OmniFocus 3 Reviews

OmniFocus 3 Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-16

Two-week free trial! OmniFocus Standard and Pro are in-app purchases, with
discounts for people who bought earlier versions of OmniFocus for iOS. Or you
can get OmniFocus for iOS, Mac, and web for just one price with the OmniFocus
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OmniFocus 3 Reviews

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    A Must Have For Productivity!

    I recently upgraded from OmniFocus 2 to OmniFocus 3. At first I was a bit disappointed. Stylistically the app doesn’t look much different than the previous version until after a few days later when I realized that there is so much under the hood. In fact it is a brand new an incredibly powerful productivity tool that has maintained the same familiarity that its users have grown accustomed to, while adding tremendous amount of power and flexibility, so much so that I would say whether you follow GTD or any other system, or you want to make your own OmniFocus can support that. The note field is absolutely incredible. You can add an email and it would display as if you are viewing it in your email client. Tags are incredibly powerful and easy. Custom perspectives can organize your data however you like to view it . While you can customize the app to such degree that it no longer looks like when you first got it, it is incredibly powerful and useful right out of the box. Another feature that I absolutely love is the Review Perspective which is so unique to OmniFocus and not offered by any other productivity app on the market. I can keep writing but all of this is a testament to the OmniGroup for their ability and understanding of how to make us more productive while enjoying the process. Many, many Thanks!!!

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    The best of the BEST

    I have been using OmniFocus since 2011. Each new version whether major or minor update makes the app better. A lot of people pass up this app because it’s either too expensive or too cumbersome. The old saying “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover” is defiantly true here. Yes, it is expensive, but it pays for itself in how easy your life can become if you take the time to use it. It can be as hard or easy as you wish. Over the almost 10 years I’ve used it I have learned things along the way that I wishe I had known earlier. There are several resources online with video tutorials, to help you get started. Their new subscription model will make it easier for those on a budget. Not enough can be said about the custom perspectives. I’ve got several set up for different things like work, grocery store, Netflix items I want to see. When I walk into the grocery store, I tap the grocery store perspective and all the grocery items I entered in are there. Something in the future? No problem, set the deferred date for the date in the future, and forget about it. OmniFocus will bring it back in view on that date. Do you have trouble remembering to review your task list, don’t worrry OmniFocus reminds you to do that at whatever interval you want. It really is the BEST when it comes to task or project management.

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    Powerful App, Can Use Anywhere! (Runs on arms and a legs)

    I love the app, but have a love/hate relationship because of the pricing and portability. They seem to be going the way of SaaS, which I think will drive away most people. It’s great that they can now differentiate themselves from many, not all, of the other ProdApps by supporting web-based access. But the pricing seems to just be getting worse. There’s a lot of loyal customers out here who have shelled out for the IOS and MacOS apps, upgrades, and now with the introduction of a subscription model for both the apps and webapp, I really don’t think I’d consider spending any more when there are totally free, totally portable options limited only by the number of simultaneous projects! It’s hard not to feel milked as an OF customer. Of course, If there were other OS versions available, they would all each cost another $50. Update: Thanks for responding, I’ve always had good experiences with sales and support. I understand that has been the official argument over the years, the problem is that this is something that your competition is able to do more and more often. The inability to meet customer needs, whether technical or financial, will not be met with endless loyalty when there are other, seemingly more hospitable options out there. I really want to see OF succeed, it’s a better product. But the validity of that argument is fading fast.

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    Finally. Worth the Upgrade.

    Been an OF user since v 1, then 2, but left for others (including Things) when OF became convoluted, cluttered, and just plain no fun to use. With OF 3, however, the app is back. Two big improvements for me: tags replace context (it fits my work flow better, more flexible) and improved perspectives (or saved searches). I give it 4 stars rather than 5 because the overall interface is still a little clunky, cluttered, and there are tons of options for drilling down searches (good for some folks, too much for others). Setting up location alerts doesn’t make much sense, but OK. Before I upgraded, I took advantage of the trial: Prove to me this app is actually improved and I will use — and enjoy using. So far so good. The upgrade pricing is fair, too. Not 20 or 25 percent off but a full 50 — 60 is now 30 and much more palatable, considering I’ve spent way too much dinero on OF, Things, and others to find one that I will actually continue to use.

