Echelon Fit Reviews

Echelon Fit Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-27

Keeping fit and active is a great way to de-stress, stay positive and keep
motivated during times of uncertainty. The Echelon Fit App provides studio
experience in your home with live, on-demand and scenic classes. Cycling,
Rowing, Running, Strength Training, Yoga and more! Choose to pe...

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Echelon Fit Reviews

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    Awesome product and exceptional support

    After much research into the various live studio fitness bike/app combos I finally decided to purchase the Echelon Connect bike and accompanying app Echelon Fit. The bike arrived and was easy to set up. I downloaded the app before the bike arrived to play with it a bit and liked how easy it was to use. When my bike arrived I connected it to the app effortlessly and started my first ride. Within minutes the app froze and I had to restart it. This happened twice more. I made sure my iPad was up to date and had the latest version of the app installed, both were up to date. I contacted Echelon through Facebook messenger and about 10 minutes later they asked for my phone number. Minutes later I received a call from one of the software developers who checked everything again with me and the suggested I delete the app and reinstall it as it may not have updated correctly. Problem solved, now working perfectly! Support like this is why I chose Echelon over Peloton and I could not be happier with my choice!

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    App isn’t that bad

    Most reviews say the app doesn’t store your progress- it doesn’t if you don’t have a subscription. However, you can sign up for after ride emails (total breakdown of your ride) in the settings. I do wish there was more of a data break down (resistance, cadence, heart rate and output graphs). The Apple Watch connectivity is pointless. Other competitor apps have issues connecting to the Apple Watch as well. It’s a smart watch not a fitness tracker like Garmin or Polar. If you want an accurate reading, you need to purchase a chest strap 🤷🏻‍♀️. I’d like to see the new leaderboard, VS feature and the badges. I’m really looking forward to it where this goes especially with the newly acquired members during Covid lockdown. It’s a fairly new platform so there’s lots of room for improvement. All the other reviews try and compare it to competitors who’ve been in the fitness game for 5+ years.

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    Bugs, can’t even set-up equipment

    Where do I start? Just got the bike. Created an account and every screen is buggy. Adding an account took forever. It said my account was already registered, which it hasn’t been. Then after doing it I see 3 profiles under my home screen with my name. When I signed up for a membership it said I had to select a country. I did select a country. Had to restart and try again. Tried setting up equipment and it’s totally blank. Can’t even select any equipment. Then after the 50th + restart, the app loads the equipment options. I select the connect sport and it tells me to select a store but another blank screen. After restarting the app, my phone, uninstalling, reinstalling, and even trying it on a browser I still can’t access the classes and/or add my equipment. Called customer service, no answer, had to leave a voicemail. 2 hours later and no response. I’m frustrated. I’ve never seen an app with so many issues. They should work all of this out before rolling it out OR have better customer service to assist. Meanwhile I just installed peloton, no issues, and can use my bike with that app, which is what I plan on doing. Just wish I could at least see my stats through echelon.

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    Equipment is great..... app is terrible!

    This bike was purchased as a Christmas gift from my husband. The app is TERRIBLE! I love the bike! Every time I’ve logged in and connected the bike to my iPad or iphone it shows I’m not subscribed, which I am. Then in order to access classes I’m asked to upgrade at a cost of $150 more per year than what I initially signed up for. In order to get the app to reload my subscription I’ve had to delete and reload three times on both my iPad and my iphone. And customer service.... yeah that’s terrible too. I sent an email on Christmas Day and have yet to receive a response three days later. I attempted to chat via the live chat on the app and that resulted in me having to back out of the app every time to send a response only to get the response that someone would email or call me. Still no response on that either. And please don’t send the response that’s sent to everyone else that it’s a Bluetooth issue and an update is coming. This isn’t a Bluetooth issue. I can’t even see the classes even when I open the app to view which ones I want to participate in even when the bike is not connected. Guess I’ll use the bike with the Peloton app! Ridiculous!

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    Echelon Connect

    I bought this bike right before Christmas. At first I had some difficulties with the app, but the team responded to my needs and did a great job putting me and my wife in the right direction. I really enjoy the upgrades and the responsive customer service team. I’ve been using it for about a month, and decided today that it was time to write a report based on my accounts. I give them a five, not just because the app has been upgraded and works well, but because the team has been fantastic and receptive to our needs, and I hope that you are having the same response. Patience is something we all need. Sometimes before jumping to write something negative which affects people in a great way, take your time learn about it, try it, tinker with it, and then provide them with your feedback. For me, my Feedback is an outstanding customer service and product. A 10 even after a bumpy start! Thank you Echelelon!

