GhostTube Reviews

GhostTube Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-05

GhostTube uses your mobile device's actual sensors to detect fluctuations in
magnetic energy, select words from the pre-populated data bank, and track audio
recordings during your paranormal investigations. No special sound or visual FX
added - Just raw readings from your device. Read mo...

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This is real!!!

I've tried many apps before and never got anything interesting or that made sense. Recently, I have been ghost hunting with a friend at a cemetery next to our university. I've used this app every time and always got an intelligent response. I was telling him a story of a close friend which I lost a few years ago, when the app said "Brother". I used to refer to this friend as my big brother. Since we were outside for a while and it was cold, i jokingly said "My hands are about to freeze off" and the app quickly said "Funny". I began to feel uneasy as we got close to a small mausoleum, and as I stop walking the app asks me "How do you feel?" After a little while of no activity, I ask if anyones there and the app says "Over here". Then I hear something behind me, and use my flashlight to see where the sound came from. I see a pale white figure duck down behind two tombstones, the app says "Flashlight" and "I'm close". Then my friend asks who's there and tells them to show themselves, when my app responds with "I can see you". Always please be careful when coming into contact with spirits, be respectful, and let them know that you mean no harm. Also be sure to always state that they are not allowed to attach to or follow you, and ALWAYS no matter what, say Goodbye before you leave. Be safe out there!!



It’s a little confusing to get the hang of, but I brought my phone to my ancestor altar/guide altar and someone said Bruce and father. Now my dad is alive and also not named Bruce, but then it also said guide. I’m thinking perhaps Bruce is a father figure guide in my spiritual court. I also heard Abigail, coffin, and toy. So then I left a toy car on that altar as a gift. It also said “god” after watching me and my husband kiss, then asked if he was a friend and I introduced him as my husband. Then they said annoying after which was funny. It also said friend when my cat came up to me which was kinda cute, but I still made sure to let whoevers speaking I am a friend. After I heard don’t multiple times, leave me alone, and watching/watching you, I grabbed my juniper nettles and smoke cleansed my whole house. Spooked me a bit, but I made it clear no rude or negative entities are allowed in my house. I will be redoing my house wards soon to be safe. I know they cannot physically hurt me, but I’d like to keep my mental and spiritual safety. I’m not about to have any energy leeches on me.


Really Shocking 😨

My sister only uses this app but at first, you may hear the spirit say stupid random words😬.... but they said the name Cable which is my mom’s friend’s son’s nickname because his name is Caleb and they always got it mixed up😱... They keep saying names of my mom’s friends and that was a while ago but we have been using this app for a while. Today, it was more accurate. The “spirit” said my best friend, Caylah’s name who is Calebs little sister. I’ve known these friends since I was 4 and I’m 11 now🤭... also they were saying Alice, Sussy, and Demon. My sister is obsessed with this game “Bendy and the ink machine” and an Alice Angel drawing is in our room and her real name used to be Susy (according to Joey Drew Studios) Bendy is demon in the game too and we have drawings of him that we made as well.😦 Next, the app said my other best friend’s name like 20 times in a row (Emily) I’ve known her since I was 5... Just recently today, my mom said “contact your dad.” Now that may not be a big deal (unless it is that when the app said “father” 15-20 times in a row.)🤔I think you should download this app if you are bored. To be honest, I don’t think it’s fake unless they didn’t say those names to relate to a present timing. Maybe you can contact your loved ones. 💕


Creepy for sure. Is it real? I’m not sure, but creepy.

A little freaked out, not sure if I believe it but it’s creepy for sure. I downloaded this app the other day and had it open as I walked around my house for about fifteen or twenty minutes and I didn’t get a single thing. Well that’s reassuring.. my house isn’t haunted.. today though I opened it just to check. I said “hello”, and before I even finished my word it says KILLED. Umm no thanks.. so I waited for a minute and it said DROWNED. So I asked “who was killed”, no answer. “What’s your name?” No answer. Okay.. no thanks lol. So I waited some more, and then it said GRANDMOTHER. So I responded with “what’s your name?” No response. “Okay goodbye.” And I went to close the app. As I go to close it, it says PLEASE. DON’T. So I said “why don’t you want me to go” and it said LONELY. So I left cause noooo I’ve always suspected this house was haunted, it has a very creepy vibe to it and is old enough that I’m sure at least one person has died here, or something. This pretty much confirmed it. I think I’m going to look into the property details though and see if there’s a record of a death or whatever here.


Absolutely Works

Three years ago my grandparents had passed away in their home where my grandpa was born in. I spent most of my life growing up there and the house had been sold and used for a business. It’s still in the family so we’re allowed to be by the house. Me and my friends went to investigate the app and use it by my grandparents house. We sat in the car facing the house where the patio door was and opened the app. I then said I hope that they would say something to me. As soon as we were about to leave and be done the app voice said “Grandmother” my whole body filled with goosebumps and I instantly cried. Reason being said it because every time I would leave their house she would stand in the patio door way and wave goodbye to me or whoever was to leave cause she loved us. Is it a coincidence as when we were about to leave the app says “Grandmother” I think not. As we left the driveway the magnetic reader goes off and says “Where am I” and I then closed the app. This app for sure works and communicates with you.