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    Gold standard

    One of the key tenets of GTD is being able to trust your system. Once a task has been captured, you can relax in the knowledge that it won't be lost; won't be forgotten. OmniFocus on my iPad, iPhone and Mac give me that confidence. The GTD system is centered around the concepts of Projects and Contexts, which previous versions of OmniFocus supported elegantly. Contexts in particular were a powerful tool, but sometimes frustrating to organize. It was hard to fit every task into a single, meaningful context. The “big idea” with OmniFocus 3 is the change away from context to tag. Tags work exactly like contexts did previously, but you can have many of them on a task instead of one. This is a major game changer. All my tasks were migrated to the new version with no problem, with my former contexts converted to tags. Now I'm rethinking everything about how to use tags in more flexible ways, especially using geofencing tags (like a “Home Depot” tag and a “Lowe's” Tag on tasks to pick up potting soil). OmniFocus 3 oozes quality and craftsmanship which I've come to expect from the Omni Group. As a loyal customer, I did get it for a discount, but it was an insta-buy anyway. Can't say enough about this great company.

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    Need to pay again for pro upgrade?

    Let me say it clearly: I think Omnifocus is probably the most comprehensive task manager for mac and ios and I gladly payed the pro upgrade for both. I like the omnifocus 3 upgrade, but it is largely tasks instead of contexts, and some tweaks in functionality and UI. What however feels more like a rip-off is that not only a upgrade fee needs to be paid, but I also have to re-purchase the pro upgrade. I would have expected that at least the pro upgrade carries forward to the new version. And I am certain, the same thing will happen with the Mac app once available. For that money, I could (and probably will) switch to another app, like 2do or Things 3. I am sure the developers of omnifocus will claim that OF3 is a completely new app and purchase, but I do not agree and follow that “unlogic”, because this is not a complete redesign of the app. In summary, I like the app and some of the new functions (not sure about events mingled with the tasks). BUT I do not like having to purchase again the pro upgrade. That just does not feel right and existing OF2 pro users should have been appreciated enough to provide this option without an additional fee. Sad.

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    Over the cliff

    Omnifocus has added share sheet functionality to the iPad. You can now add Taskpaper format and raw html wherever you find them useful. Words fail me. As we all deal with the coronavirus pandemic, it is crucial to have effective tools. Life is at once simple and complicated. OF may or may not handle complicated for you, but it definitely doesn’t do simple. People are spending hundreds of dollars on third-party instruction. Omnifocus and I never really clicked, even though I am well-versed in GTD, and have spent more time with it than any other task manager. In principle, it does what I want. In practice, I find it very hard to use. The user interface is needlessly complex, and pulls attention away from your tasks. There are dark corners where the way it works can only be determined by experiment. iOS and Mac versions do not always work the same way. For example, the built-in Flagged views sort completely differently on the two platforms. There is an entire cottage industry devoted to telling people how to use it, and there’s a reason. It is slow, and many features are clunky. Drag and drop is very awkward. I would make it a program of last resort for most people.

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    ...In that I don’t really enjoy using it, but since it’s the still best option, I will pay a large sum of money to get the job done. Please consider rethinking the home screen layout, it just isn’t very useful and makes it hard to see what I need to at a glance. Get another UI person to come up with some ideas or something. I don’t know, I’m just an idea guy. Please consider bringing over the colors/bolder fonts from the Mac app, that while aren’t perfect, still add a lot in terms of visual cohesion and the ability to make sense of things in a somewhat cluttered interface. Please use more white space so it’s easier to tell items apart. It just looks like a cluttered mess of text most of the time. This is still the best option, and really the only app out there that can scale with the volume and complexity of your projects. Also, review is great for gtd. But please, pretty please, overhaul the interface with an emphasis on clarity, usability, and easy differentiation between items on the screen. This should have been the focus of the update, imo. What I’m paying for instead is iPhone XR screen size, the ability of the app to not crash constantly like OF2 does now, and tags. Which are great. Making great apps is a hard thing and you folks are trying your hardest, but I doubt I’m the only one who thinks the interface could be improved. Thanks for reading.

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    Solid, but Needs Drop Down Calendars

    I fluctuate between using Things and OmniFocus. While I don’t think OmniFocus needs to become more like Things, I do wish it would drop the date wheel altogether and use a calendar drop instead. The solution used now is a mash of the two, and for efficiency sake and a more modern look, having a full calendar month to work off of is just better. Could also use a cleaner more consistent font size (maybe even an entirely new font) and better use of space, but it still is a super solid task app and I thank the developers for getting much of it right. So all said, OmniFocus does a better job with weekly review, option controls, wrapped text (very annoying omission in Things), and attachment support.

