Mood App: Journal Reviews

Mood App: Journal Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-28

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Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

Mood App: Journal Reviews

  • By

    Love it but…

    This app is great! I really do love it. It’s simple and easy to use. But in truth I still have some complaints that I hope the developer will please work on. I love that I can add other emotions that are not listed but the random list of emojis to pick from is a little limited and requires at times some really creative thinking to find one that will work for that emotion. Although sometimes those random ones do work really well such as I added volatile and used a 🌋. In this same area the limited characters for the words (especially when it’s only one more than the limit) is frustrating and leaves you trying to find a shorter word with the same meaning and the other options aren’t always shorter. It also seems to think that even my positive emotions that I make are negative ones in the statistics so the ability to mark it as positive, negative or neutral would be a smart addition. It would also be nice to be able to edit them but I am glad there’s at least the ability to add an afterthought. Oh and it was sending me notifications at first but it just up and stopped and now I forget to go into it as much as I would like to. It may seem like I have a lot of complaints but honestly, I really do love this app and these suggestions if implemented (where possible) would make it even more lovable and I would for sure give it 5 stars. Thank you!

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    I love it, but...

    This app has come to one of my favourites in just 2 weeks. I use it to track my feelings during some... periods of my life. It really helps to see what’s up with me in past days. I love it. BUT! Here’s something, that I think this app can use to he improved. First of all - delete the “live chat” feature as I don’t see much use of it in along with other users since 90% of the time there’s no one to talk to. My personal opinion, don’t know about others. And... *sigh* the list of emotions.. which could use some work. 1. Remove the word count and 2. Let us delete default emotions if not suited for us so we don’t have to search for a specific emotion in a giant list. Another thing that i noticed is, that the “lately you’ve been feeling” feature, that works pretty accurate, but sometimes after I use 1 custom emotion, that i’ve made and used only once, it automatically shows it there, but... i’ve never used it more than once so how have i’ve been feeling lately only like that. I don’t know if it’s designed to show you the last emotion, that you inputted, but I think it can be improved in a way. As far as bugs, there aren’t any. I love this app, but if there’s a way for these stuff to get fixed, that would be awesome.

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    it’s great!

    Over that past couple of months, I have searched for a way I could express my emotions in a way that only I could read or see it. Whether it was apps, websites, journals etc. Frankly, I gave up and kept everything to crowd up in my head. It was stressful, very stressful. I came across the mood app while scrolling through the Internet. As soon as read the reviews and what the mood app was about, I was quick to download (not to mention its free!) Its been 2 months now since I've used the mood app and it honestly is a breath of fresh air! I love how you can use emojis to identify your emotions and set a location, picture and write about your emotions. The mood app also lets you write about your afterthoughts and keeps up with your positive and negative emotions on a mood overview. I do like that you cannot edit your emotions after sending them, as I have tried before to edit one of my own to make it seem less, well... Pittyful. Thank you, Mood App!!

  • By

    Great App, But Minor Issues

    The app is really amazing and I love the layout of it. There are just a few issues I’d like to be addressed. I’d like the export option to support exporting to a format that I can send to Discord. Currently, it allows me to send there, but the popup for sending to Discord remains blank and I’d have to copy & past a journal to share it there in my own server. As for on the iPad, after tapping on save once the export is done loading, nothing happens, so I can’t even attempt to share anything at all from my iPad. I would also suggest an option to simply copy & past a link to the app rather than have to send to someone’s number in my contacts because not all my friends and close acquaintances have my phone number, many of them simply being online from Twitter and Discord and other such sites. Overall, the app truly is amazing, but these small issues are a bit annoying. If not for that, I would definitely give a 5/5 star rating; but as it stands, I’m only giving a 4/5. Once these issues have been resolved, I’ll returned to update my rating. I really do love this app regardless, though.

