Elation Passport for Patients Reviews

Elation Passport for Patients Reviews

Published by on 2020-07-15

Manage your health and communicate with your healthcare provider using your
existing Elation passport account. With Elation Passport you can: • Review
your lab results, visit summaries, and stay up-to-date on your care plan. •
Easily send and receive messages to your provider. • Get 24...

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Elation Passport for Patients Reviews

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    Nice app; needs work

    I love the convenience of the app; the ease of communication with my doctor is awesome. However: 1. The app seems to have a limit on the message size. My big complaint here: it gives you a generic failed to send error but doesn’t tell you why. If I break up my message into several chunks, it goes through. I expect that there is a hidden limit on the message size. Assuming that’s true, I need that limit greatly expanded, and a display of characters used vs available. 2. Does not support FaceID and doesn’t support any other authentication. I’d like to see it support FaceID and a third party 2-factor authenticator like Authy, Google, or Microsoft. 3. Is like to see a reply option to emails 4. I’d like to be able to choose which person I am responding to. My only choice is my primary doctor - but I see a different doctor in the office and I can’t reach out to get directly. I also can’t reach out to the front office staff - this means I have to call in or go through my doctor to talk to them — that’s a waste of her time & my time. 5. I’d like to see that attachments kept in a repository where I could go find them easily to reread.

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    My intention isn’t to disparage but the app crashes almost instantaneously upon opening...

    I’ve used this app before and when functioning properly it’s an excellent application and reasonably accessible one at that. However, I have an IPhone XR with, ostensibly, the most current operating system and it seems as though the app is unsupported on my phone. To paint a picture: I click on the app, one second passes, and the app crashes. I haven’t any such issues with every other application on my phone, leading me to believe the issue lies within this app rather than my phone. I am hopeful that the developer will be able to remedy this soon and look forward to updating my review to to one extolling the true value of the application.

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    Need updated more frequently

    The app needs to be updated to take advantage of features in iOS. I shouldn’t have to enter my email and password every time to authenticate when technologies such as Face ID and Touch ID exist. As it stands today, I have to hide the word suggestions on my keyboard when typing messages as they obscure the reply field. Word suggestions are not new, neither is Face/Touch ID. The time put forth developing the patent interface to this EMR platform needs to be increased as there is at most four updates a year but usually only “bug fixes”. If memory serves correctly, it took over a year to have the app take advantage of the larger screen on the newer iPhones.

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    Poorly designed - app only allows access to one practice

    Elation is trying to be a user-friendly and modern portal for correspondence between patients and our doctors. That’s great. Unfortunately, the app has one astonishingly terrible limitation: you can’t be connected to more than one practices! That means if you have, say, two or three separate offices (ex: your pcp, your ob/gyn, your ENT doctor) that ALL use passport, the app will allow you access to one of those offices, but none of the others. There is no way to add another. In the online portal, you can simply choose which medical group you are looking for and it will switch you to seeing communications from and with them. You can add as many as you want. I’m astonished at this limitation. It seems uniquely stupid and like something they should have considered as soon as they created it, if they are trying to become a revolutionary communication tool for the medical industry as a whole. When I corresponded with Elation support, they said this is something they are aware of and plan to adjust eventually, but have no specific date or timeline for it.

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    Excellent design

    Love this app! This allows me to communicate with my doctor on my phone easily, which used to be impossible. Anyone else who has had the painful experience of waiting on hold for a doctor to get back to you, I highly recommend you download this app. Ask your doctor if they use elation because it really helps the patient experience too.

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    Needs a bit more work

    Other reviewers have hit the main points. This is probably the only app on my entire Phone that won’t use Touch ID or even allow me to have it remember my login. I have to authenticate on my phone multiple times already just to get to my home screen. I know it is senditive and private health data but I have other portal like health apps to communicate with doctors that allow the above, so so know it is at least possible.

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    Won’t launch.

    It continues to amaze me how every service merchant (doctors and insurance companies included with restaurants and grocery stores) think I want another single use app on my mobile. I have so many, I don’t even know what half of the do or why I have them. It even worse when the app won’t start. So now I get email notification saying there “is a message from you doctor” - but the app that I have to open to view it in won’t launch. Honestly, I’m deleting the app and finding a new doctor that will just call if he there is a message for me.

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    Unable to write messages to my doctor

    When I try to type a message on my iPhone 5s, the page scrolls so that the message text is completely obscured by the keyboard. When I try to scroll so that the message text is visible, the keyboard is dismissed. When I tap the message text field, it moves down below the keyboard again. Also, the app does not remember my login information even when I select that option. I have to enter my email address and password every time I get a notification that I have a message.

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    Very Poor Design

    Almost every medical clinic and doctor has their own portal system. I probably have over a dozen different medical portals all with various degrees of usefulness. Some day it would be great if the medical community could settle on one. However I have to say that this portal and the implementation used by my doctor is by far the worst of all of them. It is nothing more than a secure message system and provides no other value. I do not know if this is because of the way my doctor chooses to implement this portal or if the portal is just poorly designed.

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    Terrible User Experience

    You can’t use one email for multiple doctors. You’ll get notifications when different doctors add you into their Elation but you can only see the first doctor’s messages. You can’t change your password yourself and your doctor will need to initiate that on their end. If you done goofed and clicked the link your doctor sent you and didn’t finish your setup, you’re stuck until your doctor sends you another prompt.

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    Not functional

    Seems like a big part of this app is communications with a doctor. After receiving a message from my physician, I just tried to write a message back only to find that the text composer was mostly covered up by the keyboard such that I couldn’t see/confirm what I was typing. This makes it impossible to compose a message as a reply. Unfortunately, these app developers don’t seem to thoroughly test their product before deploying.

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    Typically I'd have a really low bar for any "tech" my dr offers, but the Elation experience is legitimately great. I feel like my doc and I have stepped into the modern era. I can use this like I use my other apps and services. That can't be said for any other experience in healthcare.

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    Helpful & easy to use!

    I like having quick access to notes from my doctor. It’s easy to pull up and refer to lab results through the app. I also like that I can easily message my doctor through the app.

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    Okay app

    I like that I can easily send a message to my doctor using this app. The only problem that I have with this app is that I can only view one doctor’s account (the initial doctor that set up my account). I can’t toggle between my two different doctors that use this program. The only way I can view both doctors is if I login through safari or any internet browser.

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    Useless in current version

    This app won’t work on my new phone with iOS 13.1.2. It crashes immediately when you try to open it. Previously I found it clunky and clearly untested (keyboard for instance blocking the the text box you type in). But now, in its current state, it’s unusable. I have even deleted the app and reloaded it. Still crashes. Not a good look for your real customer, the doctor’s office you represent.

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Is Elation Passport for Patients Safe?

No. Elation Passport for Patients does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 110 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Elation Passport for Patients Is 17.6/100.

Is Elation Passport for Patients Legit?

No. Elation Passport for Patients does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 110 Elation Passport for Patients User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Elation Passport for Patients Is 17.6/100.

Is Elation Passport for Patients not working?

Elation Passport for Patients works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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