Philips Sonicare Reviews

Philips Sonicare Reviews

Published by on 2020-11-04

Have you ever wondered how well you are actually brushing your teeth? When you
connect your Philips Sonicare toothbrush to the App, you’ll receive
personalized guidance and tips to improve your brushing habits, leaving you with
a healthy mouth and smile. In the Philips Sonicare App: R...

Table of Contents:
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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
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Philips Sonicare Reviews

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    Overall good, but needs many refinements

    Ultimately, this app does exactly what it’s supposed to - provide paced brushing routine to help achieve a better clean and market other Sonicare products to the consumer. My gripe is that this app seems like an afterthought rather than a priority to the brand. Firstly, it has been almost 6 months since the release of the iPhone X and yet, there has been no update to the user interface to complement this device. Next, from my experience with my DiamondClean 9700, it seems that there is only communication in one direction (brush -> app), not the other way around. When everything goes according to plan, the usage of the app is clean and polished. The issue is when completing a touch up - the app will day “All Done” but the brush will continue a regular cleaning without a care in the world what the app thinks. Also, why doesn’t the whitening cycle allow for extra cleaning? Once it’s done, it’ll complain about missed spots but provide no way to retouch these areas. This could be fixed if the app could control the brush. Finally, I wish there was a way for the brush to log cleanings when the app isn’t open and then transfer that information on the next app connect. I’m not sure if it’s a memory constraint within the brush, but having offline logging would be great for those times when it is inconvenient to go grab the phone.

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    Good but could be so much better

    The app often does not recognize where in the mouth you are brushing. For example, in touch up, where the zone inside is yellow, I am brushing on the inside, yet the app is highlighting the outside area that is already a clean white. I can appreciate if the device does not think that I have brushed adequately, but when it does not register that any brushing has taken place, it is quite frustrating. Called technical support and went through a series of resets with no improvement. They then sent a new handle (under warranty), but still having same issues. It is a great concept and very good incentive to good oral care, I just wish that the bugs could get sorted out! Firmware and app are both up to date... This is an update to previous review. The solution to my problem was found in another review—-the toothbrush must be level for the feedback to the app to be accurate. The only way to achieve this is to have the phone mounted in front of you on the mirror. My husband’s Oral B toothbrush came with this mount, which he does not use. It works like a charm and should be part of the package when buying the brush along with instructions to mount the phone and keep the toothbrush level! I would give this 5 stars, if the mount were included.

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    Recent Updates Make App Crash

    This app is, on the surface, great. Especially given that when working properly, it provides real-time and detailed feedback on where and how you should be brushing, as well as creating a record of your brushing activity. However, recent updates to the app have all but made it impossible to use. Beginning a few months ago, the app started to take far longer to load, crash somewhat more frequently, have trouble connecting to the brush via Bluetooth and inaccurately record where in your mouth you are brushing. With the more recent updates, it began crashing consistently in the middle of brushing, and now, it is impossible to open the app at all, rendering it completely useless. Hopefully, the team at Philips can address these software/firmware issues, because again, when working well, this is a great and innovative product/app pairing. Additionally, Philips introduced auto-refill ordering through the app a few versions back. However, they do not offer replacement tongue scrapers that are the same as the one that came with the brush originally, or even ones that are compatible with the app/brush. This is the case both with the auto-refill and their online store. It would be nice if they could remedy this.

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    Update: I still love the toothbrush, HATE the app. Now when I tap the app it takes a solid minute to pop up. It doesn’t actually teach the age of the toothbrush head based on wear but rather time. If you pop a new head on and don’t use the app the app has no way of knowing if it’s a new head or the same old head. I was under the impression that there was a sensor that can tell the wear of the brush... NO it doesn’t. The app itself is also inconsistent... sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. It definitely doesn’t know where you are in your mouth. Not worth the extra money. I barely use the app anymore. Also, if you happen to be using the app you have to stay in it while you’re brushing. There’s no checking the news or weather or toggling between apps bc it will stop the progress on your brushing. Great toothbrush, great app. There have been a few connectivity issues which I’m not crazy about given I’ve had it for less than a week but, technology, right. On the other hand almost $300. The other thing, it would be nice if the app could sense that you’re not brushing where you’re supposed to be brushing and ding you. I moved to the opposite side of my mouth just to test it....nada.

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    Nice toothbrush, horrible app

    The app crashes more times per day than the number of times I brush my teeth. And I brush at least twice a day. As an attempt to stop the frequent crashes, I decided to delete the app, then re-install it. My data is stored in the cloud. What harm could that do? I’ll tell you. I lost the last four weeks of data. I like the toothbrush but hate the app. Updated review: The app continues to crash but not as often. Takes a long time to load the app when it actually runs. I have to log back in to my account from time to time, which is annoying. Oh, and I can’t update the firmware of my toothbrush. I get the update notice daily, but the update fails every time. My current firmware version is 2.4.1. The update firmware version is 2.11.1. Another update: I contacted support through the Philips website. They stepped me through the factory reset process for my DiamondClean toothbrush. After the reset, I was able to update the firmware. However, the firmware update stalled at 99%. I let the app sit with it showing 99% complete for an hour, then I canceled the update. The app then said the firmware on the toothbrush handle was up to date. So the update was successful, but the app didn’t realize the final one percent was complete.

