Contact Facetune Editor by Lightricks

Contact Facetune Editor by Lightricks

Published by on 2022-09-26

Easily edit photos and videos with the world’s premier editor! Enhance your
entire photo at once using one-tap editing or express your unique vision with
precision using manual editing to get the look and feel you want. Put your poise

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Developer: Lightricks Ltd.

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Facetune Editor Website

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Reported Issues: 28 Comments

By Łïzziē

Just no.

Selfish app creators. How do you have a “free” option with limited stuff “which Is decent limited stuff” but only allow us to “preview” our edits??? Then when we go to save the photo we edited with your “so called free” limited edition or whatever you would call it, it does NOT allow you to save a picture you edited using their “free” option. It tries to make you pay for it. So what I use to do was screenshot the photo I edited with the FREE option. But since the app creators are selfish they seriously put a block on screenshots 😂😑 don’t ask me how the hell they did that but that obviously doesn’t stop us 🤷🏻‍♀️ they forget how advanced & updated IPhones are now a days. A screenshot block didn’t block me from still claiming my “so called free edits” ya know the one they offer to you for FREE but then try to get you once you’re done editing your hphoto😂😂 I’m just making this review to let people know that this app isn’t all that. And how it has false advertising & how the creator really thought they would be able to not allow me to keep the photo I just edited 😂😂 there’s other ways of saving what’s on your screen other then a screen shot. “It was worth a shot though” 😉 but seriously people the App Store has way better and FREE editing apps that have the same exact options as this one & more. You cam, inshot, filterra-(my fave one ) Also love image effect edit lab. 🤓😏😏😏😋

By Michael Krueger Voorhees

Destroyed photo + need email all of a sudden for support?

I went back to the app after editing a photo. I was maybe exited out of the app for 20 minutes and when I entered again and went to edit the same photo I thought it obviously saved. My changes to the photo had been permanently altered, and I had not completely exited out of the app or refreshed it. Instead of the regular photo it was supposed to save, it saved a weird screenshot including some of the editing tools inside the photo. I had the blue curve marks permanently around my face from when I was previously editing my same photo. I also had the rest of the options for tools and editing options taking up most of the top and bottom of the photo. My face was the only part of the photo that was visible and the original photo included my whole entire body. I tried contacting support but it told me that I needed to two add an email to my account. From the beginning I have logged in with my gmail account email and password to use the app, because of this requested email issue I have searched the settings and found there is no option to add an email; therefore I cannot contact support about this issue. I am currently paying for the monthly membership and to experience these issues is inconvenient. Hopefully someone will reach out to me about this issue. Thank you.

By Lexi partner

Can do pretty much nothing for free.

It is pretty terrible. The app works and all but in order to do anything you have to buy a membership like OMG WHAT!?! I tried to edit one photo but every time I tried to save the photo it it pulled up the join membership page. This app said u could use it and it would be for free but you really can’t. I just wanted to play around with some photos but I can’t. I tried to take screenshots of the photos but because of lines they added around your face I can’t have a good looking photo. Honestly the app is dumb. I would understand having to some money for things you want to use but not have a membership I was going to use this app what twice every three months? But now I am deleting the app. It is useless to me. At least if u r going to have the membership thing show what u have to have a membership to use. Also what about the people that already bought everything? Now they can’t use it unless they also buy the membership. There are plenty of free app editors that I can use instead. I would try out the original Face-tune but it already costs money and I have no clue wether I need a membership there too. This app was a waste of my time. I had to put it at least a one star but honestly this is a zero star from me.

By Prasanti Guthikonda
Dec 28 2022

I have tried to contact you via email multiple times for a refund. I cancelled my subscription and was still charged $47.99. Please refund immediately. Thank you.

By Saheedat oluwo
Aug 09 2022

Hello facetune
I made a subscription on an account and would like to use the account on a phone that has a different Apple ID
How would I do that?

By Jamaica Woods
Jul 03 2022

I downloaded this app and once I read and seen that it was a trial and that I would be charged 7.99. I cancelled the subscription immediately and deleted the app. the same day. Because I will not pay $7.99 for anything and especially this app. Stop trying to bill me for something I don’t have or have used. You need to cancel this because your have my Apple account locked up to the point that I can’t use my Apple TV. STOP TRYING TO BILL ME!!! CANCEL IT NOW.

