Philz Coffee Reviews

Philz Coffee Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

Welcome to the Philz Coffee app! It's never been easier to order your Cup of
Love for pick-up, customize your coffee to your personal taste, and reorder your
favorites. Download the app today and experience Philz at your fingertips. App
Features: - Order your favorite coffee or tea ahea...

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easy to order from wrong location

Pro tip: Be very careful about the location of purchases made with PhilzCoffee. If you select reorder from one location, PhilzCoffee will display the location that you expect until the payment screen. So, you might think that you're ordering from one location but actually be ordering from another. Double-check the location on every screen of the ordering process.

Note to PhilzCoffee product managers and designers... There seems to be a lot more effort going into the advertising functionality of PhilzCoffee than the ordering flow. It's time to revisit the core functionality of PhilzCoffee to ensure that the process of ordering coffee is transparent and easy.


Love this app!!!!!

I love the feel and the “human touches” PhilzCoffee has. I thought it was adorable and very intuitive to used. You can tell the programmers and designers were fueled by delicious coffee!! Honestly my favorite user experience of any food ordering apps I have! (And I have a lot lol)… it makes me want to order here vs other similar coffee restaurants not just because the coffee is sooo good.
I never write reviews but I HAD to!


Great app but needs drink review feature

PhilzCoffee makes the ordering experience pretty seamless. The feature that would make it a five-star app would be the ability to rate & keep notes on your device about your coffee orders so that you can remember both your favorites and the combinations you tried which didn’t work out so well.


Too ease to order from wrong location

Locations are often unavailable for pickup, so you order from an alternate location. Which is then saved as your default location, which results in possibly ordering from the wrong store next time.

You should be asked to choose the store each time, with no default. Or perhaps a choice shouldn’t stick as the default until there have been several repeated visits.


Worst Designed App Ever.

Unbelievable. In an effort to be unique, the developer has designed the most illogical interface I have ever seen. You have to first select options like cream, sugar, hot, cold, etc. in order to then deselect them. One of the employees said confused customers are constantly asking them to demonstrate how to use PhilzCoffee . It is the definition of counter-intuitive. Cryptic and just plain dumb.


Coffee is good. App should be deleted

Ordered before the 15 minute walk. Got there and watched as people ordered and got their stuff. After ten minutes I asked about the order and was told to wait another 5-10 min. Guys. Nobody wants an app like this. Get rid of it or fix it. It’s an awful awful experience.


Update: Fixed! Stopped working after update 2.6

Updated app now works on my older iPhone (05 Dec 2021). Overall it works well. Easy to find which coffee or repeat coffee + order/pay + updated via notifications.

When I start PhilzCoffee it flashes the splash screen then dies. Unusable.
App version 2.6
Phone: iPhone6
OS: 12.5.5


Unusable - Still unable to login to mobile app

I was able to set up an account on my desktop computer and login, but when I download the mobile app and try to login with the same credentials I get an immediate error that I’m unable to login. Refused at the first jump. 😖


Great design

Best UI I have ever seen. Other developers take notes


Works as expected

I buy coffee they make it
The coffee is good


40 mins eta to get 2 coffees

Should atleast have the option to cancel an order beyond the 30s default cancellation window if it’s going to take 40 mins to make 2 coffees!


a class act

god i love PhilzCoffee. it’s so modern and just gets the job done. and the coffee is not so bad either lol


Useless, they dont take online orders

The location i go do not take orders, what a useless app..


Philz Coffee?

nope its PhilzCreamy where you can only enjoy hot water + a ton of cream when you order “light”


works! except ux of location

i’m a super user and way prior covid. app works quite well for me and much better than so more user friendly than other coffee apps. 1 complaint only: (please please fix developers!) I have made countless mistakes with location of orders bc of the ux of PhilzCoffee. finally i learned that i have to call for a refund instead of eat the cost. the pop up should confirm where you are picking up no matter what. currently it pops up only if you i already made a conscious effort to manually change the location. which is the least useful time for a reminder. the wrong location orders happen when i hit go quickly on PhilzCoffee w/o updating the location and that happens bc i don’t think for one second about where i ordered last. and PhilzCoffee never prompts you early to select a location. i get frictionless checkout, but this is such a pain for both your staff and users. other ways: while in shopping cart view, show the location accurately on a map view instead of just small text name of store “mission” which gets lost. Or like other apps let user select a “home” location if you dont want to prompt them to select a location each time. and in that case every time user opens PhilzCoffee it should default to where “home” was set and NOT the last order’s random location. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


