My Mastery: NCLEX & Nursing Reviews

My Mastery: NCLEX & Nursing Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-17

**Formerly Known as NCLEX RN Mastery** There’s no better way to learn all of
the things you need to know to get through your classes, beat the NCLEX, or
thrive in your new career as a nurse. My Mastery covers almost everything
you’ll need to know at any stage in your career. For star...

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My Mastery: NCLEX & Nursing Reviews

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    I want to rate this a 5 but ***UPDATE***

    First off I want to start by saying I love this app! It is an awesome tool for NCLEX. I just wish I could get ahold of customer service for problems with it! I paid $60 for the premium version plus the 2 NCLEX simulation tests. At first it was working great for a few weeks but when I went to take my pre and post test simulation, they weren't there. Emailed customer service, it was fixed. Took a little longer than usual but ok. At least it’s been remedied. But then I was kicked off of premium in the app and reverted to the free version!! It even shows I’ve completed parts of the premium “locked” sections of the app. I emailed customer service on Monday and have yet to get a response. Really hoping that this can be fixed ASAP as my test date is looming and I really want to be able to complete questions 😕 For it being so pricy I would expect customer service to deliver. Will update my review if I receive a response. After a few days of waiting customer service finally helped me out and remedied the issue. Definitely an awesome resource for NCLEX.

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    Very helpful. I downloaded this app three months prior to my nclex. I did 100 questions a day on average. I did well in nursing school because I studied hard and put in the work. With this app it refreshes the knowledge you should already have (minus the handful of questions that are so random that not even a doctor would know). It also teaches you strategies on how to answer questions. I remember when I first started this app I would answer questions so quick and then submit it and get it wrong and then read the rational and be like “Oh my god I knew that!” It teaches you to read slow and pick out the most important parts of the question. But enough of that..what you really want to know is if I passed? Yes, 75 questions in an hour and a half. Lastly, I will day this app will not help you pass your nclex if you didn’t put in the effort during nursing school. This reviews knowledge, not give it to you. This app is about learning to answer nursing questions, not to teach you the knowledge to be a nurse.

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    Worth every penny! Amazing app to study for the NCLEX!

    I absolutely LOVE this app and I’ve recommended it to all of my friends in nursing school or new grads (like me) who are studying for the NCLEX. I used this app almost exclusively to prepare for the NCLEX and finished all of the questions. I loved the mnemonics and how they asked me about medications I’d never heard of. Some of the explanations were way better than what I was taught in nursing school and were always super clear and concise! I finished my NCLEX in 75 questions and found out I passed on June 28th 2019. I loved seeing the progress bar on this app that turned it into a kind of “game” and it was fun to see my score improve. I also liked that it kept track of my questions daily. Near the end I was doing 200+ questions a day without even realizing it! I seriously felt like I was playing a game rather than studying. I LOVED having it so easily accessible on my phone. I studied at the airport, on the plane, whenever I was waiting in line somewhere, the bathroom, lol everywhere! *Cue the hand sanitizer* My pre-test with the app was an 84% and my post-test was a 90%. My school offered the Hurst Review which I think was over $300 during Spring Break so I didn’t do it, but I feel this app is both super effective to pass the NCLEX all while keeping your wallet happy, too. I can’t thank you guys enough! I’m so happy to have passed my NCLEX and to have felt prepared during the test. Awesome app!! -Irene

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    Worth every penny.

    So I’m happy to say I passed the NCLEX after 88 questions- I received the results this morning .... I used RN mastery and Saunders. Saunders was great for the information- however questions were not like the NCLEX. (That doesn’t mean I don’t recommend it because I totally do) Saunders gives you the base but MASTERY gives you the edge you need to pass. There are practice quizzes, tons of questions, great rationales and two NCLEX mock simulations for an additional price but it’s totally worth it. The format is identical to that on the NCLEX so it made testing that much easier. This app can also be used on the computer. If you’re on the fence about this app... do yourself a favor and get it. I don’t write reviews often but I will here because I passed the NCLEX on my first try and this really helped. Btw on the first simulation I got an 80% probability of passing and on the second (I took two days before the test) I got a 90% probability of passing... clearly it was right. Good luck everyone!

