Contact Femometer Fertility Tracker

Contact Femometer Fertility Tracker

Published by on 2022-09-22

Take control of your unique menstrual cycle with Femometer, the smartest period,
ovulation & fertility tracker for those who needs to track menstrual cycle or
try to conceive. We believe to know your body, is to own your life. Femometer

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Common Femometer Fertility Tracker Issues

  • By Nickname253129

    Totally Inaccurate Analysis

    I started using the app in early 2019 and loved it. Used it to avoid pregnancy for 8 months and then was able to conceive in the first month of trying. Now I’m postpartum and avoiding again, and there have been major changes to the app. A few of the design elements are annoying (why does the chart button default to a cycle curve instead of my bbt curve?) but most importantly, the analysis is entirely off. My cycle is never more than 28 days and every month it’s predicting and confirming my ovulation on day 21, even though my temperature and cervical fluid indicate ovulation around day 13. Not only that, but it predicts my cycle to be around 32 days long? If I were to follow this app’s analysis I would be pregnant. I’ll also say that it constantly gives me alerts that I need to “improve my measuring habit” because I don’t take it at the exact same time every day. If your technology can only work effectively for women who are able to get up at the same exact time every day (aka not mothers with babies), then it’s not doing it’s job.

  • By JES04

    Awful Aesthetics

    I have been using a different fertility/cycle tracking app for many years, but needed a new Bluetooth thermometer. The old one I had was no longer available, so I bought a Femometer and was pleasantly surprised by the price - but have to switch apps. This review is for the app only, not the thermometer. An nice feature of a fertility app to me is discreetness. I like to keep it on my main screen to quickly enter data often. This is anything but discreet or attractive. It is a screen full of Pepto Bismol pink, and I’d have to pay an absurd ***$50 a year*** to have just three more color options - and still none particularly attractive, because the problem isn’t just the chosen color but also the sheer amount of solid color used. The $50 looks to buy a advice and such, which I don’t need, and there is no option to just pay a couple bucks for a better skin. The icon is a whole lot of the same bad pink and not particularly pretty either. I want to add that I actually really like pink as a color in general - it is one of my favorite colors. The Femometer thermometer itself is a perfectly nice item to have in the pretty metallic pink I bought. This app just uses pink poorly and excessively, and it feels silly to make ALL things period Pepto Bismol pink.

  • By HaleySoups

    Toxic social elements

    I like most of the tracking and data elements of this app, but one of the main pages on the app is a social page where you can post questions and discuss pregnancy things with other users. This page is completely full of anxiety, fear, and unanswered questions, along with quite a bit of incorrect information being sent from one user to another. It is alarming to be trying to conceive and then be bombarded by women just trying to figure out whether pregnancy tests have lines on them or not. It creates needless anxiety and makes me wary of opening the app. This wouldn’t be a problem, except it is impossible to hide this page of the app and it defaults to having a little red notification dot on it every time you open the app, even if nothing new has been posted. If you are like me and need to resolve all notification elements in your apps, then this will drive you nuts. If it wasn’t going to be such a huge pain to try to migrate my data to a new app, then this would have driven me away months ago. This app needs to have an option to personalize the pages so that users can hide the social elements entirely if they don’t want to be bombarded by them.

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Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Ewa
Sep 05 2020

On my account appeared message to upgrade app to the newest version which I did. Still no result. App behaves like Im a new customer. I paid for prime and can't use it! Please help me solve this problem.

By Ewa
Sep 02 2020


I've been using the app for 4-5 months and bought prime (recently extended until Nov 2020). Few days ago I logged myself in and all data is gone. It behaves like Im new customer, without prime, no history of data. I have sent email for support but no result. Please help me to solve this problem.

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