Femometer Fertility Tracker Reviews

Femometer Fertility Tracker Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Take control of your unique menstrual cycle with Femometer, the smartest period,
ovulation & fertility tracker for those who needs to track menstrual cycle or
try to conceive. We believe to know your body, is to own your life. Femometer
is a smart PMS tracker, period calendar and ovulat...

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Has everything

I waited for a while before reviewing FemometerFertilityTracker. I has used it for a month and am very pleased with FemometerFertilityTracker . It was slightly frustrating at first. I have severely irregular cycle from one a month to one a year irregular. My husband and I tried for five years to get pregnant with our son and two and half years to get pregnant again. The one thing FemometerFertilityTracker has above all the rest in you can put down when you and your husband have been intimate. Something I had a hard time putting down on my iphone's calendar. This along with having ovulation strip impute it reads itself and the charting was great! There were no hidden fees or costs to improve FemometerFertilityTracker . I have tried tons of apps like this and so far this has been the best. I needed some help imputing a miscarriage and when I emailed the support team I get a detailed response within 24 hours. You don't have to buy the thermometer that syncs with FemometerFertilityTracker but considering I believe it is what supports the cost of FemometerFertilityTracker I highly recommend getting it if you like FemometerFertilityTracker . Takes a bit to get the hang of it but so worth it for being the whole package! This is the first five star review I have given an app and I review tons of apps


Best period/fertility tracker

I have been using periodtracker for years now. I dl FemometerFertilityTracker when I bought the basal thermometer to work with FemometerFertilityTracker bc I have been on bc for most of my adult life and always have really serious issues with hormones. Until two weeks ago, I had the Paragaurd IUC for 4.5 years which I also seriously struggled with. I decided to learn and track my fertility as a means of natural birth control. I absolutely love FemometerFertilityTracker . It has a lot of really cool features and lets you track a lot of different fertility symptoms ( weight, cervical mucus, basal temp, LH tests, cervical position, periods, moods, cravings and so much more in ways that are easy to understand and document. The LH test photo upload stunned me. It actually reads and logs the photo and can tell you approximately how much LH is in your urine based on your photo. -Genius. The thermometer that comes with it automatically syncs your temp to FemometerFertilityTracker , or you can manual input. -Awesome. My only complaint, my thermometer will not sync to the Bluetooth on my iPhone. So I use my bfs phone to use the thermometer and save and log in and out of the phones as needed to document or review. I would give FemometerFertilityTracker 10 stars, if only my thermometer worked on my phone. Otherwise, I love it. By far the best app I have ever seen for period/fertility tracking.


Awful Aesthetics

I have been using a different fertility/cycle tracking app for many years, but needed a new Bluetooth thermometer. The old one I had was no longer available, so I bought a Femometer and was pleasantly surprised by the price - but have to switch apps. This review is for FemometerFertilityTracker only, not the thermometer. An nice feature of a fertility app to me is discreetness. I like to keep it on my main screen to quickly enter data often. This is anything but discreet or attractive. It is a screen full of Pepto Bismol pink, and I’d have to pay an absurd ***$50 a year*** to have just three more color options - and still none particularly attractive, because the problem isn’t just the chosen color but also the sheer amount of solid color used. The $50 looks to buy a advice and such, which I don’t need, and there is no option to just pay a couple bucks for a better skin. The icon is a whole lot of the same bad pink and not particularly pretty either. I want to add that I actually really like pink as a color in general - it is one of my favorite colors. The Femometer thermometer itself is a perfectly nice item to have in the pretty metallic pink I bought. FemometerFertilityTracker just uses pink poorly and excessively, and it feels silly to make ALL things period Pepto Bismol pink.


