Picmonic: Nursing RN NP NCLEX Reviews

Picmonic: Nursing RN NP NCLEX Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-12

Ridiculously efficient. Unbelievably effective. Make Studying Fun & Remember
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Picmonic: Nursing RN NP NCLEX Reviews

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    The app is simply not good

    I have to say I love the service but the app is simply awful. The offline feature doesn't work (it says it's all downloaded but I get failed to load image along with the text, and that's after I put my phone on airplane mode since even if there's a little signal when I'm underground it will try to load from that and will keep trying to load forever). And that's not to mention the fact that offline quizzes (maybe the most important feature to actually retain the information) is not supported. Also I gave up on trying to use it on the iPad since it thinks you are trying to access the service on both your phone and the iPad at the same time, their solution was to quit one app completely before opening the other which resulted in me doing this dance of alternating quitting and opening until I simply deleted it from the iPad and made a web link to access it on safari. Anyway the app is basically a source of stress and frustration when Picmonic is supposed to be an aid during an already stressful period in our lives.

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    The videos lack detail for USMLE step 1

    I bought the subscription for step 1 and I am currently toward the end of my first year moving on to the second year. The videos are not enough detail. I love the illustrations and the organization with first aid reference page but the video doesn’t cover things in the first aid, it’s just barely touching the material. Not all the topics in pathoma are covered, this is annoying because then I have to go look for sources elsewhere to cover everything. Sometimes the examples and illustrations use more of a difficult language, my friend whose English is not her first language sometimes don’t understand some of the illustrations, I would suggest to make it little more simple so everyone understands. Please add some pathophysiology details to the videos, right now these videos are better for nursing school but the selling cover reads USMLE step 1. I don’t see the videos to be to that level yet, it needs major improvements and needs to cover more topics in north first aid and pathoma.

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    A lot of information

    This app is very nice to help memorize things, this year I used it for fundamentals and anatomy and physiology, I wish there was more information, it has my book, but the information within each section did not include the things my class introduced. I wish that there was more on the subjects such as culture, it only touches on a few different cultures but I didn’t see anything about what a nurse also needs to know like not being ethnocentric. The anatomy part is cool, but when quizzing, you are asked to name this part of a bone or what muscle is depicted here, and it only shows the symbol they used in the story’s so there is no way to simply take a guess without uncovering the image. I am going to continue to use this for my a&p 2, microbiology and pharmacology. Overall it’s a great app, I haven’t had any problems with the app crashing. It’s more of a lack of content.

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    Really great !

    I’m happy that this has a few of the required nursing textbooks that we have to use in class. It has picmonic a for most chapters and serves as a great overview and tester of the knowledge provided within the app. The features of story mode and educational mode are also very cool. You can speed it up and slow it down to your liking! They also have several other ways to learn the material other than testing yourself from the book. They also offer nursing concepts and test according to NCLEX type question. But that $70 phew Chileeeeeeee digging deep into my pockets for that annual fee but can’t say it isn’t worth it so far! Ps videos are on average 45 seconds - 2minutes ! Great way to sum up a lot in a small amount of time! Love it ! I recommend!!

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    Wonderful asset that I wish I would’ve used sooner

    So I’m second block in nursing school, and coming off a rough second test for my psych portion, I used this to study for the med surg portion of our semester. After using this I scored the highest grade in my class on the test and my highest grade in nursing school to date. The spaced repetition is wonderful for remembering s/s, interventions, and values. I highly recommend this to anyone needing a more interactive way of learning about the etiology of diseases and how to treat them.

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    Best app ever!

    Yes, the app is expensive... it’s 80 dollars a year which is kind of crazy... I think you should just be able to pay one time and be done.. Only reason why I’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5... BUT I will say that I have learned soooo much just going over these! It really has made me excited to learn, because of the cartoons, the educational, and the story mode!!! I’m so glad I came across this app! It is absolutely phenomenal! Really... I wish it had a feature where if you didn’t understand a word or never heard of it, you could tap it and it explains or gives a brief definition because going back and forth to google is annoying lol, but other than that... I will say this is the best learning app ever!!!

