Jillian Michaels Fitness App Reviews

Jillian Michaels Fitness App Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-08

Sweat to the free 7 minute workout or get beach body ready with unlimited access
to Jillian Michaels The Fitness App, an award winning personalized health and
fitness app with an advanced dynamic workout planner along with diet plans,
calorie counter, and weight loss programs in the Jill...

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Jillian Michaels Fitness App Reviews

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    Great workouts, but app and interface need work

    The workouts are top notch. I am always challenged. I have a few complaints: - overall, the interface is not really all that great. It could use a lot of work. For example, it would be nice if the app wouldn’t restart every time I switch between the app and another. So like I don’t really use the meal plans, but it often takes me back to that page. I would rather just stay on the workout page. But there are a lot of things that could be done to improve the interface. - most importantly, the app doesn’t remember where I am in a workout plan. For example, I am doing the Slim 60. I don’t do it every day, and sometimes when I return to the app, it takes me to day 6 when I’m on day 9, or will even start at the beginning. This is probably a bug. And when I go to the calendar, it doesn’t even tell me which day I did, it just says that I did a Slim 60 workout. It would be nicer if the calendar that tracks your progress gave more details. - I would also appreciate it if at some point, Jillian would explain how to do new moves correctly. Maybe there could be a “tutorial section,” or when the move is played for the first time, Jillian could give a few more directions... like “use your core, not your back”. - wish there were a few more songs in the default playlist. It’s perfect music but it repeats twice before a 20 min workout is over....I’m paying monthly for the app so might as well have a few more songs in there!

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    Needs work but pretty amazing

    So I’ve been using the app for approximately 2-3 weeks now. I love the workouts! I love that it syncs to Apple Watch without me needing to press workout (sometimes I forget to do that). It was nice that there was a fun message from Jillian when I completed the workout lol. Here are my cons: the app should probably have more individuality to it such as how many days a week do I want to work out and how long I’d like the workouts to be, the iPad app does not sync with iPhone/Apple Watch activity-so I basically didn’t not receive credit for the 45 minute/404 calorie workout I just completed as for as the activity and health app is concerned. As far as the completion message, it’s been the exact same one every day I complete. No one says the exact same thing all the time...even if they did, they would know that I prefer variety (making the “relationship” closer to reality). I wish recipes could be suggested based on different budget ranges but I realize that may be far fetched. And what is up with the 15s alerts...for a 20s exercise. If you’re meaning to give a halfway marker that is off...after 5s of an intense exercise hearing that I still have more than half to go is more discouraging than encouraging. Overall...if it stayed exactly the same it’s still a great workout app. Focusing on the cons would just make it more comprehensive...making it the best workout app. And who wouldn’t want to be the best?!

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    So close to perfect

    First, I love Jillian. I have done so many of her programs. I listen to her podcast and she is just wonderful. Having said that, I am beyond frustrated with this app. The concepts is incredible! The detail that went into this is just insane and we have to all bow at the level of hard work that Jillian and her team of developers had to go through. Having said that, you have 3 seconds to go from one exercise to the next and it’s pretty much a complete surprise what’s coming up next unless you have memorized every single exercise she performs. During the three seconds that you get before moving to the next move, it is grayed out so you can’t see if it’s a standing move or a lay-down move or bench or what. You find out when the grey is gone and you discover you are on the ground with a dumbbell when you were suppose to be standing in a lunge. Then you are scrambling to get into form and get your weights and bam, the move is over after you got two seconds to perform it. I connect my phone to my TV and blow the screen up and I still can BARELY tell what a move is if at all. Just take away the grey during the 3 second timer so we can see what she is doing and try to be in the correct position before the timer starts. That would make this app 100 stars for me.

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    I was so excited to discover this app. I used to use her Ripped in 30 workout religiously and was thrilled with those results. After hitting 50, my body was not having those workouts. I have been searching for quite a while to find something that my body would tolerate (without massive doses of Advil). Happy to say that the metrics behind this app seem to do their job perfectly. One week in and no complaints about the workouts at all. I get an age-appropriate (and fitness level appropriate) butt-kicking every day. The areas for improvement that I would suggest are: 1. I have had some loading issues and found that if I load the next workout as soon as I finish the workout for the day, it goes much smoother 2. As others have mentioned, some tips, or exercise demos would be great. I know most of the exercises I have seen so far from previous Jillian workouts but not all. I want to be sure I am doing them correctly in order to get the most out of each rep. Overall I am very pleased though and look forward to the results I know are on their way. Thanks Jillian!