I did like the app

Update: The customer service is amazing here. I had issues with FemometerFertilityTracker (original review below) these people were absolutely on top of it! I put my review and with in 24-48 hours they had my app back up and running with all my information! Absolutely amazing! I 100% figured I’d leave a review and they would reject it from posting and it would never get any were. Not this team! Love FemometerFertilityTracker has everything o need and then some! Lots of information! Wish there was a little bit more accessibility with the free version, but all in all great app! I have had FemometerFertilityTracker for about a month. Was able to log in, add stuff as needed/wanted. All the sudden today I go to add my LH test results and FemometerFertilityTracker open and immediately closes. I at first thought it was maybe updating or something so I closed FemometerFertilityTracker completely and waiting a little while I tried opening again same thing. Turned my phone off and back on, still same thing. 3 hours later, still same thing. I’m so frustrated because I just switched to FemometerFertilityTracker and now my stuffs gone. 😑


Helpful app

With this useful app you can easily track: Periods, ovulation, pregnancy, weight and temperature while getting helpful: articles, insight and tips! I highly recommend FemometerFertilityTracker and it is appropriate for young children/women seeking to journal their periods and better predict when the next one will begin while logging symptoms and period heaviness or lightness! I have found there to be no difficulties or inconveniences while using FemometerFertilityTracker and have found nothing inappropriate or out of the ordinary. I can honestly say that if you are a women looking for insight, weight/temperature/symptom/anything logging I would download FemometerFertilityTracker before any others. Try it out for a few days and maybe tell fellow women in need of those things. FemometerFertilityTracker provides much more than listed above but will save you time, worry and agony while sparing your underwear with the period predictions that are improved each time you log a period you have! Enjoy this tremendously helpful app and stay safe :) Thanks for reading this review and I hope you use FemometerFertilityTracker.


Toxic social elements

I like most of the tracking and data elements of FemometerFertilityTracker, but one of the main pages on FemometerFertilityTracker is a social page where you can post questions and discuss pregnancy things with other users. This page is completely full of anxiety, fear, and unanswered questions, along with quite a bit of incorrect information being sent from one user to another. It is alarming to be trying to conceive and then be bombarded by women just trying to figure out whether pregnancy tests have lines on them or not. It creates needless anxiety and makes me wary of opening FemometerFertilityTracker . This wouldn’t be a problem, except it is impossible to hide this page of FemometerFertilityTracker and it defaults to having a little red notification dot on it every time you open FemometerFertilityTracker , even if nothing new has been posted. If you are like me and need to resolve all notification elements in your apps, then this will drive you nuts. If it wasn’t going to be such a huge pain to try to migrate my data to a new app, then this would have driven me away months ago. FemometerFertilityTracker needs to have an option to personalize the pages so that users can hide the social elements entirely if they don’t want to be bombarded by them.


Awesome accurate app 😄!

I have started using FemometerFertilityTracker not too long ago because I wanted to find further and deep information about BBT, PMS, menstrual cycle length, luteal phase and other important information like about LH surge but overall just about everything I wanted to know more about my cycle. FemometerFertilityTracker recognizes your ovulation day with your BBT & without any ovulation test strips. So far I love FemometerFertilityTracker and it’s really accurate and allows you to enter more information than you think unlike other apps are very restricted to what kind information you provide about your cycle or phase. I would definitely recommend FemometerFertilityTracker to any woman out there for more information about their cycle and BBTs could recognize any early pregnancy symptoms with any “health/body symptoms” and high BBTs can tell you if you are expecting but I’m not really sure if it could actually tell you.


App spontaneously reset my account! All data lost! No help from support

Edit: the customer service was able to restore my data and fix my account. I would recommend FemometerFertilityTracker but be prepared to reach out to them if you encounter this issue _____________________________________ I have had FemometerFertilityTracker since august. This morning it logged me out. When I logged back in using my Apple ID my account was gone and in its place was a brand new account. I am still subscribed to the prime app but now FemometerFertilityTracker won’t recognize it and I fear all my data is gone. I paid $50 for a thermometer and $10 a month for FemometerFertilityTracker . FemometerFertilityTracker keeps trying to get me to subscribe to prime even though I’m currently subscribed. The company won’t help me recover my data. I have reached out multiple times for help and have yet to receive a response. For $10 an app I expect good customer service, particularly for items in the wellness category. Also, FemometerFertilityTracker constantly asks for a rating and the pop ups are annoying but go away if you give 5 stars so FemometerFertilityTracker is likely overrated to stop the annoying messages.