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    If you’re an NP student you need this

    If you are working and going to school fitting in study time is hard and sometimes you are so tired with family and work you just fall asleep with your head in the book or read the same page 10 times without understanding what is going on. Picmonic allows me to study and review in short spurts all the time. I use it on my phone and quiz and review all day. It’s a lifesaver!!!

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    Great for podiatry school

    The videos are short and the content fits perfectly in line with USMLE (first aid books). It is only $180/year which isn’t bad of you’re just using it one year to study for boards. The pictures may not be as well illustrated as “Sketchy”, but the fact that it’s so much cheaper, has shorter videos, and has a user friendly mobile app, makes it much more reasonable to buy. So far I’ve loved it.

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    Can’t start the free trial

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about this app and was excited to download it. Unfortunately, every time I attempt to begin my free trial, the app closes. My iPhone software is up to date and I’ve turned my phone off and back on. Even uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Tried clicking on the App Support button and it sends me to a page that says “404 Not Found”. Really disappointed.

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    Great app. Makes you retain information

    I am studying for my nclex and had a hard time remembering most facts. Im a graphic learner( i learned that from going through mnemonic technique seminar). I effectively retained information in my memory if it was with a story and graphic........ and i needed exactly picmonic. Picmonic provided information that are needed in nclex and it highlighted useful information with a story and graphics. How i wished i had stumbled with picmonic months ago.

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    Vital app for any nursing student!!!!!

    I absolutely love Picmonic. I am a lpn and went to a vocational school. I’m now considering going back to school. I started using picmonic to refresh myself in preparation. I have learned and retained more information with this product than I did in school. I learned the info in nursing school long enough to pass a test but with picmonic I’m retaining info and able to use it during critical thinking exercises. Thanks picmonic.

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    Fantastic App with a HUGE update

    First I'd like to say that the app is phenomenal. I like taking the quiz questions on it and they just updated the app so that when you answer a question, you can watch the picmonic again. Great job to the team for coming up with that as it took a huge step in my ability to take away more from the questions. Wonderful work!! Definitely recommend, - M2 prepping for step 1

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    Fun and it works!

    Pharm was stressing me out... I am a creative type so I downloaded Picmonic today and I cannot even believe how much I have learned and has stuck with me in just a couple hours. I’m now avoiding my homework playing picmonic because it’s actually fun and I don’t feel guilty because I’m not wasting time lol. This might be the most fun you have while you are in school. It definitely beats staring at flash cards!

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    My best place to learn

    Buy Picmonic because it is not that expensive financially and so valuable and easy to use for studying. If you are a future nurse or maybe a doctor you will need something that is easy brain-perceivable and looks less-terrifying. As someone for whom English is a second language I feel that Picmonic presents its material in an understandable fashion. So, don’t be greedy and buy Picmonic! Invest in your future!

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    Great app but quiz questions are inaccurately worded

    Love the videos with pictures. The educational portion seems well written. The quiz questions seem to be written by someone who does not understand the material. For example a cluster headache is not associated with high flow oxygen- it’s treated with it. Associated would imply that someone on high flow has a higher risk for developing one. I found all the quizzes to be this way. Revise the quizzes and I’d give 5 stars. I will continue to use this app because the videos are great and creative. Very helpful. Thank you.

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Is Picmonic: Nursing RN NP NCLEX Safe?

Yes. Picmonic: Nursing RN NP NCLEX is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 14,318 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Picmonic: Nursing RN NP NCLEX Is 33.7/100.

Is Picmonic: Nursing RN NP NCLEX Legit?

Yes. Picmonic: Nursing RN NP NCLEX is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 14,318 Picmonic: Nursing RN NP NCLEX User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Picmonic: Nursing RN NP NCLEX Is 33.7/100.

Is Picmonic: Nursing RN NP NCLEX not working?

Picmonic: Nursing RN NP NCLEX works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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