Signia App Reviews

Signia App Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

Let the easy-to-use Signia app empower you on your hearing journey: • Be in
control – Adjust the volume via remote control and tailor settings to your
personal preferences with the Signia Assistant*. • Be confident – Connect
with your hearing professional via TeleCare* and rely on quick...

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Reviews (35)


Could be better

I have had my hearing aids for 2 weeks with zero connectivity problems to my iPhone 12 Pro. I have had several pairs of hearing aids and different apps and you can resolve connectivity issues 90 percent of the time by closing SigniaApp , restart it and wait 10 seconds. If this fails then restart your phone. You should restart your phone at least once a week but most people don’t. Check and see that you have the latest app update and phone update. SigniaApp itself has all the basics with split volume, simple tone control and directional control. New, are the mask mode button and Signia Assistant which can help you make some minor adjustments to your aids on your own. I used it, an it worked. Just don’t go crazy or you may need your Audiologist to get you back to the original program. Has an undo function if you don’t like the change. Okay, the down side. The simple tone control is too simple. You need to have 3 bands like the Resound, Phonak or 4 bands like the Starkey. You know, bass, midrange and high. I noticed Starkey has an ultra high band. Especially, when listening to music. An option would be to make the current single slider a split slider so you can control tone for each individual hearing aid. Not everyone has symmetrical hearing loss. Also, how can you not have Apple Watch support. Please add watch support. Finally. You need a find my hearing aid gps function.


Not Happy at all

My friend got a differentBrand and said it was like night and day once he put the hearing aids in. I’ve had these for A couple of years and hardly notice any difference. I have gone back to the facility in which I’ve gotten niche they have change the type of air plugs resulting in no change. Obviously a rating of 2.3 by customers should be an indication to the company that they are doing something very wrong. I still have a hard time understanding people with deep or accented voices. I have to have caption on the television to still get the information. With the hearing aids on this should not be the case. I’ll drop these to the VA and I know they were expensive however I am going back to see if I can get another brand. I am almost willing to pay out of my pocket for the cheaper version Sauter just to see if they help. I am very disappointed. One thing the sharing age do do is I can hear silly keys rattling a mile away which I normally come back but that is not the sound I have problems with it is people talking to me and that I have the issues. I have played with the adjustments that the application lets me to no avail. When I go back to the facility that fitted me with these they keep insisting they’re adjusted based off my hearing test. So it’s either one or two things either they did a bad test on me or to these hearing aids really are not all they are kicked up to be thank you


Inoperative and truly problematic

SigniaApp does not work. No matter what I do with my cell phone I hear echoes in my ear and even if I turn the device to zero it still is unsatisfactory when the phone rings it is so loud that I can’t even stand it. Remember I’m talking about keeping it no higher than level one! All I can say is I am very glad I did not pay for the hearing aids without First having an opportunity to test them for a week. Also they do not hold a charge even after using the charge device. For example if you charge it in the early evening and then disconnect it because you have no reason to leave it on 12 or 18 hours you wake up in the morning and the charge is not accomplished, and the device has to be charged again. I recommend you have an adequate period of time to test the device to see if it is what you expected to be before paying and having the challenge of getting a refund


Buggy with BT

Connection to Bluetooth is spotty and appears to be related only to my charge and go 7x aids as it will not do with airbuds. Will drop one ear on conversation, music is very poor quality with static and dropping out and phone is within line of sight not more than 3 to 15 feet I set settings for volume and tone each morning then will resort back to middle “8”!throughout the day. Need to turn back up volume 3!- 4 times a day. On the tone- why must we choose between treble or bass only rather than mix? Why can’t you list aids in my devices u see find my app? Do you support integration to Apple Watch 3 ? I can see the choir for volume but if I leave iPhone at home, aids will not connect to hearing aids since you use the Apple accasabiliy connection and not Bluetooth device. I realize this is a good integration method but I should be able to stream tele conversations or music played from watch to the aids the same as airbuds.



The Bluetooth connection to the hearing aid cannot be managed either from your phone or on the application… There is no way to disconnect the Bluetooth from hearing aid unless you just disconnect Bluetooth for all items on your iPhone! Hence, while using your hearing aid it will automatically go into Bluetooth taking over your phone although you do not want to have your hearing aid connected to your phone… I tried to delete SigniaApp to control this Bluetooth problem and it has not gone away… So to avoid the hearing aid interrupting my iPhone… I just put my hearing aid in storage and don’t use it… Waste accessory (hearing aid) and …. Forget about the application for the use of hearing aids (Signia)…. It doesn’t even load on my SE iPhone…


Blue tooth not working on both hearing aids

I have Signia hearing aids and when SigniaApp was updated, I couldn’t get blue tooth connected on both sides. My iPhone Bluetooth was constantly searching for the hearing aids so I couldn’t “forget this device” and re-connect. Well, it turns out hearing aids are different to other devices and when I went instead to SETTINGS-Accessibility-Hearing Devices I was able to forget and reconnect to blue tooth without issue! Voila!


