Glow Period, Fertility Tracker Reviews

Glow Period, Fertility Tracker Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-02

Go beyond fertility with Glow and get all of the ovulation, pregnancy, and
women's health information you need. This is modern care for your fertility.
Track your cycle with our ovulation calculator and learn more about your
reproductive health everytime you log on. Easily record your p...

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Glow Period, Fertility Tracker Reviews

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    Very good, but could be better

    UPDATE: The community feature is nice but there are some very rude and nasty ladies on the forums. Post with caution. I really do love Glow, but there are a few things I wish the app had. First of all, I wish that if you are using the app to conceive a baby that after your “ovulation date” it showed “days post ovulation” instead of “days until next period”. I don’t know why but seeing “days until next period” makes me sad and most women are symptom checking after ovulation and I feel like that information would be more helpful. If you aren’t trying to conceive then by all means leave it as is. Also, when putting in symptoms, cervix position, BBT, CM consistency, etc, I wish there were more every day insights into how that matches up to where you’re at in your cycle other than just comparing to other glow users. I never know if what I’m logging is normal for where I’m at in my cycle and I never seem to match with the other users which makes me concerned. I do feel like the newest update is very helpful though and have learned a lot from glow.

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    It was great...before the update

    I had this app for over a year and it was great. It gave me some scientific research facts, easy to use, excellent at keep notes and easily tracked my period. Until recently, the new update made it harder to log and re-log, it’s also harder for me to edit my notes when I need to add something. The cycle analysis is always in the way and it’s only promoting glow premium; I don’t mind the advertisement until it gets in the way of everything I need to do on the app. The security lock on the app is very good and convenient. The stories that every other glow user makes it feel like social media and it makes me want to stay on the app explore and communicate with all the other women on the app which makes me feel very warm and fuzzy every time I see women supporting each other on the app. I’ll wait for the next update but if it’s really not giving me easy and quick access then sadly I have to find a more simple and easy to period app to use. Hopefully the glow staff and creator can do something about the new updates. Thank you very much for taking my opinion into account.

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    Second time user!

    I used this app for nine months before I got pregnant with my perfect little boy that’s one this month! This app was a ton of help and I have told many people like me about it! We are trying again so I am using the app once again and it’s just not the same at all! It is a lot more difficult to maneuver around and a year ago (without paying for prime) it was a lot more helpful. It really seems like this app is now based on trying to advertise and get woman to get fertility help when they really don’t need it! That’s all that’s been popping up since I’ve used it now for the last three months. Vitamins, bbt, keep track of your fertile window (which you girls only have 12 hours really so make sure it’s every day if not more:) GNC has a his and hers vitamin pack...look at the label and buy each vitamin separate because it is “blend” if not! Vitamins will take around 4-5 montages to start helping so don’t give up! Best of luck

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    Tracking Great, Community Not

    I loved being able to track my dates, my symptoms and have all of my information in one spot to look back on. However I became turned off from the app when I began looking through the community section. A lot of people seemed extremely rude. It seems like those who can’t get pregnant want to make those who are feel bad and those who can get pregnant easily want to brag about it and make those whole can’t feel bad. There’s a forum to see if pregnancy tests are positive and some people said no even though it was an obvious yes just to be rude while others didn’t have the positive line and the comments were so harsh. I felt like this was supposed to be a place for support, a place to get advice and a partnership of women who want people to understand what they’re going through. My jaw would drop reading comments and my heart would hurt seeing responses. If you use the app, use the calendar and track your symptoms but avoid the community. There are some really nice and great people but there are more people who aren’t who ruin this app.

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    Most Accurate Period Tracking App

    I don’t know how well it works for fertility as I’m not trying to get pregnant, but this app predicts my periods better than any other app I have used! That alone earns this app 5 stars! It’s usually perfect or only a day off. The community can be fun but I agree that some of the ladies on the app can be very rude, but that goes for any social based app so I won’t dock a star for it. Great app overall, just avoid the community if hash words get to you. EDIT: I have been seeing bullying and rude comments in excess lately. I would suggest that there be harsher penalties for bullies and rude women than just having their comments removed. There are grown women on this app who will literally stalk your profile and comment rude things on your other posts as well, just because you said something that they don’t agree with. I’m still leaving it at 5 stars, but as someone who is a strong advocate against bullying, this is very concerning to me.

