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Get a new virtual card for every purchase for free. Set spending limits, make
one time-use cards, or cards that only work at certain merchants. Join over
100,000+ users that have saved $100 million by blocking unwanted charges due to
compromised cards, hidden fees, and forgotten subscrip...

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    This is why...

    Someone wrote they can not understand why the bad reviews. Here’s why, I’m leaving one. The premise behind privacy is to keep purchases private. At sign up they ask for your personal info - Name, address, DOB, and phone number. Sh*... might as well ask me for my social security number too since you’re verifying my identity against public/private records (can’t remember which). Okay, so I enter the crap. No problem. Next I have to enter my debit or bank info. No problem. My card is charge and I must verify the amount. Again, no problem. Then I’m told the account is under reviews. Privacy must verify my identity? BULL*! You’re better off getting multiple digital bank accounts that come with “turn card off.” Have one account you keep $3 on for “making sure this card works after the trial” test, and separate all your transactions by debit card. Privacy will have to publicly share that they are NOT collecting user information. All of the questions and business model proves otherwise. I’m just saying, I could careless about my info at this point, so many people have it (I saw on a credit report that our emails get attached to our credit card information. So it’s whatever). I’ve since deleted the app. I’ll stick to paying $40 with Blur or just get a business account with Divvy!

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    Great idea, bad execution

    I’ve been using this app for the better part of a year. I’ve only used it to pay my Apple storage bill. I’ve never needed to link a card because I’ve always had promo credits. But last month I got a payment declined notification from Apple. I checked Privacy, and I still had more than enough credits. So I deleted that card and created a new card. Then I tried to load Privacy from my linked debit card, and it said my account was locked and that I needed to email customer support. This exact same thing happened several months ago. So I emailed them again, 8 days ago. They finally got back to me today. They said, “After careful consideration, we have decided to close your Privacy account because of unexpected, prohibited, or suspicious activity.” They didn’t elaborate. They’ve banned me from their app, for trying to use the basic functionalities of their app. Hope others have better luck not getting banned for no reason.

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    It actually is that good

    It’s really rare that something works exactly as described, but both the app and the Privacy service have surprised me. They do exactly what they say they do, and make it very easy. The only potential downside, you have to trust them enough to give them access to your bank account. I already had a separate account that I use just for online purchases, so I connected this to Privacy. I was surprised at how easy it was to set up one-time use cards, and recurring use cards. I get nice little emails telling me when those virtual cards have been charged. So far, this is been great and I can’t believe it’s free.

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    WARNING Scam (fake reviews)

    I signed up for an account thinking I should try it. The service never worked, it kept saying I needed to contact support to use the account so I did. They said everything was fine but they needed a picture of a voided check to finish the linking process. I didn’t have any checks available so I just didn’t respond and figured oh well. Several months later I got charged with $200 worth of random things (direct tv subscription, electric bills, etc) all by Privacy. I issued a stop payment to privacy through my bank (which cost $36) and was able to get those charges nulled and prevent any future charges from them. I emailed support telling them what happened and never got a response, it has been 3 months. A friend of mine also signed up for the service and the same think happened to him. I can only assume all of the positive reviews here are bots.

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    Saved me and my money!

    One of the online sites I purchase items had a breach and somebody got ahold on my privacy card. They tried many times to make transactions with it but failed every time since that card was locked to the merchant. I’m so happy to have used this service as this happened while I was out of the country. There’s a terrible chance that I might not of had any money left when returning home if I wasn’t using this service. If I were using my real debit card I might have been in a huge mess. Use this for all your online purchases, you won’t regret it!

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    Small hiccups but otherwise fantastic

    The initial hurdle to set up an account are high. I did not want to share my login credentials with them and it turned out they have an alternate way to verify a bank account. Takes a while but is fine. Initially I bumped into the low spending limits, but managed to get them increased over time. Since they introduced cash back I’m routing pretty much all my online expenses through them. I disputed transactions twice and they were resolved within their advertised 3 day response window. Main pain points are slow response time for their online support and their app is lacking some love. Many smaller bugs that should not be too difficult to resolve.