By Tshepiso Sephaka
Mar 14 2022

Hi ,

Please can you cancel and refund my money back

By Sha Hussien
Dec 15 2021

Hi, please cancel my subscription. It is free at the moment and the trail will end in 2 days. I don't want to be charged because I did not like the app features even during the trial. Pls ensure I will not be charged as there is no button where I can unsubscribe..thanks alot.

By Tracey
Nov 04 2021

Charged a full years subscription after unsubscribing from a free 7 day trial after 4 days. Will not recommend under any circumstances.

By Ogungbeye taiwo
Oct 15 2021

It’s so annoying and unfair that after downloading the app and when trying to edit some pictures you will be asked to pay.Assuming the money was not expensive it will have been better but a whole 5300 for a month is just too much

By Peggy Schmeisser
Sep 23 2021

I am ticked!!
I was chatting earlier about being charged $38 15 and while trying to resolve that…/ was charged another $28.00 for an in-line Vet
Take care of this NOW

By Adeyemi Adijat
Aug 31 2021

I subscribed for monthly photo editing access #2,900 naira but it’s not working. And this is affecting my business!!

By Kimberly Bauer
Aug 29 2021

Charged for subscription of $38.48 I did not aprove.

By Sally Thompson
Aug 28 2021

I am currently in the one week trial period and have been charged for one year subscription. I want to cancel the subscription immediately. If you have any Questions you can contact me at 1-817-718-8484.

By Maria
Aug 10 2021

Hi please, kindly refund back to my card. My child has mistakenly subscribed. It was cancelled immediately. I need my refund back to my debit please. Thanks

By Heidi Davis
Jul 31 2021

I don’t even have the app and I was charged I don’t want it and I want my debit card refunded

By Daniel Scott walchle
Jun 25 2021

Please cancel my subscription. And quit billing my debit card. My card as of now has a hold on it.

By Xila Fathimath
Jun 16 2021

I want to cancel the VIP subscription. I no longer use this application. Please help me out.

By Jenna
Jun 08 2021

I couldn't work out how to cancel the subscription after the short trial. I managed to work it out on the last day of the trial. I canceled it but still got charged. I would like the money refunding. I have no intention of using the app. This whole process and how it's impossible to contact anyone to discuss, is absolutely infuriating and creates a huge dislike for the company👎

By Nicole and Gianacaci
Mar 10 2021

I want this canceled!

By Princess
Feb 16 2021

I paid for the annual fee and have never been able to use the service. I can not seem to get anyone to help me. This is awful!!

By faye
Feb 12 2021

I have a ipad air 14.44, and I am unable to download the facetune2 . " says my device does not meet minimum requirement, why is that?. I also just did a software update, still wont download. can someone assist?

By Db
Jan 18 2021

I upgraded and lost features. Face shaping, eye Sizing etc. smile etc doesn’t even show as an option now. Downgraded features

By Teresita Coronacion
Jan 07 2021

I want to be sure that my facetune2 subscription is cancelled. I can't see it in the apple app page. is there an easy way to cancel subscription. Please dont charge for another year. I haven't used this app for a long time.

By Morgie Morgan
Oct 25 2020

Hello, I didn’t realize that I had signed up for a free trial therefore I wasn’t aware that it needed to be cancelled before my credit card was charged over £35 for a yearly subscription. I do not want a subscription to facetune video . You can see that I haven’t logged into the app or used it at all and I’d like a full refund to my credit card. Please get back to me as soon as possible, thank you.

By Anta Bah
Aug 25 2020

I chose to purchase for a month but it has done it for a year! I read the a Greene ya and it was for the one month unlimited and then now it says my bank is pending £32.99 I don’t know why or how this is happened but it is not what I paid for I would like you to get in touch so this can be sorted immediately.

By Emmy Bettencourt
Aug 11 2020

Hi! My name is Emmy. some how I got charged for the 35.99 for the year subscription! I do not have the app on my phone. I did cancel the subscription but like I said I was charged for it. I’m not quite sure how I ended up being charged especially when I don’t have the app. Is there anyway I can get a refund for this??

By Madeline Johnson
Aug 08 2020

Hello, I didn’t realize that I had signed up for a free trial therefore I wasn’t aware that it needed to be cancelled before my credit card was charged over $35 for a yearly subscription. I do not want a subscription to facetune2. You can see that I haven’t logged into the app or used it at all and I’d like a full refund to my credit card. Please get back to me as soon as possible, thank you.

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