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    Passed NCLEX!

    Thank you so much for this amazing app! I took the NCLEX on 10/28, and found out today that I passed! NCLEX-RN Mastery was very helpful in preparation for the NCLEX. Having tried both this app and UWorld, they are very comparable in the types of questions asked. This app is significantly cheaper and the rationales are excellent. For reference, my school required ATI throughout the program, as well as the ATI Comprehensive predictor. I had mostly As (and a few Bs) in my nursing courses. I did not find ATI as helpful as NCLEX-RN Mastery. I completed about 500 questions in the app 2 weeks before taking NCLEX. I averaged 53% which I was concerned about, however, some of the content covered is more difficult than what is asked on the NCLEX. I found a few questions on the app that were very similar to what I saw on the exam. Delegation, prioritization, and advanced directives are key concepts that the app covers well. All in all, I highly recommend this app. It will serve you well in your NCLEX preparation.

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    Convenient and useful

    Let me start by saying I passed my nclex with 75 questions on my first try. This app is pretty much all I used to study! I did take the Kaplan prep course however honestly, I didn't find it that helpful. Getting familiar with nclex style questions is the most important thing! And I love how I could study the rationales. As long as I had my phone I could study :) the daily reminders were also incredibly helpful leading up to the nclex too. The only thing Id suggest to anyone is buy (not just the free version. Actually buy it. Its worth it) this in either your first year of nursing school or before you start. While yes it will be harder because you dont have the knowledge base for a lot of the questions, it will really help you learn how to read nclex questions.

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    Failed the NCLEX

    I used this entire app and studied everyday for 5-8 hours for 3 months and then went back and went over the questions i got wrong and studied those... I read the rationales wether i got it right or wrong but still failed the nclex. I also used other resources and not just this app so it wasn’t like I only was depending on this app but this app was also a huge part of my preparation too so I was very disappointed. Yes, a lot goes into preparing for the NCLEX and I was doing everything I could to prepare for the exam and will continue to do so till I pass. I will think about the refund... I still think it’s a great app and a must buy but I wish it had the ability to generate 75+ question exams so you can constantly check on how your scoring... This app tells you how you’re doing over all but I think that’s not enough. Many apps have this 75+ test generator (this one generates tests but it’s only up to 50 questions and that’s simply not enough in my opinion). The closest one this company has to that is the 2 NCLEX simulators and I bought those too and did well on them but like I said that’s not enough... I just wish this app had that feature. I feel it would help me and a lot of students out there even if you had to pay extra for that feature. TLDR: Great app but needs more nclex simulators to keep track of your scores and progress.

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    Amazing app

    This app is surprisingly good and I don’t regret buying it. The amount of content is more than expected because of the thorough rationales. I am leaving this review however because I would like to see some changes. Most importantly is that right now I cannot access the new multimedia content because the app freezes then crashes. I have an iPhone X. Next is the small, encircled x in the corner of pictures that must be pressed to close a picture. I have found myself pressing it 10+ times. Maybe make it bigger or make it so that I can swipe the picture away as I would with a picture on Facebook. You should be able to do something about the multimedia content but I understand if there are disagreements about the small x.

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    Best Program for the NCLEX

    This program was prefect. I passed the NCLEX at 75 questions and felt confident the whole time. That was in thanks to this program. My school provided ATI which was confusing with its rationals and a clunky program. This was a smooth and clear rationals. I was able to pop up the app whenever I had a moment to bang out a few questions or a longer session. The app on the phone is easy to use and was the biggest perk. I bought the two NCLEX sims and they were very helpful in seeing how I was doing. Did one at the beginning and then a week out. The website was easy to access and work just as well as the mobile app for studying. I would 100% recommend this for anyone studying for the NCLEX.

