Yarn - Chat & Text Stories Reviews

Yarn - Chat & Text Stories Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-18

Ever wanted to snoop through people’s conversations and not feel guilty for
it? Want to enter a world of suspense and horror but not up for a long read?
Well, now you can! Every Yarn story is told as a short text message
conversation, as if you are watching someone else's text messages....

Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

Yarn - Chat & Text Stories Reviews

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    It’s ok, I guess..

    It’s a good app, but I don’t like how you have to pay to see/watch a picture/video. I can’t seem to find a way to make my own story, which is disappointing because, in my personal opinion I’m a very good story writer, and I would like to share that with others. But I can’t find an option, to make a story! I have looked everywhere and can’t seem to find it! I’m not so happy about that! Please fix this because, the fact that I can’t find a way to make my own story, takes all the fun out of the app. I don’t just wanna read other people’s story’s, and not have enough others read mine as well. That’s the entire reason why I downloaded this app, to write a story. Yea, reading others is fun and all, but I’d rather read mine! If you would rather make your own story and not read someone else’s..then don’t download the app! It’s a waste of your time...TRUST ME!!!!

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    I don’t know why the this app has all these good reviews, or why it's advertised all over Snapchat as "great great great"..... If I could give it zero stars I would. It's advertised like you don't have to pay anything to be able to use it and that's just a flat out lie. you get literally 10 "messages" (like lines from characters in a play) of ONE story for free, and then that’s it! And you don't even get to pick which story, it just asks you "steamy or scary" and then starts something random... So unless you want to pay five dollars a WEEK, you get nothing except an app that pops up with "pay us!!" Every time you click ANYTHING, you can't even navigate the app to see if there's anything worth paying the money for without paying.... Not to mention, that’s waaaay too much money for stupid fake text messages, especially when there is free stuff ALL OVER the internet. Heck, try reddit, there are whole forums dedicated to any genré of story you could want. And the quarter of the story I got wasn’t even anything entertaining... there were these pictures that were blurred out and you couldn’t view them without paying five bucks a picture.... No way... This app is a waste of space and energy. Don't waste your time.

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    Please do not waste your time with downloading this app. It gives you one story and that’s it. I do not know if there is a timer. There is nothing to indicate that there is. However, it gives you ONE STORY AND ONE STORY ONLY. IT DOES NOT GIVE YOU ANY ACCESS TO IMAGES, VIDEOS, OR PHONE CALLS DURING THE FIRST STORY. If you leave the story and try to start another or go back to the one you were reading, it will just pop up the “Become a YARN VIP” screen. That screen doesn’t even display any helpful information either! THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE CATEGORY, TAB, SECTION, NOT A SINGLE THING, DEDICATED TO EXPLAINING HOW EVERYTHING WORKS. It does not say you need to wait a certain time. It does not say you need to do anything to unlock stories. It just pops up the vip purchase screen. That’s it. Please, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! Unless this changes, or something is done to fix this bug/issue, if it even is one(I think that it is intentional seeing how there is no information within the app about what is what and about how everything works). I could go on and on but those are the major issues above. Thanks for reading!

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    VIP for everything

    I download this thinking I’d get some fun scary stories to read, but oh how much I was wrong. I first open the app and there’s no menu or interface or account stuff or anything, just all these stories. I start reading the one they randomly picked for me and then I’m met with a timer right in the middle. I’m ok with timers for free apps, even video ads to speed up the timers (free apps gotta make money somehow), but not right in the middle of the chapter! Then I find that I can’t read the next chapter without paying $4.99 a week. So I tried looking around at new stories too and find out I can’t even start them without paying $4.99 a week. This is a total rip off! You don’t even get to choose your first story, can’t even finish a chapter in one sitting, and then can’t read anything but the first chapter of the first story without paying $4.99 a week. Then on top of all of it, you don’t get to see any pictures or videos in that one chapter without paying $4.99 a week. Honestly how stingy can a company be? At this point why even bother make the app free?!