Not working suddenly, and no customer support

***UPDATE: After posting my review below, my app was fixed and is working like before. Thanks developers! I was so worried for a few days that months of data was lost. I wish it didn't get to the point where I had to leave that review. But anyway, many thanks to you for fixing the problem! For almost 3 months I loved FemometerFertilityTracker as my husband and I are TTC. All of sudden none of my data is showing as of 2 days ago. I paid the extra $17 for 3 months of Prime subscription, and now I can't access months of data that is crucial for my next doctors appointment in a couple weeks!!! This is so upsetting, and customer support has been no help to me! They only asked me to take screenshots of the problems, which I did and sent to them, and still nothing! How many screenshots do they need to realize that it's not working?! Hopefully they fix this problem soon before I cancel my subscription. I am not one to leave reviews for anything, but when it comes to something so personal and important to my life I felt like I had to share.


Love this app, but the new version is annoying

FemometerFertilityTracker is great. I’ve used it for a few months now while TTC, and all the features I’d want for period tracking and pregnancy are there. I love the UI, especially for the bbt chart; it’s much cleaner and “prettier” than most of the other apps. My predicted ovulation day has pretty much been spot-on, even after my miscarriage. I’d recommend Femometer to my friends. However, my app updated itself a few days ago, and in the new version, all of the “shortcuts” from the home screen have disappeared, and that was one of the features I loved most. I could record my symptoms, sleep, cm, etc. in just a couple of seconds before, and now I have to click through the “log” button and scroll to record anything. It’s fine, the functionality hasn’t changed, but it was nice to be able to record a cramp or twinge from the home screen in just a second or two as it happened, without having to dig into FemometerFertilityTracker to do it. Please bring home screen shortcuts back!


Recent Cervical Mucus Picture Update Isn’t Great

I’m not sure what other changes were made in FemometerFertilityTracker , but before yesterday, I was able to just upload pictures of my cervical mucus. I used to store them in my camera roll, but it took up too much space so it was really convenient to just upload in FemometerFertilityTracker . Now FemometerFertilityTracker tries to read your cervical mucus and it’s a feature you can’t say no to. Every women’s cervical mucus is different. Every women’s creamy discharge is going to look different, everyone sticky discharge is going to look different, but if it doesn’t look like the book term picture, FemometerFertilityTracker doesn’t recognize it and you can’t save the photo. I know what my dry, sticky, creamy, and eggwhite looks like and I didn’t need to app the assist me at all. And I can’t turn that feature off. It’s been wrong about my discharge for the two days that I’ve had it. I just let it read it wrong and then change the reading to what’s accurate. I wish it could’ve been a feature that was optional.


Version switch

My app decided to automatically update to this new version that requires a prime membership that forces you to pay for features that were free. Very aggravating considering I downloaded FemometerFertilityTracker for the intelligent recognition on my opk strips only to have that feature taken away unless I want to pay. I was told I’m a silver prime member and I was still able to use that feature but today I go to record my strip and it’s taking me to a subscribe to gold prime page that won’t even load. It worked last night on my silver prime but now I’m being forced to upgrade when these features were free. The notice said if I didn’t upgrade my app I could continue to use the features but then one morning my app was updated. M other apps won’t upgrade unless I go to FemometerFertilityTracker Store and click on upgrade. I never did that with FemometerFertilityTracker. It was a lovely app until this new gold prime garbage. If I wanted to pay to use an app I would have downloaded a different app that wasn’t free.


The BEST!!

FemometerFertilityTracker is absolutely awesome. Interface is beautiful and it’s so easy to use. It has everything you possibly need for tracking your cycle: period and ovulation prediction, temp recording, automatic LH detection if using OPK tests, plus you can chart every symptom associated with your cycle. I absolutely love it, I’ve used many cycle apps and this one is hands down the best. Also, someone stated in their review that you can’t use FemometerFertilityTracker if you don’t buy their thermometer, but that is not true. I use my own basal thermometer and had no issues at all - the data can be manually added. I didn’t pay for FemometerFertilityTracker , free version is all I need. FemometerFertilityTracker deserves so many more reviews, it’s much better than the more popular options in terms of features provides, yet it is also free (or you can opt for purchasing pro version, but I personally am ok with free one). I wish more people knew about this one, it’s a keeper.


