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The KIRA STOKES FIT app is powered by The Stoked Method created by world
renowned celebrity trainer Kira Stokes. The Stoked Method is a science-backed,
form-focused, functional flow of movement formula. Challenge your body with
progressive strength, power, and fine-tuning exercises. Use...

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    Amazing instruction, killer workout!

    Wow, Kira really knows what she is doing. I followed Kira for probably about a year on Instagram and decided to download her app around 6 months after the launch. I wish I would have downloaded it sooner. I’ve been doing the work outs for around 3 months but this past month have done a workout 5 days a week. At first, I couldn’t do many of the moves for the allotted time and I didn’t dream of trying the hour long works outs. But, with consistency came strength and endurance. And I now look forward to the hour long workouts as an extra challenge. I realized like I’m sure many others, that I was doing a lot of moves wrong. Kira somehow knows (likely from her 25 years experience) just when to say something like “open your chin” or “don’t quit” at just the right time. Her workouts have also kept me pain free after many years of chronic low back and SI joint pain. Thanks to her, I’m now starting to see some abs pop in that have been hidden since my collegiate volleyball days. Thank you, Kira! I hope to take a class of yours one day in NYC! You are certainly someone I’m grateful for!

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    Just download it.

    Let me preface this by saying I 1.) never write reviews and 2.) have probably downloaded and tried (for extended periods of time) every highly rated and “Editor’s Choice” workout app in existence. This one is by far my favorite. I’m not new to working out and I’ve worked out with multiple trainers in person. It wasn’t until downloading this app and hearing the tips Kira gives throughout the videos to ensure proper form that I realized I was doing some exercises incorrectly. I’ve seen more results from using this app for two months and really focusing on form than I’ve seen working out consistently for months when my form went to the wayside. I found Kira through Instagram and am honestly glad I did. I used to think I needed a strict, highly regimented fitness routine to see physical changes but the flexibility of this app has proved to be by far superior. It allows you to mix and match workouts so you can listen your body as opposed to doing a non flexible routine that doesn’t allow for days when I feel particularly sore and can’t workout at my best. Just download it. I think you’ll be glad you did.

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    You need Kira in your life. Get this app. Get stoked!

    This app is a game changer, not because it’s an app, but because Kira is an amazing trainer! I’ve used in-person personal trainers in the past and they were tremendously helpful to my workouts and for learning proper form. I’ve been going to the gym without a trainer for years now. Initially, I was skeptical how effective my workouts could be with a trainer in an app, until I tried this one. Kira is motivating, challenging and she creates movements that make sense and that I can do. Her instructions are easy to follow, her sessions are always positive and fun, and she doesn’t shame you for modifications because she really wants you to stick with it no matter where you are in your fitness. These workouts have helped me build up my strength and mobility over time with real, visible results! The physical changes aside, I love her positivity and how she always reminds you that the ability to move and challenge you body is a gift, which we can often forget if we’re over-focused on how we look in a swimsuit. I’m so glad that I discovered training with Kira!

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    Nothing but love for this app and method!!

    I started my ‘Stoked’ journey by participating in the live workouts with Kira hosted by Candace Cameron Bure over quarantine. I knew after the first workout I was I love! I was an athlete all my life, so after going through college trying to re-create my high school sport workouts, I seemed to be in a rut, especially since I wasn’t as active in sports as in high school. My workouts typically resulted in my end-results not being where I wanted, and left me feeling defeated, and quite frankly annoyed because I was putting in the work, but not seeing nor feeling the results. I already felt so much stronger after the first few “live” workouts with the several different hosts, and now after getting the app, I am able to be fully stoked! I love the mindfully put together workouts. I FEEL so much stronger, which to me is more important that seeing the results: but I am also seeing the results so it’s a win-win! I am excited to continue my stoked journey.

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    Favorite fitness app

    I recently moved to an area with limited group fitness class options and so I use this app multiple times a week instead and absolutely love it. Kira is the most energetic, motivating trainer and the workouts on this app are all so good. Seriously, I’ve tried almost all of them and there’s not a single one I dislike. I love that there are so many options for both length and body part—if I don’t have time for a full workout, I can just pick one or two quick ones to hit the areas I want and feel like I did a lot. Also love that there are plenty of bodyweight-only options... you can also do any of the workouts on here without weights and they are still great and challenging. The video quality is high and the instruction is so detailed and easy to follow—I really feel like I’m in a session with a trainer IRL, and haven’t found another workout app that makes me feel that way.

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    Getting Stoked- A gem in 2020

    Kira’s workout is just an all around great workout. You’ll definitely be challenged and feel stronger. I really enjoy the 30 min workouts. Sometimes the hour long workouts are a lot for my wrists. But I can definitely see the difference with just a few months. She’s descriptive, has great energy and makes you want to win for yourself. You can do these indoor or outdoor and you don’t need any other accessories if you don’t have them. But you should get the accessories if you can because it really adds a great element to the workout. My fav part is at the end of but when she asks us to give thanks for the fact that we can move. For a few seconds, after it’s all done and you’re sweaty she just includes the level of mindfulness and gratefulness that is much needed and helps you reset. One of the best finds during 2020 and Covid for sure!

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    Never going back to the gym

    I used to be a strict gym rat who believed I would never be able to get the same caliber workout at home. However, when COVID forced me to find a way to exercise at home, Kira’s app changed all that. I had followed Kira on Instagram and knew of her classes in NYC, so I signed up for a free trial and absolutely loved it. The workouts are definitely challenging, but there is a great selection of different programs with varying lengths that focus on specific body parts. I love the 7-day programs that provide a daily lineup of workouts for me to do without having to think about it. It’s also nice to be able to just do a few shorter workouts (there are several that are very challenging and only 5-10 mins) when I don’t have as much time. I’ve never had a workout program that is this comprehensive, and Kira is a great instructor. I can’t rave enough about this app!