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    Everyone should use this online

    There should be one of the first applications people put on their phones, and should be a top application in the App Store. It’s incredibly well done and allows you to use a unique credit card for any online purchase, protecting you from getting overcharged or from theft. The business model of the company makes perfect sense and a sustainable. I can’t see enough good things about this app and the web site. The application and the host website is incredibly well done, very intuitive, very polished. Everybody I show it to loves it and immediately embraces it.

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    The best app you’ll ever download

    I don’t think there’s been a product or service that has brought me more peace of mind and more confidence than Privacy. It is the only service that I evangelize to everyone I can. It has saved me hundreds of dollars and lets me rest easy knowing I am much less likely to be a financial victim of fraud or data breaches. The only thing this is missing is the ability to use custom images for cards by entering the URL of the company logo. The dashboard looks so much cooler with logos than without. Keep it up Privacy team.

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    Great App, does just what I need it to

    This app has worked perfectly for me, and it’s free. I have a dedicated checking account for household bills, and now I have a way to add a layer of protection for a bank account by not entering actual bank account info online out over the phone. I use it for subscription trials and I have dedicated cards for each regularly occurring transaction so I can delete it if needed. It has worked for me for the last 6 months flawlessly.

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    Avoid at all costs

    This company is *extremely* shady. I downloaded the app, linked my bank account, and let it sit for a few weeks/months. The first time I try and “Create a card”, it says to contact support. I do, and they basically say my account is deactivated, albeit never having *ever* used it! Absolutely unacceptable and beyond unprofessional. Ironically I’m also an employee of the company that provisions the app in the first place, so it’s not like I have some kind of tarnished reputation. There is no justification for this kind of behavior from any respectable company. This company is a complete disgrace to the virtuous notion of preserving privacy - rather than enable freedom they actually banish users for absolutely nothing! Avoid at all costs. This is a really, really bad sign.

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    Really cool concept. Just one suggestion

    I’ve just stared using the app and I really like the way it allows you to control your online financial exposure. As a security student I’ve seen many companies that aren’t strictly compliant and this gives me a sense of safety that a hacker can’t compromise my entire bank account from one store. However, I think the app would be perfect if you could similarly use the app with Apple Pay and I’d love the ability to add a burner card to my wallet. The rest of the app and the website are great and I haven’t had any issues.

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    Protection in the Age if Data Breaches

    What an amazing app! Protect your financial identity and resources by using cards with limited funds. Be a “secret agent” with a burner card that closes after first use. Limit exposure at online merchants by setting a limit by transaction or calendar (week, month, year). Corral recurring monthly charges by dedicating a card and amount to the merchant. All my online Christmas purchases have been made with Privacy. Cannot miss if you have concerns with the security of online transactions.

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    Really good app!

    I really don’t know why all the negative comments. I’ve had some issues with my memory due to lack of sleep and Privacy helped me keep track of how much I was spending and how much I can spend with the spending limit. The burner cards are pretty awesome as well. The only thing I would agree is customer support. I would also like to be added in the FAQ how you can deactivate your account should you want to. Other than that, it’s a useful app.

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    Shady tactics.

    I have seen this service advertised on the internet in the past to i decided to try it out. After taking all of my information including bank account and me creating an account all of a sudden my account is pending review and a week later when i assume the review is complete my email and account does not exist in their system. I want my data wiped you rats. Filing a police report if i am not contacted

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    Great apps everywhere

    It’s not flawless for the chrome extension in filling out stuff, but it’s intuitive and has the foresight to tackle common issues, etc. it’s amazing. I love the service. I just use it for the basic stuff that it offers. It works and is great for me. Thank you. This is a real review and I use two-step verification to protect my account. I don’t think privacy is perfect, but I have yet to hate it.

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