Sorted³ - Calendar Notes Tasks Reviews

Sorted³ - Calendar Notes Tasks Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-24

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Sorted³ - Calendar Notes Tasks Reviews

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    Still LOVING it

    I’ve been using Sorted3 daily for the past four months; the more I use it, the more functional I find it. I am growing into its features over time, which is the opposite of my usual experience with task managers. The past few weeks I have begun using the auto-schedule feature, which helps me be REALISTIC about what I can actually accomplish in a day and forces me to prioritize. I am getting so much benefit from it that I just voluntarily bought the developers a pizza. 😊 The main additional feature I’d like to see is the ability to assign a group of tasks to a time period without having to schedule each individual task for a specific time. (The time-blocking functionality I have been looking for in vain for several years.) Like if I could call a time slot “Project X” and all tasks tagged Project X would fall in that time slot in no particular order (or manually sorted order). (This is not the same as the already-existing feature of being able to create a task with subtasks that are handled differently from regular tasks.) But even without that, I have found Sorted3 to be the most actually useful task manager I’ve tried.

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    Game changer

    I’ve tried a LOT of ToDo apps, and every time, at some point it goes out of control and the list turns into a “wish” list. This app is exactly what I’ve been looking for, a way to SEE the tasks, mixed with calendar events. It’s so much easier to make a realistic plan, and actually get things done, which is hard when your day is filled with lots of meetings, and not a lot of time in between. Add to that emails, slack messages, and constant interruptions... Before, I’d just put stuff on the list, hoping I’d have the time to do it. This approach forces you to really think exactly what you want to accomplish, think how long it would take, so only concrete actionable items are added. Broad tasks don’t make sense. This may not sound real, but this app is really helping me manage my workload, and as a result I feel more focused and less stressed at the end of the day, having accomplished more and without that horrible feeling of realizing you still have lots of things on the list because you couldn’t even finish half of it. Thanks guys for creating this!

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    A+++++ for the developer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello???, I have bought every single organization, todo list calendar, and reminder list app that is out there including the most popular ones. There is absolutely no contest! This app by far exceeds my expectations and there IS NOT one thing that anybody could complain about in this app. It’s solid, reliable, no glitches, has every single feature that the popular apps have, PLUS features I never thought that I didn’t even know I needed. Ummm hello, it even schedule is your day for you it’s a minute. And when you’re running late or running early it magically reschedules it as many times as you need. This is the ultimate calendar, planner, to do list, and reminders app! It really is the best app out there! Check out the trial and just see what I mean. Also, I’m not in anyway affiliated with the developer of this app. I am not being asked to leave a review and I’m not getting paid leave a review. People just need to know about this app! I’m just absolutely baffled why this app is in dominating the charts.

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    After 10 years of searching...

    It seems like I’ve tried 100s of task and todo apps. None of them have actually helped me reminder things and keep me working on what I should be focused on. Most had things organized into tags or areas or labels. Even then, I had other stuff on a calendar. Sorted makes it so easy. I’ve waited to leave a review until I could honestly say this is the app I’ve been searching for all these years. Seriously. How long has it been? Ten years since I started my search for the app that fit my productivity needs the best. I can finally say... I’ve found it. No more opening the AppStore scrolling through the top download list hoping for a new app to hit the streets. Or back in the day or searching for “task” and the results showed the most recent apps added. Nope. No more wasted time searching. I’ve landed on the winner. Huge thank you to the Sorted team. Y’all are awesome and I can not wait for the Mac OS app to launch!

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    I never thought I would need this app. But I do.

    In the past, I have always relied on apps for To Do lists. My calendar was usually separate, somewhere in the void and barely looked at. I went throughout my day and checked off items as I did them but never really got anywhere. Never really felt as if I was accomplishing anything. Justice spinning my wheels. That all changed in two days. I found this app in the App Store and loved the interface. That hooked me. After reading a little further about actually pulling my to do’s out of the “checkbox hell” and SCHEDULING then into my day- everything changed, as if a different part of my brain woke up. It all made sense. Sorted, if used properly, will change the way you plan and will help you through your day in a way that is refreshing and wonderful. The app has many cool features that mold into the planning process and with a swipe and a pull, you are on your way. Highly, highly recommended. *****Update! Update!***** I have a strange relationship with calendar apps. I get tired of them and switch from one to the other every so often. I used Sorted for awhile, loved it, then noticed that Things 3 had an update and, well, you guessed it. I switched. But not for long. Although I love these other calendar apps ( I have used Omnifocus and Things 3), Sorted is, by far, the best out of all of them. I have now switched back, once again, and will stay with this one.

