Wisdo - Someone to Talk To Reviews

Wisdo - Someone to Talk To Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-05

Who are we? Whether you are dealing with depression, coping with chronic pain,
entering retirement, working on increasing physical & mental wellness and
motivation, or simply wanting to build your self-esteem, Wisdo has your back.
With over 70 demographic-specific support communities and...

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Wisdo - Someone to Talk To Reviews

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    If you are feeling alone, if you are in pain, if you need a loving heart... Wisdo is your community. Wisdo is love, family, listening, and everything community means. By creating connections, whether they are one time interactions or life long friends, whether they are exactly like you or someone you never thought you would get to know, Wisdo creates strength. A platform for the messy, uncomfortable, and embarrassing, this place is full of people radiating positivity just waiting to lift you up. Even when the person you are connecting with can't provide an perfect answer or say the perfect thing, Wisdo is always, always, always a safe place to just listen and accept with open arms. Because of this place, I went from being depressed and lost to feeling completely supported and knowing I want to help others through counseling, just like the counseling I got here. You deserve all of the support and community that Wisdo gives freely to you. Join in the conversation! We can't wait to meet you ♥️

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    Do not get this app ever

    I thought the same thing every one else did when they downloaded this app, that it can help with depression and anxiety and so on, but it was not good what so ever, and I’m warning others to please don’t even try this app, when I used the app I noticed the guides would ignore people, they would choose people to talk to and if they did not like you they would make it so that they had every guide gang up on you, it’s like a clang of bullies, and if some one disagreed with what the guide may have said, then that guide would remove that persons account completely, and if they did not do that then they would comment back in a very rude and abusive way, basically yelling at the individual that disagreed with the guide, and as soon as one guide said some rude things to the person that disagreed, well then the other guides would gang up on that one person, it broke my heart to see the guides doing such disgusting things, and the thing is you can’t block guides so you would just have to sit there and let these people yell in your face, once I deleted it for good, I noticed I started becoming more happy, for real all this app does is cause stress, and is just disgusting, I warned many people I know not to ever get this app, and I’m warning you please do not get this app.

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    Help shouldn’t Cost

    I would love to give this app 5 stars but I can’t. There shouldn’t ever be a reason you should have to subscribe or make payments for these services. I understand that it costs money and time and effort and all that Jazz to make apps. However, this is free, unsolicited advice from everyday people. Not professionals. There may be some spread throughout the app but this is the generalized public. This is to get help in a way that is supposed to be more comfortable for people. Statistically speaking, people who live in the “middle class” and lower have higher rates of mental illness and higher rates of suicide. The lower you go in poverty level, the higher and higher suicide rates climb and the higher percentage of mental illness. I’m more than willing to bet that a fairly decent amount of people, probably 80% minimum struggle financially and are just trying to get help in one of the only ways they can afford to. I would highly HIGHLY suggest revisiting this option. I know that I can’t afford that extra money right now as every penny counts. Those who read this review it is a great app. Take advantage of the free trial. It’s worth it. But I would suggest writing low star reviews and hopefully the people who made this app will reconsider their fees.

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    Why I can’t use this app but I still did

    This is one of the best apps I’ve ever used first off let me tell you, you need to be 17 and up because that’s the rules. Being a rebellious and depressed teen I need this. So I singed in and was like how do I do this. So I started to almond to people who need help and I started to feel better I did not hold back I told people everything about me. I started talk to a young lady and she and I talked and talked and talked and I felt amazing this is one of the best experiences of my life...but one day no one responded .”that’s weird” I thought but I did not care that much next day came no responses then the next then the next and I thought everyone has forgotten about me and I was getting sad again but then I looked and I got a message saying they found out I was too young and my account suspended but if you liked a good way to get things off your chest this is the app for you

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    This app is AMAZING but needs a few minor improvements.

    I love how helping everyone is on this app. It’s all about supporting each other. Such a wonderful community. Many groups to choose from. You’ll easily connect with people and get to vent. Great for depression and anxiety. I will say the app tends to lag. It doesn’t show messages right away even though someone had already sent the message. Sometimes it takes 2 minutes to load or I’ll need to close and reopen the app. Also sometimes when I type a message it glitches and moves the previous texts up instead of being on what was just previously sent. Also I seem to have a issue with how much text you can type to someone as well. Sometimes the message doesn’t load fully and it gets cut off. Otherwise the app is amazing. A few fixes and it’s GOLDEN.