Switch from myControl

I was prompted to switch to Signia App this morning. I have no options for Mask Mode, Directional, or Signia Assistant. But I am guessing this is because I didn’t have these features with myControl (my hearing aids predate the pandemic and thus any known need for a Mask Mode). What seems missing in Signia App I do miss is Sound Exposure tracking. I hope I will not have to delete myControl and/or removing and reinstalling Signia App to get the full array of features available to me, as other reviews suggest. I I’m reserving judgment on this newer app, but reading others’ reviews and the low ratings they give concerns me.


Pretty Minimal - Needs More Options

I hate that the settings reset to the default every time you charge the hearing aids. There needs to be way to setup preferred settings without desired settings being overrided. My cell phone notifications are too loud and SigniaApp keeps overwriting my attempts to turn the notification volume down to a level that isn’t painful. This needs to be fixed. There needs to be away to turn notification volumes down and have them stick.


So far, NOT good

Very disappointed. Individually they stop working for no apparent reason despite being fully charged. The directional feature does not seem to work. My audiologist wanted to send them back for replacement but I can’t wait a week for that to happen. My old hearing aids (not Signia) have terribly loud feedback and are not functional for that amount of time. My understanding is that Signia will not send new pair until they receive the ones I have. I paid a great deal of money for these aids and I find that unacceptable. Still on trial period and plan to return them. The one positive feature is they are great for lack of feedback.


Waste of time

There is very few options with this thing there are more things it doesn’t do than there are things that can be done. Such as, I can’t stream. It says my hearing aids are not connected. But my iPhone says they are and there is nothing to help correct the issue. I did get it to stream to my TV, but the mess came up that my Bluetooth is not working, but it still streamed to my TV. There is no way to turn off the streaming so now I have to use my the old app. Guess paying $5,000 to stream to my hearing aids doesn’t mean a thing to these people. If you don’t fix the problems, I’ll see you in court!


Annoying and frustrating

SigniaApp is so annoying-it changes the volume from where I set it to whatever it seems to think is best. It also keeps changing the two aids-two separate columns on app to only one. I have adjusted the treble/bass control and every time I put the aids in I have I have to adjust them again. It also occasionally just turns one aid off entirely. It is poorly designed and poorly executed. There is a fob I could buy for $150 but I don’t know if that would be any better. Also,I feel that after paying over $4000 for the aids the control fob should be included.


Very Good Overall

Excellent interface. Nice feature set. Missing one key feature, in my opinion. There should be a memory setting, perhaps two or three. Daily I set my hearing aids a particular way. It would be very helpful to be able to save those settings. As it stands now I have to reset my various settings daily and at times several times during the day. My suggestion : Home; Work; TV and others.


Works and it is reliable

I had periodic issues with Bluetooth connection but resolved them by reconnecting the devices to my phone. I’ve had good success using SigniaApp to control pitch and aspect zones. Overall happy with SigniaApp . Could it be improved? What can’t be improved, besides everything we build or write software for, right? There’s no perfect but, SigniaApp works as it is supposed to.


Not so good especially for hearing aids cost

I recently started using SigniaApp for my Signia hearing aids. I am greatly disappointed in the apps ability to operate my hearing aids. I have had a pair of Lively hearing aids and SigniaApp to operate them is outstanding. More on the range of a4.5. Every time I enter a new room I have to readjust the controls on SigniaApp. Every time I charge and put the hearing aids back on I end up having to reset controls again there is no comparison between lively’s in this one. I think the whole app should be reengineered.



I have been back and for with SigniaApp and the hearing aides. Doesn’t stay connected (Bluetooth) and is inconsistent in use. Becoming very upset with the customer service, seems like I have to go into the doctors office every time there is a problem. Still waiting on feedback from them (doctor’s office) and the help request through SigniaApp (crickets) - the hearing aides and app are worthless when they continually breakdown for no apparent reason and when you are working or traveling


Terrible Technology continues

The hearing aides are incredibly good but the software that purports to support them is absolutely terrible. The maker apparently does not care about improving their software support! The Bluetooth loses the signal, sometimes one ear works and the other one doesn’t. Support says delete and reboot SigniaApp . Forget the device then connect the Bluetooth. Sometimes it works but 95% of the time it doesn’t. No apparent reason and no update improvements. Just sell them and forget the reliability I guess If I could rate them zero stars I would!


