Keyplan 3D Lite - Home design Reviews

Keyplan 3D Lite - Home design Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-31

Keyplan 3D, our new home and interior designer is built on top of a unique
technology unleashing features never seen before on the Appstore. It is a simple
to use, useful and fun App to help you design, build, think and decorate your
home or future home from the ground up. Whether you ar...

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Keyplan 3D Lite - Home design Reviews

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    Mediocrity at it’s Best

    It’s the best that’s out there, but being the winner out of a bunch of losers isn’t that good. The app seems more like an interior design tool than an architectural tool. I’m a licensed engineer & an unlicensed architect (I do both but only went to school for one). I’ve paid for the full version, and would pay a lot more for an even better version. This is a great tool for initial design of side projects, stuff you design when not at your computer or drafting board. Pros - Flyaround navigation for interior design & painting tool is very quick and efficient. Preloaded furniture & sizing tool makes laying out interior items easy. Cons - The scale of the drawing grid is not shown, and can’t be changed. Drawing walls is very clunky. Inserting pre-drawn rooms is not possible, and moving rooms is too. There is no save button, and it is very easy to lose a lot of work. There are very few exterior finish options (clapboard, shingles, siding all missing). Library is 10% of what it should be, very small. No multiple floors. No roofing. No porch, railing, deck, patio options.

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    Works well

    I got this app because I have always had an interest in architecture and interior design. I do enjoy this app (I got the full version, the lite was quite annoying), but it has a few areas that I would like to see improved. For one, I would like to have houses with multiple levels. Even if the floor are side by side, I would really like to have a “duplicate” feature so that I could copy the shape of the lower floor because it is quite difficult to recreate. I would also enjoy a feature that would allow me to add the wall dimensions manually rather than with the slider, because it takes a while to get the measurement I want. I do like the furniture, and the add-ons are lovely. Great choices for flooring and walls, and even the colors of the cabinets and window frames are customizable!! The lite version, however, was the world’s most irritating thing. You could only have one room, and there were many limitations. Had no problem upgrading and I’m glad I did.

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    For once an app with no glitches when I do stuff! Also there are no coins, like you have to pay $100 to get a Couch. Every ting is free! Even though you can only design one room in the lite version it is worth it. Just make a big room with different sections. I am very pleased. I got the game on a Wednesday and by Friday I completed my dream home.😍 truly I get why you have to make a lite version and I don’t blame the designers for making a one room restriction on the lite version. Does it bother me? Yes. Do I like it? No. But do I get why they have to make it so? Yes. People have to make money. You need to have money to live. I highly suggest this game and I thank the designers for making such a good game where you can design simply and quickly. I hope after reading this you will get this app. It is TOTALLY worth it!

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    Good, but missing a few basics.

    It is WAY too difficult to grab and move small items and walls, it tries to move the whole space rather than the object. In the 3D mode and moving any object, you should be able to easily toggle between vertical space and the horizontal plane. As it is, if I try to move something vertically, it flings the object out of the plan entirely when it should stay within the room, even without “snapping” on (moving something from room to room should simply take more movement, or a setting to turn on when you don’t want things to stay put), and when I’m trying to move it horizontally, it often moves vertically. I shouldn’t have to go in and out of floor plan mode just to position something correctly that should be simple. Also, I should be able to rename a plan once it’s been created. Who’s idea was it to not allow that?

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    Potential but no one at home?

    This was exactly what I was looking for so tried the lite version and liked it very much. I tried to buy the full version through an in-app purchase and thought it had gone through but my icon and apple store still say I still have the lite version. So far, so good. Two days later the app now crashes every time I add a window or door to a wall. The program sends an email to the developers when it crashes BUT the address does not exist and so it is returned undelivered. Where did the developers go? There doesn’t appear to be any support for the app. I am left wondering whether I should buy it again and start over but fear I will just loose another $6 plus all the floor plans I already have created. Writing a review appears to be the only way to contact the developers. I hope they will fix this bug (it had worked fine until today) and will make certain I have the full version. I really like the app when it is working!

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    Was good for awhile, then crashed

    I wanted to get a better view of a new apartment and start planning out arrangement for furniture. I’m not any kind of designer or architect. It was annoying that the free version only allows one room but I made do by leaving openings where doors would be. It is clunky and can be frustrating if you’re trying to place a small item or make a wall a specific length. It was all going fine and I opened it this morning to get a picture to share with my mom, but something appears to have happened after I last had it open. If I try to open that design, the app crashes. The file has been totally corrupted and is unretrievable. I can’t delete, duplicate, or add a new layout without paying for the app. I spent most of my sick day yesterday (a good 6 hours) getting this to a point that my mom can use it for reference (it’s her new place, she hasn’t seen it in person) and now it’s gone. My only option is to delete the app, re-download it, and start over or find a new app and start over there.

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    So incredibly happy!!