Worst experience ever

I was right at a coffee shop and saw the sign of encouraging order online, so I put an online order. In a second I found I need to wait for ONE hour to get my coffee. There was no reminder of how long I need to wait before placing the order. So I talked to the store staff to see if they can make the coffee earlier since I was already in the store, and there was only one person in the in-person order line. But was told they could not. I said I did not want to stay in the store for an hour just waiting for one cup of plain coffee. She said they could do nothing and suggested me to cancel the order. So I tried to cancel, but was denied by PhilzCoffee saying it passed 30 seconds. Wait one hour for a cup of plain coffee? Don’t allow to cancel an order after 30 seconds which would be ready after an hour? It’s totally insane!


Watch out for changed pick up time right before you pay.

If you’re going in for coffee with a friend you might want to order two coffees instead of one. PhilzCoffee not only doesn’t let you order multiple coffees but only allows one order at a time to be processed. This means not only can you not do it in one order but you can’t do multiple orders. Please fix this. EDIT: Ok now that I’ve figured out how to order two coffees it defaults to this and I have to delete one....really? Can’t I change my default order? The other BIG problem is that it gives you a pick up time and right when you go to pay, it changes the time on you. I’m usually on the way to the airport, so suddenly adding 20 minutes to my pick up time right when I go to pay REALLY doesn’t work for me.


Great but not great

I love that I can order through PhilzCoffee so my coffee is ready by the time I get to the place especially if there’s a long line.

However PhilzCoffee algorithm is very confusing. It’s not user friendly where you just choose which coffee you want to order, size, and add ons. Instead of a list, you have to swipe left or right like you’re on a dating app -not that I ever used one but my friends have shown me how a dating app works. IMO I like “lists” format because of its simplicity but PhilzCoffee has a whole sentence & you just click on the specific word you want to change such as “I want a size [blank] with [light/regular] ice,” etc.

Also another thing, I don’t know if it’s just me but the locations are listed in categories of area whereas the Bay Area has 3 different areas! They have almost ALL the locations in the Bay Area except the ONE that is closest to me which is SJSU campus. They even have a pick up station so I’m not sure how they're getting orders if they’re not on PhilzCoffee .

Hopefully you guys can find a way to make your app more user friendly and please add more locations!


No customer support

I made an order over the phone from my home, only to discover that the store was completely inaccessible due to road blocks from a marathon. I drove around for half an hour before giving up.

I emailed them immediately just to get an automated response that they received my order. Days later they still have not responded. I’ve tried calling customer support, but no one answers and the answering machine is just a message that the mail box is full. I’ve finally filed a dispute with my bank after, but I’ve already had a considerable amount of my time wasted.

This is a failure on multiple levels, but starting with PhilzCoffee , which should have not accepted an order for an inaccessible store.


Poorly Designed

PhilzCoffee needs to be redesigned. For example why doesn’t it save your special instructions. I always have the same special instruction which is “ICED with 3 packets of equal.” At least Caviar would save that order as a favorite. Now I have to type in the additional line ever time. Why isn’t “iced” even a standard option?

Another problem is the notifications are not user friendly. I never get a text or notification that my order has been accepted or is ready for pickup unless I actually open PhilzCoffee to check. Dangerous while driving needless to say.

This is an example of another app designed by someone that didn’t actually use it in a real world situation.


I’m glad the app is finally here!

The coffee here is great! I would give it 5 stars if only adding my gift cards were an option! Please allow this feature! (FYI, I wrote over a year ago, where I was told to look out soon for this feature). Why would it take so long? People know I like Philz and give me gift cards, but I can never use them to order ahead on PhilzCoffee , and end up waiting in long lines or having not to go. What’s going on???? Why so slow to add the gift card feature???


