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Published by on 2021-01-01

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    I use to really like this app until the recent update. I can’t get my activities to go to the designated place like I use. I am on the hunt for something else. I don’t know why developers mess with a good thing! Support contacted me but I can’t put anything back like it was. Very aggravating! The new update really messed up a good thing! 🤬Until this is fixed I won’t rate this anymore than a one. To the developer - Please stop trying to contact me. I have been in touch with your people trying to see how my issue can be fixed. It should be simple. It takes forever for anyone to get back to me. I shouldn’t have to pay to have someone help me faster. If the people who help with this app responded as fast as they do to people posting reviews things would be great! I haven’t heard from anyone in two days on the issue I would like fixed. Apparently I have angered someone. I get a response every time I edit this review. These people keep sending me the same response daily. Too bad they don’t contact me to help me the issue I have! I have been waiting and all I get is this response to my review. Forget this app and get one that the developer will assist in helping if you need it. It’s March 4th and still nothing worth noting from this app developer. That should show anyone what their users mean to them. Find a better app with people that actually want to help their customers.

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    Convenient, Easy 2 Use, Siri & Alexa

    I’m not sure what all the negative reviews are about. Well, obviously they feel they had a bad experience, I just don’t agree & haven’t had their problems. I received an Echo Spot & tried this app when I saw it listed as working with Alexa. I like that the app made connecting with Alexa, Calendar, Reminders, etc very easy. I have had no problems. It works with both Alexa & Siri, nice clean interface, always sends my reminders, integrates my calendar no matter where I enter my event/reminder (through Alexa, Siri, Reminders, or Calendar), sub tasks works great, & I haven’t had any lagging. I love the ‘plan your day’ thing, very easy, intuitive, & useful! I’m not running this on a new iPhone either, a very full 6s+, & I have not bought a subscription. It does sometimes open slow, but only when I have a bunch of apps open so it is my phone not the app. This hasn’t completely replaced Things app since nothing (for me) does projects like it, but I no longer use Things for everything, pretty much just business projects. So far this has been a very useful, easy to setup, & easy to use app that does what it advertises, also working with both Siri & Alexa.

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    a couple tweaks needed to an otherwise perfect app

    This is so close to being the ideal calendar/to-do app. No other app that I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot) has done as well at integrating to do lists and a calendar. There are a couple things that would make this absolutely perfect, though. I really like having the monthly view with the dots showing which days have events, but I *really* wish the agenda view below it would scroll. It’s more difficult than it should be to move between dates in that view, especially when I’m trying to find time for an appointment far in the future. And this seems like a hard thing to do, so I’m not docking any stars for it, is being able to say or type, “meet Mom for dinner at 7 PM at restaurant,” and then having the app put all that information where it needs to be. Instead, the user has to type all of that in the individual date, time, location, and description fields. I’ve tried other apps that have this feature, and it is so convenient. But I’m guessing the tech behind it is pretty complex.

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    Great planner app!

    I really like this app, it helps a lot! I got it going into high school because I’ve always been terrible at writing in a physical planner, and saw it suggested in a story I’m subscribed to on snapchat. One problem, though... I feel like you have to pay for too many features. I know the developers need to make money, but I think they should maybe make some more features available for those who don’t want to us money on the app. I really like how simple it is and easy to use. Anything that needs explaining is covered when you first open the app! 😄 I use this a lot. It helps me remember what I need to do for homework and it also helps me not procrastinate because it reminds me to do things I need/want to do. It also helps that I have a visual to-do list. If you have problems remembering things you need to do, if you’re a procrastinator or if you want a planner, but don’t like having to buy one every year, I highly suggest this app.

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    Best planner app out there

    I've tried so many apps to manage my life, and this by far is the best I've found to help maintain my long to do lists and crazy calendar! Some suggestions for future releases: 1) a button on the calendar that brings you back to "today" quickly. I've found that the only way I can get back to the current date when I'm adding tasks far out is to re scroll through the entire calendar again. 2) in the all tasks section, have the upcoming tasks ordered automatically by date instead of by order of when you added the task. It makes it hard to manage to do's via. that list when it's all out of order. Both minor, but would be immensely helpful in my daily use! Keep up the great work :)

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    Efficient Way to Organize my To-Do Lists

    I use this for my To-Do list every day. I used to keep paper lists that I’d have to scribble on and re-write when they got messy. This app keeps everything organized, and if I don’t plan to do something until later, I can put it out of my mind until then, because I get a reminder on the specific day of the task. I can have less on my mind, knowing that everything is accounted for & that it’ll come up on my list as it needs to. The only down side is not being able to adjust to a custom date when using “Plan My Day.” (“Someday” is not a helpful category because I’ll just forget to do it without a reminder, so I end up choosing “next week “ even if what I want is “in ten days,” then in a week I have to choose “two days from now” and then in two days choose “tomorrow” if I’ve forgotten to go in and adjust it from the other screen.)

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    Drag to sort is my favorite feature

    It’s why I chose this app out of many choices. This responsive dragging feature does not appear to be an option in the new designated Grocery list. Here’s why it’s useful to me: suppose I need carrots, onions, lettuce, eggs, brown sugar, bread and cereal—and I’m thinking there will be time to go to Costco and Trader Joe’s. So, I drag-sort into grocery sections by likely stores, as I’ll probably get carrots, onions, maybe bread etc at TJ’s or I’ll end up with too much food to get through before spoiling. But I want the entire list in view as might run out of time and just get that 5 lb bag of carrots at Costco, make soup or juice with the excess. And, I can sort the grocery items by area of that produce department (ie apples, pears, citrus found together as are onions, potatoes, garlic, shallots, etc) so I’m not zipping into that chilly (Costco cooler room!) area more than once. Please preserve this lovely feature.

