Sleepzy - Sleep Cycle Tracker Reviews

Sleepzy - Sleep Cycle Tracker Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-01

Sleepzy is a smart alarm clock that tracks your sleep patterns, wakes you up
during the lightest sleep phase in a way that feels natural to get up, analyzes
your sleep quality, and notifies you if you have a sleep debt. It's an essential
app for everyone, whether you're a morning person...

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3. Is it Legit?
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Sleepzy - Sleep Cycle Tracker Reviews

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    Audio Effects

    I used the app for 2 months and it was great! I usually listen to sleep stories or music because I have a tough time getting asleep. Now, whenever I have an alarm going on, the audio on other apps crashes and you can barely hear what you are playing. The worse part is, the crashing sound it makes is kind of creepy! I know it is the apps fault because when I turn the alarm off, the audio doesn’t crash. Fix this bug and you get an 8 out of 5!! 🤩🤩 Also, I don’t understand why people say there are so much ads. I just pop in and there may be an ad but I just click the X button and don’t mind it. The sleep analysis saying it went wrong, TRY TURNING ON THE MICROPHONE!! I really wish you could comment on app reviews!! I actually don’t even look at the sleep analysis. I just like that it is an alarm that just seems better then the regular one on my phone. I just noticed now why I was waking up later then the alarm had said. It is cool but I would appreciate it if you could turn that function off. Honestly, the reason I got the app was to hear if I snore or not but it is premium and I am not going to pay for something I can probably get for free on other apps. I just have gotten used to this one. Just give us freebies at least an option to change the alarm sound. I am grateful for just one!! So, yeah! ✌︎

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    This all is so cool and useful

    I really love this app. I saw some other reviews saying it has a lot of ads or that it thinks as soon as they set the phone down they're asleep... I haven't had that problem at ALL. I don't think I've seen any ads (or so little that I forgot them) and it shows I'm awake for a while before I actually fall asleep. That could just be because I move a LOT when going to sleep; but either way it's perfect for me. It's also really interesting to see the sleep analysis, I don't know how accurate it is but it seems to be pretty true... and it's really cool to see. And it reminds you how much sleep debt you need to catch up on which is ALSO cool, plus the wake up within a half hour of when you need to be up is nice, as it can pick when you are in the lightest sleep and ready to be woken up. My only issue is that I have to remember to unplug my headphones or else it'll just play in them (I usually listen to music before bed, and often I fall asleep and they fall out of my ears) but thats a small price to pay for a great alarm clock!

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    Great App for Waking Up

    There’s only two, okay maybe three, downsides to this app. 1) I can’t tell Siri to “turn on the Sleepzy alarm” which really isn’t a downside so much as an inconvenience for like one night where I was too tired to tap tap on my phone. 2) If I’ve had a sleepless night Sleepzy wakes me up close to the minimum time for the allowed range. I’m sure we can all agree when I get upset at getting up after sitting there frustrated I couldn’t sleep 30ish minutes before I would normally get up. Again, it’s a circumstantial thing. 3) I honestly forgot my 3rd most likely circumstantial problem with Sleepzy. Honestly though guys the App is pretty great, free or otherwise. The reason why I am not giving it the full five stars is not because it’s not a great app but because it doesn’t really stick out when compared to similar apps. It gets the job done for free, yes, but it doesn’t offer much in terms of uniqueness.

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    Data doesn't work

    If someone sleeps well they will think this app works great, but for those who don't, we notice this app just always assumes you're sleeping. I put the phone open right next to my pillow and the test window says it's a perfect place to put it. As soon as I put my phone down it says I'm asleep. It takes at least 30 mins for me to fall asleep once I'm actually settled with my eyes closed. I also wake up multiple times during the night, sometimes getting out of bed for the restroom, none of which it records. So when I get up in the morning (awake before the alarm goes off with it saying I was sleeping-still inaccurate), I'm dead exhausted and haven't slept much but the app says I got as much sleep in as the time it was on. If this app actually worked like it says it does it would be super cool. Maybe work on how to make it responsive to people, and always make it know if you pick up your phone you're pretty much awake. And teach it how to know when someone hops out of bed. Then the app would be good. I rate for content, not concept. Content doesn't work no matter how cool the concept is.