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    Feedback on the game (Changes, please do)

    I wanted to read some cool stories but this app makes it difficult to read them. I was reading a scary story and just as I started to understand it it ends and I have to wait 30 minutes to continue!!!!! I really don’t want to have to pay every week to READ. If you want money just make the app cost money not a subscription. I think a lot more people would get the game if they only have to pay once, and you can have exclusive subscriptions (that cost money) for the cooler stories that are just coming out or that are new. But for old stories that are already out just let them be free so others can watch without paying, and if people want to see NEW stories they can get the subscription to watch as soon as they come out. That’ll make things a lot easier and less time consuming, and people won’t have to wait to watch (or read) the next episode of their favorite story.

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    I downloaded this app for some scary story fun but when I opened the app, it brought me straight to the story, (after I chose scary or romantic) I didn’t even get to choose what story I wanted to read. So I ended up just continuing to read. It wouldn’t let me see any calls, images,etc. On top of that you can’t read any other episodes, chapters, or stories without paying $4.99 a week! (Might as well just make us buy the app to download it) This was a huge waste of time. I don’t know if it has a timer because there’s no way to indicate if there is or isn’t one. I don’t recommend this app. When you click out of the story there is a variety of selections you can make to read, but if you click on it then it pops up with a “VIP Yarn” page. (Which you have to pay $4.99 to be a VIP) This app was a waste of time and was a huge inconvenience. Until they fix the issues and/or bugs, I will not have any further association with the app!!!! NOT IMPRESSED!!!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!! Thanks for reading!

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    One of the worst apps ever

    Why wait to know the next part I always get into the story sooo much then BAM I have to wait 25 minutes don’t you see what you are doing here you are making the app worse with the time at least make it so there are in-game coins so each time you finish one part you get 10 coins and you can use 40 coins to skip the wait for 3 times that would make me rate it a 5 but in my head actually 6.5 and you should be able to watch maybe 1 or 2 ads to skip the wait for any amount you want for example you watch 10 ads in a row then the next 5 waits you get to skip but if you do one ad then you skip 12 minutes of the wait so 1000 ads make the next 500 waits off and when it’s the next part it says do you want to use 1 skip? You have ________ skips (The _______ is how many skips you have it tells you) so yeah that would make it a really good story app or make it you can use coins or watch ads

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    About the app!

    See I think that this app is a very cool idea to have. Like you could read text messages as stories, about love and scary or even comics. But the thing is that it’s sad about it is that we have to pay just to read them, like you can’t even read one word from a story cause it automatically takes you to a “paying page”. Like every time I see that I just get out of the app and uninstall it. It’s such a waste of time. Like I just want to read something off of it. Cause I always see people posting on their Snapchat like “hey you should try this app called yarn it’s soooo cool and you could read really cool stories”. Like I want to experience this amazing app but unfortunately I can’t cause I have to pay to read it which is soooo stupid and annoying. So, if you feel like paying 5 dollars a week just to read stories, I wouldn’t download this app at all. It’s a waste of time (no offense) and it’s useless to have. Sorry, for all the negativity but that’s how I feel thank you!

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    It’s just not the best

    A little while back a used to have yarn but I had to delete it because I had no more storage. (I had to delete a lot of stuff). This morning when I woke up some stuff had downloaded by it self I deleted all of that stuff and decided that I would keep Yarn. I tried to read some story’s but I could not because it makes u pay. At the beginning it has a camper story. And it was really good but that is the only story that I could read and I am not about to pay money to read a story and look at pictures and videos. Me and my bestie Makayla we loved reading it on the bus. I now got to download Hooked it’s a way better scary reading app and if that is horrible I am going to delete that and write a review. Please fix your app and I will download it again.

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    If you want to spend money...

    I was interested in this, and I decided to look up the kind of story I was interested in. However, every time I clicked on one of the results, I just got a pop up saying I needed to buy a membership to access the story. There were some free stories, but even when I was reading through one, after a certain point, I couldn’t continue the story without getting the pop up about having to buy a membership, so I couldn’t finish the story. The layout didn’t help much, and made finding stories a bit confusing, since I would search for stories and click on them to see what they were about, but instead I’d just get thrown into the story. There doesn’t seem to be a free way to gain access to the other stories like watching ads or anything, at least not that I saw. Most of the content that was free didn’t appeal to me, so I ended up deleting the app.