Fair application but not reliable

I have had this Phonix for about 2 months after using the ReSound for 5 years. I believe the ReSound is crisp & clearer than the Phonix and the ReSound App responds much faster to Streaming with the TV. The Phonix App is very sensitive to distance and moving away from the phone more than 10 feet results in a complete disconnect and restarting of the Hearing Aid, Phonix App, and actual cell phone. Great Disappointment here. No one Supports ReSound anymore, and their Service is terrible.


This app doesn’t work with my aids.

While I had excellent connectivity with the previous version of SigniaApp, I have no connectivity whatsoever with this version. After downloading, I proceeded to access SigniaApp , however it turns itself off after several seconds and closes completely. I have shut my device down and restarted, reviewed app settings, and removed the previous version, all to no avail. Since I am quite dependent on my aids, it is very disappointing to be without the controls I have come to rely upon.


Limited usefulness

I’ve had my Signia hearing aids for several months and I’m not convinced that SigniaApp does much to adjust the volume or direction of the devices. And just this week I got an Apple Watch Series 7 and was very disappointed that there’s no Signia app available for the Watch. It would be VERY useful to control the aids on the Watch, and even better if I could use the hearing aids as ear pods and hear music with them! Any hope?


Loss of control options

Not at all happy with this software. No options other than universal. Really liked the background noise reduction options of the previous software. Tried reverting to the old software but I now have issues with loss of pairing with the old software. Will try to switch to another brand of heating aids. The signia software has never been stable, pairing issues have always occurred. Gave up on this, have now ordered new hearing aids from a different supplier. Hopefully their software will be better


This App Is For The Birds!

When it works it’s fine. However, it loses Bluetooth connection at least 5 or more times a day and the only way to reconnect is to reset SigniaApp , remove my hearing aids, turn them off and on again to put them in pairing mode, and re-pair them with my phone. This takes several minutes and I’m not happy about having to do this several times a day. So I have one pair of expensive ($$$$!) hearing aids and one worthless app that I’m sure was the reason for the significant cost of the hearing aids. I can not recommend SigniaApp. I wish I had purchased a pair of plain old ordinary hearing aids with batteries and no app! 😩


Nice concept, poor app preformance

Why does SigniaApp keep disconnecting from my hearing aids? I leave SigniaApp on and up at all times. It constantly disconnects after 15-30 minutes. I’ve tried everything to get them to reconnect, the reconnect button is useless. Turning my Bluetooth on my cell on and off usually takes 3-4 times before it’ll sometimes randomly connect. I’m very disappointed with the quality of SigniaApp . I see after reading comments about SigniaApp that this isn’t a new problem..... Can’t you guys come up with an update that will make it work?


Good app but would love an Apple Watch version

Good app. Does what you need it to. But would love if they would develop an Apple Watch version so I can adjust the sound settings on the go without having to pull out my phone


Not ready for prime time

SigniaApp is glitchy. I have to close it and re-open it several times a day. This supports hearing aids that cost me $4000. I expect much more. My free trial period for the hearing aids is over in 3 weeks. If SigniaApp is not fixed I will return them.


Pretty Limited Utility

The hearing aids cost thousands of dollars with what must be incrediblely sophisticated engineering behind them.... why else are they so expensive. So why is SigniaApp so minimally capable? It does very little... there isn’t even an apple watch application to accompany it.


Needs Improvement

Slow and inconsistent. Disappointed in app proformance. Expected more based on cost of the hearing aids.


Constantly required to delete and reinstall/repair

To be able to adjust the volume I have to unpair, delete SigniaApp , reinstall and repair EVERY TIME I want to adjust. if SigniaApp won’t work then you need to offer another way to adjust the volume on hearing aids that cost thousands of dollars!!



After spending $4k on hearing aids SigniaApp is worthless. APP will not connect even though Bluetooth shows connection with my phone. In addition streaming no longer works after 3 weeks. Returning hearing aids for refund.


Horrible App

I love the HA’s but SigniaApp is HORRIBLE why release a new product when you have bugs in it Have your tech people actually wear the HA’s and you will know how bad it is... try looking at the Resound app if you want to know what a WORLD CLASS App is


Hijacked ability to FaceTime

New to SigniaApp , haven’t played with it too much. However, when I am in contacts, and try to click on FaceTime, to video call someone, it takes me straight to SigniaApp , and then doesn’t make the call. I understand this is a new app and trying to give y’all the benefit of doubt, but FaceTime is part of the basic functionality of the iPhone. Please let me know when I can once again make FaceTime calls. Or tell me what I need to change in my settings.



SigniaApp drops the connection with the hearing aids and defaults to original settings. I am unable to manipulate any settings due to this. I chose not to purchase these hearing aids due to this annoyance.