Freak out but also excited

After reading the reviews this isn’t fake at all it was hard to understand how the app to work after going through the things and checking them out trying all the stuff and emf and voice amplifier I got some really weird words that just didn’t make any sense at all but it seems like something wasn’t really trying to tell me something unless it was just all randomly so it went in and orders like Portal,goodbye,bloody, so after watching all the seasons of supernatural I had some pretty good interesting questions to asked any spirits that were around me then it’s already giving me other random words like that got kinda scary.. Guide, okay , Julia, crying, crying, closer 🙅🏻‍♂️, ( I was in my room when this happen) then it went Louis , do not watching (I’m watching family guy ) and last but not least it said how ?? . The only thing that threw me out was it said closer I don’t know that this thing is pretty legit I still continue using it but just kind of scared



Ok so i saw this app on tiktok. And i wanted to see if it works.. and well it does! When i open the app it said “JACKET” i got a little shocked cause i have my jacket in front of me. Next it said “CURSED” i dont know why though... i was waiting for a couple of min until ut said “STOP” cause well i was outting the camera on my feet but idk- the rest it said : “ watching you”, “Terry”, then it said “ where are you” so i closed the app and went to ft my friend and tell her abt the experience. On the call i go back on the app and i was like so confused because i didnt see my self. It was a black screen, i flip the camera and i saw a dark room but i turned the camera again and saw it black. I go again and flip the camera cause i was like “huh?” I stare at the screen with the room and it was dark, had a chair and i think a computer? I did NOT expect this. I got so scared i was saying “ UH NO NO NO IM DONE” then I deleted the app. I might install it again but just not now... 🥲😔✌️



This app is really real! First, when I got on the app the first time I got so scared and interested. Me, My friend, and my sister were having that feeling too, so we’re holding our devices and walking around our house. A few minutes later, my sister’s device said “HELLO”. My sister RAN into the living room, terrified laying on the couch. It was all me and my friend… As we were doing it we didn’t get any words on our devices, so I had an idea. We sat one of the devices in the kitchen (we had the most experience there) and I sat one in one of our rooms, then last in the living room. We waited like 10 minutes for a response and we did! We checked in one of our rooms for the device, we looked what it sad and it said “GRANDMOTHER”, “SIN” and “KILLED” we got so shocked from those words! We checked the kitchen and it said nothing. Nothing said anything in the living room either. We got to scared so we stopped. Thank you for reading my review. Have a great day!


May be real...

I really hope this isn’t real but I really think it might be. I had some strange things going on around me so I downloaded the app. I opened it and started saying things like “hello?” “Is anyone here?” “Can you say something?” And got nothing. I did this for probably 10-15 minutes. Then I left the app open, grabbed my cat and started petting him. The app says “CAT”. I said “who are you?” And the app said “Eugene”. I actually started crying at this point because the ONE time I’ve used a ouija board, about 4 years ago, the spirit I was communicating with was named EUGENE. I felt like that’s too rare of a name to be a coincidence. I asked Eugene if he had been following me the past 4 years. The app said “watching you”. I asked Eugene if he was friendly and the app said “devil”...... I honestly think this app might really work but if it does I have a demonic spirit that’s been watching me for years lol ..... use with caution!


Very scary 😱

I had the app installed for about a month but I just recently used it on Wednesday. I was sitting outside in my car and i turned it on waiting about 10 mins or so. It finally said “Hug” it creeped ts out of me. So I turned it off. I went to get some food, pulled back up to the house to show my daughter then it said “Sacrifice “ I asked who it was and got nothing. A few mins later I go back outside and my car has completely died. I didn’t compare the 2 at first til later on I got back inside to wind down for the night and my TVs an remote went haywire. I couldn’t sleep at all the next few nights. By Friday I got terrible news my uncle passed away 😥😥 but no one knows exactly when he passed. I deleted the app but now I’m hearing clear things in my house that I never heard bodies in the 5 years I’ve been here. If it’s not real it suuuuuure seems like it! Thanks now I’m scared to death 😩😩


Super weird.....

When I first started the app up, I didn’t expect too much. It wasn’t giving me anything where I was sitting so I got up and started walking around. I stopped by my bookshelf and it gave me the word “toy”. I look to my right at one of my stuffed animals. I said “this one?” And pointed. It said “bored”. I asked why they were bored and got no response, so I sat back down and waited. A few minutes later I heard “what is this?” To which I wasn’t sure how to respond. I ended up downloading the SLS as well. To my absolute astonishment, the SLS picked up what appeared to be a child kneeling by a chair in my room that’s covered in stuffed animals as if they were playing with them. I watched it for a moment and then switched back over to this app. The child told me to “listen” and when I asked what I was listening for, they said “I’m going”. I just heard a car honk outside and it gave me the word “car”. Very unsettling



I’ve always been skeptical of these types of apps, but let me tell you... this one is super cool! Whenever I use it, it seems that some spirits are very eager to talk, as words show up almost instantly. Not only that, but it makes sense! I can string together what they mean even if it was just some random words. For example “How. Guide. Camera.” I took that as “how do you use the camera?” Or something of that sort. On a separate note, whenever I use it, I can feel myself getting a headache, and my energy being used to work the app. The headaches are on and off only when I’m using it, and it seems as if the spirit is making it happen as a way to say “hey, I’m gonna use your energy to talk now.” That, to me, says that this app is for real, even if it isn’t a legitimate spirit box. Overall, this is a great app, and I’d recommend it to any of my friend who are into spooky stuff!



We got to do a ghost hunt and our guides told us about this app to help out. First word it said was Lori- who was one of the ladies that we were with. My favorite correspondence was when one of the guys said we left them a smoke because that’s something the dead should do, then he said he would feel bad if he just accidentally told someone they were dead and they didn’t know it. We then got “am I dead?” We also sat in a room that our guide didn’t tell us much about and the name Anne came across the screen, turns out it was the name of the woman who lived in that room! We had some words that seemed random but perhaps they were not, but we had a lot of stuff that corresponded to what we were talking about or the places we were. Love the app. Can’t wait for my next investigation so we can use it again!