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    So much potential

    Honestly, in its current state, I would probably give this app 3.5 stars. But what excites me is what the app can be, and I will recommend it to everyone if for no other reason than to support the developers in hopes that they continue to work on. I love the concept, but has a lot of details that I think can be improved (or maybe I’m just trying to figure it out still). It desperately needs a desktop version. There’s just too much going on to efficiently plan my day out on the iOS app efficiently. Ideally, I could plan my day out on my desktop in the morning, and use the app to tweak/adjust/mark off items throughout the day. Hopefully that’s coming sooner rather than later. That said, I love the focus on time management/time blocking. It’s perfectly balanced between being simple yet feature-rich. Reminders doesn’t cut it for me, but Todoist was a little much. I’m hoping on board with Sorted 3 and hope will improve overtime.

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    Doesn’t sync with reminders

    Asking people to delete all tasks from their current system (the native Reminders app database), and going all in on a new one, is a lot to ask, so I am hesitant to go all-in on another productivity app. I just don't like having to choose one or the other. So, two-way syncing with the Reminders app is a big deal to me, and if supported, I would be much more likely to use this much more. 2Do, GoodTask, Calendars 5, Fantastical, and others allow you to choose Reminders as your syncing engine, which is one reason they stick around--because they aren’t jealous of my data. That being said, I really like it, so I wish they would work on that so I can use Sorted for what it is so good at, without having to lose all the functionality of using the built in Reminders database (location based reminders, native syncing everywhere, native Siri). Edit: Additional feature requests: 1. The option to not lock calendar events so that they work with auto-scheduling, etc. 2. A more robust calendar view to see tasks and calendars on an actual calendar instead of just one day at a time would really put it over the top. On iPad especially, I have yet to find a iOS app that allows a split view with tasks on one side and the calendar (with details shown) on the other that lets you drag and schedule events easily. 3. Calendar sets to allow you to save different views of visible calendars and lists. i.e. work/home profiles.

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    Thank you Harry for reaching out & helping with my concerns on notifications. I truly appreciate your help as I love using this app & depend on it! *After this last update it’s great. Only wish I’m begging for is a nag alert or annoying alert. With a busy schedule of things it’s easy to not hear the alert of even the early notification alert 😩. But this a great time saving/task manager for all things needed to keep your schedule up to date Just have to say I’ve been using this app for a about 6 months & think the design & calendar view are exceptional & customer service response to items are quick. I just would love some kind of nag alert like Sorted 2. The sounds that it comes with don’t seem to catch my ears & when they do I don’t always get to them quick enough sadly. Hopefully they can incorporate something to this affect. I appreciate the free trial for this app and really enjoyed I got this app because I msg them about some things & they responded quickly. It shows they care as developers. Have to say the way to organize items is great. I’m currently having some bugs with notifications which I’ve reached out to them already & I’m soo hoping it gets fixed🙏🏼. I only wish there was an option for an interval reminder/nag alert for when I don’t hear the task the 1st time it will alert you again. Other then that they have done some great work with UI & overall task management capabilities.

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    Perfect for Overachievers

    This app makes you more productive! Sorted3 is the perfect to do list app for overachievers. You can manage your tasks and events in one place. The best thing about this app is the auto-schedule feature. It allows you to take a look at your scheduled events and your goals for the day and determine if your plans are realistic. You can come up with a specific plan for each project and get into execution mode with literally less than five minutes of planning. If you get pulled away, you can always get back on track with just a few clicks. In general, the app is very easy to use. It integrates well with my iCloud calendar, haven’t tried others. I think this app works best in conjunction with existing task management apps. Personally, I just use Evernote to keep a more comprehensive list of tasks and projects, but I think this would work well with Omnifocus, Nozbe or whatever else you use.