  • By

    Age Restriction

    I believe the age restriction should be 12+ or there shouldn't be one at all. People 16 and under go through serious things too. This app may be the only place where they can vent to feel better, and you're taking that away from so many teenagers. That scares me because I don't want anyone to harm themselves or worse. The things talked about on this app are not that bad, yes people will talk about abuse and trauma, but 12+ go through those things too. I was 13-14 when I was sexually abused, and a sexual assault last year. I got this app when I was 15, and it has helped so much. I have helped people also, I am currently 16. Still struggling with trauma, and this app is my only place where I can talk to people who have similar problems. I met three people who are very nice and we have helped each other. I hope the developers of this app reads this and take this into consideration, because I believe you made this app so people can feel better. This age restriction goes against that, so please change it, and if you have read this far. Thank you and sending ❤️

  • By

    Be yourself

    The app is great, you can speak your mind freely and not worry about others misjudging you. However I feel like this app needs more. People should be able to respond in more ways, maybe something like custom responses on “let it out” posts. That way people don’t feel like there are bots responding to their feelings. If this app is made for people to be themselves add more features that would allow that. “Let it out”. I understand maybe the current limit to responses to to keep away from hurtful comments and negative things but that shouldn’t keep people from being and expressing who they are. I don’t see how someone would purposely go on this app and ruin someone’s day. Give us more freedom with our feelings, let us talk to others and help them. Especially vent live, I know it’s made for people to say what’s on their heart love but it’s not enough time, and what if someone has something really helpful to say that might cheer the person up on the other end. But all we can do is respond with some emojis. Help us help you build a better community.

  • By

    Great app

    Why can’t we add pics to entries anymore? Also how do we turn off those live notifications? I love the app and the update is cool. Especially the journal prompts!! However, I do miss some of the old features. For one, the mood graph. Also the entries should definitely have dates/times. Time stamps are so important when journaling moods, please bring that feature back. Oh and what happened to journal editing/updating without writing an entirely new entry? Especially if the time isn’t recorded. Not too sure if the screen changes color with moods anymore either. I have that feature turned on, but I see no change. I noticed a few glitches with the update, but that’s to be expected. Like sometimes the left side of my entry screen doesn’t fully show what I’m typing? Also the calendar can’t find any of my old entries before the update when I click certain days that I’m SURE I wrote an entry for. A lot of the new/updated features are confusing. So I’ll stay away for now. Just want to journal, upload pics and track mood. Great app overall. I recommended it to a few friends.

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    Thank you for this app!

    I want to thank the developer(s) for this app, it's rare to find an entirely free app that is so well produced with the user completely in mind. Giving everyone the opportunity to access emotional tracking without an IAP of $50+ or a subscription plan is honorable, and I'm grateful. I know that devs need to put food on the table and I respect that completely too, but access to these self-oriented apps that are functional is limited largely only for people who can afford it, and Mood stands out because it provides something to kindly meet everyone of any status's needs for tracking on the same caliber of app functionality. The app runs extremely smoothly on my iOS 11 iPhone, it's simplistic but also powerful enough to log valuable, useful information for future reference in mood and behavior tracking. I appreciate that this app doesn't feel bloated with uh necessary graphics or features as well, everything is fast and intuitive.

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    Great app, some glitches.

    I love this app. It’s helped me through some really hard times. I journal at least once sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. It really helps me to reflect. BUT- there are some things that I would change about it. 1) this needs to have an auto save feature when typing journals. So many times I have been writing a journal and lost the entire thing because the app froze and glitched. So frustrating. This should really have a place to recover drafts if that happens. 2) the only other thing I would change about this app is bring back the feature to reply to your previous journals. I liked going back and revisiting old moods and then reflecting on those with how I’m feeling the next day or later. Replies should also be marked with the date and time for future reference. Other than those things, this app is wonderful and it’s helped me tremendously. Highly recommend to anyone struggling with self-understanding, depression, anxiety, or just wanting a safe place to vent.

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    i hate this new fresh update

    first of all i would just like to start off by saying, it’s not FRESH. if anything, it’s stale. i’ve used this app for about a year and a half, and i’ve rlly enjoyed it. this new update has gotten rid of my most favorite features. when writing a journal, u can now only add pictures that u take directly in the app. i liked it a lot better when u were able to choose pictures from ur camera roll bcuz i was able to link the pictures to what i was feeling. another thing i liked was how you were able to look up words or phrases in your journals. this feature was taken away with the new update as well. i liked to use this feature to compare how i was getting along with certain people in a span of time. and the last feature i miss is the time stamp of the journals. when reviewing past journals, it’s now difficult to understand why i was feeling that way because i can’t pinpoint where i was bcuz i am now unable to see what time it was when i journaled.

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    Thank you I needed this!