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    The disappearing workout

    I have been using the premium version of this app for over a year. I workout 7 days a week for at least 30 minutes. I use this app 3-4 times a week as a supplement to running and barre classes. Up until a few weeks ago I would have given this 5 stars. However, I updated to the latest version and am disappointed. My biggest beef is with the time of the workouts. When I start it will tell me that it is 25 minutes and 20 seconds. By the time I get to the cool down the time has decreased to 20 minutes. Even the 7 minute workouts decrease to 6 minutes. These are short workouts- losing 20% is not cool!! Where is the time going? Like I said I have used this for a year and this never happened until I updated! I track my workouts on my Apple Watch as well and the workouts are approximately 5 minutes shorter than they used to be. My two other minor issues are that it no longer gives a verbal cue when the interval is starting and it doesn’t give the 15 second time marker verbally anymore. I appreciate the verbal cues for the plank exercises where I am not staring at the TV. If these things would go back to how they were I would happily give a 5 star review. If they don’t get fixed I will be moving on to a new fitness app.

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    Seriously the only trainer for me!

    I’m not a newbie to jillian. Have most of her DVD’s and used to work out to them regularly. But life happened (full time job after college, kids, hubby, etc) and found myself needing to get back into shape. Joined a gym but have never been a fan of group classes and working out on a treadmill only took my results so far. My screams for help were answered when Jillian came out with her app! I have tried similar trainer workouts before but Jillian is the ONLY one that gets my body into shape ... and fast! I saw changes during the first couple of months and was extremely pleased with the results. I don’t have a lot of time to workout so a 20-25 minute workout before or after work is just enough time. I don’t usually follow the meal plans but try to eat as healthy as I can. I love the variety of workouts.. and if I only have 10 minutes to spare, I can fit in a short workout. Stick with her... you will not be disappointed!

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    Concept is 5 Star. Couple of bugs.

    When Jillian said she was releasing the most comprehensive fitness app available, I thought ‘well.. I’ll be the judge of that!’ But it’s true. Meal plan and activity plan in one app is great! But the best part is NO TRACKING! As long as I stick to the plan, there’s no need to look up calories and enter what I ate. I just eat what the plan says and I’m good. One of the most amazing parts would be that the grocery list also tells me what to buy, so I wouldn’t even have to put any thought whatsoever into my ‘diet’ except... when you swap meals, they sometimes switch back on their own and, the most disappointing bug, the grocery list usually doesn’t update properly for the swaps. So it’s functionally useless right now :( The workout functionality is great! One time it didn’t register the workouts as completed on the days I did them (showed 2 days missed, then 3 workouts on the third day) but that’s not really important and hopefully is fixed with the new version anyway. So, bottom line, if they fix that grocery list issue, this will be the only weight loss app you’ll ever need!

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    100% Better than Previous Jillian Apps

    I have taken part in Jillian's daily exercise and meal programs twice before. The first time I had great results and met my weight loss goals. The second time her app was SO buggy I eventually gave up on it. I recently needed another program to address some weight gain and was reluctant to even consider Jillian until I saw the great reviews for this app. If you are like me and hated what it was a couple years ago, you will definitely love it now. Beautifully done exercise routine videos and the meal plan is benefiting me more than the previous "just don't exceed in these areas" nutritional guidance. I also like that you can customize your goals (weight loss, shaping, 5k, etc). Definitely worth paying for. I've been using it for 6 days and am down about 4 pounds. I give the app 4 instead of 5 stars because it keeps resetting my meal selection for the day if the day is in the future. I'll customize a meal plan with substitutions for tomorrow, and then tomorrow will come and it will default back to the original plan. So I now set the meal plan at the start of each day.

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    I waited to review this app until I had been using it for about a month. Aside from the occasional glitch, it's excellent. You can choose your workout--depending on how much time you have, what level you want to work at, and the kind of exercise you feel like doing. There's even a 5k program, where you get outside and run/walk. When you switch between programs, it saves your progress, so you can jump back and forth on different days without starting over. There's a nice dashboard that goes along with it, and recipes, grocery lists, etc. if you want to add the nutrition component. The only complaint: wish I could view the workouts on my laptop, since my phone is pretty small. If there's a way to do that, I haven't found it. But the dashboard is viewable on your computer, where you can see your workout history, track your weight, choose your meal plan, and more. This app leaves you with no excuse to skip your workout!