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    I use OmniFocus for deep project tracking, and it’s positively irreplaceable. For a long time I thought I needed to pick one to-do manager for everything, and I tried to pick The Perfect One... and then try to shoehorn everything into it. I finally realized that the right tool for the task sometimes means similar tools - hey, I have 3 different sized needle-nosed pliers in my toolbox, why not the same idea in software? I use OmniFocus for work projects; from overview to unlimited detail, I can see what I need when I need it. I can jot things quickly on my phone when they occur to me, and then organize them later on my Mac, and it all syncs perfectly and instantaneously. With the Pro purchase (well worth it to me), I use custom views and add client logos to their project views to make zeroing in on them easier. And to keep from being overwhelmed when actually working, I can easily use the Focus tools to see and stay in just the parts I’m working on today. Overall, it’s a fantastic tool. There’s more complex elements that I just don’t care about (due dates, dependencies, stuff like that), but they’re easy to just ignore; OmniFocus doesn’t force me to work their way, they let me work my way. Great company, great history, great tools. 5 stars.

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    Fantastic productivity manager with continual improvement

    I’ve used OmniFocus since version 1 and have found it that it is indispensable in collecting, organizing, and completing the things I need to get done. I saw the glowing reviews on version 3 and was expecting to be blown away. I was not. I downloaded the 14 day trial and as I used it more and more, I began to uncover the various features that convinced me to buy it. One feature (that I consider small and simple to execute) that is still not included in the mobile version is being able to see the date that an item was completed. I have numerous multi-tiered projects that last for many months. When reviewing a project, the question as to when a certain task was completed often arises. I can see the completion date on the Mac version, why not the iPhone/iPad version?

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    Long Time OmniFocus Sopporter

    I have been an on and off Omni Focus user for years and spent hours attempting to navigate the steep learning curve. I actually believe the time spent is worth the effort because this is really a good program with one blaring issue. This is supposed to be a scheduling program? The point is putting all this info in a program designed to keep track and keep you from missing deadlines is severely lacking in it’s ability to schedule. Example: One of the things I keep track of repeats every third day after last competition. I’ve used 2Do, Things, etc and they can all do it...the only one that can’t is Omni Focus. The most expensive and complicated of all the GTD programs. You see I need to put 3 days between the day of completion and the next event. This means if I’m late or earlier the next due date must change. (ie 3 days from completion of last event). In fact Omni Focus seems to only be able to handle the most simple of due, repeat or completion dates. So disappointing for the price. I’m now back with Things although it’s really simplistic and I’d rather be with Omni Focus. If I had to chose I’d pick 2Do as the best it’s just really ugly. Really disappointed in Omni Focus and am not interested in using Reminders or some other program to prop up this expensive program.

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    No Widgets. Subscription-based on the horizon

    OmniFocus design is starting to look long in the tooth, it hasn’t changed in over 4 years. Lately they have been very slow to update for new features in iOS. I love the app, but even after shelling out all of the cash for the iOS app and Mac app, I’m seriously considering switching to one of the many options with more frequent updates that are steadily increasing value. OmniFocus gets updates but only bug fixes. By the way, I get the feeling that they are on the verge of moving to a subscription model for all their apps. If it becomes mandatory for OmniFocus, that will definitely be the last straw. I don’t need another subscription service that adds no extra value. For those who haven’t bought into this app, I say start somewhere else first and wait to see what the next version of OmniFocus is (if you can wait that long)

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    Great update to an incredibly useful App

    Wow! Finally the upgrade I've been waiting for. While the new tags system is awesome (have been manually tagging tasks for years), the real power feature might be the liberal use of disclosure triangles! Now the clutter can be managed and be as visible as you want it to be. Might one hope for the possibility of having structured text in the Note field in a future release? It would be great to have bullets and checklists. Most tasks require more than one action to carryout. Being able to create checklists within tasks would allow the ability to associate actions with tasks, creating a three-tier hierarchy: projects made up of one or more tasks, each in turn requiring one or more actions to complete.

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    Oh yeah... just do it!

    OK, I've been a OF fan for years now but OF 2 was wearing thin. While waitng to see what the OmniGroup would offer I (oh nooooo!) went to the 'dark side' and have been using Things 3 for quite a while. During this time I would return to OF 2 and take a good look to see if there was anything that would draw me back. Being a guy who loves the flexibility of Tags, I kept returning to Things 3. Now that OF 3 is out I've had some time to review it and it seems like OmniGroup has knocked it out of the park. More time is needed to fully evaluate all the new features but I think you'd be hard-pressed to do better than this release. Got for it!! And OmniGroup... get the Mac version done soon too so I can enjoy these features on all my devices!!!

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Is OmniFocus 3 Safe?

Yes. OmniFocus 3 is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 902 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for OmniFocus 3 Is 33.1/100.

Is OmniFocus 3 Legit?

Yes. OmniFocus 3 is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 902 OmniFocus 3 User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for OmniFocus 3 Is 33.1/100.

Is OmniFocus 3 not working?

OmniFocus 3 works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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