Mintal Sleep:Deep Sleep Sounds Reviews

Mintal Sleep:Deep Sleep Sounds Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-19

Mintal Sleep is designed to be the most efficient Sleep-Aid App to make you fall
asleep in 60 seconds quickly. Relax, take a deep breath and join us on a restful
journey to sleep! You will learn about your sleep patterns with detailed
analyses as Mintal Sleep track your sleep patterns f...

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Mintal Sleep:Deep Sleep Sounds Reviews

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    Favorite Sleeping App

    Deep Sleep is my favorite app that I used and I would give it 5 starts for the a low price version of it. I feel like my availability and a low pricedom throughout the app was very nice for the amount I “paid”. In this app I got to listen and experience music of my choice to fall asleep to. I never thought I could go to sleep so easily with music playing, but it really worked. I got to choose which sounds stood out more and how loud it was. I got to choose from ocean, rain, fire, birds and much more. My personal favorite was the rain and fire. This app helped me go to sleep faster because my mind was focused on the sounds rather than then my thoughts. I also got really good sleep because I had no dreams that I recalled which means no nightmares that woke me up like I usually have. In general, this app was great for $0 and helped me sleep better. The only thing I would recommend is a little bit more availability for the a low price users in the “just added” category. Lastly, the overall appearance and set up of the app was easy to use and very relaxing and satisfying to look at with the color choice.

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    Best app I’ve ever spent money on. This is just a fantastic gem of an app. Very different and what a great idea. So many places to explore and I bet the endings to all my favorites are great, if I could just stay awake to hear them. Seriously perfect. After so many years of insomnia, buying and downloading sleep, meditation or “zen” game apps, this is the one! You can do meditation or listen to gray/white noise, BUT the absolute best are these trance like stories. The voices are so calming, the stories are just really cool. I’m so so so happy with this little find. Gosh! What a great idea, I can’t get over it! Thanks so much for all the hard work. I do tend to get over excited when I see a new “scape” pop in, at least once a week, but as soon as I lie still and listen I calm down with a smile on my brain and fall asleep. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Thank you!!!P.S Guy complaining about lack of content, there are loads of stories. Ive had this app for 3 months and still haven’t gotten through them all. Are you sure you have downloaded the new version?

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    One time, and it's amazing! Read this!

    I had a little trouble falling asleep to the "Deep Dream" because I had trouble not thinking about other things, luckily during the segment it relaxed me really well even though I was in the car, close to the end it talked about having random thoughts drift away like clouds in the blue sky, 2 mins before the end I was asleep in a car, with my seat barely leaned back. The only reason I woke up is because my dad played the baseball radio station. I loved just listening to it. And it gave me like a 2 min dream that I don't remember much, but I know it was soothing. After my dad played it on his phone I immediately downloaded the app, because it takes me awhile to fall asleep on a daily basis. I recommend this especially for road trips when the car is quiet with headphones. I plan on using this app many times more. THANKS YOU Deep Sleep! -Anna's Ratings and Reviews

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    It Works

    I’ve always been a light sleeper, and have had terrible problems falling and/or staying asleep since having children over 12 years ago. I’ve tried pills, pillows, counseling, meditation, music, boring audiobooks, etc with only fair success at best. I also rarely pay for apps, and this is the most expensive app I have ever bought! But I was desperate to get some decent sleep. At first I wasn’t successful with this app, but after trying different things the app offered, including things that I didn’t think would work, it’s been great! I usually fall asleep fairly quickly, and even better, when I wake at 3 am, it gets me right back to sleep (rather than be awake for 2 and 1/2 hours and then have to get up at 6:00 like I did for years). It’s not perfect 100% of the time, but it is by far the best “sleep aid” I have tried.

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    Best Sleep App I’ve Used

    I never write reviews, but I absolutely have to rave about Deep Sleep. Not only do I feel like this is one of the best sleep apps I’ve ever used, I dare say it may actually be the best. Even my SO has commented on how much better my sleep (and his by proxy) has gotten. This app is worth every single penny. For reference I’ve always had trouble falling, and staying asleep. And, I travel a lot for work. With Deep Sleep it’s much easier for me to fall asleep on planes, in hotels, and at home. I still wake up throughout the night, but far less frequently and I fall back asleep faster. Do your health and well-being a favor and give this app a try. I think I started with a a low price week trial, or the a low price version (I can’t recall now). But, I knew after only a couple nights that I was going to make the commitment. You might too!

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    Such a help

    There hasn’t been much besides my children that has changed my life but this app has! I have never, ever been able to go to sleep in the dark. I’ve always had a bathroom light on and the TV. Someone told me about the app Calm. I tried it but found it to be very frustrating unless you paid. I have only downloaded The a low price version of Deep Sleep so far. I’m a skeptic, what can I say. I’ve used it for three weeks. I fall asleep in under five minutes. In the dark with no television. It has literally changed how well I fall asleep and sleep for the rest the night. I don’t know that I actually need to pay for this app because what they offer you in a low price choices is actually enough. But I think I’m going to join anyway just as a thank you for making such a great product.

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    Used to take me hours to sleep!

    I would always be up at night reading on my phone, but as soon as I got tired and put my phone down, I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I saw this app advertised and decided to give it a try. I looked around on the app and settled on dragons fire. I put the phone under my pillow and listened through it. It felt like someone was right there reading me the story. I was intrigued with the story, listening along for what felt like almost the whole story. I thought to myself I wouldn’t be able to sleep with just one episode. Next thing I know, it’s the morning and I don’t remember how the story ended. Just my first night trying it and I already slept in less than 30 mins. Amazing app, definitely going to continue using this at night.