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    Needs A Lot of Improvement

    This app needs a lot of work. The leaderboard doesn’t accurate present your output the entire time, and it also doesn’t move you to a new spot on the board as your output increases. The app also doesn’t save your stats so there’s no record of a “personal best”. Searching for classes is very junky - the app will reload and ignore the search parameters you specified while your searching for classes which is very annoying. You can’t change your height and weight within the app so the calories output is also inaccurate (not sure if this adjusts when you attach a Fitbit, but not everyone has one). The instructors are fine, they seem more like cyclists teaching a spin class than spin instructors. The drills are very basic and the advanced classes aren’t very advanced. Usually you spend half of your time in a spin class out of the seat but these instructors barely do that. You will get a good sweat but you don’t get the same motivation from watching an instructor teach a class. (These classes are done filming an instructor alone in a studio) You get what you pay for with this app and classes.

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    It’s ok

    I have had this bike for about 8 months now and the only reason I got was because I didn’t want to wait a month to receive the Peloton but starting to think the Peloton was worth the wait?!? My sister has the peloton and raves about the community and her friends. I talked my best friend and my mom out of getting the Peloton and getting the echelon instead which they did, I have requested them to my friends list and they are not showing up! Also, I hate the fact the bike doesn’t not sync up to my Apple Watch, yes I know I can download an app and it will work but I don’t want to have to download an additional app just for that, that is super annoying! Especially because I got the Apple Watch specifically for fitness tracking! We’re in the 21st century now this should be a no brainer! Whenever I start my Nike app workouts it automatically starts my watch, echelon let’s get on the same page!!!!! Please fix the friends issues and the ability to connect to Apple Watch!

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    App needs work - bike is great

    The bike is excellent and the classes are great but the app is simply awful. It doesn’t track your stats or any class you take if it’s not a love class. They just did an update so now when your in class all the info at the bottom doesn’t show everything on the screen you kind of have to guess at your cadence and resistance. There is a progress section in the app but has been down for maintenance since I got the bike 2 weeks ago. Their customer service team is also terrible, I’ve emailed 3 times about the app not downloading on my iPad and not tracking ride info and have yet to receive a response, their chat service is pretty useless because when you have an issue they tell you to email and that you’ll hear a response in less than 24 hours which isn’t accurate. I love the bike and the classes but had I known there were that many issues with the app I would have invested in a different bike with better programming.

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    Love this app and bike!!

    I don’t understand the negative reviews. I purchased my bike from QVC and it has been everything they said it would be!! I started riding it March 1st and have lost 14 pounds in three weeks! I love the convenience of having it my own home and not having to take the time to go to the gym. I will ride 25/30 minutes in the morning and another 25/30 minutes later on. And sometimes if I have 10 minutes free I’ll jump on and do a quick 10/15 minute class. It’s sturdy, quiet and convenient to move from one place to another. And to be able to work my arms at the same time as my legs is a double bonus. The app is wonderful!! The instructors are very good, personable and know how to keep me motivated! I have my favorite classes but also try many of the other ones. I actually look forward to using it everyday!! Thank you Echelon!! I’d be lost without my bike and the app!!

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    Bike is grApp, Customer support & 6 months free activation I paid for is a nightmare

    Bike seems good, but cannot really use it. Spent over 1.5 hours trying to sign up for the 6 months free that was supposed to be included in my purchase. Echelon rep told me take the first 90 days and deal with the other 90 later. No thanks, not what I purchased. Would not let me speak to a supervisor. I phoned Walmart for help, because this is where I purchased. WM could not get the problem sorted with Echelon, either. ECHELON CHAT SAID, Send proof of purchase, after registering online, and entering my credit card, but still issues with the 6 month offer not working. After several emails and uploads of chats and receipt, 3 days later Echelon responds and wants my receipt again. In the interim, I had to again register, entering serial number, credit card, date of purchase, and now it looks like I have two accounts, both of which are of no value, because apparently I need a passcode I do not have to access the app and use the online classes. This is ridiculous. It should not be this difficult. I want to use the app and spin!

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    Reading this before you buy a bike?! Do it! You won’t regret it.