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    The best app if trying to conceive

    I was using a different app to track my periods and fertile window, and after much frustration —due to its inaccuracy- downloaded Glow. Once I saw the interface i immediately knew i should’ve been using this all along. It’s gorgeous and very user friendly. i can’t dress how easy it is to track everything i.e. BBT, physical symptoms, CM and ovulation test results to name a few. One of the things I most appreciated was the notifications it will send you to remind you it’s time to take your prenatal. Cute, right? Another way it helped me was you can search for topics other women posted and see what the responses were. By doing so I was able to discover some things I could do to increase my chances of conceiving or as we say, getting that BFP! I highly recommend this app and i am so happy i found it. You won’t be disappointed!!

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    Issue with adding my partner (husband)

    The directions indicate to add my husbands name and email, then says “success, an email and notification will be sent” I’ve done this 4 times and although he’s checked his email, junk mail, spam box, etc he’s not received any of them. However it also says in the directions for him to sign in using his email to his own flow account. These are a bit contradicting directions, so is something wrong in the app, or does he need to download and sign in and we won’t receive the email and instructions?? Please help as he’d like to be able to see my account as offered. Otherwise, A+ with the app, I love everything about it and all the information. I would LOVE a pdf or something with a list of what all the acronyms mean, I have some of them down but I have to go to google and try and find each one if I cannot figure it out :) ... I’ll change my review to 5 stars and update once my hubby can link up and see my day to day entries as offered. Thanks!

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    Was better before update

    I still use Glow and value it, but the recent update is less good than the old style. In the old style, I could glance ahead to see exactly where I’d be in my ovulation cycle weeks down the line, which was helpful for scheduling vacations and scheduling life in general as someone who uses the app for contraception. Now the app is flashier looking but there is less information. I can still see the green ovulation window for future weeks by checking the “period calendar” but I can’t click on future dates re: chance of pregnancy or have as good of a total picture of my fertility. Basically my criticism is that it’s clumsier now to look ahead and that even within the current week, the app has become much more geared towards something you have to look at look at every day to get all your information. I’m not quitting the app or giving it a poor rating, but the new changes are less good and make for less effective family planning.

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    Perfect app if you want to deal with a bunch of nasty girls, and biased mods.

    Got insulted by girls, from my looks to my intelligence to my relationship for giving a requested opinion. Retaliated with the same force these girls did and what do you know? I get suspended and they’re continuing on with their account like they did no wrong. Feel free to hate, insult, berate and give improper information so long as you do it in a certain way. Otherwise, kiss your freedom goodbye. Never received an email, notification or explanation, just lost my account. I’ve been having problems for years. Girls saying I’m ugly, should be raped, etc, and me retaliating is what’s punishable without explanation. Yep, shouldn’t retaliate or use curse words, but they should have repercussions as well. Nasty women, biased mods, one sided opinions being posted, incorrect medical information being posted by mods, bad communication and more I won’t even go in to. Reviewing every single one of your apps, and telling anyone who wants to know, how horribly this crap is run, and how horrible the mods and people here are. I hope your business and reputation comes crashing down, jerks.

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    I’ve used Glow for years now. I got pregnant for the first time this year. I started using their sister app called Nurture, which is also an amazing app. Unfortunately, I experienced a pregnancy loss at 20 weeks. Glow has an option to document if you’ve specifically had a pregnancy loss, (and not just that you’ve “had” the baby). Ever since my loss I’ve went back to using Glow and all my insights and analyses are custom to my specific situation. It helps me understand what may be normal after a pregnancy loss. I can’t express enough how great and caring it feels to have an app that individualizes service in this way. It has helped me feel more in control and confident about what’s going on with my body; which, in turn, makes me more confident to get pregnant again in the future. I would recommend this app to all my female friends!