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    Bluetooth app is worthless

    Like all Sonic toothbrushes, this one does a fantastic job cleaning my teeth. There are new brush heads and new modes although I was always happy with my old ones. My last one didn’t last as long as my first one so I believe their is planned obsolescence so they can sell you the new and improved version. I was excited about the Bluetooth app that tracks your brushing, monitors pressure and “scrubbing” and shows you on the screen areas you missed, theoretically. The Bluetooth function is so spotty it makes the app worthless. It will tell me I have the wrong brushhead loaded when I haven’t changed the head or the setting. It shows me missing areas of my mouth I didn’t miss and wants me to brush them again. It fails to recognize that the toothbrush is on and ready to brush and records nothing. It loses connection all together and makes me go through the entire setup process again. It tells me to install new firmware, but when I turn on my brush, it says it’s up to date. I have quit using it all together out of frustration. Stick with a cheaper model. The app is not worth the extra money.

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    Tracking only works when you brush with the app, and even then, it’s completely inaccurate. I’ve been following directions for a week and the app shows I’ve missed 3/4 of my mouth when brushing, even though I’ve been getting a “complete clean” message every time I brush. Also, the app constantly crashes and restarts even while I’m brushing. I bought the toothbrush to use with the app and better my oral health, but as of now, I’ve spent $270 on a regular toothbrush with a useless app. Following my review, I got a response from a developer telling me to connect the brush to the app. I clearly stated saying that I’ve been brushing with the app. So, how else am I supposed to connect it to the app, I’m already brushing with the app open, giving me instructions on how to brush. I was also told to contact customer support, which I did a while back, and I discovered that even the customer support associates didn’t know how to properly connect/when to connect the brush to the app. So I’m currently lost as to what to do when both Philips, and it’s developers don’t seem to know exactly how their own product works. For the last time, developers that keep telling me to connect my toothbrush to the app, MY TOOTHBRUSH IS CONNECTED.

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    Tech App Health

    I like my new Sonicare Digital, it was a replacement after my previous brush stopped working. I was disappointed to find that I would have to purchase the travel charger separately. My previous brush came with the travel charger, apparently this not standard with series 9300. As this is designed to work with an app, including the travel charger should have a given. The item is very expensive I purchased it from Kohl’s on sale and received a $20 rebate. I like the app it tells you what areas you need to focus on, but it’s not intuitive beyond the amount time it’s programmed to record brushing in each section. For example, if I brush out of order it does not record that, which will give you an inaccurate report. Also I checked no, I did not floss accidentally, but I was not able to correct it. My mouth and teeth feel clean after using the brush. I noticed that if I used it twice a day I didn’t have any plaque build up, but if I used it only once a day I noticed a little build up. The two rating is for the lack of consideration for the including the travel charger and the lack of intuitiveness with the app, as discussed earlier.

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    Handle rocks, and the app? MEH!!

    I’ll borrow part of a phrase used on this app. Almost a decent of an app to call it good but you’re this far off!! The brush handle is hands down twice as good as my old Sonicare brush. The app on the other hand I continue to get no data posted on one or more sides of my teeth during a full session. I’m so sick of reading “almost clean” when I know I did the area just as the others!! Phillips won’t like hearing this but they need to make this app more for the user than for satisfying some old corporate mule that knows nothing about software to recommend what categories should be considered a fixed non changeable field and other fields that could be adjusted to better match the user. Either make some drastic changes or at least let others have a chance at developing alternative apps that would be fair. I’m sure Phillips doesn’t even see the whole picture on a success some of their products could be just by tweaking a couple of details. As a big fan of their products it’s fair to say it becomes less and less dealing with this type of controlisms implemented into the products

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    My Teeth Feel SO Clean—I love this toothbrush!

    My sweet boyfriend got me this Sonicare — he’s a dentist & highly recommended this product. I had a different electric toothbrush before this sonicare, but he INSISTED I try it. I was skeptical that it would be ANY different or better than what I was already using. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt the results! My teeth feel INCREDIBLY clean after I used it. Surprisingly, they were more clean than they had been with other electric toothbrush! My teeth really feel a LOT cleaner after I use the sonicare. Needless to say, my boyfriend was right— at least this time around😉! I also LOVE the app. I love documenting my flossing, mouthwash use, etc. It keeps you accountable and shows you the work you put in toward your oral health. I’ve never had an app that lets me document my oral health, so I really appreciate having this app. The product has great technology! When I’m brushing the teeth while using the app, it follows where I’m brushing. & it’s very precise! It always lights up exactly where I am brushing. I really appreciate the feedback (eg— too much pressure, missed this area). If you want a toothbrush with great technology AND a brush that really does its job taking care of your teeth, I highly recommend this product. I think many of you will love that clean feeling and feel assured you’re taking great care of your oral health!

