StaffTraveler Reviews

StaffTraveler Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-30

Get reliable flight loads for the flights you wish to staff travel on. Staff
travel, Non-rev, Interline, ID90, ZED fares, call it what you want... We,
airline crew, love to travel! StaffTraveler gets you the seat availability for
the flights you wish to staff travel on. Making staff tra...

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StaffTraveler Reviews

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    Multiple flts

    I think this is thee absolute best app for flt crew ever!!! It requires us to help each other, what a concept!!! This is the way we should operate! Just one suggestion, that there be a way to apply a multi-leg segment option when it’s time to find the flt info for crew. When someone Send a request and it’s time for u to load in the numbers, we can only submit the load for one flt but what if the requestee has a connecting flt there’s no space for us to enter info for their 2nd segment. We don’t always get to take nonstops. Also can u explain why when I’m answering a request, many times I will hit the request and it opens up as if I got it, but it will disappear seconds later saying someone else got it first. Then why would it open on my screen as if I got it? Otherwise I LOVE STAFFTRAVELER!!!!

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    The latest releases fixed everything

    This is a great app for any airline employee who travels On ID tickets on other airlines. Few ideas: allow users to set times for notifications to avoid receive notifications in the middle of the night. Enable alerts so when aircraft capacity is changed or flight is cancelled on a flight that we have requested load then we receive a notification about it. Use existing data as analytics sources to provide certain trends information on flights load based on routes, season etc

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    Yes, Definitely Bots Working the System...

    Wholeheartedly disagree with your reply to the Bot issue. Even a casual observer can see it: something faster than a human is harvesting the incoming queries. Oftentimes the requests wont even display, and instead go straight to ‘being answered’. Moreover, the speed at which the answered are being provided is far too fast to be anything but artificial. You can talk all day about signal strength, clock speeds and refresh rates, but it’s happening guys— and you can see on your end (if you wanted to) the imbalance by seeing which accounts are spiked with all the point gains. It’s a shame because its a great idea— too bad the average joe can’t get in the game unless he spends his off days parked in front of a gaming computer and a T1 line. Hope you figure it out— Best of luck to you.

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    Must Have App for Non-Rev Travel

    Staff Traveler is the quick and easy way to search for flights and request flight loads. Staff Traveler uses a credit system. If you give a requested flight load to a fellow Staff Traveler user, you receive a credit to request a flight load from another airline. Because of this system, load requests are answered very quickly, unlike requesting loads through Facebook where your request may take a long time to be answered or not answered at all. This is a must have app for non-revenue traveling!

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    Real Time Seat Count

    I too, am not one to rate apps. But since downloading the app and creating my account a month ago. It has been a huge help in helping decide which flights to book based on real time data from other users. It’s saves time, allows you to make an informative decision, and lessens the stress of traveling non-rev. You’re more likely to book a flight on another airline knowing how many seats are available and how many people are listed, this app allows you to do just that. Awesome!!!!

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    Great for last minute real time

    Great app. Able to get flight loads within minutes usually. Also nice that it searches flights based on city codes so you can look at other airlines and times at said airport. Wish there was a way to “lock” maybe 2-3 requests at a time because when the request pops up it is usually claimed within seconds and unless you’re sitting with the app open you miss the opportunity to answer requests and earn credits for free.

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    Love this app

    This is so amazing for airline employees. You get answers almost immediately for the majority of requests. I love that you can answer other requests to earn credits so you don’t end up having to pay for credits. The only thing I’ve had issues with so far is that sometimes I type in a routing and it doesn’t pull anything up so I have to to do it individually from point A-B then B-C. Not sure why it does that sometimes but overall I love this app.

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    Commuter must have

    I use this app almost daily as I commute to work and home. Getting flight loads this easy was only a dream awhile ago. Getting credits is very easy. Only 1 time did I not get an answer and was surprised to see I received my coin back the next day. This tells me they are monitoring the requests and replies which so many of us count on. Truly this is a must have tool for standby travel.

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    Beautiful design but frustrating

    This app has a great new design. Pretty easy to use the few times I actually get to use it. Three stars lost though since I can never actually use it to enter loads. Since the new app was released, I’ve earned one credit. Since everyone’s notifications were turned on by default, there’s no chance to log on and answer what happened to have popped up, as I did all the time in the old version. And since I have a full and exciting life to live, I refuse to get what seems like tens of notifications per minute from the app. So it is a great looking app that is really crappy if you want to live your life and not be drowned in notifications.

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    Great App for Airline Personnel

    I am a flight attendant and this app has been a saving grace! From time to time, I nonrev on other airlines and ID90 isn’t that helpful with determining passenger loads. We are all so helpful with submitting loads and you receive the feedback almost instantly. This app is a must have if you want to know about the loads on other airlines. You also receive one credit per load that you submit.

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    Great App for loads but there is a limit

    Last month I had to check lots of flight loads ( I was commuting to work and vacation with my family) apparently there is a limit to how many load you can request with in a certain amount of days. Even though I have plenty of coins ( over 65) I can’t request a load to check for a flight for 3 days! I think that is ridiculous! Other than it’s a really great apps and perfect fit and non-rev.

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    The best for knowing kids while off line!

    Staff Traveler is by far the best app for finding out loads while traveling on a different airline than your own. I have used this in the US, Europe, and Asia with great success. Most responses of load requests happen within minutes. Getting an e-mail follow up with the loads is very helpful. I wouldn’t travel non-rev without it. Thanks for a successful 2019 travel year!

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    Love this!!

    I’ve never gotten loads so quickly, until this app!! This makes non reving many times better. It takes away the stress of worrying about the loads. It also gets addicting loading loads for other. Everything goes so quick and I love that. You earn 1 credit for helping provide loads per request and 1 credit used for your load request.

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    Great App

    Only discovered this app recently and used it right after for my ID travels. It works well and there are clearly a lot of ID travelers out there as flight information comes through pretty often and quickly when requested. I’ll definitely be using this app often. The suggestions offered by another reviewer are right on, as regards especially to notification due to aircraft change. All in all a good app. Glad I found it!

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    I’ve used this app in my recent trip to Bulgaria. It was very easy to use and I got on the two flights as I planned. I can’t help wondering, though, how accurate the loads are, considering it’s a race among the employees of an airline to be the first to respond to loads requests in order to earn credits. Do they make mistakes? Do they double check their answers before submitting the information?

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Is StaffTraveler Safe?

No. StaffTraveler does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,407 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for StaffTraveler Is 16.4/100.

Is StaffTraveler Legit?

No. StaffTraveler does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,407 StaffTraveler User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for StaffTraveler Is 16.4/100.

Is StaffTraveler not working?

StaffTraveler works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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