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    Great app but missing some stuff

    It’s 5 stars for how easy it is to use and yet how satisfying and helpful however it’s missing something unless I just cant find it. It’s the only thing keeping it from being perfect and its the fact that your lists while they technically are “checklists” I feel much more accomplished when I have it set to have a checkmark beside it rather than a line scratching through the tasks. There are many apps out there that let you switch between swiping out a task or having a checkmark beside it and its a small gripe but when I’m a subscribed member this is something that bothers me as it’s show on the app display pictures but isnt in app.

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    Doesn’t really flow.

    I downloaded this app for one reason only. It works with Alexa. Ok, I said, ill give it a try, so I got it and signed up for a month of premium ($5.99) The rest of my morning was spent trying to figure the app out. After the first three crashes, it smoothed out. The UI is simple, white back ground- no Dark Mode. You have the ability to change the font color. The screen that allows you to show all of your calendar and to dos is a scrolling clunky mess. You can get this view from any app on the market. On the To Do side, adding them is simple- not by keyboard shortcuts, unfortunately (like CMD-N) Adding repeating events is very clumsy (this feature is only available with premium) The repeat automatically defaults to the present time with no way to edit this and you cannot go into a task and edit it to repeat- this has to be done during the initial task set up. On the to do page, it gets worse. In one view (on iPad) on the left is a list of My Lists- which cannot be edited- cannot remove a list..I turned off Apple Reminders, yet there is still a box there,unused, that I can’t get rid of. There is another tab for Tags, which are color coded. Nice, but when you add a tag to a To-Do, you only get the color- not the label for the tag in the To Do view. So, this is about as far as I got with this app. I’m not happy with all of the little “quirks” and weirdness of it. Deleted it.

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    Best to do app, but...

    I upgraded to pro just because I do use this app all the time and want to help the developers keep being able to develop the app. I like this app the best out of the few major apps I tried out before. Other than supporting developers, the upgrade is pretty pointless. I thought at least being able to take pics as attachments could be useful to me, but the attachment function is terrible! It forces you to fit pictures into a square, and if you zoom in in the picture you can’t move to either side of the image. It just stays static. I want to use this to take pictures of handwritten notes or anything, really, but the cropping constraints render it almost totally useless!! Please update this! Honestly I’d update this rating to four or five stars and recommend the upgrade if this attachments issue were fixed.

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    I really find it beyond frustrating!

    I am looking for a ToDo app & it's like a big secret what the prices are for each app. If it's out of my price range why do I have to read all the info & reviews & still don't know the cost of it. If you are not ashamed of the price put it upfront so users can decide whether they want to spend the time on reading about it. I am a very direct person-sometimes too direct. I apologize for taking my frustrations out on you. I finally figured out how to find the prices...I still think it would be much more helpful to those of us looking for the right app to suit our needs to see the price right up front. It's so time consuming to search thru so many apps. But back to my apology. I saw that you are the best kind of app designer who answers anyone who has a question & promptly. Just the kind I wish I was dealing with now. I have experienced dealing with the opposite kind & its very frustrating. Some never answer you ! Kudos to you!

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    It’s ok

    The best thing about the app is it’s connection to Alexa and Siri so I can add to my reminders and lists in one place and on the go. However, the bells and whistles stop there. I paid for the “premium” version with the misunderstanding that it would have a more robust calendar function. It doesn’t. The only difference with the calendar is that you can change colors in the premium version and that is hardly worth the money. I need to have tasks and the calendar in a single app, and while it does this, there are much better apps for such integration. Not being able to see a day at a time or have alternative calendar views is the greatest weakness in this app for someone looking for an integrated task/calendar organization system. It would seem like an easy fix for an app with so much potential. I will not be buying the premium edition if I continue to use it at all.

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    Can’t log in. Can’t reset password. Useless!

    I added this app as a skill for my Alexa Dot, and wanted to be able to use it across platforms so added the app to my phone. I was very excited that I would have something simple to add things my ADHD brain would have difficulty remembering. Too bad I can’t even log in! I use my phone’s password generator and with all of the security and privacy issues lately with Facebook I refuse to even consider using that to authenticate an account. When I try to come to the app to log in it tells me my email address and password do not match. So I tried resetting my password. It emails me a link that literally takes me to the login page! I tried it twice. Same thing happened. Can’t reset the password. Can’t log in. Completely and totally useless. I will continue my quest for an app and skill that can be used across both platforms because clearly this is not it.

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    May finally be giving up on this app

    I really want to love this app. I keep it because I see such potential. However, the bugs that never really get fixed drive me insane. When I click on something I have to re-click because it doesn’t usually work the first time. When I move the order of the lists, a second later they are back to the original order. When I try to click to turn off the alarm notification I have to click multiple times before it takes and it usually causes another action that I didn’t want to happen. I considered it may be that I have the free version but other reviewers with the paid version have the same issues based on reviews. So I for sure am not going to risk losing money for the same issues to keep happening. I regret that I may have to start all over with another app which is a hassle since I spent so much time curating my lists onto this one. 🤦🏽‍♀️

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    Calendar still buggy

    Despite many updates since the problem started, the calendar is still buggy. The problem is the name of the month at the top bugs out when you swipe between months. Many times, it will display the wrong month name altogether. This has caused me to enter calendar events and appointments into the wrong month SEVERAL times. PLEASE fix this! Also, for some reason I can’t set my Alexa synced grocery list as the default list? It’s not even listed as an option when I go to the default preferences. That’s the list I’m using 9 times out of 10, so this is a nuisance. Also it would be great if it didn’t default to the “All Tasks” list every time I click on the lists tab. The number of taps required to get from the calendar to the desired list is very cumbersome.

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