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    My favorite workout app!!

    These workouts are for people that like a challenging workout that will make you sweat and feel good the next day. I tried some apps like Barre3 and felt like I didn’t even work out. But this app has been amazing. Lots of variety between different focus areas and a good range of video times depending on how long I have. I do wish there was a calendar or weekly suggestions to follow but it’s not hard to pick a few in each category (lower body, upper body, full body, cardio + fine tuning). I try to focus on these groups and pick a video from there. At first I did think there needed to be more content but I quickly realized these are workouts you’ll want to repeat and most are challenging enough you’ll need to do them a few times to really master. Plus Kira has been releasing a lot of new content that was been great. Every workout is truly amazing!!

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    Everything is awesome

    I got this app while the quarantine happened. I’ve been a gym devotee for 20 years now, home is not where I want to work out. But when the gym closed, I needed something. I tried a few other apps and workouts, then downloaded this. To be honest, I was confused at first because of some of the 5(!) minute workouts! I thought, “what can you get in 5 minutes!?” But as I began to understand her workouts are designed to put together (some can easily stand alone, 1hr12min in there!) you can always build a workout for you — anything from the easier/lighter side, to training, to a quick body specific burnout. Follow her on social media, too, where she’ll give suggestions of ways to mix and match. She even has some mixer and matched for you on the app. When the gym reopens, I’m definitely keeping the app. That’s saying it all.

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    The Best Workout you’ll EVER DO!!! Like EVER!!! (Read that again)

    I’ve been training with Kira for over 12 years. Her programming is beyond anything else out there. As a former ballet dancer, who grew up in classes and strict fitness routines, this programming is the only that truly gives me results. It’s never a waste of time because it’s transforming and worth it. I used to personally record Kira’s classes in a voice note (with her permission) just to have the ability to have her programs on demand. So THIS app is perfection. If I can’t physically make it in person, to have all of the options right on my phone, is what I’ve been waiting for...for so long. This motivating app, with so many different options, is exactly what I needed. If you stick it and the access 24/7...I guarantee you will see results and changes! Thank you kira - I’M STOKED for the app!!!

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    I’ve been following Kira on Instagram for a while and I just love how positive she is! I started doing the KSF app almost a year ago during my pregnancy and it was wonderful to be able to stay moving but be able to modify to stay in shape. I took a break when I had a baby and for 4 months PP. every time I thought about getting moving again, I thought about the KSF app! I signed up again and I’m on day 2 and still loving it. Starting slow, but ready to get back in shape. I live how Kira explains everything so you don’t have to constantly look at the screen. It makes me feel like I can keep up instead of always being a little behind. Kira is so motivating and the way you can mix and match workouts is awesome! Definitely recommend! Especially these days when we’re all working out at home!

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    Simple. Challenging. Effective!!!!

    After 1 week I get stronger, after two weeks I looked leaner and stronger and after a month I know I have changed for the better and others can see it too. While I have strength trained for a long time I just haven’t loved barbells or really heavy weights. Not because I am afraid to build muscle but bc it just isn’t my thing. I also do yoga, swim, run and bike so I have a good amount of fitness but I really needed help with my strength. Kira nails it with these workouts. Sign up for a free week and do her 7 day challenge every day and you can bet you’ll stick around for longer because it works. It’s simple but hard and you don’t need a ton of weights options. Most importantly it’s effective and I am 100% on board with this training program. I highly recommend!!!

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    Love getting STOKED!

    I’m over 55 and have been pretty active most of my life. The past two years I’ve been working in an office and NOT MOVING ENOUGH!!! So I’ve started with the STOKED Program and love Kira. I like the programs she has that are more like a series so you know exactly which classes you should do together. I like when a trainer will say do this, this and this. Then when I look at the individual body part classes I’m not sure which ones I should be doing together and then I get frustrated. One other minor thing I’d like to is hard to read the length of each class in the main menu. It is typed white on white and its hard to read. It would be great if you could change the print so you know how long each segment is. Anyway love working out with Kira! 🏋️

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    Great Core & Leg Workout But..

    I have been using this app for about a week now. The workouts are very intense and a nice change for me from running on a treadmill. However, I agree with many others that 1) this is not really for beginners and there are minimal modifications offered 2) it is heavy work using your wrists i.e. planks/plank type exercises! I have bad wrists so I can’t do those exercises. Which is frustrating bc they are in almost all videos. 3) sorting through all the videos gets super overwhelming and definitely needs to be organized better. I have been reviewing the videos the night before to decide what I am going to do the next day. Which seems to help. All that said it is a good workout and I definitely feel it in all the right places. I just do what I can and skip the parts I can’t do. I’ll stick with it for a while and see how it goes!

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    Quarantine SAVIOR

    A MUST have for at home workouts. I followed Kira for a long time on Instagram, but I’m so happy I finally signed up for the app. I was such a gym rat pre COVID, and this has been the only at home app/ program that I’ve been able to stick too....and I’ve tried a lot! I love that you don’t always need to commit and hour, so it’s easy to hold yourself accountable. You can do a few shorter videos and still get a killer workout in. Kira emphasizes strength and mobility in equal parts, which not only leaves you feeling amazing, but is essential for health and longevity. She’s the real deal. This app is cheaper than a gym membership, but worth so much more. Oh and of course I can’t forget the amazing Gary cameos hidden throughout the app! So funny 😂 thanks Kira for all the work you’ve put into this app. It’s a 10/10!

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Yes. KIRA STOKES FIT is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,502 KIRA STOKES FIT User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for KIRA STOKES FIT Is 76.3/100.

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