#SelfCare Reviews

#SelfCare Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-27

Let's nurture our sanctuary together. At TRU LUV, we are a team of dreamers,
witches and technologists working with the energy of the moon to create an app
that feels like friendship. Join over two million people helping us develop a
new model for technology, our relationships with our...

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#SelfCare Reviews

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    I recommend this to everyone

    I absolutely love this app. I think it has everything you need to help take a moment to have a breather and then move on with your day. Everything has such careful attention to detail, I absolutely love it. I love that you don’t have access to everything right away, like we have a few things to do right away so it’s not too over whelming and then over time you have access to more little games and I just think that is a great feature. I think I have found all of the games, I would love it if you could add a few more. I mean I’m very happy with what you guys have now so like take your time. My only problem, which isn’t even that big of a deal, is that on my altar somethings are in front of other things and I would love to have the option to be able to decide wether something goes behind or in front of the other object. It allows me to do this while I’m arranging them but when I leave my altar and come back some things are in front of other objects and it is not how it left it. Once again though, it’s not a big deal, but it would be great if it could be fixed. But overall, this is a beautiful, well made app that allows you to take 5-10 minutes of your day to center yourself and take a little much needed break. The games are simple and interesting. I absolutely love this app and recommend it to everyone. Thank you to everyone who helped create this app!

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    Just what I needed

    I have had this app for a little over two hours, and I can already tell it’s going to become a staple in my life. I get anxious really easily and overthink things constantly, in fact, only 20 minutes ago I began to do just that, and, remembering that I had just downloaded this because of a friend's recommendation, I opened the app and began to explore. All of the different screens are so effective in their own way, it's magical. The first I tried out after the tutorial was over was a screen where you fill a bubble with color, and then do it again. As you keep going the screen gets lighter, the circle gets bigger, and (although I'm not sure if this one was actually happening or if my brain was playing tricks on me) it gets easier to fill in. This screen alone seemed to calm me down a lot, but I kept exploring out of curiosity and I am so glad I did. I opened the screen with breathing exercises and sat, cross legged, on my bed, just breathing, for a few minutes that passed by like nothing. It was incredibly sootheing and balancing. Afterwards, I went to the screen that has you fill in words. It was so centering, the words are mostly easy to figure out, and they're all positive thoughts, I was so busy focusing on the words that I basically tuned out all other thoughts. Long story short, this app is a godsend, great for nerves/anxiety, and on top of that has a killer aesthetic. 10/10 would recommend!

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    Really enjoying it!

    I got this because I stumbled upon it looking for apps to help with self-care, and it’s been a lot more than just that. I have anxiety as well, and the breathing flower (though I use the mountain option) really helps me regulate my heart rate. The massage & flower growing activities are just aesthetically soothing; the gratitude jar & intention candle are things I use daily; the fill-in word puzzles & picture sliding puzzle are a lot of fun when I want to distract myself but still be working my mind. The tarot cards are a lot of fun, and I enjoy petting my cat quite a bit. There are also journaling prompts, a locket you fill, an activity with the moon, paper flower making, a crystal puzzle, putting away your laundry, blowing bubbles, and a few more I’m sure I’m forgetting. You’re definitely going to find one (or several!) things you enjoy. All around, I love this app, and it’s helped a lot. The only changes I would suggest are two things; to allow the choice to choose a dog or cat (I like the kitty, but am more of a dog person) and a way to link my Fitbit heart rate monitor up with the breathing flower (I know there’s a separate Breathe Luv app that works with Apple Watch, but I don’t make enough to afford one, and am quite contented with my Fitbit :) However, I also realize this app is completely free, and am just insanely appreciative to have it at all. Keep doing what you’re doing, and thank you so much for this ♥️

