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1. Logile Connect makes life simpler for employees and managers by allowing them to complete schedule related tasks while on the go.

2. NOTE: To enable this application your employer must have Logile’s Employee Self Service and Labor Scheduling modules configured.

3. Employees can view their schedule, submit requests for time-off and availability changes, swap shifts, and more.

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Logile Connect simplifies life for both employees and managers by providing the ability to complete task- and schedule-related activities anywhere. Employees can: View schedules Swap shifts Bid on posted shifts Submit requests for time off Submit availability changes Submit punch requests Complete assigned tasks In addition, managers can: View department schedules Post bid shifts Respond to requests Monitor task completion NOTE: To enable this application your employer must have Logile’s Employee Self-Service, Employee Scheduling, Time & Attendance and/or Execution Compliance modules configured. Individual features must be configured by your employer’s system administrator and may not be available. Contact your system administrator for details.

Top Logile Connect Reviews

  • By Ok\

    Sometimes the calendar syncs, sometimes it doesn’t....

    And when it doesn’t, there is no way of retrying. This is extremely annoying.

  • By Yo, It's JayP

    Can’t login

    Does not let me login with Coborn’s SSO. Just says “Please wait,” and nothing happens. Used to work in iPhone 6s, but not on iPhone 11 now. Please fix this issue, please and thank you!

  • By Joeys1224

    Login in

    When I try to sign in it times out and it was working before this update Thanks

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