

Avrora is absolutely amazing. I grind my teeth in my sleep and I’m trying so detect if I have sleep apnea and Avrora records sounds during my sleep to have me listen to in the morning and reports how my sleep was affected by these disturbances. It even recorded my daughter waking me up and what times those were so it even helps me see when she’s not sleeping well either.


Scam beware

They’ll tell you that you have a trial but you don’t. You get charged anyway. It’s not in subscriptions and it’s no where to be found until you get hit with a $45 charge. It offers no insight into how to improve you sleep quality just provides you with useless tapes of you snoring. The part where you’re supposed to breathe? You have to look at your phone. How relaxing is that?? I’m angry at myself for getting scammed by yet another app trying to “improve my health” while providing no services. I have cancer. I don’t have money to waste in the effort to improve my life while going through treatment. Don’t make the same mistake I did.


Charged my card before trial was over

My experience with Avrora was absolutely horrible. Avrora claims to provide a five day free trial period, however, my card was charged for a full year subscription ($40) after TWO days into the trial, which was completely scam-artist-like. Avrora itself does not really track sleep very well, compared to other sleep apps. The cycles do provide as much detail as others do. Also the alarm is ABSOLUTELY terrible. I could not figure out how to turn it off! I would be going about my day, and the alarm would continue to go off for hours in five second intervals. This is literally the worst app that I have ever used.


Customer service

They didn’t personally email me back but they did take care of my big issue I had with funds and I really appreciate it more than they know! I used the trail part of Avrora and loved what they had. I just personally didn’t want to keep messing with it, But I would recommend it.


Hard to sleep without it

Kinda busted for the monthly thing but I paid for the lifetime thing. I recently got a new phone and sadly the lifetime thing didn’t carry over so I emailed them and had my access the next day. I can’t complain, I like the noises and the smart wake up.


Absolute Worst

This is possibly the absolute worst sleep promotion application I have ever used. Buggy/Glitchy interface. Everything is crammed together. You don’t get the services you pay for. Everything feels very bootleg, the sleep/snore recording feature does not work properly. I’ve tested it and most of the time it’s just “0 seconds” of recordings... I have placed the device exactly how the application told me to place it. It simply does not work. They charged me even though I canceled the plan 4 days prior to the next bill cycle. Sketchy company, terrible app, unnecessary expense.

Matt   3 years ago

After a few minutes the calming sound just stops. I really want to get this figured out. Please help

Hanna Yeoman   3 years ago

The app shuts off abruptly when I’m starting my sleep ritual

Jennifer   3 years ago

Shuts off when calming sound is playing, it worked correctly for a few days.

Kristen   3 years ago

My app is stopping after a minute or so - shuts off while calming sound is playing.

Lisa Lopez   3 years ago

When I start my ritual, it play for less than 5 minutes then it just shuts off?

Is Avrora Safe?

No. Avrora - Sleep Booster does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 17,904 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Avrora Is 19.0/100.

Is Avrora Legit?

No. Avrora - Sleep Booster does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 17,904 Avrora - Sleep Booster User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Avrora Is 34.1/100..

Is Avrora - Sleep Booster not working?

Avrora - Sleep Booster works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by Justuseapp.com users..

Avrora offers an auto-renewing 6-month subscription for $39.99 to provide users with unlimited access to the all-inclusive sleep solution while maintaining an active subscription. The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and the cost of the renewal will be identified. Users may manage their subscription, and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to their Account Settings after the purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when a subscription is purchased, where applicable.

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