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    Sleepzy Review

    First of all, let me preface this by saying that I did not even want to buy this app. I got the one-week trial just to see what it was about, did not really use it at all because let’s be honest I just was busy. Anyway after one week the trial ended and I forgot to unsubscribe therefore it charged me for the full year of $40. I decided to give it a try, and soon realize that this app is not very good. I don’t think that it is accurate my heart rate has never dipped down below 60 and it said that my resting heart rate was 40 bpm. I also was not sleeping at the time and when I checked the data it said that my sleep was 86% average and it showed that I actually hit REM sleep, but that is not possible because I was wide awake. This app is not accurate and I don’t think it should be falsely advertised the way it is. Since I did not want this app, I decided to send a message and ask for a refund, to my disappointment I was instantly denied my refund. I don’t think that it is fair, because as a customer I should have the right to get my money back for a product I am not satisfied with.

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    Resolving the problem of battery life.

    Your recommendation to keep the phone plugged into an outlet all night suggests that your research team hasn’t contacted phone manufacturers for their suggestions. After my iPhone 8 Plus reaches a full charge during the night, it attempts recycling repeatedly to maintain full charge. These attempts drain my long-term battery life. My suggestion: charge the battery to at least 80% before sleep time. Place it near the bed in the unplugged position. This level of charge will power Sleepzy throughout the night and sound the alarm at the appointed time, thus eliminating the permanent battery drain. Research this suggestion and respond to the accuracy of my suggestion.

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    Great app except for the nonstop ads

    So here's the thing, the alarm itself is great. I really like the concept and how it roughly tracks my sleep to wake me up within 30 minutes of my alarm (alarm is set for 6am, it will go off between 530-6 whenever I'm in the lightest sleep in that timeframe). I don't know how accurate the sleep tracker is and honestly it's not super important to me. So why 3 stars??! This app has the most annoying amount of ads I've ever experienced and it's an app I use for maybe 10 minutes a day (5 in morning/5 at night). Open the app, AD then wait for the stupid close button to appear (if you get annoyed and start clicking around you'll just open the App Store), set your alarm time oh yay another AD although this time it has a close button immediately, start sleep cycle that's it good night, alarm sounds wake up review sleep data because you're curious AD repeat. Essentially every time I touch this app a full size AD appears on the screen

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    Well, it’s a cool idea. If only it worked. I tried it for a solid week to give it a fair shot, but no. Two of the nights it said it couldn’t give me data, so I got nothing. A few other nights it showed me as awake for hours when I had totally crashed. So it keeps telling me about my growing sleep debt. Last night, I was so tired after getting home from a business trip that I didn’t even wake up once to pee (at my age, that’s a rare thing indeed). And yet it shows that I was awake from around 5 am until the alarm went off around 9. I was, in fact, dead to the world when that alarm went off. I’m so disappointed because it seemed great the first night. I like the alarm, and I love the idea of it waking me up at a better point in my sleep patterns. But ever since that first night, it just wakes me up at exactly 2 minutes before the time I’ve set because it thinks I’ve been lying awake for hours. One apparently accurate night out of seven doesn’t cut it.

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    Wish I Could Hear Audio

    I quite literally have used this app every night for the past month or so and had no problems, alarm works fantastic! However, the reason I am leaving 3 stars is because of the free features available (not much besides the alarm) and the function of paid features. After having this app for a month or so, I decided to try the premium trial because I had one night with SIXTEEN recordings, and a 49% quality of sleep. Went through set up, looked at the graphs, and finally, went to click on the audio bytes. App crashed. Okay, whatever, closed out of the app and opened it again. Click on the audio. Crash. I can’t listen to the only thing I wanted the free trial for. If you just want a different alarm than the one on your phone, then this is the app for you. If you want to actually analyze your sleep, I’d look somewhere else.

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    Its okay, but let me explain.

    I usually don't write reviews for apps, but I felt like I should for this one. I generally like this app, it has a good concept and I like that it can play sounds that turn off automatically after a set amount of time. The downside is, I feel like the "sleep cycle" data it gets from you moving around is inaccurate. For example, this morning I woke up and didn't fall back asleep, so I just laid there, except when the alarm went off about 20 minutes later the chart said I had been in deep sleep prior to the alarm. But I was awake. It also rates your sleep. It often says I got great sleep even though I wake up feeling very tired. Again, I do like this app. It's a good concept, and I really wish it did work, but I don't think it does. That said, I still suggest you get it and try it out. It may work for you.