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    Stronger and leaner

    I discovered this app and started the Slim 90 program to begin with. With the Slim 90 and watching what I ate (I kinda lived on some of the smoothie recipes! Yum), my 5’ 10” frame was able to go from 235 to 215 and I gained a ton of muscle! I played around with the workout generator over the holidays since I knew I wouldn’t be able to stick to a solid routine. I LOVE that as an option! I pick how long and what areas I want to work on each day! I have since completed the Slim 60 along with REALLY watching my caloric intake and have dropped another 15lbs bringing my total weight loss to 35lbs in 8months! It’s not overnight results, but like Jills says (I call her Jills...we’re tight 😆), if you work hard and stick with her - you WILL see results. The workouts are adjustable and as challenging as you want them to be. Also, Jills will show you step by step how to perform each move properly, making it all kind of a no brainer. I am so glad to have discovered the app!

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    1st time I LOVE EXERCISE!!!

    And I’m almost 68! This is totally worth the money. Better and more fun and more motivating than a personal trainer. 3 months cost less than one meeting with a personal trainer. So customizable. Check off if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, check off your available equipment at home, and even add your own music! Choose from SO MANY workouts. And check off at the end of each workout if it was too hard or too easy or just right, and the next workout is adjusted accordingly. As soon as my 3 months are up I’m signing up for a full year. WELL WORTH IT! I don’t use the meal plans - just the exercise. But I love it. And it automatically tracks your progress, which days you worked out, and which workouts you did. The videos during each exercise and Jillian’s instructions are very helpful. And I do enter weight changes and the online app lets me know the average amount of weight I’m losing per week. You will LOVE IT!!!

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    Found my nich!

    Love this app - workouts include music, variety, alternative exercises - their upbeat, and keeps you on track. Schedule your next work out with Jillian and get a notification when its time. Also includes meal plans, grocery lists, recipies - all layed out for you. Includes physical tests before and after to see how you’ve improved. Keeps track of calories and is sooooo all inclusive. Can even add your own music to the workouts. If you have weights, foam roller, she works them in there, or if you don’t she still has exercises to meet your goals. Very impressed. Very grateful. I do it right after work - its $10 a month (if you do $30 every 3 months plan) which is like a Gym membership - but includes so much more. A personal trainer right in your pocket, with music, positivity, and food advice right in your pocket! Totally worth it. **But make sure you have a newer type phone, old generations don’t work. Good Luck!! 💪🏽

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    Pretty good needs work

    I'm currently trying to get back on the healthy wagon. I usually don't like to pay for apps cus I know I don't end up using them the whole year. But this time I decided to try out the app because I've heard many great things about Jillian. Usually I don't use half the recipes people give for being healthy cus it's not very appetizing and I know my husband won't eat them. But there are a few recipes that I've tried and liked. The one thing about the recipes is that when you click to just look at them it doesn't show which ones are breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Also I tried to buy all the ingredients for one week and it ended up being so expensive. On the other hand I like the exercises, but it needs work. Because it only gives 3 seconds to get ready for the next position and I don't even know what I'm expecting. So sometimes she would be halfway done with the exercise by the time I finally get it correctly. It would be helpful to have a little more time between each one and to actually have it show what is coming up.

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    Great workouts, but app needs improvement

    These workouts are fantastic and I am seeing results! However, the app has runtime errors a lot. The serve was down recently and I wasn’t able to use the app or login. Once it was fixed and up and running, I was able to use the app, but my previous days workouts hadn’t saved, my music playlist had been deleted and the process to generate the customized workouts took up to 10 minutes- it actually timed out twice and I had to restart. Prior to all this, the only issues i had with the app were that the music element would use the same songs over and over again, despite that I had added about 50 songs the the playlist. The other issue i had was the workouts are repetitive. Each ‘customized’ program uses nearly the same workouts- so it’s strange to see so many different programs when you’re kinda doing the same thing in each. So in sum, the app works to get you results, but it needs some major fine-tuning.

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    Perfect for complete beginner

    I have a full daytime job which I can't risk over some muscle fatigue as it would affect my concentration. But this is just perfect! Jillian has tons of different programs for everyone. That Fitness for Beginners program really suits my lifestyle and my fitness level. I can take it easy and I feel like being healthier is attainable despite all my old excuses. It turned out, I don't hate working out like I used to think! Even though I currently can't adapt the meal plan due to family reasons, I felt so much improvements and I'm feeling more confident as well! One suggestion that I have is that whenever the rest day supposed to show up, my training schedule on "My Day" automatically skip to the next workout as if today isn't my rest day. Hence, I accidentally skipped my rest day sometimes. Not a big problem, though. Keep it up! If this app at least stays the same, I'd be a long subscriber for sure.

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Yes. Jillian Michaels Fitness App is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,331 Jillian Michaels Fitness App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Jillian Michaels Fitness App Is 38.4/100.

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Jillian Michaels Fitness App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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