I’m fairly convinced

I usually don’t get ghost hunting apps since they are usually cheesy and very fake. However with this app, the second I opened it the first time I got one phrase saying “I’m close”. It’s been a few days and I will occasionally throughout my day just open the app and set my phone down to see if it says anything else but so far nothing. I am convinced that this really does work simply because I haven’t gotten any other phrases or words since then no matter how long the app is open (which tells me they aren’t just random words or phrases programmed to activate on the app). Not sure whether I am comforted or creeped out by “I’m close” because I’m hoping it’s my cousin who passed a little over a year ago or if it’s something dark. I’ll lean towards the comforting answer for now 🤪


Divine Intervention?

Started the app up in my girlfriend’s room. Asked “is anyone there, only good spirts are welc-“ the voice cut me off. It said “God”. A second later, my girlfriend says “well that’s good enough for-“, and her phone, running the app at the same time, has a voice cut her off and say “stop”... Had to uninstall the app after that occurrence. Still unsure of the legitimacy of what happened, but my previous experiments in my own home had voices telling me “I’m lost”, “drowned”, “stressed”, “rope”, “bloody” etc., basically all negative things. I had to assume that it was not right for me to be using this app. It may be well suited for paranormal investigators, but for the average person who has no idea what they’re doing or who they are contacting, it can be truly frightening. Use with caution, don’t let your curiousity get the best of you.


I really like this app

I'm glad I started using this app. Sure, sometimes I never get any words. Sometimes they're few and random. But then there a moments like yesterday, when I'm basically having a conversation through the app. Despite responses being short, they were immediate or almost immediate and they were relevant to what I was talking about. Moments like that don't last long, but when they happen, they're gold. For me personally, I open the app here at home and try to have normal conversations, and I usually get more responses that way rather than asking questions and waiting on an answer. I encourage everyone who tries this app to use it multiple times and to just try talking to the other side instead of questioning them and wanting answers


Spirit Technology Is Real

My first conversation with a spirit through this app was with St. Expedite, a deity I have held rituals with before. He spoke very directly to me through the app, demanding to have my sister in the room because he knows my sister is a medium. I took this app to St. Bonaventure University, the body outlines were appearing on headstones all over the place through the partner app but the spirits were only asking me things like “who are you” and “why are you here”. Give this technology another 10-20 years to develop some more and we will be able to communicate even more directly with spirits and other entities in the room with us. Definitely consider buying the full year subscription to this app, this company needs the money to advance this technology some more.


It works!

5 years ago we lost my cousin when he was 2 , fast forward to now my dad and I came to visit his brother and I was laying downstairs on the couch and decided to turn on the app it didn’t say anything for a while then it said hello I said hello it then said how are you , I said I’m good thank you and it said who are you I said my name and it said he’s coming , literally seconds after it said that my uncle walked downstairs and into the garage I then said who was that and it replied my dad . I was shook!! A few minutes later my dad walked by and it said who is he I said that’s your uncle and it said nothing until my uncle walked by again to go upstairs and it said stop, listen, miss you. My heart throbs because I know it was my cousin whom we lost 5 years ago ..


Got creepy

Hey everyone I’m saying this off personal experience after using this app it was normal at first but everything in my room started getting cold and my house was built in the 90s and it was apparently haunted so I finally downloaded this app to see if my suspicions were correct and sure enough I kept getting the names of the people that owned the house way before I did I asked how did you pass on then a second later it said murder the next day I looked up the history of the house and the first thing that came up was a murder suicide so sad but very creepy I’m thinking about moving out now because the activity here was little to nothing at all at first but after I did some digging into the history it has gotten bad


Kinda creeped out.

I don’t normally make reviews for apps, but I had a pretty weird experience the very first time I use this. I download the app, and as soon as I opened it, the street light outside of my bedroom window started to flicker for about 10 seconds before completely going out. That really freaked me out LOL. I tried to call my nerves and I go out to my living room to turn on a movie. From my screen door in my living room, I can see the street light that went out. The door is opened so the screen is exposed. I put my phone towards the screen and it said FARTHER. I kept looking and a min later, it said SCREEN 😶😶😶 I only give it 3 starts because I’m writing this after my first experience with the app. I closed my door and pulled the blinds shut and now I’m hearing noises on my deck. Too scared to open the blinds to look....



Not sure what to think still. Trying to process what just happened. I just tried it and the words I got over time were: “hello, Thomas, young, don’t” Then I went upstairs to scan my room and it said : “possessed”, which I froze in place and it felt like a shock through my body and “where am I?”. I then went back downstairs and then it said “hello” again .. then I was saying how I don’t know if I believe this app and how its just spitting random words out and it said “stop” and after then I got off the app. This was def an interesting experience I’ve never tried before. I do recommend anyone to try it and see what they get. I will be saging my house later just in case 😅


Cannot get the 50 words on either device

I fixed the sls app on my iPad by updating purchase so I promised y’all 5 stars but now I can’t get the 50 words on either device and although it keeps recording words it’s replacing the oldest ones so how do I get my extra words ??? Oh by the way when I try to get them where it says expand dictionary log in parentheses it says (error) so why ?? Pls help so u get five stars thanks


Love it!

Went ghost hunting and talked to some ghosts named Lisa, Kevin, and Betty. we had lots of communication, and when we went to the nearby lake, heard lots of things about drowning... it was very creepy and I am skeptical with most things ghost related but I felt this was pretty real. I do have a question though, I accessed the ghost dictionary once and now I can’t get back to it :( I bought the 500+ word extension too, but I still cannot find the dictionary!! I tried googling it to no avail, some guidance would be nice! Thank you! -ur neighborhood teens


Rosewood files 1

I just downloaded the app because I came across another user who use the app and posted a video on Tic-Tok..So I was curious I open the app I begin walking through my house I was on the second floor in my second living room sitting there listening at first nothing happened as I was about to stop the app I heard the name Jessica then I heard murder and stroke I got scared kind of and then it says demon and I waited a minute Then it said rest in peace this real please let me know thanks.