Much better than the touch and my control apps

Literally has all the same features of both apps in one app. Great change. My only criticism would be the Tone Adjustment is called “balance” which it is not, and that the icon for it is upside down (the wider wavelength should be at the bottom because moving to the negative makes it lower pitched).


Poor connections

Love the hearing aid, not SigniaApp . It will not restore Bluetooth connections consistently if the hearing aid unpairs (either by being turned off or is too far from the iPhone). I have had to delete and reinstall app to get the connection going.


Disconnects and hard to reconnect.

Signia just replaced my hearing aids and recommended I switch to SigniaApp because My Control app support was being phased out. They said the new app was "more robust. Well, not in my opinion SigniaApp will not stay connected to to bluetooth on my Iphone XRand when it loses connection it takes too long to reconnect. I have a pair of Resound hearing aids that stay connected to my other phone 7.all the time. Signia needs to work more on its app and technology.


Needs a lot of work

Tried it... major connection issues. When I do connect via Bluetooth and try tv connectivity; I have to open my battery compartment on each ear, close SigniaApp and then boot my hearing aids back up just to turn off the connection. Off then on, volume issues etc... I’ll continue using the old app - don’t understand why developers push new apps out until they’ve been fully field tested.

Is Signia App Safe?

Yes. Signia App is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,379 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Signia App Is 66.6/100.

Is Signia App Legit?

Yes. Signia App is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,379 Signia App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Signia App Is 66.6/100.

Is Signia App not working?

Signia App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 11 Comments

By Raymond L Hintz
Aug 19 2022

I had no problems until they updated the app. Now I can't connect to my hearing aids at all.
I have the silk 7n in ear

By Kaye Willi
Aug 10 2022

There are many times when I need to turn the volume down (or off) when I encounter very noisy situations. For instance, when I am out walking and I go past someone operating a lawnmower or leaf blower; when someone in the room is operating a vacuum cleaner; when I am in Church and the pipe organ is playing full blast. In these situation, the noise from my hearing aids can become intolerably painful, and I need to turn the volume way low or all the way off. But the App won't let me do this. The App only permits me to turn the volume down a little bit and then I get a message saying that the volume is too low, and it pops back up again. So when I am in extremely noisy situations, I have to reach up and take the hearing aids out and put them in my purse. Not very discrete! Kind of defeats the purpose of having a cell phone app to adjust volume.

By Jack
Jul 08 2022

The only real complaint is having to change the settings for volume, sound balance and directional hearing everytime you to turn your hearing off or recharge. You decide on the way you would like them to sound, but when you power off the hearing aids it reverts back to the manufacturer default settings. I complained to Signia and they have done nothing to change it.

By M.K.Conaboy
Jun 13 2022

This is such a bad app. Periodically throughout the week, it will randomly turn the volume all the way down on both hearing aids, or return the settings to ones I *don’t* want, and I’ll need to restart the hearing aids and then find my phone to re-do my settings. Insane. The thing that’s supposed to tell me about the battery charge does not work at all. So very very bad. They need to hire some competent programmers and fix this. Horrible.

By Roger C Dunham
May 26 2022

From a company with such expertise to create these hearing aids, it is remarkable that the app they make available is so mediocre. The directional instructions are transient and every time I go back to the app the directional request I had placed has been altered back to all directions. The interaction with the hearing aid Bluetooth seems to be intermittent no matter how well charged everything is, just a miserable app. Signia needs to fire the entire app producing staff and start over again with something of decent quality to hopefully come forth for those of us who use these hearing aids.

By Carmela Zulli
May 02 2022

I need to restart my phone too often for the app to work. Why aren’t the tech folks working to improve this?

Jan 07 2022

App stays connected to Android phone but keeps losing Bluetooth connection to hearing aids.
Battery level indicator is totally useless. It shows 100% for over a week then reduces to 40% before running out the same day.

By George
Dec 04 2021

Using IPhone 6s. Signia app won’t open. Phone has been recycled twice?

By William Denmead
Nov 17 2021

SIGNIA APP is a vast improvement over the older mycontrol app. App still loses Bluetooth connectivity when paired to my SIGNIA streamline tv device. Most of the time hearing aids need to be power cycled in order to disconnect tv streamer audio.
Don’t have much faith that this will be fixed any time soon. Hearing aids are SIGNIA charge&go 7 Nx hearing aids.

By Charles Bradford
Oct 15 2021

App disconnects numerous times a day, not at all stable(iPhone stays connected all the time)app very poor considering price of hearing aids.surely you can provide an update to address the problem!!

By Terrie Wilkinson
Aug 20 2021

Bluetooth does not stay connected to iPhone. Have to keep reconnecting.

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