Best Period & Fertility Tracker

This is the best period and fertility tracker that I have used and I’ve used at least 10 of them in the past. The BB tea tracking is easy and seamless if you have their BBT Bluetooth thermometer which I do. I also have their ovulation Bluetooth device which has been very helpful…. You can use this to either avoid getting pregnant or if you’re trying to get pregnant. It always estimates my period start date exactly. My ovulation date is predicted and has been accurate by plus or minus one day but since I’m using the ovulation device to test the week that I am supposed to be fertile, this is not an issue. To be fair, I have PCOS and so my ovulation is a bit off from what is normal. You can also create a partner account so that your partner will be in on your cycle as well which I imagine would be helpful if you’re trying to conceive.


So far so good

I’ve only been using the thermometer and app for a few days so I can’t speak to battery life or longevity, but I’m impressed. I love it and can’t wait to see the results long term. FemometerFertilityTracker is fairly easy to use. Set up is easy. I love the alarm feature on the thermometer. As long as I sleep next to it with the alarm on, I can’t forget to take my temperature. It’s a short but high-pitched little beep. Some mentioned syncing issues, but the first day I used the thermometer the Bluetooth on my phone wasn’t turned on- I switched it on, opened FemometerFertilityTracker , and my temperature magically appeared with no issues. I fall asleep with it still in my mouth, usually with my jaw propped on some part of my pillow, I wake up when it beeps twice, put the cap back on it and voila. FemometerFertilityTracker also has interesting articles. Really happy with my purchase and new gadget. My only regret is not buying it ages ago.


Am I losing an app because I am not in the States?

So far this is the best app at predicting my periods. Only now because I live in Europe my app will expire in March. Does that mean I can no longer use FemometerFertilityTracker? I use the US App Store. I have no intention of switching to the German App Store. I don’t like their English version store and I can’t understand in information in the German App and that is just trying to figure out settings. I once tried to use the European app to see if it would help me learn German. I’ll give a hint, the English version has no German apps and the German version, well I just can’t. I need a translator to figure it out every time. That takes too long! I can’t switch to a version where I can’t use the local iTunes cards because iTunes cards are not transferable and why should I spend more money? I am an American temporarily living in Europe. I get my iTunes cards from the military installation I work at. Again I’m temporarily living in Europe.


Loved it while it worked. Udpates

EDIT: After my original review, the issue was resolved within a couple of days. I liked that the development team contacted me to figure out what was happening. So far no complaints, aside that I would like to turn off tribe notifications and not see the red dot when new posts are available. I typically don't use that part of FemometerFertilityTracker . I'm docking stars because I can no longer pair the thermometer with FemometerFertilityTracker . I really liked FemometerFertilityTracker and the thermometer, but something happened after the update that I can't pair the thermometer to FemometerFertilityTracker . I've done everything. Kind of bummed because it defeats the purpose of having a Bluetooth device. I have to enter manually the temps. Hope it gets fixed soon.


Totally Inaccurate Analysis

I started using FemometerFertilityTracker in early 2019 and loved it. Used it to avoid pregnancy for 8 months and then was able to conceive in the first month of trying. Now I’m postpartum and avoiding again, and there have been major changes to FemometerFertilityTracker . A few of the design elements are annoying (why does the chart button default to a cycle curve instead of my bbt curve?) but most importantly, the analysis is entirely off. My cycle is never more than 28 days and every month it’s predicting and confirming my ovulation on day 21, even though my temperature and cervical fluid indicate ovulation around day 13. Not only that, but it predicts my cycle to be around 32 days long? If I were to follow FemometerFertilityTracker’s analysis I would be pregnant. I’ll also say that it constantly gives me alerts that I need to “improve my measuring habit” because I don’t take it at the exact same time every day. If your technology can only work effectively for women who are able to get up at the same exact time every day (aka not mothers with babies), then it’s not doing it’s job.