I’ve had this app for over a week. Last night when I couldn’t sleep at 4 am. Instead of just words I got 2 full sentences. I’ve been in a dazed fog all day. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m not sure if I should give details but to get 2 full sentences was very profound. I’ve tried many ghost/spirit apps before this one and have never ever had anything like transpire in real time. I would welcome any feedback.


Rated 0

This app does NOT tell you what spirits are saying near you. It just throws random words and names at you and waste your time. If this app is correct then I must have like 25 ghost in my house died multiple different ways, oh and demons too. Just kept spouting out a bunch of names and death causes and telling me stop and over here and talking about rituals and blood rituals and Rest In Peace a lot. The way I described it makes more sense then the random words it kept spouting. Oh and dog and cat. I don’t have either. Nobody was drowned here, no strokes, DEFINITELY no island around here, no murders or abused. I rate it zero stars. Waste of time


Not sure yet.

I’m not sure about this app just yet. My roomie says our house is haunted and so far the words I have received are “guilty” and “iron” at random. I’m hoping that this is not another ‘random word spitter’ like some of the other apps. That aside, the camera works quite well, it does measure electromagnetic fields, and the audio recording is great. I will test it a bit more before using in the field for my channel.


Very Interesting

I wasn’t sure what to expect but after using this app for a little while, I heard some things that seemed to fit. The first word it said was the name of my nephew. I can’t seem to shut it off because I just want to keep listening. I’ve had this app for about 3 hours and I’m hooked! 😁


Warner Street Paranormal

I had a slight problem with the app not allowing unlimited recording. I deleted it and reinstalled it and refreshed the purchases as instructed by the developer. I’ve not tested it yet but hopefully it’s solved. Ghost Tube is my go-to app on investigations followed by Ghost Tube SLS. The problem was only on the iPad and not the phone. Don’t hesitate to get and instal Ghost Tube.



The only thing I have to complain about is the algorithm if there is one. The words were the same batch of words each time and at different locations “disrespectful “ “demon” “rest in piece “ “goodbye” and three times after it’s say something “negative “ it would crash and close itself 🤷🏽‍♀️. If it went off names from my phone contacts the names all made sense except Irma.



Can you please add a feature where you can go back and look at the words that have been said? Other than that it’s great



I’m trying this for future ghost hunts but keeps crashing my phone plus it keeps coming up with demon. Also it came up with Jack,Brain,and James none of the names i could verify that anyone that lived in this location. Only thing close to anything i can verify is the word stroke and only thing i can make a connection with is my girlfriends grandmother who died of a stroke....


Best App!!!

Let me start my saying that this is the best app hands down, and I have plenty of them. I had the most best experience in my life. I would pay for this app, and let me add that I don’t write reviews but WOW did I really get an experience of a lifetime.



I’m not sure what to think? Either it’s fake or either way I’m wanting to move out!! I’m beyond creeped out!! Wish I had never downloaded but now!! I have to go further because what I thought I knew... now I do!!

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Is GhostTube Safe?

Yes. GhostTube is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,867 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for GhostTube Is 59.6/100.

Is GhostTube Legit?

Yes. GhostTube is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,867 GhostTube User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for GhostTube Is 59.6/100.

Is GhostTube not working?

GhostTube works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 57 Comments

By Chaos witch
Sep 03 2022

Tried this app at home, cemeteries and at work. Got words that made no sense to anything. Just spews random words to make you think of something it’s connected to. Just another satire app

By Missi
Jul 25 2022

asks for permissions, gave permissions, then asks for permissions again in pop ups, clicked yes on all 3, now askin' permissions again, I can't click yes again. Now it's a useless app. Use to work, but now can't do anything, as it only asks for permissions that are already allowed!

By Tanya
Jul 20 2022

I want to say it’s legit but after reading your posts I came to realize that everything it has said to me it has said to all of you Portal - Why are you here - Killed Grandmother - Rope - Bloody - Behind you - (Several names) Just on and on. It is fun to play with but nothing more now.

By Valerie Smith
Jul 17 2022

I'm trying to contact my recently crossed over Mommy. Yes! I'm a grown woman who calls her mother, Mommy. Anyway, I ask the app specific questions. I ask like I'm talking to my Mommy. I also say..."Only family and friends who mean no harm, are allowed to be here!" I get names that make NO sense. I get words or very short terms that make absolutely no sense. I just wanna give my Mommy a possible way to easily communicate with me! We were each other's BEST friend too! I do NOT understand why I haven't seen her in a definitive way! 😭

By Aidan
Jul 16 2022

Brilliant app. Works well. Thank you Jarrad for putting effort into making this. Job well done!

By mandis
Jul 15 2022

I used this app with my first ever haunted doll. Me and my mom was watching stranger things and I had my doll, it had said “scary” in the “Chrissy wake up” scene and “watching”. I asked if she meant she was watching the TV and it replied with a “Yes”. It takes awhile for the words to load in . I recommend this app though.

By Kayla
Jul 09 2022

I found this app from TikTok and it's actually really scary to me. My grandma had passed away from a heart attack in her sleep. As I was pulling out of the car with my mom it said that. Then it said my name. It said really creepy stuff like "I see you", or "behind you". It also spammed sorry like multiple times. Keeps me up at night..

By sam
Jun 18 2022

ive had things like watching you, demon
,possesed, sin, bribe, drowned, stop recording, leave me alone, what are you doing here, how are you, behind you, sin, demon, monster. burnt, axe, rope, heart attack, watching you, am i dead, help,im cold..... strange thing was i was scratching my face and it said scratch. im starting to feel a bit strange and very tired.