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    -Read whole review!- I’ve been using this app for a while now, about a few months and it was great at first. I would set it on my nightstand and it would do its work! The data seemed a little wonky but I didn’t mind because I mostly used it for the sounds and alarm, as well as the 30 minute wake up feature. But for some reason, the alarm stopped working about a week ago. I turned on my ringer and made sure my sound was up, but I would almost wake up late some days because it didn’t go off at all! The clock was correct so it wasn’t that, and I’m not a particularly heavy sleeper so it would’ve woken me up if it DID go off. Just very disappointing indeed. I’ve been pairing this with my built-in alarm app because I’ve discovered that I can really only use it for sleep sounds now. Very disappointing and will rate 5 stars if and when this issue gets fixed. I’m not saying you shouldn’t download this app, I’m just saying that it might not be worth your time if you’re looking for a plethora of features that work. It’s not terrible but overall pretty mediocre if your main premise is an alarm that doesn’t even work. Still going to continue to use it as I enjoy some of the features that I can use.

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    It’s OK, not Great...there’s improvements needed

    This app has a great concept but poor execution. I’ve tried to use this app for three nights and only got one mediocre performance. Night one I started the app and in the morning didn’t have results because somehow during the night the app closed and therefore shut off. Same thing happened on night three. Night two I was able to track some recordings but they were muffled sounds. The fact that you have to have the app open for it to function is a big deal breaker for me because the screen emits light that makes it hard for me to sleep. I’m going to try one more night then I’m uninstalling if I don’t get results. I definitely wouldn’t pay for this app. Not until they make some improvements where users don’t have to chew up battery life and have the app open for it it work.

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    Works well enough I suppose

    I’m the kind of person who can’t fall asleep without listening to something- usually a Podcast or one of my white noise apps. However, when the sleep tracker on this is open and running, it makes those other apps kinda bug out (yes, they’re all up-to-date). It’ll make them skip and the sound is really weird but ONLY when this app is running along with it, so instead of relaxing and trying to fall asleep, I’m noticing the little changes in sound like that actually make me wake back up a little. Kind of annoying 😕 but besides that, it’s a cool app 👍🏼 Update: the app has crashed/force-closed the past 2 nights in a row and the alarm did not go off.. thankfully had a backup just in case, but I could have been late for work. Not good.

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    Paid for Premium, kept crashing

    This app never worked. Every time I tried to open it it crashed. Apparently I gave up trying and fortunately I checked iOS Account Settings about another app and discovered that my Premium Sleepzy account was about to renew, so I checked to see if it got fixed and it still crashed, so I was able to cancel the renewal just days before. It would be great if I could get a refund for the Premium account that hasn’t worked for the last year, but since I can’t open the app I can’t contact the developer! It’s possible that the Sleepzy app never worked because I have a couple of step-tracking apps, LifeCoin and Sweatcoin, that aren’t related to sleep but they required that they be left open and running in order to work. That’s the only thing I can imagine that might have kept Sleepzy from working. Still... sort of funky and disappointing.

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    It doesn’t track my sleep data 😡😡😡

    I got your email and I understood what you said so I gave you three stars, because I understood that. The thing that’s annoying me now is that sleepzy isn’t even tracking my sleep anymore. I go to sleep I press the sleep button then when I wake up I press the wake up button and guess what there is six hours and 43 minutes of awake and 0 minutes of sleep. This has been happening for 4 days and it’s starting to get very annoying. I knew you weren’t going to be as good as good morning alarm clock. But I have hope that you be better but maybe sometimes more or bigger isn’t better.😭 Re: I only use you to see my sleep data but I loved my five star Good Morning Alarm Clock 😍. Ever since these "updates" changed the app's name 😔. I knew it was going into a downward spiral and that makes me so sad because you were once great and I loved this app.

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Is Sleepzy - Sleep Cycle Tracker Safe?

No. Sleepzy - Sleep Cycle Tracker does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 19,735 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Sleepzy - Sleep Cycle Tracker Is 16.2/100.

Is Sleepzy - Sleep Cycle Tracker Legit?

No. Sleepzy - Sleep Cycle Tracker does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 19,735 Sleepzy - Sleep Cycle Tracker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Sleepzy - Sleep Cycle Tracker Is 16.2/100.

Is Sleepzy - Sleep Cycle Tracker not working?

Sleepzy - Sleep Cycle Tracker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Sleepzy - Sleep Cycle Tracker to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Sleepzy - Sleep Cycle Tracker customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Sleepzy - Sleep Cycle Tracker.

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