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    I don’t know....

    When I first got the game a few hours ago... I didn’t know why people were giving it such bad reviews. When I opened it up it gave me an option between Steamy or Scary, I like scary so that’s what I chose, also I didn’t understand what “Steamy” meant. It showed me a chat episode about some creepy ex boyfriend on a camp sight or something... I clicked on episode 2 and it showed me this pop-up that I could get a week free and if I wanted to change it I could go into setting to change it, or I could pay 70$ for a year of that. But it doesn’t say you can’t watch anymore chats/texts. It says watch fun thrilling chats and videos. I didn’t realize it meant I COULDN’T WATCH ANY OTHER CHATS!!! I was just mad because it doesn’t say that when you buy the game. It acts like it’s totally free but you really have to pay 70$ for the game if you want to play for awhile at least... Thank you for reading till the end.😊

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    Overpriced and underwhelming. GET HOOKED or another story app

    i have been able to find 1 story that i’m able to read and it won’t let me finish it. Every single story i select, it asks me to use a free week then if that week isn’t cancelled 24 hours before the last day i’m charged 100 per year... Who wants to pay 100 for little stories? it’s a ripoff and waste off money. Trying to use this app without paying tons of money is impossible. it was a waste of time to download this app. the advertisements on Snapchat and Instagram are useless this app shouldn’t exist. Receiving one story for free is a joke. i clicked on countless other stories and nothing works. why not use ads and videos to get your money? why put timers and subscriptions to kill all of your users? no one is buying your premium and the fact that that hasn’t been recognized and changed is poor management. HOOKED is a much better app. Learn from your competition.

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    Was bad, then got worse.

    This app was okay... at the beginning. I, a while back, had Yarn and it was okay. The stories were cheesy, but some were legitimately unsettling. The problem is you had to wait. I got tired of waiting because I would forget the stories between waits, so deleted the app. I recently got it again and to basically to ANYTHING in the app you have to pay. Wanna read the next story in a short amount of time, pay. See images from stories, pay. Watch videos, pay. Read a different story, pay. I could live without seeing the images and videos, but I can’t even read another chapter! The chapters are also VERY short so it is not worth your time. I feel that people should be at least able to read an amount that is more than ONE chapter. I’m never gonna get this app again. If you aren’t willing to pay a stupid amount of money to read cheesy and fake stories, then I do not recommend.

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    I love yarn

    The reason why I titled it I love yard is because your name is like it doesn’t choose the episodes for you it has you Tuesday and then later on like it’ll let you like or do you want to change the story just in case the last time we did I didn’t upgrade it and it was boring it shows for us that’s why I didn’t have it for a long time but this year it is like spectacular thank you I love it and I honestly don’t think I’ll go back to the old Yarn after this one because this is like so freaking juicy like you actually want to know what’s going on so like it’s very juicy and his it’s just cool show me out my Instagram SANDY 1400 thanks doll be a lot shout me out in your next your nap or you’re an episode

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    Cool app but a ripoff to have to pay

    Ok I like stories and all horror stories things like that but If I have to pay to be able to get all the access to its features when I could 100% find a app that does the same and gives you the stories the photos calls an thing like that,that go with the story for free is like stupid you guys do this but the fact you are ripping people offweekly the business side of me is like ha what idiots but the human sod of me is like lemme find you an I'll show you what a special said idiot would do,I try to get away from having to spend because money doesn't grow on trees I know i surprised to so i like to read these stories but would have to pay to get the full features I cant so it ends up ruining the app an I can stick with it

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Is Yarn - Chat & Text Stories Safe?

Yes. Yarn - Chat & Text Stories is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 23,710 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Yarn - Chat & Text Stories Is 32.5/100.

Is Yarn - Chat & Text Stories Legit?

Yes. Yarn - Chat & Text Stories is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 23,710 Yarn - Chat & Text Stories User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Yarn - Chat & Text Stories Is 32.5/100.

Is Yarn - Chat & Text Stories not working?

Yarn - Chat & Text Stories works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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