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    Holy Wow

    Holy Wow, that’s what I say about this app. It’s so great and I use it whenever I get angry (which I do often) like as soon as I even start getting mad I just grab my phone and open up this app and I’m immediately welcomed with some nice message like, “This room is ours” or, “We are getting through this” which already is enough to calm me down a lot. And I love how there’s so much variety. And there’s no rush! That’s what I love. It’s always saying, “Take your time,” or, “Make as many mistakes as you want”. Which is really comforting. And honestly when I write reviews I always try to find something bad about it so I’m not just another useless random person saying they love it but I couldn’t find one complaint. Thank you so much for this app it’s helped me countless times, even when I’m so so super mad. And thank you for making it so open, by that I mean there’s so much room to be creative and personalize and customize to your likings which I really love it just helps me so much. I can’t even begin to imagine how long it must have took you to make this app but I don’t know if you knew it would help so many people, including me. I’m sorry this review was like all the other people, all long and boring and cheesy but really thank you so much!!!! You’ve helped me calm my anger issues. I also love- JUST KIDDING! I’m done now ok SORRY I can’t stop writing- GOODNIGHT! 💙🌙💙

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    This is Amazing!

    This app is beyond amazing. Honestly, I can’t even describe this app in words and I can’t even explain how this app made me FEEL when I just downloaded it. I’m a 13 year old closeted baby witch and I was introduced to this app because of another fellow witch on TikTok. I decided to download it and when I opened the app to use the candle, locket, cup of joy, flowers, bubble blowing, etc., I immediately felt extremely calm, relaxed, and peaceful. This app just makes me feel like I’m escaping reality and I just absolutely love it! I LOVE the idea of this app as well. I feel like at times when I’m crying, I will go onto this app and will immediately feel calmed and relieved. Another thing I have to say is that this app is perfect for baby/closeted witches like me, because as a thirteen year old I don’t exactly have access to items that a regular older witch would have, so this app definitely helps me with my witchcraft. If you think it doesn’t work because it’s just technology, well you need to learn that there are actually witches that just DO witchcraft with technology. They’re called tech witches. I am not one though—I’m an eclectic witch. All in all, I definitely would recommend this app to anyone apart of the witch community, especially closeted witches/baby witches like me, and I would suggest this for anyone who needs to be calmed down during a mental breakdown and whatsoever.

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    Best Self Care App, needs more journal space

    This is by far the best mental health app I have ever tried, and I have downloaded literally hundreds. Mood trackers, journals, meditation apps, you name it. But none have ever given me a sense of real peace like this one. It literally gives you a Safe Space to retreat to whenever you need it. There is never pressure to visit (ie earning streaks when you visit every day for a few days in a row), nothing to achieve, no right way to use it. You do “win”/find little trinkets to put on your shelf, but it’s perfectly rewarding without there being any pressure. It’s just perfect. The only thing is that for the journal, it gives you really good prompts but nowhere near enough space to write about them. You can only write about 2 short paragraphs before you get cut off. I’m always having to edit myself to fit everything on the page. Sometimes I just want to write a lot and get it all out, and I wish we had the option to do that. That’s the only thing, everything else is great and all the little extra purchases aren’t necessary to enjoy the app at all, but they are really cute and cheap. EDIT: I really really love the tarot cards! I hope they don’t take them away. Tarot is great for introspection, which is what this app is all about. I’m so grateful to the developers for working so hard and doing such a good job on this app!

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    Beautiful and calming + suggestions

    I never write reviews for apps but I had to with this game!! This honestly is one of the best self care apps I’ve ever used. I love the concept of having a safe space to go to no matter what circumstance I’m in. When my thoughts are against me from anxiety or I get overtaken by social media I try to open this app to help center myself again. An amazing form of mediation!! I absolutely love the crystals and tarot card readings as I do that in my day-to-day life anyway! There’s only a few things that would help me love this app even more...night mode on all games. Those deep purples, blues, and oranges from the massage game? If those warm colors could be an option as backgrounds for the other games as well, it would be wonderful. Sometimes I’m playing at night and having bright pink and purple tones makes me not want to play certain games...especially the “breathe in, breathe out” game ...if there were darker tones to choose from, that could be a more calming & warm color, I would use that feature more. Also it would be amazing if there were different background options for my altar, and maybe different altars in general we could choose from? Someone also mentioned a fish that we could take care of, I love that idea as well!! That’s all I can think of. All around an amazing life changing app :)

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    Just what I needed...