By Jan12
Jun 16 2022

It says alot of random peoples names then it said friend leave now satan blood demon axe kinda crazy i dont know about this app

By Heather
Jun 03 2022

I'am a premium member, of all 3 ghost tube apps, "GhostTube" "GhostTube VOX" And SLS, as my best mate and I are paranormal investigators ourselves. We use your apps from time to time because we have found it to be repetitive, and doesn't answer with simple yes or no responses.
We've put our own words in the dictionary, and not long after, it says the word you've entered, which we find a bit predictable, sometimes it seems to work, as in gives accurate answers to questions we ask, and will not reply at all.
Please know, we've read about your apps and understand that if your personally trying to reach a loved one, it may not be them answering. So that's why we'll put certain words in the dictionary IE: the deceased full name/Nick name, phrases only they'd use with us.. recently we've really tried testing your apps more then usual, because we recently lost a mate, who was a big part of our paranormal investigations, and who we knew would definitely communicate with us, through and means. Unfortunately, after many attempts, and recordings of our sessions with her, nothing accurate has happened, for us.
All in all, I've told a few people about your apps and have known of a few to now have the app themselves.
My best mate and I rate it
4/5 our preferred app is GhostTube

By Phillip Henson
May 25 2022

This is the best app I have ever used I asked the thing I was talking to to give me a sign that the app was real and it said I'm with you and I said who's with me it said Kelly that's my dad's name who has been dead for five years tears came to my eyes I couldn't believe it this is real

By Gina Landrum
May 24 2022

Is it supposed to have a bunch of different voices and sounds like snip its of radio adds?
Am I using it wrong?

By Karen
May 17 2022

Downloaded the ghost tube app and went to the St John's cemetery at Kapunda SA. Was with my 14yo daughter. She went to walk through the graves and app said turn around evil. I have never seen her move so fast. It's a great app.

By Star Soto
May 10 2022

This app is very active for me. I am from the US, living in Mexico, and I have the language set to English. I hear voices in English and Spanish and a lot of snippets of music. I asked, "Quien eres?" And it responded, "Carlos." It's said a lot of interesting, spooky things.

By Bexnook
May 04 2022

It didn't ask for my rating, but I would give it a strong 4 out of 5 stars!

By Bexnook
May 04 2022

I've been trying to find something online that discusses this apps legitimacy & it landed me here. I have recorded several evp's, so I'm thinking about if they can, somehow, add in sounds of voices to make you think you've got something?? I have to be a little skeptical here. Another really interesting thing is with the generated words- I get sentences like, "I like you" "why are you here" "are you from here"... those are a few I've received today .. what gets me is the fact that I stopped saying particular names out loud in case the app can pick up on what you're saying and repeat it back. Well, I asked if my mom or "j" was around.. after about 5 seconds, it said Jason out loud which was the name . This has happened twice with his name ...I would really love to know if there's anywhere that has videos of the app being used and actually documenting stuff bc I have quite a few interesting videos of my own. Esp one where my dog is staying above my head at nothing so I turned the app on and caught a voice saying help me very clear... how in the world can we help them!??? That's my question!

By Krista
Jan 23 2022

Just downloaded this app last night after feeling like there is some sort of something paranormal in my place. I’ve gotten a lot of the random words listed here but there have been two instances where the electromagnetic meter was reading high and got full phrases that fit. One was when I was opening a package and got the phrase “be quiet”. The second was after my car jumped up on my bed with me. I got the phrase “are you a friend” and “who is he”. My cat and I started rough housing and I got the word “bite”. Then almost immediately got “stop recording”. Makes me think there’s a lot of random repeat words but here and there some meaningful interactions.

By lisa
Jan 05 2022

Hi I turned on the app and I heard the word tunnel..dont sure what to think havent been able to turn on again to see what else will be said.

By Amanda
Sep 11 2021

I just downloaded the app tonight at work (I work at a power plant in the guard shack) I immediately got the word "Angel" then "car" and "why are you here" then I get "Benjamin". I do not know a Benjamin, but a few years ago there were two line men drilling here at the plant (about 50 feet from guard shack) they accidently hit an underground line and tragically passed on the spot. One of them were named Benjamin Hey. I believe.

By Al
Sep 05 2021

I've been reading the comments and nearly all what ppl have got I've had,I've had it on for atleast 6 months and never got a reply once,but hears the thing if i record using my phone i get evps every single time don't forget its a ghost app so gonna have them sort of words in it,don't make it fit,and if u do get a word which u think relates to u ask it to repeat it cos it won't cos the words r random,the only app I've had excellent replys to is the necrophonic app now that really does work,I've got more proof of spirits than i care to mention on my phone,but ghost tube is just a random word generator which is a shame but that's exactly what it is,the best way is to use the audio recorder on your phone or wavepad which u can go straight to the recording and clean it up,all these apps that spit out words are not real and if u do get proper responses then your the lucky 1 I've tried um all and spirit boxes are the best like the necrophonic app ive got clear proof on that app every time,a lot of ppl r desperate to get answers or responses and make words that r spat out fit,i was watching a ghost hunting team use ghost tube and guess what all the words i heard i have on mine believe me or not i don't care but just trying to shed some light on it for others gl

By Jenny
Aug 14 2021

Helllo, Thai is an interesting app. I’m surrounded by skeptics who say it isn’t worth anything without the list of words in the dictionary. This app did not tell me anything about demons, murder, drowning, etc. I felt I was communicating with the other side in a way that isn’t normally accessible, but please masked the word list available so I know how skewed the messages are :-)

By Chloe
Aug 13 2021

I’ve been waking up in the night and felt like something or someone was looking at me. I downloaded the app it picked up the word satan three times. It also said Dorothy and then “are you my friend?” To which I replied yes!
Not too sure what to think but I do feel the app works? What does everyone else think?