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    Passed my NCLEX

    I’ve never written a review for anything before! BUT, this app is AMAZING!!! Worth every penny! I graduated nursing school abroad 3 years ago and was worried I wouldn’t pass the NCLEX after waiting this long. But I took my NCLEX 4 days ago. I PASSED on my first try thanks to the NCLEX Mastery app!!! I used nothing to study except for this app. And the questions on the app were unbelievably similar to what I saw on the NCLEX. I love this app. I started with 20 questions a day and then worked my way up to 100. The explanations that are given with every question are so great and help you understand clearly. Thank you so much NCLEX mastery!! I’ll be recommending this app to all my nursing friends and family.

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    I strictly used this app—and my textbook I got through my nursing program—to study for NCLEX. This app is great and I truly feel like the questions cover a broad range of things but don’t go crazy in-depth! I took NCLEX 2 days ago and passed in 75 questions! Would highly recommend! It makes it so easy to study and be able to study when and where is convenient for you. Made studying a lot less stressful and made it easy to view my strengths and weaknesses before going to the testing center. The rationales weren’t too detailed—but this kept it simple and helped me understand without a crazy amount of information for no reason. THANK YOU!

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    Extremely helpful

    I passed the NCLEX on the first try with 75 questions. I used this app with the premium package and my school’s mandatory use of ATI. ATI is confusing and hard and sometimes the rationales don’t provide you with much information. With Mastery, the rationales are thoroughly explained and the questions are styled like actual NCLEX questions. The pre and post simulation tests are worth upgrading to premium. The tests look exactly how the NCLEX does. It helps you feel more comfortable during the NCLEX. The app is also helpful during nursing school because of the many questions provided for each subject. It really helped me prepare for exams.

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    Questions are flawed

    After taking nclex review classes, it is apparent that many questions are flawed on this app. There is a serious lack of nursing prioritization questions as well. Questions tend to steer toward more didactic information and promotes only memorization as opposed to critical thinking. The rationales behind questions and answers as well are also disappointing as it seems to be only textbook definitions of what the question involved, while very seldom actually giving legitimate rationale as to why an answer choice is wrong. The questions here also almost completely contradict what Hurst and Kaplan teach you when it comes to taking test questions and choosing answers. These questions are too open ended and do not lead the test taker to choose appropriate answers as they make the answer choices so vague that almost anything can be rationalized to be a right answer.

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    Everything is still great, but one of the recent updates did a weird thing where it reset my percentage of correctly answered questions. It is only showing the amount of questions I’ve answered and the percentage I’ve gotten correct since that update. The subject breakdown still shows the bars with the correct amount of green, yellow, and red, but if I haven’t answered any questions from that subject since the update, it is either saying 100% or 0%. I’m a little worried this isn’t going to get fixed and I’m not going to know the total number of questions I’ve answered correctly. And since I paid for the full unlocked app, the $24 unlock, I really hope it does since it’s such a great and useful app otherwise.

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    Login problems solved!

    Since figuring out my login issues, this app has been one of my go-to studying tools for the NCLEX. I love that there are rationales at the end of the questions, that you can mark it based on your knowledge of the question subject, and that you can track your progress. It’s helpful to have the breakdown of subjects so you aren’t wasting as much time studying material you already know thoroughly! I wish I had used this more during nursing school, but I am glad that I can use it for my NCLEX preparation. It’s so nice that it syncs amongst your devices, and very convenient for those on the go!

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Yes. My Mastery: NCLEX & Nursing is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 20,143 My Mastery: NCLEX & Nursing User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for My Mastery: NCLEX & Nursing Is 41.6/100.

Is My Mastery: NCLEX & Nursing not working?

My Mastery: NCLEX & Nursing works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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By Kathleen M Nathaniel
Feb 23 2021

Paid for this app today and can not get on some of the questions keeps asking me to enroll and pay and then confirms I have and it is like a loop

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