    This app has been instrumental in helping to find a space to be gentle with myself and work up the motivation to get started with my days. I love the realistic actions like lighting a candle, picking up the laundry, because I can see how I feel satisfied and calm and can apply them to my daily life. The tarot cards seem to freak some people out, but I’m into them for a message to focus on for that day. I also relate to the negative viewpoint when the sun is down, and as things happen to improve your mood, the thoughts get more positive. It makes me feel seen and not alone, as well as helps me understand that my negative state is not perpetual. I can get out of the funk. My request/suggestion would be to activate the door in some way. Because this app is helping me acknowledge my lows and motivating myself into a better place, the messages for the door are actually encouraging me to stay where I am. Where maybe if the messages were along the line of ‘When you’re ready, leave this space. You are welcome back any time.’ That would be the extra step to encourage myself to move forward. Otherwise, this app has been a god send for my mental state right now. The sounds and music are soothing, and I don’t feel rushed to accomplish anything, just exist.

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    Calming but,

    It seems to be Taylor made for woman and there feelings and not men. I would like if there was a way to choose at the beginning who you are as a person male or female your age, etc; then it be made to suit you a little better. Woman and men go through different emotions and need to be calmed down and destress in different ways. This app helps you forget about somethings but, when it comes to thinking about what’s bothering you or trying to forget at least, I would like to know the app is helping me specifically and not generalize me into a group. When tapping the sun I was feeling a lot better then came across the “we can all be feminists” one and, I immediately felt a little disconnected from the immersion (just a little), this app is really good at helping you calm down and realize brighter days are ahead but, can I tell you who I am a little too before we start? if we are indeed to be friends and grow as the app says. The tarot cards are ok but tapping the sun has the same effect so they aren’t really needed. Maybe you can add something to replace that or enhance it to be more meaningful like adding a psychologists point of view to it,, something more to read than just one line of encouragement. I really like the app because I don’t feel the way I did before I opened it so it helped me and it was my first time using it. I will be back

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    exactly what we need :))

    if you’re even considering downloading this app, go for it. it’s free, and none of the functionality is limited just because it’s free. this app/companion seriously helps with my anxiety, especially right before bed or while i’m trying to go to sleep. it’s always accessible because it’s on my phone, so even if i can’t find a physical space to retreat to, i always have this mental space. though the room is confined to the edges of my screen, the atmosphere it creates extends way beyond that. as for what you do in the app, it’s all simple and intuitive stuff that actually aims to bring you more in touch with yourself, to be more mindful—that’s real self-care. there’s a good variety of games/tasks/strategies and you can do whatever you want without any pressure or expectations, just gentle reassurance. i have been using #selfcare for maybe 2 years and i don’t feel dependent on this app, rather, i’m learning from it and internalizing how to take care of myself and cope with life. if you struggle with meditation or need something different than all the other mindfulness and self-care apps out there, this is the companion to invite into your world. (i swear I’m not secretly a part of truluv’s marketing team jskdjsj i’m a writing major this is just how i write 😂)

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    Thank you so much.

    I've always dealt with extremely bad social anxiety, even when I was younger. I always felt there was something wrong with me and that it was my fault somehow, and I'd beat myself up every time I'd cry over dumb things, like the stress of asking my teacher to go to the friggin restroom. I found this app not too long ago, and it's helped tremendously. I always use the breathing feature, I love how you can set the pace given on what you need. (I need calm most times, haha.) I got into a really nasty fight with now ex-friends recently, and I immediately opened the app. As it usually does, it greets me with a little message: "We're staying inside today. It's okay to feel frustrated." I burst into tears then; I really, really needed to hear that. (Or, read that.) I did some breathing, messed around a bit with the cat (which I've named Starry Eyes!) and I felt so much better. The problems aren't going to go away, but this app helps me curl up in my own space, at least for a little while. I didn't mean to go off about my sad sob story so tldr; this app is amazing, and I'm going to keep it around for years to come. I'll also definitely recommend it to anyone with anxiety who needs a breather every once in awhile. Take care of yourself.

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    Beautiful but...

