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About: Zoobean offers an application that creates personalized reading challenges, reading tracking, and
literacy resources for readers.
Headquarters: Arlington, Virginia, United States.


Editor's Insights

1. Participate in reading challenges, track reading, and keep your family motivated to read.

2. View totals and averages of your time spent reading and titles read.

3. Record reading sessions to keep track of what you’re reading.

4. Manage each member of your family’s reading log and view their stats.

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Product Details and Description of Beanstack Tracker

Beanstack helps educators, librarians, and families read more by creating, promoting, participating in, and gaining insights from reading challenges.

Open a world of reading inspiration with a library, school, or Beanstack Go account:

- Participate in reading challenges created by your librarians or educators. Beanstack Go users have access to an ever-expanding catalog of challenges created by our reading specialists.

- Track all the books each member of your family is currently reading and has finished reading

- Use the app’s barcode scanner to quickly add titles to your reading log.

- Record reading sessions to log reading times, or log an entire book with a click.

- Achieve streaks for reading multiple days in a row and badges for reaching reading goals

- View your reading stats, including totals and averages of your time spent reading and titles read.

Perfect for Families and Readers of All Ages

No matter what your family looks like, you can sign up everyone in a single account. Grow your reading habits together, while logging and viewing stats for each family member. We never sell your data or use it to show you ads, so Beanstack is safe for everyone.

Go Unlimited

With an Unlimited Beanstack Go account, users can access reviews, activities, and stats, and can log as many books as they like. Users with Basic Beanstack Go accounts can log up to ten titles. School and library users have access to a Beanstack experience customized by their librarians and educators.

Pair with Badge Books

The Beanstack reading tracker app works hand-in-hand with our Badge Books to inspire young readers with custom reading challenges that include virtual and sticker badges, away-from-screen activities, and book recommendations. Every Badge Book comes with a free, 60-day Unlimited Beanstack Go subscription. Together, the Beanstack app and Badge Books inspire families to build a habit of reading that stays with children for life.

Top Beanstack Tracker Reviews

  • By TeaHicks

    A Great Reading Tracker

    Hello, I’m a full time mom of five😱 this app has given me the ability to track summer reading without the old pen and paper😁 We can be on the go and still remember all the books that have entertained us all summer long. The scan is easy to use. Most books are quickly logged. The book that is not found with the ISBN can still quickly be logged. It’s amazing to see how many stories have past through our home. My kids will finally get their party at school for reading this summer.😃 They will go back on this app and write down everything or I will encourage the school to get connected 👍 love this

  • By CP2334

    Easy to use and motivating

    This app is everything I need all in one. It records the book I am currently reading, lets me track minutes read and page by page (optional), and was easy to connect with my public library’s summer reading program. I have two readers under my profile and am able to track each person’s progress. My favorite part is the built in timer. I can scan the book I am beginning, check the details, and start my reading session. The timer keeps track and even gives me an option to pause when my child interrupts. When I’m done, I simply press done and submit my time.

  • By Petunia22

    Super App w/1 small bug

    This app is absolutely fantastic!! I can log my younger daughter’s reading and awards, monitor my older daughter’s reading and awards, and keep up with my own. My older daughter can also log and keep up with her own reading and awards. It is very intuitive. Books can be logged in various ways, and there are many routes to get to an individual’s record. The only part that does not work very well is the timer. It cuts off when the iPod or iPhone “automatically” stops and does not save the time for the book being logged for time spent reading.

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