    I tried 6 other apps before I found this one, I was ripping my hair out with the other ones! This is PERFECT!! What I love is everything is customizable size, other apps let you choose from their presets but no modifications are available! I bought this app for $5.99 after an incredibly brief free demo (which some don’t even have) for the purpose of designing a “tiny house” on wheels and with tiny houses there is a bunch of “custom” things you need to put in. It was absolutely impossible with the other apps!! Only downside is could use tweaking with ability to change colors/textures of walls and furniture. But that’s being VERY picky. Save your hair and just buy this app!!

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    Good but needs work

    Pros: 2D and 3D View, customizable wall widths, variety of options for furniture and other home items, outdoor options, color options, can name each room and see area Cons: Would prefer to have basic furniture pieces like how their drawn in real professional floor plans when I use the 2D view. Need more practical furniture options like basic furniture people bye from ikea or target maybe even from Wayfair. The demo shows exterior ground work like pathways but how do you even add it yourself? Need the option to type in dimensions, it gets a bit annoying sliding it to try and get the dimensions right. My house has arched ceilings so it’d be great to have ceiling options. It’d also be great to have curtain options for windows and more window type options. Would also like to see garage doors.

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    Love it but needs updates

    This app is pretty great, especially the purchased version. It really helps you put your plans down and see them in view. The things I suggest, and hope for is; firstly, I wish you could make your plan have levels (upstairs/downstairs) not just having to layout floors side by side. Also, it tends to “glitch” by either having some white wall looking thing all of a sudden pop up and go across my whole plan(s), until I go back far enough to get rid of it but then it just pops up again. The other common glitch is not being able to drag appliances or items, not matter how many times I try to “grab it”. Lastly, I wish you guys would put in the ability to add a deck or porch! I do like this app a lot, but I would love it if these issues were addressed!

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    Super Easy!

    Loving this easy to use app to design our new home and outbuilding. Nice balance of ease with good 3D rendering for the price of a cup of coffee. It’s not construction drawing level but sure helps visualize size and space. Much cheaper and handy to make revisions than sending to the architect over and over again. Limited to one level but able to handle an entire site plan. No roofs but enough objects to lay out an entire floor plan. Also able to add colors and textures to floors, walls, chairs, etc. - pretty cool! You will spend more time than you think doodling with it. Hoping they add more objects in the future like ATV’s, automobile types, etc. Very satisfied!

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    It’s very functional

    I got this app because I am getting a new bedroom and I wanted to be able to plan it out. This app is a little bit tricky at first but it’s a lot more precise than most. You can enter the exact dimensions, and unlike other apps you can save your plan. I have the lite version because I don’t wanna pay for anything, but I believe it is a very good app. Some areas it could improve on is having actual real life products you can buy that u can place in your rooms. It would also be nice to be able to maybe take a picture of your items in your room you already have and they can make a 3D version of it as the same style of the app. Other than that it’s a very good app and I recommend getting it .

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    I bought this, and I loved it. Once I found out you needed to buy the full thing I was down. This looked great for being on a phone and people need money so why not. I bought it in app, paid for everything, went through all the dumb stuff, and it didn’t work. Every time i tried to buy it again, it would tell me I already bought and began downloading, and then the game froze. So I thought to search online. I saw the app of the full game, bought that, and it worked perfectly. In conclusion, if you want the full version do not buy the in app purchase; go to the Apple store and buy it from there. I also emailed for a refund and haven’t heard a response so...if you see this I guess?

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    Love the app

    Great for playing around to see what you like. I got this up thinking that it was going to be another one of those scam apps but when I downloaded it and actually realized that this app was a keeper. After about 2 or 3 min days that I started using it I upgraded and purchased a couple of the packs. I don’t regret that. I love everything put in it and it makes it super easy to see what you are building and what you may want to build. the only downfall yet is I have not figured out how to do a two-story house. I don’t know if that’s just me or if it’s the app but we’ll see.

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    The full version is not a “Full” version so beware before purchasing.

    The app is okay, not as great as I hoped. Unlike some other design apps you can only build at one level only. It would be nice if we could just change the level (altitude?) of the landscape (I have a one story house, but you go up steps because it’s slightly raised). The 3-d portion doesn’t really work as well as some other similar apps. I bought the “Full” version hoping to recreate my house and look at different ways to update it before redecorating, but they don’t actually say the “full” version doesn’t include everything. Not sure why they even call it full when there are more dlc packs. 🙄. Annoying because it says it has ‘everything ‘. I would have paid more for an actual “full” version with EVERYTHING included. There’s even packs that are locked unless you rate them (as I am now), or ‘sell’ your friends emails to them. Yeah, no. Very disappointed. I suggest that the “full” version be renamed to something less specific like ‘basic’ or ‘lite’ or whatever. As well as adding a better description of what it includes.

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    Game with a lot of potential...but hard to make that happen

    I got this game a few days ago. It’s a nice simple way to design a little home for you or your family. But there is a little tweak I would like fixed. It’s really hard to navigate. In Minecraft, they have navigation arrows. I know that it is hard to put those arrows in to navigate yourself around, but if you could find a way to update that little error, that would be fantastic. And also how do I make a second story for my house. There is no point having staircase options if you can’t even get a second level, please make that an option. Then I will give this a 5 star review

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