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    hope evweryone has a nice dream!calm and just to be yourslf.

    Omg for the first time in 6 months, i can feel myself healing up from all iv'e been through, i just realised that i am healing up (i'm literally crying of joy right now) , i've listened to his relaxation videos for several months (i have severe anxiety and depression), i listen to them in difficult and stressfull situations and i automatically learned how to cope with my anxiety and negative thoughts.....and guys i don't know how to explain this feeling i have but it's sooooo amazing, i feel a tremendous amount of hope and joy (like i never had, my feelings became so dull because of depression)......i restarted eating healthy (without realising it), asking myself the good questions, realising what triggers my anxiety and how to have a stress free lifestyle.... I just want to tell you t

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    Deep Sleep gives me a deeper sleep

    This is by far the most wonderful app I’ve ever used for sleeping better and deeper at night! The app can comfort anyone’s specific demands. Moreover, I can set a timer for when I want my sounds to stop, also, I can set my bedtime reminder, so that I can sleep at the same time each day. There are so much stuff and it’s easy to use. I have to say that this is a neatly organized app that including all in one app. The animations and scenes create an amazing environment to relax in and it also lets the viewer get a taste of how the forest, ocean waves, or space sounds etc. are! I am so happy I got this app. Some of the free sounds you can listen to include, but aren’t limited to: rain sounds, ocean sounds, seaside sounds, lake sound, airplanes, etc. Most importantly, they have so much hypnotic

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    I listened to this and fell asleep no more than 10 minutes

    I have severe health Anxiety and Insomnia and I'm medicated, I keep ending up in hospital from severe panic attacks also. It takes me forever to fall asleep as I'm so aware of my sensations in my body... I listened to this and fell asleep no more than 10 minutes in, when I woke up I didn't feel as nervous as usual and overall once I came around properly I feel calmer and more relaxed. Going to try my hardest to make this a daily habit to try reregulate my sleeping but most of all my debilitating Anxiety. I've managed to get 4 hours of sleep, but 4 hours of good sleep which is a start on my journey to recovering. Going to try nod off again now and hopefully I wake in the same mood in the morning_xD83D__xDC9C_

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    Sleepless nights!

    I found this App by happen stance one day listening to a day time talk show. I think it was Rachael Rae. Anyway, I looked up the App and downloaded it. I have used it many nights over the past Spring/Summer to help me sleep. I have a brain that does not shut down at night, this app gives my brain a rest from thinking. Some nights it may take listening to it twice but, it works. You ask, “Why twice”? Because some nights my over active brain kicks in the minute the app stops and my brain kicks in again. I simply replay and fall into a deeper sleep before it is over. I really do get a deeper sleep after listening and relaxing my brain with this app. Thank you so much! ~D.T. In Florida~

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    It works but...

    The stories help me because they remind me of when I was younger. I don’t want to get medication for insomnia because it’s expensive. So is the premium version of this app. I would absolutely love to hear the rest of the stories but I can’t pay for them because I’m 14 and don’t have a job. I deleted the app, but I do recommend it because it has all sorts of stuff for different people. (Blissful Relaxation is my favourite story that I have heard so good job on that one) if I do end up re-downloading the app, I suggest you do actually change the “a low price for the week” every week because then I wouldn’t get bored of hearing the same thing every night. Okay, thanks!

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    I do feel like this is actually healing me emotionally & spiritually

    honest review: since beginning of 2017 i have been in a sad place. I overthink a lot & find it soo hard to let go of my chaotic thoughts which always turn into abruptive emotions like self-doubt & hatred towards myself. Until recent, I decided I need a better mindset, a clearer more healthier one. & I came across this & have been listening to this particular hypnosis for few days now & am really feeling like my train of thought is improving. I seriously feel like most of my unhealthy thoughts are fading. Am not sure if that is just me putting too much faith into this & being naive, but I do feel like this is actually healing me emotionally & spiritually

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    Only take me several minutes to sleep

    I would always be up at night reading on my phone, but as soon as I got tired and put my phone down, I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I saw this app advertised and decided to give it a try. I looked around on the app and settled on ocean waves. I put the phone under my pillow and listened through it. It felt like I was wondering belong the beach. I thought to myself I wouldn’t be able to sleep with just one kind of sounds. Next thing I know, it’s the morning and I don’t remember how the story ended. Just my first night trying it and I already slept in less than 30 mins. Amazing app, definitely going to continue using this at night.

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    LOVE IT !!

    I am 60 years old and have struggled with sleep issues for 15 years. I have tried MANY different things, from sleeping pills to Yoga, with very little success. I have tried to stay “in tune “ with my body, weeding out the negative things, like the sleeping pills (used for 6 years), switching to better alternatives like Zoloft in the morning & CBD oil at night which helped tremendously BUT I still had difficulty “turning off” my brain at night to go to sleep UNTIL I FOUND THIS APP. The sleep stories are wonderful !! I LOVE the soothing voice and all the sounds in the background. I feel my body instantly relaxing and drifting off to sleep. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Deep Sleep !!

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Is Mintal Sleep:Deep Sleep Sounds Safe?

Yes. Mintal Sleep:Deep Sleep Sounds is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,070 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Mintal Sleep:Deep Sleep Sounds Is 65.8/100.

Is Mintal Sleep:Deep Sleep Sounds Legit?

Yes. Mintal Sleep:Deep Sleep Sounds is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,070 Mintal Sleep:Deep Sleep Sounds User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Mintal Sleep:Deep Sleep Sounds Is 65.8/100.

Is Mintal Sleep:Deep Sleep Sounds not working?

Mintal Sleep:Deep Sleep Sounds works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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