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    this app encourages bulling and this is a day in and day out constant problem and they have done NOTHING to resolve all the hate and underage drama all over this app. It’s also encouraging young ladies to have sex post photos they shouldn’t be. Making comments on things they’re not even old enough to know anything about. If you end up with a stalker on your page they won’t do anything to help you resolve that either. They will however make a victim feel like they did something wrong and attack both people. Even the person who has been being verbally abused. You cannot get away from the abuse because “mute” as they put it is NOT the same as a block. So now I have a stalker on my page who will not leave me alone and they won’t do anything about it. If you download best beware of all of these issues.

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    Love this app

    So not only does this app track your period but it also predicts your fertile window and when you ovulate. This app is actually pretty smart because my other 2 apps predicted my period 9 days before I actually got it but Glow was right on point with prediction and I wasn’t quite sure when I ovulated this month and it helped pick a date on when I should have based on my info I had logged. The best part about this app is the community. Most apps just log everything this app has a forum of different pages you can join and chit chat with other ladies, especially if your going through something you feel like you can’t talk to anyone about chances are someone on here has gone through it. I love it and it’s a nice escape from facebook.

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    I have been using several period tracker apps as I have been considering switching and am trying to find the one that is best for me. One thing that I would love to see change is more personalized content. More specifically, I am trying to avoid pregnancy. In my health profile I have selected never when it asks about when we will think about it. That may change, but it is where we are right now. We even just terminated a pregnancy, so it is definitely not on the table. So why does the app show me things every day about fertility and trying to conceive? The poll a few days back was “have you told people you are TTC?” We’re not. That is what it says in my health profile. So my suggestion would be to tailor content to the goals listed in our profiles. Also, not a big community person, so it is annoying that everyday the little red dot is there alerting me to new content even though I have not subscribed to any groups.

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    Accurate & Helpful!

    After coming off BC, I began using this app frequently to attempt to find a pattern in my irregular period. Although it did take a bit of time for Glow to get the estimations correct (which seems expected), for months now my period has been arriving the exact day Glow predicts. The estimated dates of ovulation match up with my symptoms as well and help you you in TTC or avoiding pregnancy. Once my boyfriend and I did began TTC, the ovulation predictions were successful in us conceiving, but we did lose our baby. Glow was quite quick afterwards to correctly predict my period again. We’re giving our next go some time, but in the meantime, the Glow community is a wonderful place to go for support, advice or just some fun. I also love that I can track daily symptoms, moods, CM, medications, flow and so much more. Glow is a super simple app to use and I personally find it extremely helpful.

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    Pros and Cons

    I love this app and it’s accuracy with period tracking. It’s always somewhere within 24 hours of its predicted start date. I do have two pretty big irritations though. For one, it’s been a lot more cluttered and difficult to navigate, more so since the update. I have to go all over the place just to find what I’m looking for. It’s not streamlined at all. Another thing, I personally have no interest in the community aspect of it, but it too promoted. I’m not crazy about getting notifications on what’s going on with the community. I’m just trying to track my monthly cycle. It’s probably nice to have for other people who feel desperate for answers, but it gets such a prominent place in the app, adding to the complication and clutter. For keeping track of symptoms and all the little things that are indicators of where you’re at in your cycle and adjusting accordingly for accuracy though, this app is top notch.

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Is Glow Period, Fertility Tracker Safe?

Yes. Glow Period, Fertility Tracker is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 58,882 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Glow Period, Fertility Tracker Is 23.7/100.

Is Glow Period, Fertility Tracker Legit?

Yes. Glow Period, Fertility Tracker is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 58,882 Glow Period, Fertility Tracker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Glow Period, Fertility Tracker Is 23.7/100.

Is Glow Period, Fertility Tracker not working?

Glow Period, Fertility Tracker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Glow Period, Fertility Tracker customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Glow Period, Fertility Tracker.

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