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How it works

1. Femometer is a smart period tracker and ovulation calendar that understands your unique cycle and is able to accurately predict your fertile window, pinpoint your ovulation.

2. Daily advice for conception and ovulation prediction created by machine learning algorithms that learn from your data.

3. - Behavioral Scoring: Correct tracking behavior leads to accurate ovulation prediction, increasing the chances of pregnancy, and increasing fertility management effectiveness.

4. Predict ovulation and reveal the conception rate to help manage fertility with precision.

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Billed Once $15.80
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Yearly Subscription $680.00
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Take control of your unique menstrual cycle with Femometer, the smartest period, ovulation & fertility tracker for those who needs to track menstrual cycle or try to conceive. We believe to know your body, is to own your life. Femometer is a smart PMS tracker, period calendar and ovulation calculator that tracks your unique cycle to accurately predict your menstruation, fertility and your ovulation. Professional menstrual cycle tracker and ovulation tracker for women’s health. Auto recognizes LH (ovulation test) and HCG (pregnancy test) test results. Daily advice for conception and ovulation calendar created by machine learning algorithms which learn from your data. All data can be exported into PDF files for professionals. Record prenatal tests, BBT, weight for a mother-to-be, and your growing baby’s details so we can accompany your every step in your pregnancy journey. Let's get healthier & fitter! Period Calendar, Ovulation Tracker & Fertility Calculator - Record your PMS, flow intensity, and current and past period dates, and ‘my menstrual cycle calendar’ will be generated automatically to predict your next period even it’s irregular. - Record BBT (basal body temperature), ovulation tests, and CM (cervical mucus). Intelligently recognizes your ovulation test and pregnancy test results. - Log 200+ symptoms, from fertility to lifestyle and women’s health - Set up cycle calendar reminders for your period, PMS, ovulation, fertility, BBT and more. Fertility Calendar & Graphs & Curves - Check your fertility calendar, easily track your menstrual cycle phases and predict your ovulation, and manage your fertility window - Auto-generated BBT curves and LH curves. Easily recognize the different phases of your cycle and spot subtle differences and capture your peak results to conceive or predict your next ovulation. - Optimize curves with machine learnt algorithms to complete missing data Fertility Insights - Current & Previous Menstrual Cycle Interpretation: Analysis of BBT curves, ovulation test, pregnancy test, PMS and ovulation symptoms. Track ovulation and reveal the conception rate to manage ovulation and fertility with precision - Conception Guidance & Pregnancy Prediction: Receive daily conception advice and get pregnant easily and spot pregnancy early - Behavioral Scoring: Efficient tracking behavior leads to accurate ovulation prediction, increasing the chances of pregnancy, and effective managing fertility - Statistics Analysis: Reveals the patterns of your cycle symptoms, compares and analyzes data in multiple ways, gain better insights into your ovulation and fertility. - Scientific and structured fertility courses: Daily women’s health tips from professionals to help you raise your fertility awareness The medical information on the Femometer Period Tracker App is provided as an educational resource only and is not a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, and treatment. The company does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any content, whether provided by us or by the third party. Always seek the advice of a physician before making any healthcare decisions. Subscription Policy - Plans: $9.99 Monthly, $19.99 Quarterly, $49.99 Yearly - Payment: Payment will be charged to your Apple account on confirmation of purchase - Cancellation: Manage at your Apple Account Settings - Renewal: Account will be charged for renewal 24-hours before the end of the current period - Femometer Period Tracker App Privacy: https://s.bongmi.cn/miscs/femometer-app/en/privacy.html - Femometer Period Tracker App Service: https://s.bongmi.cn/miscs/femometer-app/en/service.html The Femometer Period Tracker integrates with Apple Health App so you can sync your data (requires iOS 9 and above). Femometer supports Face ID for security.

Top Femometer Fertility Tracker Reviews

  • By SeaArcher

    Has everything

    I waited for a while before reviewing this app. I has used it for a month and am very pleased with the app. It was slightly frustrating at first. I have severely irregular cycle from one a month to one a year irregular. My husband and I tried for five years to get pregnant with our son and two and half years to get pregnant again. The one thing this app has above all the rest in you can put down when you and your husband have been intimate. Something I had a hard time putting down on my iphone's calendar. This along with having ovulation strip impute it reads itself and the charting was great! There were no hidden fees or costs to improve the app. I have tried tons of apps like this and so far this has been the best. I needed some help imputing a miscarriage and when I emailed the support team I get a detailed response within 24 hours. You don't have to buy the thermometer that syncs with the app but considering I believe it is what supports the cost of the app I highly recommend getting it if you like the app. Takes a bit to get the hang of it but so worth it for being the whole package! This is the first five star review I have given an app and I review tons of apps

  • By vandyglp

    So far so good

    I’ve only been using the thermometer and app for a few days so I can’t speak to battery life or longevity, but I’m impressed. I love it and can’t wait to see the results long term. The app is fairly easy to use. Set up is easy. I love the alarm feature on the thermometer. As long as I sleep next to it with the alarm on, I can’t forget to take my temperature. It’s a short but high-pitched little beep. Some mentioned syncing issues, but the first day I used the thermometer the Bluetooth on my phone wasn’t turned on- I switched it on, opened the app, and my temperature magically appeared with no issues. I fall asleep with it still in my mouth, usually with my jaw propped on some part of my pillow, I wake up when it beeps twice, put the cap back on it and voila. The app also has interesting articles. Really happy with my purchase and new gadget. My only regret is not buying it ages ago.

  • By Emmy girl 1989

    Updated Review: overall great app & service!

    I have been using this app and thermometer since they were looking for funding through indiegogo to launch the product, back in 2015, and started using products a few months later. I love the data and how it helps me track my cycle with a multitude of information. The company’s customer service and response has been really amazing! I have had a couple issues with glitches around my account or app over 4 years (which is bound to happen with any new device/app), but Femometer ‘s Team has really quickly responded to and fixed all of my problems and concerns.

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