One suggestion

It’s great that I can keep track of my period and everything like that, put in what my flow looks like and it’s pretty great! The only thing is that I am on a medication that makes it easy for me to get pregnant but I can’t get pregnant on the medication. So my husband and I use more than one form of birth control. The thing is, FemometerFertilityTracker doesn’t let you put in more than one form of birth control when you add a time you had sex. I use and IUD and either condoms or spermicide. I can only put in one form of birth control. Because the IUD is statistically the most effective, that’s what I always put in, but I’d like to be able to add other forms. So that’s a suggestion to make FemometerFertilityTracker even better than it already is! Also, it really stinks that you have to pay to be able to see their evaluations of what you put in their app, but I understand.


Great app!

FemometerFertilityTracker is everything you need in one place. Not only can you track your periods, pregnancies, ovulation, etc., but it also allows you to track your moods, symptoms, medications, and add notes/pictures to your entries. FemometerFertilityTracker also predicts your future periods, conception rates on each day, and predicted ovulation dates. There are just so many options and features. The membership allows you to view their predictions in more detail and see your past entries expressed as future predictions about various things. Even without the membership, which I do not yet have, FemometerFertilityTracker is still worth it. So if you’re curious about whether you will need to pay in order to enjoy app, you won’t.


Updated Review: overall great app & service!

I have been using FemometerFertilityTracker and thermometer since they were looking for funding through indiegogo to launch the product, back in 2015, and started using products a few months later. I love the data and how it helps me track my cycle with a multitude of information. The company’s customer service and response has been really amazing! I have had a couple issues with glitches around my account or app over 4 years (which is bound to happen with any new device/app), but Femometer ‘s Team has really quickly responded to and fixed all of my problems and concerns.


I like this!

I started out with a different app for bbt recording, period tracking and NFP purposes, but I was unhappy with that app. FemometerFertilityTracker however, is really good! It lets you edit cycles (including flow, color, clots and pain levels), record notes, record height and weight, record sickness or headaches and etc, and has an alarm to help you remember to take your temp. It syncs with the thermometer well and FemometerFertilityTracker also provides an online store to purchase more thermometers, batteries, etc. FemometerFertilityTracker allows you to record ovulation test results and has a nice calendar to help forecast cycles. I’m really pleased so far and I wish I had bought this thermometer and app first!


Started charging for things app users originally had for free

It would be better if the chart showed your peak LH days and interpreted your fertility window. It feels like a lot of information is in different places on FemometerFertilityTracker . The chart would be a great place to have all the information come together. Additionally, the mood indicators are incredibly limited. I find myself wanting to track moods as I go but can never find a mood that is fitting. I believe FemometerFertilityTracker only offers nine. Even a customized mood option would be great. UPDATE: In the recent update for FemometerFertilityTracker the intelligent recognition which used to be free now requires a subscription. I hate when apps do this. Charge for new development not things that we have had for free all along. And by "free" I mean for the $45 we paid for the Femometer thermometer to begin with...


I’m loving this device and app.

I sync my thermometer every day so I’ve never had an issue with lost info like in the comments. I love the graph and calendar and the analysis it gives you after every temp. I always have Bluetooth on and if I’m too tired in the morning to make sure it syncs, all I do is take the cap off later in the day and sync it. But I take my temp when my husband leaves for work which is at 5:30am and go back to sleep. Honestly, I’ve fallen asleep with it in my mouth just to wake up to the 3 beeps and then I recap it and go back to bed for another hour and a half.


Couldn’t even get it to sync with my iPhone

I was so excited for FemometerFertilityTracker. I’ve been trying to conceive for 14 years and was happy to find an app that looked so simple and easy to use. When I got the fermometer the instructions said to take the cap off and then turn on Bluetooth and follow the prompts. Well, no matter what I did it would not sync or do anything. When I took the cap off it made a beep so I know the battery wasn’t dead but even in settings under Bluetooth it would search for devices and the fermometer would never show up. I’m so disappointed. I was really looking forward to using the fermometer. I’ve used other parts of FemometerFertilityTracker and I like the interface, but there are others that can do the same thing. The difference was the fermometer and having it automatically sync to FemometerFertilityTracker . I wish I could use that part.


