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About: Ever wanted to snoop through people’s conversations and not feel guilty for
it? Want to enter a world of suspense and horror but not up for a long read?
Well, now you can! Every Yarn story is told as a short text message
conversation, as if you are watching someone else's text messages. Whether it be
hypothetical conversations between two of your favorite celebs, a frantic group
chat after accidentally liking an ex’s phot.

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Developer: Science Mobile LLC

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Yarn Website

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Reported Issues: 15 Comments

3.3 out of 5

By Tonia Crews

2 years ago

Good afternoon. I was charged $76 for a subscription I did not order. I want to cancel and receive a refund for the amount my account was charged.

By Jessica Wodark

2 years ago

My son had this app but never signed up for the subscription I had no idea I was being charged $10 a month I demand a full refund this is ridiculous

By Anthony V Defonzo

3 years ago

Your apps trash I wa t my money back now I canceled my subscription and you guys tried for 2 days to take 75 dollars out of my account I want it back fucking now scamming fucks 2 fucking days fuck you I don't get it my banks giving it. I needed that and for 2 days you tried taking fucking scum sucking leeches with all these reviews of you stealing money.

By Chelsea Eveland

3 years ago

I canceled my subscription. I did not like the app yet I was charged over 75 dollars for it. I want my money back NOW!!!!!

By Shannon Murphy

3 years ago

yea you just took an unapproved payment from my card fucking me on another bill. daughter signed up for free trial yet you failed to disclose the full amount of the subscription and also failed to notify when it would be charged. No reminders or anything. Very deceitful business practices. And let's not forget you have no customer service number available to contact . This is bullshit. But trust ill be making several complaints and negative reviews everywhere I can find to do so.

By Cassandra Billington-Randle

3 years ago

My daughter accidently downloaded this app and they charged my card on file $75 and refuse to give a refund. This is the worst company I've ever encountered with this problem. I guess the only way to make money is to refuse refunds to hard working people. I will be filing a dispute with my bank institute.

By Kally

3 years ago

My 8 year old download this so called free app, then charged my account $75.68. This is a scam, a full refund must be given.

By Shanprella

3 years ago

This App Have Took 100 Dollars Off My Care In I’m Trying To Contact Somebody About It

By Glenn Allen

3 years ago

My son (11) signed up by for the free trial and they just took 103$ off my visa. How do we go about getting this back?

By Abby

3 years ago

I downloaded this app and it said it was free I never signed up for a subscription and it just took $100 out of my account I’m deleting this app so I want a full refund

By Sydney Cooper

3 years ago

It told me that I was paying for the free trial but instead it’s a $19.99 off of my card and I would like my money back immediately I clicked on the button that says free trial but it money out and only gave me 10,000 coins or gems so whatever I would like my money back before I sue

By Charlie-Lee Hopkins

3 years ago

I tried to get the week free subscription but I think it took £64 out of my account. I’m not happy. PLEASE FIX THIS!!

By lydiaelizk


i don’t like this app at all. it’s nothing like you see in the ads or what is says it is. you literally can’t do anything without the page popping up about the subscription you have to pay for if you want to unlock that story. at first when you open the app it leads you to a free story. but the annoying thing is, if there was a picture sent in the text you aren’t allowed to view it unless you buy the subscription. i don’t want to pay for everything i do! and after you finish that story, it leaves you off with a cliffhanger and won’t let you read part 2 without buying the subscription? than i look through all the categories of stories trying to find a free one and every one i click on it says i have to pay for it! and i assumed that after you read the free story it gave you, you would earn some gems and be able to unlock more stories without paying. but no. i didn’t get anything after reading that pointless story that wasn’t even good. i had the game for about 30 minutes and after i couldn’t even find any more free stories that were actually good, (because it makes you pay if you want to read a good one) i just got so frustrated and deleted it. i dont recommend this app unless you want to buy a whole subscription for like $50 and it most likely won’t be worth it anyway. this app was a waste of time. i wish i could give it 0 stars.

By Shaunajoelle


I don’t know why the this app has all these good reviews, or why it's advertised all over Snapchat as "great great great"..... If I could give it zero stars I would. It's advertised like you don't have to pay anything to be able to use it and that's just a flat out lie. you get literally 10 "messages" (like lines from characters in a play) of ONE story for free, and then that’s it! And you don't even get to pick which story, it just asks you "steamy or scary" and then starts something random... So unless you want to pay five dollars a WEEK, you get nothing except an app that pops up with "pay us!!" Every time you click ANYTHING, you can't even navigate the app to see if there's anything worth paying the money for without paying.... Not to mention, that’s waaaay too much money for stupid fake text messages, especially when there is free stuff ALL OVER the internet. Heck, try reddit, there are whole forums dedicated to any genré of story you could want. And the quarter of the story I got wasn’t even anything entertaining... there were these pictures that were blurred out and you couldn’t view them without paying five bucks a picture.... No way... This app is a waste of space and energy. Don't waste your time.

By natty0687

Takes your money!!!

The app in itself isn’t the worst, it’s actually quite cool and enjoyable. My problem with it is that it charges people for a year long $70 subscription after a free week trial without much of a warning. Other free trial apps that lead to a subscription tend to give you a notification authorizing charges and even then the charge isn’t a year subscription for $70 maybe a month at most. This is especially unfair to families who may have young children downloading the app not realizing they’re charging money to their parents bank account or old people who aren’t familiar with the technology and get charged without being notified. And even if you don’t notice the charge in your bank account this could continue for years.. I don’t expect the app to do much about this problem, I’m sure they did it on purpose to profit off those who don’t pay super close attention to detail or are forgetful. PLEASE READ THE FINE TEXT AND KNOW WHAT YOU MAY GET YOURSELF INTO. I personally filed a claim against the transaction on my card this morning, I’m poor and don’t have $70 to just give out... I need to feed myself and family first.

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