Great, but odd

Overall the design, UI and care that has been put into this product shows and I think they did a great job.

Two issues:

1.) Not sure why, but I frequently *think* I have ordered, only to get to Philz, look back at my phone and realize the order never went through. Perhaps because the initial order step looks like the final step? Not sure but it has happened quite frequently.

2.) before I can order, I have to close a pop up that asks me to rate the last order in terms of customer service. In general, I am satisfied with Philz and this rating feature is more of an obstacle than anything else, to me.


I just want coffee

PhilzCoffee won’t continue past the account creation page even though I have double and triple checked that all fields have been completed. Even deleted and reinstalled, still can’t create an account.

Addendum, the response that said I probably missed something obviously didn’t read the review. I have verified all fields were complete and just for kicks tried again after receiving this lame response. Still can’t get in. I’ll order coffee in advance elsewhere because I have no choice.


Would be better with food selections

PhilzCoffee is great for ordering drinks. The problems I had problems with is that you cannot order drinks consecutively in different orders. You need to wait for the first order to pick up before you can order the next drink. Also there is no food selection, so you save time/skip the line ordering coffee but when you want food you gotta wait in line in the store to get food. Defeats the purpose of PhilzCoffee ...


Love, but where’s the food?

Love the convenience and ease of PhilzCoffee and my favorite feature that no other app offers? 30 seconds to change your mind. Genius🙌🏼 I give PhilzCoffee 5 stars but I hope in the near future the food also gets added to the menu.


gift cards

please add option to add gift cards to ways of payment



PhilzCoffee is so organized and awesome! It was very easy to order my drink and I loved all the colors incorporated into PhilzCoffee . Also, when I got to the store everyone was so friendly. Highly recommend PhilzCoffee was easier than starbucks!


Overall solid

Overall pretty well designed app with good recent UI improvements. 2 things:

1. Where did feedback go? Philz in particular has large variability depending on who makes your coffee so it would be good to surface positive or constructive feedback in some way.

2. PhilzCoffee sometimes just doesn’t load on open. The central UI is replaced by a spinning “loading” circle. It’s an easy fix (force close and restart) but this only started happening with the recent update.

Keep up the good work overall.


Philz is GREAT - App is ⭐️⭐️✖️✖️✖️

First - Philz is amazing. Great place, great coffee & AMAZING Staff.

PhilzCoffee has a lot of small things that could easily take it to 3 (& if possible 3.5) stars. One of them that should not be an issue in the first place is when signing up and giving your email, it does not recognize actual domain extensions (in this case: .ninja) - this should be an easy mod to push for an update, but it hasn’t.


Very hard to even type in password

PhilzCoffee is running super slow whenever I am typing in the password which makes PhilzCoffee unusable. Seems that it is running password rule checking in the background on the fly when typing in password.


Love Philz, Love the App!

Not having to buy or reload a store card is great, Apple Pay is so easy and less burdensome.

The closest Philz to my house isn’t on PhilzCoffee , but the one by work is so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I was steered by Philz prior to PhilzCoffee because of the wait, great for them but not when you’re running late haha

High priced? Yes. Will I pay it? Yes. Why? Because staff are great, coffee is great and not many coffee shops integrate mint!

Philz 5/5, App 5/5. Now get this man a Tantalizing Turkish stat!



i love philz but they need to add a tipping feature because sometimes i forget to carry cash for my mobile order pick ups! still a great app otherwise and even greater coffee shop!


Why oh why

Why did you have to change it to require an account??? Everything was fine before?

On my way to get coffee and forced to update PhilzCoffee then forced to create an account. Tried several times and it won’t let me get past the account creation screen. Oh well no more Philz until this is fixed.


Better version of Starbucks

such better coffee than Starbucks and PhilzCoffee is so easy to use

Is Philz Coffee Safe?

Yes. Philz Coffee is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 72 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Philz Coffee Is 69.1/100.

Is Philz Coffee Legit?

Yes. Philz Coffee is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 72 Philz Coffee User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Philz Coffee Is 82.8/100..

Is Philz Coffee not working?

Philz Coffee works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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