By Asst.Manager
Jul 22 2021

First I got "run"
Then a few minutes later I got "water"
A few later I got "help me"
Then shortly after I got "are you okay"
And lastly before it fell silent for about 20minutes was "I'm close"

It's interesting, going to play around with it more, but it'd be nice if they provided the word list. Felt like they programmed it to lean towards the creepy side of the dictionary, which throws off any attempt at validity. Maybe I'll try premium, for the extra word list, but lite seems fine so far

By Sarah starr
Jun 28 2021

I was trying to contact my friend devin who OD'd last year.. .and my step mom. It said GOD . ALWAYS. NEED. BRYAN. (Brian was my dad my step mom was married to) WATCHING YOU. I was also trying to contact my biological father, Darren. I got things like AM I DEAD? STRANGLED. An older gentleman I knew commit suicide at the jail across the street from my house last week. He's never been to my house, just driven me once to drop off some things.. his name was brent. GRANDDAUGHTER. ( which made me think oh maybe it's my Grammy) so I'd ask who I was talking to... I got some other random names... Brandon . Cheryl. CAUTION. I know the lady who lived in my apartment before me was named Gayle. It said HERE. After asking if anyone was here and HOUSE. Maybe it was her. I recall it saying COFFIN too.I got caution a couple times today. I was driving and i randomly heard TIRED. And ROPE. My son was being loud and obnoxious at home and it said BE QUIET. So I apologized and said I'd try to keep him quiet. The name Gerald came through. I guess you'd have to be me to know how all these things related to me. I don't feel like I got to talk to who I was hoping, but some definite word choices I related too. With each one came chills like I've never experienced. Crazy crazy.

By Sue Hawkins
Jun 16 2021

I have purchased the premium but it only allows me to record 10 videos instead of the unlimited as stated. Sometimes the recording shuts off saying that I have to purchase the premium which I already paid for. How do I fix this?

By Mandi Marie
Jun 16 2021

So i have never been so conflicted in my life...I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app like 4x at first I really thought it was all just sporatic wording. I got angel, demon, im leaving just creepy words. We have a definate sprirt in our home, he's friendly but I have video of a mist dancing, a lamp lifted up and flipped over and laid genetly in the chair alot of things. So when I downloaded the app, and got these scary words I thought it was fake. got really weird. I was at a friends house just listening to see what came through. I got I see you, what year is it, help me, worried, crying. I have no abilities I'm not a medium, i can't see or hear ghosts. But my friend and I both saw an image manifest in my phone and I am not gonna lie I freaked the eff out, and made her shut it off. After I calmed down I described the image I saw and turns out that I described the mother that had passed away in the house. After that I got the premium edition, and I can't explain it. I was using my computer not saying anything and it said computer, I got up to leave the room and it said goodbye. my husband who is very sensitive was skeptical at first as well, until we started getting seemly accurate responses. i was driving with my 2 friends and had it playing and it said blessed and my friends were like hey thats the pastors house. I've been getting full sentences, like what year is it, how does this work, can you hear me. It has been spot on to things going on around us even when no one is talking and the camera is turned off. The ghost in the house when i asked how old it was said 34 and said whiskey up and blue flight i thought blue flight was just random but then i looked it up and found out it refers to avaitors. So my husband thought if the app is real why not put 2 phones together and theortically it should say the same words through both phones it didn't. its so addicting though, on one hand it will say 15 random words in a row like 5 yellow blacksmith, what is the date evil devil school angel, but then will say something spot on like elderly, or my friend was here and it said danielle and i was like do you know danielle and he was like um i am talking to my friend danielle right now. However when I use the other app that shows the stick figures it never shows anything so I dont really know to feel right said i just want to talk but isn't making sense lol but its totally worth the download

Jun 15 2021

Ok, so this may take the cake. I downloaded the app and was skeptical at first. I read the reviews and people were reporting a lot of the same words. I also read that the creators of the app firmly stick to their belief it is a tool and no xtra stuff has been added. However, i still wonder who came up with the values or words associated with the different readings because its obvious that the words are coming from a predetermined set of words. My assumption is that certain readings like spikes or dips in the EMF reader make certain patterns which then trigger the word or phrase associated with said pattern. So it does seem very random at times. With that being said it is merely a tool and you always have to come from a logical stand point until something changes your mind. Unless it is a profound word that is directly relevant then my conclusion would be it is random. Now, when it comes to the paranormal we are dealing with things that are not normal. They are anomalies. Hence Paranormal. I believe this tool is legit but it hinges on the mental capacity of the user. Your discernment. When i started the app it was easy to tell that yes some words were random and hold no weight in any supernatural world. But then there were anomalies. The most profound to date occurred on June 14th 2021 around 1am. I was located in Kansas City Missouri at a house in the vicinity of 71 highway and linwood on the westside of 71 a few miles down linwood. The houses in those neighborhoods were built around 1920. Most of them are 5 bedroom, 3bathrooms, 3 floors and a basement. The third floor could be considered the attic but most were converted to bedrooms or small apartments. They all have those 2 windows on the third floor that look like eyes similar to the house on the movie Amityville. Anyways, we were in the process of doing a minor renovation to this house. The house was trashed by the previous tenants and during the clean up process we found several circles made with salt on the floors in various places. Also recipes for spells so we were led to believe that someone who had lived there was practiced witchcraft. Now for the night in question. The night (or morning) of june 14th 2021 at 1am we had finished doing work on the house and we sat and had Poncho's tacos. Carne asada tacos. I deciced to turn on the app. It wasnt long before i got the first word. It said "living room". Thats where we were. Eh, nothing strange their. So the night continues and a couple folks talked about the third floor and the bad feeling they had about it. Apparently there are always pennies on the floor in the bedroom on the third floor. Not scary but nonetheless it intrigued me because 2 days before i remember seeing pennies on the floor up there. I picked them up just to clean up i didnt think anything of it. Until that night when they said there is always pennys. I told everyone that i had picked them up so there shouldn't be any on the floor. So i decided i was going to go up to the third floor and see if the pennies were back on the floor because that would be weird. Now mind you, the only power in the house was coming from an exstension chord plugged into the neighbors because the house's power was shut off. After a couple of minutes debating whether or not i would go check and who else was coming with i decided it was time to just go on up. Nobody was coming with me. I grabbed my phone with the app still on and listening, I headed to the first stair case. It was completely dark other than the light on my phone. As i neared the staircase and was about to take my first step up the app blurted out "DO NOT"!! I froze. Being the skeptic i am that one hit a little to close for comfort. Needless to say i did not go up there. We decided to leave. The next word that came out was "Torture". The whole situation was really creepy and didnt feel random at all. So there's that. In another unrelated instance i received the word "dripped" the moment i stepped out of my shower at my own house which seemed a little spot on to my situation at hand to be random. Idk. The last instance came a day after the house instance and i was in my room when the app said "Eric"....that threw me another loop because that is my name spelled the exact same. Has anyone else gotten their own name? My conclusion is that when its real you will know but the majority are going to be random words. But not all.