    First time using it and I so needed this! Thank you!! I feel now I don’t have to blurt it out on social media for everyone to judge me. Rated -5 Update-4 The reason I rate for 4 stars is because I wish we could respond to the people who really need feedback. Or allow us to connect one on one privately. In some way. Maybe even have preset text options to send to them. So they can at least get some feedback if they want it. At least have a choice to get a response or for others to just listen. But I definitely would like to have more interaction. Possible video with them. Maybe they need to meet a new face.. and I also would like to be able to select my own emojis and not just the selected ones. Because some don’t apply usually to the one going live to vent. Just my feedback. With some suggestions. Otherwise I agree with other reviews! It’s an awesome app! Thank you. I see I’m not alone in this. Others have actually said the same. Which I didn’t know until I went and read some reviews after posting my own.

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    Amazing! (+ some thoughts/issues)

    I’ve been away from Mood (and my phone in general) for a while but finally updated and opened the app for the first time in a while a few days ago. So I thought I should write a new review. First of all, Mood was always and continues to be an amazing app. I absolutely recommend it. The community here is lovely and incredibly supportive, as well. Issues + Criticism (all incredibly small) • One minor thing that I’ve also noticed is that the “space out” feature overrides any music I have playing. It would be nice if we could space out while still listening to our own music. • Another is that we can’t add photos from our photo album to our journal entries. There is a camera option so that we can take pictures, but I usually journal at night once I’m already home and in bed, so I don’t really have any use for this method. I’d like to be able to add related photos or photos that I took during the day, though. • There was an option to add later thoughts on our old journal entries, but this seems to have been removed. It looks like we can edit our entries though, but I’m not able to close the keyboard and save those changes? I’m not sure if this is an issue specific to my device or not. A huge thank you to the developers. This app has made a huge difference in my life. It’s a safe space and a community that I’m so thankful for.

  • By

    One of the best mood apps

    This app allows for so much. There are no ads, and you don’t have to pay to get the original content. Also, you can fully customize with emojis and add you own moods and it’ll still track moods for you based on the positivity you set for the mood! It has a great community and provides a safe place for people w mental health issues, for LGBTQ, and other people who want a place to vent. They allow a platform for people to vent and express their troubles and for others to respond with pre-set responses. It’s very carefully designed so that there can’t be negativity. Also, everyone’s anonymous, so it’s safe. There’s a vent live which allows for more support, though, and this community is just so nice! Overall, surprisingly great community and nice mood tracker. I would pay for this app to be honest, I’m so in awe that they make it free with no ads or anything, it’s just amazing.

  • By

    Really useful app

    So I actually really love this app- it’s refreshing to look back at my past moods and see how I was feeling, it helps. I also really like how you can add pictures, locations, and even create your own moods for your entries. I love love love the ‘afterthoughts’ section where you can update your entries :) Additionally, the love streaming, venting sessions, and community is so so helpful and really great. The only reason I am not giving Mood 5 stars- which they deserve- is because sometimes I make mistakes on my entries, so if I enter them, I can’t go back and edit them later, I have to deter the whole thing and re enter it :( Secondly, it would be so so helpful and appreciated if users were able to log a mood from another day or time. I know i have really wanted to enter some things that we past, and it would mess up my log calendar so I didn’t. Overall, I love this app and it helps me and my mental health a lot :) I recommend this app 3x over!!

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    Love it! It’s just...

    I really love this app! It’s helped me quit a lot actually. While the idea is amazing and has a great porpoise, there’s one thing I kind of disagree with. Before, you could go live then go live again, but now you can’t. While I understand the developers don’t want the love department to be abused and spammed, I also don’t like having to wait. You see, you can go live about something and some people will give you advice or hope and let you know you’re not alone. And I’m a person that feels guilty if I don’t not give credit and thanks to those whom deserve it. And with this, you can’t say thanks or that it helped or show any gratitude. Other than that, it’s amazing. And the community is amazing too. We all set our own rules in a way, a rule list that we kind of made. No putting others down, be understanding, and help those you can. It’s amazing, and I love the app

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Is Mood App: Journal Safe?

Yes. Mood App: Journal is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,375 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Mood App: Journal Is 64.6/100.

Is Mood App: Journal Legit?

Yes. Mood App: Journal is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,375 Mood App: Journal User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Mood App: Journal Is 64.6/100.

Is Mood App: Journal not working?

Mood App: Journal works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Mood App: Journal customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Mood App: Journal.

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