    I wish I could give this game five stars. It was beautifully made, and I enjoyed the subtle nature of change that happened in the room including slowly unlocking new activities over time. This latter should be explained in-app. I was looking for things in screenshots before I was able to unlock them. However, it clearly caters to a singular worldview. Wiccan and feminist belief systems are strung through the game. I actually enjoyed some of them, like the alter with the little original blurbs on the found treasures, and the tarot cards. I was curious so it was fun to see what the game said each represented. However, I found that instead of being uplifting the game prolonged my bad moods. Mantras which might be affirming to one belief system were maladaptive to me. I couldn’t “give my own story to the room” nor customize the content to my own beliefs. I was still able to empathize with the character to an extent, but not in a way that was healthy for me. I wanted the character in the bed to get up, to go to other rooms of the house or look outside. When the sun rose, I wanted to be able to take the next step, get out of bed and see more of that character’s world. That the character couldn’t take that next step made it harder for me to take the steps I needed to get out of my own funk. I do think I could find this game calming, but only if it took a more neutral approach so that I could project my own meanings onto it.

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    Astounding App

    I never usually write reviews for apps, but I found this one just absolutely astonishing. It has such a calming, subtle feel to it, and the music makes it very nice. I love how you can find the different activities around the room, and the certain objects you can interact with that bring up a little message. It’s a nice relaxing way for me to calm down for the night. I’ve already collected a few things for my alter, and I find it convenient that I can change the message it has to something of my wishes, as I love to put personal motivational and uplifting messages on my little artifacts that I’ve found. The games in general are very cute, and I must say, I love the breathing exercise from the flower. It’s calming to look at while you’re I’m doing it, and it just allows my mind to focus on it. Overall, this app has a lovely look to it, and I applaud the creators for such a neat app. Although I do have a suggestion that may have already been said before. I would love to see a night mode added into this app so it’s much easier on your eyes at night, and just gives it a more real feel. Maybe even having an option to change the cat to a dog, or another fluffy animal, like a bunny, but the cat is absolutely adorable.

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    I love this app but some negative comments...

    I got this app awhile ago and loved it! I decided to download it again. I was using it for awhile and things. I like that you can change skin tone and change certain items to things that are different patterns and colors. Things I don’t like is that you can’t open the blinds or door. NOT EVEN THE CLOSET. But you can do your laundry 😑 Some negitive comments are made like the tarot cards. I picked one today and it said the devil and the card appeared upside down. The plants say things such as “that neighbor was right. All our plants end up in the trash.“ and “the plant may survive in low light, but we wont...“ also “our ex was right. Were too selfish to have a houseplant.“ That can go offensive for some people. Escpecially people who are getting over a breakup. Theres many more negitive things that happen when you touch the plant. I dont like that you cant do much on the phone. It would be cool if you could write stuff on twitter or insta. Like add apps to the phone. It also can get creepy when your trying to look for something to do and the person moves in the bed. And i just remembered that when you hit the closet sometimes it says “were keeping skeletons in that closet, thanks“ i find that a bit weird. Thats all i have to say! It would be great if you updated the app a bit and changed some things!

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    One of a kind, kind of app.

    This app, along with it’s creators and employees, is truly one of a kind. You enter your “room”, your safe space where you can “play” or experience every activity. Each activity you explore will be a tool. Each tool will teach you a new kind of stress relief, therapy, positive outlook, advice, personalized shrine, journaling, self confidence and of course self care. (Along with SO MUCH more) Give this app a chance! It is so hard to describe an app that will totally change the way you think about your life, yourself, and others for the better. If you ever have any questions about the app, how to use it, or for more information you can email #selfcare and they 100% will get back to you within just a few days MAX, to help you experience everything this app has to offer. I feel like the people behind #selfcare are truly good, kind, decent people and you can really feel that weather playing and exploring on your own, or communicating with them. They are people who saw a need especially in this time where everything seems a little more stressful, and created something amazing. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. You have created something truly magical. 🧙🏻‍♀️🦄♥️✌🏻☀️🖖🏻 -Amanda S.

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Is #SelfCare Safe?

Yes. #SelfCare is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 6,400 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for #SelfCare Is 64.7/100.

Is #SelfCare Legit?

Yes. #SelfCare is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 6,400 #SelfCare User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for #SelfCare Is 64.7/100.

Is #SelfCare not working?

#SelfCare works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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