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    Great concept, not very well executed

    I love the idea of this app, and I have encountered many genuinely kind and wonderful people on it. That being said: this app is not user-friendly; when I click ‘view more replies’ I constantly receive a message with a red bar that says ‘something is wrong’. Additionally, notifications can be slow to appear, and the chat rooms are difficult to keep up with. Part of this results from the largest groups being ridiculously large, but also: when you click to read the chat history, you often can’t find the newest notification that showed up in the preview screen. The timeline ‘trending’ feature also constantly shows the same posts/doesn’t refresh correctly. Please fix the numerous bugs in this app. Lastly: many people try to use this app as a dating site. It’s incredibly irritating, and could potentially be harmful to those seeking help when feeling especially vulnerable. The block feature is a helpful way to get rid of creeps, but it’s disappointing that this is an issue to begin with.

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    I was a committed helper

    I used to be a committed helper in the wisdo community, and at one point was asked to become a ambassador. I left and tried installing it 6-8 months later. Anyways I don’t understand where you are going with payments. I’m not sure if the system has changed since I can’t view unless I pay. I would not use this app anymore if I have to pay to help other people through your app. That seems pretty low, and definitely not something I ever want to be a part of. It doesn’t align with my morals. I hope the people who create groups get paid for it and everyone who actually helps people. I’m sorry but this feels like a slap in the face. I wish you luck in whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, sort of. There is a lack of transparency with categories being locked. It’s as big of a mess as my review because the lack of transparency in the app doesn’t allow me to properly rate Wisdo unless I pay. Clearly I won’t be doing that and will search for better alternatives. They are out there.

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    Did more harm than good

    At first I saw this app as an amazing idea, but some of the groups are so big, that when some people post they completely get ignored. Every single thing I posted was ignored. It just caused me more anxiety because I was already anxious enough about posting it and then literally no one would reply. Some of the guides don’t really seem to care about everyone and only pick specific people to interact with. I also believe that letting people who have been through things help others who are dealing with the same thing is a great idea, however, putting thousands of people together that are all currently dealing with anxiety or depression while they’re trying to help each other isn’t that great. It’s like the blind leading the blind. That’s probably why there are programs that pair someone with someone who has dealt with it or understands and can give advice, rather than someone currently dealing with it. Great idea but not executed properly. This app just caused me more anxiety due to the fact that no one ever replied to me.

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    Wonderful App

    I first downloaded Wisdo a few months ago on a whim seeking support from others in similar situations. Now, I am honored to have become a guide, helping to guide conversation and keep Wisdo a safe place. Wisdo was created and is run with love and nothing but good intentions for the people who use it, and it shows. It is a place for anyone who needs someone to be a friend or who has ever needed someone to listen and support them. Wisdo is a place where you can seek advice and support from someone who has “been there,” wherever “there” is and where you can share your own insights, joys, and triumphs. The app is divided into “experiences” such as coping with depression, eating disorders, lgbt+, college, chronic pain, cancer, going vegan, learning mindfulness, coping with loss, and so so many more. Plus, new experiences are always being added! I highly recommend this app.

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    Strong Bias amongst Users

    I was curious to as the wisdo buddy system worked after my first assigned buddy had left me on read. (No way to even get a new buddy if they never respond) After some testing by my friends & I. With 8 accounts in total, we found that wisdo buddies are more likely to ignore/leave you on read if you’re a guy. However if your profile picture and profile is set to female, 8/10 they will answer you constantly. The user interface of the app itself is okay for the most part, but not that user friendly. A few tweaks to how things appear on screen. As well as a few things implemented such as making sure the “wisdo buddies” aren’t only going to help girls they think are attractive. As well as pretty content monitoring, a lot of groups are filled with people describing the way they want to take their own life. Which as anyone knows, is most likely going to trigger someone with the mental health issues or struggles they would be on the app for in the first place. ~Echo

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    Love this App

    This app is amazing I’ve been using this app for a year and it is a really great way to be able to connect with people who have psychological issues such as anxiety, PTSD, etc.. I started using this app when i was in a really dark place and it provided much needed comfort. I joined several different chats in this app some for anxiety some for depression and reading other peoples stories and seeing how they weren’t ostracized or made to feel like a weirdo, made me feel safe. I started posting things that i had been going through and how i felt and people responded kindly with words of encouragement, tips on how to overcome my situations, and by offering a shoulder to lean on. This app created a community for people who suffer from any number of psychological issues to be able to connect with similar people.