By Tara Reardon
Jun 14 2021

Does anyone know when the bar at the bottom of the app the one that’s moves around when talking what does it mean if it goes right the way up to the top of the screan means? Sometimes the bar is white yellow or red it sort of jumps up but a lot higher that the other ones?

Thanks in advance!

By Keighty
May 18 2021

I opened the app this morning after a crazy night and have gotten a few words and phrases that seem strange to me. The first word I got was "her" after I told my dog to move. It freaked me out so I closed the app. I opened it back up and got goodbye. I then got HELP ME, psychic, knot and "who is she?" - that one was weird to me because I'm the only girl in the house. I'm just leaving it on and plugged into a charge just to see what else comes through. Definitely weird.

By Aliyah Richardson
May 02 2021

Has anyone gotten the word PORTAL&I SEE YOU or DARK HERE? it also said two people I know relating to the deceased I was attempting to reach
Idk seems so real to me !!

By Meghan
Apr 30 2021

kinda shitting my pants lol
So I’ve read everyone’s reports getting the same words. when I first downloaded the app I was at home & nothing really showed up other then when I went to close the app & it’s said “i’m leaving” & that was with it on for almost half an hour, but now I’m staying at my dads for the weekend & my dog peed in her sleep (hasn’t done that since she was a puppy) so we obviously had to wash up & move down to the couch. well she was staring at the wall & ended up getting up & looking around. I thought it was perfect opportunity to bring out the app, well now it’s 5am & I don’t think i’m going to sleep. The minute I opened the app it was almost mocking us like “where am I?” so I called my dog back over to lay down. once she was settled all I hear is “bored” my heart dropped so I picked up the phone about to turn it off & it says “stop recording” this was all in the time span of 5 minutes!!! I closed the app turned off my phone & kid you not I heard REAL VOICES (girls talking to eachother) sounded like it was either coming from right out the window or basement. safe to say i’m deleting the app & never sleeping at my dads again! Also as I’m writing this my dog is crying to me as if she’s warning me! PRAY FOR ME

By Katie
Apr 30 2021

I'm confused do you have to be recording to pick up words? I tried a couple times open not recording got nothing, decided to try recording and listening to my boyfriend snoring and all a sudden got "Run". Out of all the words I've seen given in comments Run has not been out there. I'm confused.

By Mary
Apr 26 2021

My question is why add your own words? What is the point of that? Isn’t that just giving the app words you relate to to use? I’m confused by this and haven’t been able to find an explanation. If you will enlighten me please :) thanks.

By Jon Eirik Martinsen
Apr 25 2021

I have tryed this app for a long time now, i have the premium upgrade, but i dont know, ìt should be 800 words in the app, pluss the 20 i can put in myself, i live in Norway, and i just get names that is not Norwegian, and i get all the words everybody else gets... so? It should have had many more words in the bank, so it would have been more difficult to get the same words as as everyone else all the time.

By JaMeelah
Apr 22 2021

First thing I will say is this kinda scared me. I did get some words that other did not mention, like “dislike” ... kind of randomly but still. The meter seemed to react. But one thing I noticed about all the comments is there isn’t anything that directly relates to you that the app is saying.. and i want people to understand that you’re not just going to magically connect with someone who is related to you or knows something about you, you’re going to connect with a spirit who is energetically available and ready to communicate. Believe it or not, murder, drowning, strokes are VERY common causes of death; just because the names do not resonate with you personally, doesn’t mean it isnt real! The spirit could be telling you THEIR name! Idk, I just know that there are other realms in which consciousness still exists, and the very first time I opened it I tried to reach out to my brother who passed, asked him to send me a sign from “wherever he is” and is just said “Heaven” , “what is this?”

By Jamila Jackson
Apr 20 2021

i have had like 100 different words come across for me but i think it's just random words i don't think there actual ghost/spirits saying words. i even try to drive around with it on and i had my son with me, to him it's said some creepy words to him like third which is something that my nephew use to say to him when he wanted to hit his black & mild then it told him to be careful as i was dropping him off. It has asked me the first day am i dead and i ask who was i talking to then it replied Nicole but nothing after that so i realized that it's just saying random words.