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    May be my final task tool

    Early use here, but like others I often find my to do list piling up with tasks I plan to do today or this week but I keep pushing it off and changing the due date. The problem was that I wasn't judging well how much I could get done in a day. Sorted forces me to put a duration for each task and then automatically schedule it. Then I can see if I've overscheduled myself and I can just adjust tasks to another day as needed. I feel more in control of my tasks and more productive. I can also purposely build in break or rest time as I need and not feel the pressure to just plow through a big task list. I know they are working on a MacOS app which is a HUGE need for me. I'd like to see them also add a way to jump back easily to today's schedule, to choose a default list for new tasks, due date, and a more robust repeat feature (adding M-F or customizing the repeat even more).

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    An excellent, intuitive way to manage to-dos and events

    Having tried dozens of apps for organizing time and managing to-dos, I'm really enthusiastic about this one. It is easy and even fun to use; it mixes events and tasks in an intuitive and helpful way; auto-scheduling, easy re-scheduling and re-organizing, checklists and rich text notes, are all terrific. I'm looking forward to a companion Mac app! Of course, I also have a wish-list of features I'd like to see added, without losing the app's clarity and focus. The biggest ones for me: (a) selective export (single item, selected items, list, history, range of dates); (b) multi-day view; (c) split task (a variation on the theme of duplicating, but taking the original task's duration and splitting it between or among the resulting tasks); and (d) figures for each day: time committed (events and tasks-with-durations), time open (based on a per-day setting for working, or waking, hours).

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    Very Good for Personal; Passable for Work

    Sorted3 is an excellent app: it is intuitive and using a timeline is a fantastic way to manage your day. For personal use, it is superior to the other products we tested. I especially enjoy checking off calendar appointments in addition to tasks. Brilliant! Unfortunately, we were looking for an app for a 20 person-firm. It is not appropriate for us because you can't delegate work, it isn’t accessible through a browser, and it cannot create tasks from email. If you don’t want to share tasks with anyone, then Sorted3 is the best app for managing your time. If you need to work with anyone or need to create a lot of tasks from email, you will want to consider another app. Considering the thoughtful approach and excellent design, it is likely the app will grow into a considerable contender. Hopefully, we meet again for Sorted4 or 5.

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    Awesome Organization Tool !!

    I have a lot of tasks that I need to keep track of and this is a great app for doing just that. I also really like the customization of scheduling tasks and how often I can be reminded to complete them and to be able to create notes within the app have a full calendar and reminder access makes this the ultimate productivity app. I also like that I could try everything before purchasing the full version as most apps either want you to pay then you have to try and get a refund or they are subscription based and you end up paying a lot of money over time which I refuse to do. Thank You for this Awesome Organization Tool :) And don’t believe the 1 star ratings as these are people too cheap to pay for an app that the developer invested a lot of time and money in to make. Well worth $10 !!!

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    Best to do app I’ve tried - super flexible, great integration with other apps

    I love Sorted, and it’s the first one I’ve stuck with, despite having tried a number of highly rated ones. I use it with the iOS system, and like the fact that calendar dates are integrated well, and data syncs up reliably to all devices. There are a lot of options for organizing and prioritizing your tasks, flagging items, putting them in lists, scheduling or not scheduling items, etc etc. Moving items to other dates is also super easy. Items can be repeated easily, for recurring tasks. My only complaint is that it’s too effective; it’s easy to add a whole bunch of items and then feel guilty they haven’t been done. Take their advice and pace yourself folks! :) In re that point - their first two articles in the Help section, are excellent.

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    Calendar, Time Management, and a To Do List all in one fabulous app!

    Ever since taking a time management class for work last year I've been looking for a single solution to manage my time, my calendar, and my To Do List...and I've finally found it! I love the ability to view all of these in one place, in one app. I have only been using the app for about two weeks now, but have been able to manage my family's schedule (myself, wife, and 2 boys) as well as stuff that needs to get done around the house much better. The only suggestion I have would be to add persistent reminders, so you continue to get a reminder at a set time frame until you either reschedule or complete the task. Overall, it is a fantastic app, loaded with features that I look for ways to use to make my life easier.

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