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    Probably the best app ever to come out.

    I saw Wisdo on tv and when I heard what it was all about, I wasted no time downloading it. I feel that having such venue for ppl to go and get support and advice from ppl that either have been there or going through the same process as they are now, is fantastic. You are not floundering on your own when you go on the app. You have Guides that are there to share their experiences and to help monitor the flow of chat rooms per se. Since being on Wisdo, I cannot stop helping others. You don’t have to be in a similar situation to help someone. Any kind of positive feedback given can sometimes help someone from hurting themselves. It’s the reality of things. I fully support this forum and will as long as it’s is around. I give the app the big 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 and ❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!!

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    Excellent service/hard to navigate.

    The service itself is great. The UI is a little backwards and would benefit from some sort of navigation tools. I got out of the buddy questionnaire and can’t find how to get back into it just because I happened to get a message when I was in the middle of it and wanted to put that process on hold while I checked the message. :P To the UI devs: please don’t make buttons conditionally (dis)appear. Have some sort of sidebar, or something. The app is -kind- of hard to navigate. The delineation between groups and subgroups deserves a tutorial and the 200 member limit is silly, even if it makes sense for computational reasons. To have the main group be 35,000 people but limit subgroups to 200, it curtails that functionality to the point where it’s useless. What if 200 people are on there but half the accounts go inactive? Now nobody else can use those subgroups. I’m bellyaching a lot about this but it’s tragic to see someone’s post that you can connect with but oh, sorry, this subgroup is full. :P defeats the purpose of the app. I’m whining but it really is very annoying UI-wise. Other than that, it is quite a nice environment. People are supportive and give real advice from a very candid place on a variety of topics, and it’s a positive experience overall.

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    It was good at first 😬

    At first, this app really helped me out. But then I noticed as I went along that some of the guides would ignore people or disregard their situations. It’s like they are robots, they all seem to say the same thing. I haven’t met a genuine guide yet. Like for example, I had a situation going on with me and I reached out for help, and a guide kept questioning me like I was a suspect. The questions didn’t even have anything to do with what I was telling her. I’ve also tried to reach out to the community manager and she ignored me. :/ It was a really good app at first but none of these guides are professionals even tho it seems like they try to be. They don’t even know how to talk to people correctly. You’re better off talking to another user, who isn’t a guide. Also, there’s a glitch where sometimes people don’t even see your messages or what not. This app needs a lot of work but it’s okay I guess. UPDATE: ‼️ DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP ‼️ Once, you sign up. They know all your info (even your phone number) I’m honestly creeped tf out rn ‼️

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    A place that truly does help

    I don’t write reviews, it’s just not my thing. But I find it very to open up and talk about my prblms and how they have affected me throughout my life. This app, has people who are loving and caring and been through similar and worse things in life than I have and they lift you up and listen and help you day in and day out. I personally always feel like a burden to the people in my life and therefore never properly express how I feel when I’m at my low. There is always, and I mean always someone here to help you, listen to you and be there with you every step of that. More so, it’s free! This community and it’s people are beautiful and I’ve never been more thankful to have given it a try and still be apart of it. Trust me, if you need someone. We’re here.

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Is Wisdo - Someone to Talk To Safe?

Yes. Wisdo - Someone to Talk To is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 9,050 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Wisdo - Someone to Talk To Is 37.4/100.

Is Wisdo - Someone to Talk To Legit?

Yes. Wisdo - Someone to Talk To is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 9,050 Wisdo - Someone to Talk To User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Wisdo - Someone to Talk To Is 37.4/100.

Is Wisdo - Someone to Talk To not working?

Wisdo - Someone to Talk To works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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