By Tina
Apr 20 2021

So far I got are you okay? Sure, murdered, devil. Seems like it’s throwing random words to me. Just downloaded tonight. Was hoping to hear from my ex who passed.

By Brandee L.
Apr 20 2021

So far I've gotten the following: sister, lady of the night, knot, George, follow me, pagan, wounded, Stephanie, necklace, haunted, attic, tortured, niece, 47, friend, choked, Satan, church. I think that's all the words I've gotten in 2 days. Still unsure about the app.

By Serena
Apr 19 2021

Also it said uncomfortable then the app closed

By Serena
Apr 19 2021

I don’t know how to feel about it I came in and it said flashlight so I went to the flashlight and it was going all the way to red but every time I put it on metal by there it goes off so I don’t know.

By Brenda
Apr 19 2021

I’m interested in anything paranormal so when my daughter say this on TikTok (of course) she told me to download it. As most have said in their reviews, it seems we are all receiving the same words. “Burnt” “Rest In Peace”, “Angel”, “Possessed”, etc.
I’m not sure where some are coming up with the inventive stories they post on the GhostTube app reviews, but they are certainly entertaining to read!
Sadly, TikTok is brainwashing our children.

By Tiffani
Apr 17 2021

The sound for the voice stopped working. I have it turned on.

By Lindy
Apr 05 2021

I got behind you a lot. I got the names Christopher and Olivia I got blood rituals why pagan who’s he leave now north uncle scratch uncomfortable Steven god listen devil colors sink why garden child goodbye lower halt what should I do recently night not sure what to think

By Crystal
Apr 04 2021

I was using it and it said alot of what we were doing what threw me for a whirl was the voice change and sung Jude then went back saying mother heaven God and voice change again and said jude so far haven't seen anyone talk about the voice changing its legit

By Tashaboo
Apr 04 2021

So I've read up an down on the reviews of the app an they all sounded like everyone else got the same words but I havnt , hmm must be the lucky one 🤔 beacuse all I have recently heared it say was " up , married , cold, Ray, asylum, grandfather, what is this, burnt, etc..

By Terry
Apr 02 2021

I was having a dream and I fell asleep with the app on but my dream was about me and my friends stealing medicine from hospitals because there was a prison that needed it and when I woke up the ghost said medicine, prisoner literally scared the shot outta me

By Kendall
Mar 31 2021

I see we all have the same spirits😂 we all get the same words but something made me change my mind I was playing with my dog in my living room I never said the word dog but I was saying her name it was about 11:30 pm felt like I was being watched so I turned on the app a soon as I opened up the app it was saying “dog” over and over and over then it said “pretty dog” then my dog goes nuts chewing her legs and barking at the corner of the room so honestly couldn’t tell if it’s real or not

By Lynne
Mar 31 2021

I don’t know what to think as of yet. I’ve gotten grandmas name in her house. “Judy” as well as sacrificed, how are you, are you okay, angel, watching, maybe, fire, goodbye. I just Downloaded it today - I’ll keep it for a few more days and see what happens.

By Jarrod Matthews
Mar 28 2021

Was in a shed that was close to 100 years old and the word LEAVE NOW came through as well as on a seperate occasion "im leaving" when trying to provoke the spirit of my mother into showing herself. though i am sceptical it does seem to have a little legitimacy for me.

Cant say if its real or not but my only problem is the unanswerable one is this real????????

By jackie caddy
Mar 20 2021

Upgraded to premium,can't get unlimited recording time on the SLS camera,only lasts about 30 seconds.

By Barbara
Mar 17 2021

I feel this is just a recording of random words spewed out. If you ask a question it never answers. The only thing that I got i thought may have been real is rest in peace. I walk in a cemetery near me for exercise and I visit my parents there when I walk. A lot of words came out but just randomly. Nothing but the rest in peace struck me. I tell them if anyone wants to talk im listening. But I get ...who is she? Knife, disrespectful, names of no one I know. I got why are you here? Sad, mother,are etc . Nothing makes any sense. So not sure.

By Anika
Mar 07 2021

I just wanna know what's it mean when you hear what sounds like a phone being left off the hook too long

By Danielle
Mar 06 2021

I got murdered, attic , Larry, drowned, heart attack, Ralph, Julia, Jeremy, Possessed, Satan, Over here,Be Quiet, knife, Behind you, yes, ok, fire, hung, Jennifer, bloody, shopkeeper, lady, basement, shovel [ got this one a lot], drowned, old, elderly,what year is it, where am I, why , how, who, leave here , possessed, bedroom, worship, Africa, america,America, heaven, tunnel, Iron, cable, table, hammer and list goes on

This App definitely can't be real. Because the so called spirits wouldn't even finish speaking or even respond they kept spitting out random words. I'm a clairvoyant and it wouldn't even speak fully to me. So do what you will with it buy its definitely a good gag app to scare ppl with

By Sarah Binney
Mar 01 2021

Seems like there’s a lot of us have the same spirits🤔😂 ,same random words ,lots of drowning ,strokes ,murders, rest in peace, don’t, over here ,names like Betty, Larry, Brian etc sounds like computer generated logarithms to me ,have screenshot the dictionary of words as they disappear after 15 words ,wonder why.seriously how can we all have the same stuff unless it’s computer generated ?

By Sarah beth
Feb 27 2021

we also got rest in peace. And disrespectful.. we however got a name jerry. Asked if he was in attic and got reply immediately said attic.

By Barb
Feb 16 2021

Stroke , murdered . Drowned . Stop . Don’t . Brian ,,disrespectful. Lady . Rest In Peace . Every word it said to me on my first day is in all the comments . FAKE !!! To Bad

By Barb
Feb 16 2021

I have been reading the comments and sound like we all similar words , like STOP . Don’t, not sure what to think .

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