    It’s recently come to my attention that folks are being discouraged from buying the bike due to bad reviews about the app — do not be discouraged! I’ve run into the occasional glitch with the app, but nothing that has ever messed up a ride. Developers seem to work on problems quickly, and the variety of the rides is so fun. I’d love to see the app become a little more manageable in further updates, but for being around less than a year I think it works really well. Connects to bike easily, will run sound through by Bluetooth speaker, and that’s all I need for a great workout! Thanks Echelon!

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    No way to tell level of classes!!!

    UPDATE: How dare ‘Santo’ say he hasn’t heard from me! He most certainly has, and as I mentioned, he responded with poor information. Update: the updated version of the app seems to have no improvement for the rowing machine. Half of the time, the app doesn’t record the stats for the class I did, and the distance is SO far off. I emailed customer service and they told me there was a glitch, and to simply add a zero to my meter distance. That still made NO sense, and even reached out to an awesome instructor who confirmed that was not the way to fix the glitch. Customer service also did not address my issue with stats not being recorded. Classes freeze from time to time, and I’ve even had to restart a class. I can’t believe I pay for this! I just purchased the row machine, and am sitting here in shock as I try to use their sort feature to find a beginner on demand class. Click beginner, zero classes. Ok, click intermediate, zero classes. Advanced, zero classes. Expert, zero classes. It shows there are 131 classes yet no way to tell what level each class is!!!

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    Big let down

    I was so excited about getting this Echelon Rower, but in the end it was a big let down. Now I’m stuck with a good piece of equipment that’s locked into this lousy app. The instructors are not very compelling and the camera angles and sets are dry as is the studio environment and music making it feel like they set up a shoot in some warehouse somewhere. The virtual outdoor content is equally bad video portly shot poorly lit. Warning!!!! No Echelon fitness products function without the app AND an active subscription. Period. They have made the app control all resistance on their equipment meaning that you can’t use their equipment with any other service unless you also subscribe to their service, which as I mentioned is less than awesome and quite expensive especially since Apple Fitness+ is out and is much better in so many ways and less expensive. In short if you have spent your money on any Echelon fitness equipment then you are locked into this lousy app and without this app AND an active subscription you have a really expensive and really big dust collector.

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    I really loved this app and all the classes that are offered...until the app crashed right in the middle of three separate workouts on different days. I don’t know what’s going on, but this unacceptable. How am I, or anyone else, supposed to get through a workout and track my progress properly if the app closes randomly and my bike disconnects. There is a problem, a glitch, a bug, whatever you want to call it that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. I currently have the latest update of the app on an iPad. I went to the App Support website and found yet ANOTHER problem. There are apparently no operators available in the chat to answer questions. Are there even operators at all?? When I look at other reviews, other ppl seem to get the same message that all operators are busy, and are told to send an email instead. Please hire more operators to answer our questions. There are probably thousands of ppl who own an Echelon that might have questions. TD;LR 1) The app crashes in the middle of workout classes 2) There are no operators to answer questions

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    Overall decent

    The app works great and I enjoy the workouts. I spent a few workouts trying out a few different instructors. At first the ones I tried had a low energy level or just failed to really motivate me during the rides. Then I found Nicole Griffin who had the right level of motivation for me and I found myself wanting to come back day after day. I do feel that for the amount of money a subscription costs that there should be a lot more features built into the app. These are the downsides I found: 1. The user interface is very basic. There aren’t a whole lot of search features within the app. The one on demand page is kinda clunky and still does a poor job of giving specific results. 2. The descriptions of each exercise are a sentence and not really descriptive of what the workout entails at all. Mostly cookie cutter explanations of the type of workout rather than specific to the selected workout. 3. It doesn’t read the heart rate off of my Apple Watch. The work around the website gives doesn’t work very well either and also is a little excessive rather then just work in that capability into the app. 4. The music is set to the workout. I would prefer to be able to mute the music and listen to my own. I would love it if I could just hear the instructor and also play my own music on top of that.

A better way to Contact apps

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Is Echelon Fit Safe?

Yes. Echelon Fit is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,334 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Echelon Fit Is 26.8/100.

Is Echelon Fit Legit?

Yes. Echelon Fit is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,334 Echelon Fit User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Echelon Fit Is 26.8/100.

Is Echelon Fit not working?

Echelon Fit works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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