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    Won’t connect to toothbrushe

    I’ve been using my Diamondclean smart for over a month now without the app. It just won’t connect. My iPhone 10 can’t find the brush and on my wife’s Galaxy s9 plus it see the brush but when trying to connect I get “ unable to connect please check other devices settings and try again”. I have tried everything. I keep Bluetooth on only on the phone that I’m trying to use the app on since I heard the brush will get confused if more than one phone have the App and Bluetooth is on. I have restarted both phones and sell as the brush . I have deleted and reinstalled the app. I have put the brush literally touching the phone nothing. The brush leaves your mouth feeling amazing. But I just can’t connect. I have also tried my sons LG phone and still nothing. If I would of known the app was gong to be useless i would of purchase a different brush. I also called customer support and they are useless. All they did was tell me to delete the app & reinstall . Restart the phone. And to make sure I’m not retarded I was asked if I was sure my Bluetooth was on.

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    Annoying app targeted for marketing

    I had hoped for really cool features when getting the app/toothbrush. Instead got annoying tips that do not change or there is a way to disable it. Right in front of your eyes: “30% of Americans don’t brush for ... blah blah“ how many times do I need to read this before I start to brush?! I be seen it once, so I really need to see it every time I brush?! So annoying :/ Also I have two iDevices and when I used one for few days than another one and back to first one, my progress data would not transfer instead it showed another toothbrush (but I only have one) so the progress is missing some days on one and some on the other toothbrush. What’s the point? Also it has a lot of menu options but seriously, there is nothing useful, mostly it is just links to buy more products or how to care for your teeth. Nothing really that you would need to know ... after all, it is huge disappointment and waste of money. Would not recommend at all ... the only exception: there is nothing better so hopefully those guys will rethink and redesign it so it makes much more sense and would encourage you to use it!

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    The Best Brush Ever!...DiamondClean Smart 9700 Series!🥰

    This is my first Sonicare and I absolutely love it! Thanks to Philips Sonicare’s DiamondClean Smart Brush, I’m able to actually see which areas of my mouth I need to add more brushing to. I love how it keeps me in check: cuing on if I’m moving the brush too fast; applying too much pressure; if I flossed, rinsed, or scraped; brushed twice a day. I can go on and on. The best part is that my ENTIRE mouth has a deep clean feeling ALL DAY! This feeling leaves me anxious and eagerly awaiting the next brush! I finally found my PERFECT toothbrush! P.S. I couldn’t be the only one in the house with a mouth so clean, so I had to buy my 2 kids and my husband a Sonicare (and before they laid a finger on mine)! Thanks again Philips Sonicare!❤️

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    Good app with a useful purpose but has security risks

    The app is solid but it has some important security risks: 1) You can’t logout so anyone who can access your device can access your health data. 2) Logins are single factor authentication only. There’s no SMS PIN or TouchID option available. Again this is a concern because anyone can login to your personal data if your password is hacked then entered correctly. 3) The password is not linked to your stored passwords on iCloud so you have to go to the website and login up store it, or store it manually (but then the Password is not recommended when you go back to the app to enter it (after you delete and reinstall it so that you can login again.) I would also ad that the app - in addition to brushing data, which could be useful - is a sales pitch for oral care reporting services and a subscription for a brush head replacement service. That’s a lot of commercialization for an application that only purports to be a value added feature of the toothbrush.

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    App Doesn’t Justify Buying a $200+ Toothbrush

    I have become completely frustrated with this app. I want to love my toothbrush that I have had since December 2018, however the app crashes/freezes constantly. The brush is connected and it works from time to time, but other than that it either crashes or stalls the entire first section of my mouth. There is no way to back track cleaning cycles that did not happen with the app open which is frustrating as well. That eliminates the app feature of tracking sections of your mouth while cleaning and your brush head health. The brush tracking is also inaccurate. It works when it wants to. Some days it works well, others it misses sections of my mouth and when it turns to touch up mode it works perfectly saying that I am cleaning that section even though my brushing is exactly the same as what I performed during the original cleaning cycle. My frustration has grown to the point where I get I needed to leave a review. With that being said, I would not recommend buying a $200+ toothbrush just to get fed up with an app that doesn’t work efficiently.

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Is Philips Sonicare Safe?

Yes. Philips Sonicare is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 34,158 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Philips Sonicare Is 23.0/100.

Is Philips Sonicare Legit?

Yes. Philips Sonicare is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 34,158 Philips Sonicare User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Philips Sonicare Is 23.0/100.

Is Philips Sonicare not working?

Philips Sonicare works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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