Poor data recording ability

This thermometer seems absolutely great right out of the box, but there have definitely been a few days where the thermometer beeps "3 times" like it should after it's recorded your temperature, but then it doesn't upload to FemometerFertilityTracker . I'be had 3 days now where I've taken my temperature, heard the "3 beeps" and then gotten out of bed and did my morning routine. After my routine I would go back to my phone to upload my temperature, and the data would look like it would start to update but then wouldn't never record. Super annoying considering how much more expensive this version was than other standard BBT thermometers out there! Definitely won't recommend the thermometer or app to those trying to conceive.


Good for tracking, bad for pregnancy verification

When I purchased the test strips, I downloaded the application and it is extremely easy to use to track BBT, LH, and CM during my cycle, even allowing me to compare it to other users and providing insight. On 13 DPO, I received a faint line on the HCG strip, but FemometerFertilityTracker couldn’t recognize it, making me think I was seeing things. I verified it on a Clear Blue the following morning, and the strip was still unrecognizable by FemometerFertilityTracker . I blood tested at 25 mlu at the doctor that day. Two days later, my blood test results were 81 mlu but the application still couldn’t register the faint line. It’s been two more days, and the line is much darker so for fun I registered it on FemometerFertilityTracker that came back with an undetermined 20 mlu result (and I have a new iPhone so it isn’t the camera). Overall, FemometerFertilityTracker is easy to use and good at monitoring cycles, but don’t use it to verify pregnancy. I’m high risk because of previous ectopic/MC, and I wouldn’t want somebody to depend on FemometerFertilityTracker because it is highly inaccurate.


Nice interface

I really like FemometerFertilityTracker and plan to make it my main fertility tracking app for natural birth control. I’ve previously used 2 other apps, and the interface on this one is a huge improvement over those. I like that it doesn’t have ads, just in-app purchases. (I’m using the free version.) I only wish it tracked more of your symptoms on the chart, and that you could edit more of your data details offline, for when I happen to be disconnected.


Takes FOREVER to open.

I used to really like FemometerFertilityTracker. I used it for fertility tracking and through the first 7 months of my pregnancy to track weight and other miscellaneous things. But recently it has started taking a ridiculous amount of time to open FemometerFertilityTracker . Basically it will open to the main screen but have the little “thinking” icon in the middle of the screen and preventing you from doing anything until it finishes thinking. Sometimes it literally takes minutes for it to go away. It’s infuriating to wait for that when all you want to do is make a note of your weight. I would have highly recommended FemometerFertilityTracker before and given it 4-5 stars, but not right now. Maybe once they fix this issue. It’s not convenient to use anymore.

Is Femometer Fertility Tracker Safe?

Yes. Femometer Fertility Tracker is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 44,369 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Femometer Fertility Tracker Is 64.7/100.

Is Femometer Fertility Tracker Legit?

Yes. Femometer Fertility Tracker is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 44,369 Femometer Fertility Tracker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Femometer Fertility Tracker Is 64.7/100.

Is Femometer Fertility Tracker not working?

Femometer Fertility Tracker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 4 Comments

By Géresi Adrienn
May 29 2022

For yesterday morning (2022.05.28.) I was logged out and if I have tried to log in it notes that my account has logged in from another device that can't be true. Please help me, I have data on it from more than 2 yrs. Thanks!

By Asia
Nov 13 2020

I have been using this app for a few months when all of a sudden the app will not refresh anytime it is opened. It seems as if its not connecting with my cellular service or wifi either, only app that is not working and timing is crucial right now. this is awful please assist with updating the app?

By Carrie
Oct 23 2020

I’m having the exact same issue as Haylee noted above. I try to open the app and it starts to open and immediately shuts down. I have also restarted my phone and it is fully updated so it seems to be an issue with the app.

By Haylee
Oct 22 2020

Hi there. Every time I open the Femometer app it starts to load and then closes. Ive restarted my phone and updated it but it is still not working :(

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