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1. iCSee is a software about network monitoring,which can login by cloud or local wifi.

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this app is a software about network monitoring,which can login by cloud or local wifi. Here is basic function: Support login with cloud technology Provide frames of real time Support remote video playback Local record and play Support snapshot and picture preview Support audio monitoring Support change device password Support search device in LAN manually

Top Reviews

By Jumper 1


I think the prior bad reviews might be about earlier versions. I am amazed at how well this current (downloaded Sept 2019) version works. I did find one bug initially but it seems to have been corrected. If you have a really long Wi-Fi password you can’t get the installation to go forward. That’s fixed now. The performance, features and ease-of-use are truly amazing. The software developer deserves a lot of credit for the current version. I get reliable motion reports pushed to my iPhone, flawless onboard camera storage of photos and videos of motion events using a cheap 64 GB SD card, human shape detection which could be turned on or off, flexible alert boundaries which are very very easy to use and I can have the camera speak a custom alert in my own voice every time it detects motion. I can pan and tilt my camera just by running my finger across the displayed image on my iPhone. I hope they add motion tracking. Some other apps have this feature and it’s very cool. The camera actually moves to follow a person walking in the field of view.

By Todor12311

Need attention

Overall good but, with flash card inserted camera restart few times per night, also video transmission is get frozen. I have a three cameras and all of them have the same problem. Motion detection is working good.

By RLemcke06


This is great software. The only issue I have is the alarms don’t save properly. I have it set to capture photos and videos and you used to be able to click on “message” and see a video clip of the alarm and now it says there’s nothing there. You have to go into playback mode and fiddle with the timeline to see what set the alarm off. The other issue I have with the alarms are even in “low sensitivity” mode it goes off for every single rain drop, snow flake, etc... so if it starts raining you have to turn the alarm off otherwise the notifications will drive you insane.

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