Porsche Connect App Reviews

Porsche Connect App Reviews

Published by on 2021-02-28

The Porsche Connect App is the digital interface to your Porsche. It is divided
into three main areas: My Account, Navigation and My Car. Please note: •
The offer described here applies to the new Cayenne models (from model year
2019). Offers on other models may deviate from it. • T...

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Porsche Connect App Reviews

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    New update to the app, more failures!!!

    This review is in addition the the others I have left regarding the complete dissatisfaction in this app and inability for the Porsche Connect team to solve. I feel I cannot even call the tech support line any longer. I have wasted countless hours with them, only to always be no better off than when I started. I just downloaded the latest update of the Connect App from the Apple Store, in hopes that this is the time where all of the issues are resolved. Wrong!!! It is really too bad that my $130,000 Porsche has the worst experience when it comes utilizing its App and connectivity features. My sons $25,000 Chevy Truck never has issues using OnStar! Porsche-you are failing in this category, you need to fire you digital partner and figure out how to provide consistent, solid support. The pack of call backs and follow through are ridiculous. Consumers, purchase a Porsche for the quality and performance, do not plan on using the App-ever. It will lead to pure dissatisfaction, every time.

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    Porsche Dissapoints

    I bought a 2020 Cayenne hybrid and I am a 26 Air Force engineer and I have never had this many problems for all the weapons systems ... apps .. software systems etc that I have ever worked with. I am even half German and it’s a total embarrassment that Porsche thinks they can get away with such garbage... connect app is anything but connect.. they are making changes to cars too fast and if they can’t get a simple app to work I am worried about what I bought which is 100 times more complicated than this app.. Porsche should be ashamed of themselves for even thinking about charging folks for this a year after you purchased your car... I have never been so disappointed in my life... I don’t need to repeat what others have already said... Truly a sad day for the company !!!!! Signed disappointed and left with a worthless app... Take heed Porsche and FIX YOUR APP!!! B I have a friend who works for The NY Times and I have documented every detail that is wrong.. it’s going to be published because After reading All the feedback Porsche thinks they can answer with the same response and get away with it.. not here because now everyone will know how they just don’t give a dam... You can’t expect people to buy expensive cars and be left in the dark... signed Not done yet!!!!!

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    I had to give it one star to get the review started...

    As far as unintuitive apps go, this may take the cake. I have my cayenne registered in My Porsche. Done - after a bunch of back and forth emails and long wait. Then this app tells me to login with my Porsche account that has my vehicle. I did that but the Connect still says I don't have a vehicle even though my Cayenne is in the My Porsche account. I am just going in circles with Connect and Car Connect. It is a lesson in frustration that leads to no outcome. They make wonderful cars, but the software leaves a lot to be desired. It's like their apps are geared towards you having a constant hand holding relationship with the company or dealer. Really? In 2019? Make me pay big for the app, I don't care, just don't make me sit there scratching my head and rethinking this relationship with Porsche. It should be login, connect, go!

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    Terrible user interface, over complicated

    The Porsche Connect app has by far the worst user interface of any connected car app on the market. I have a 2019 Porsche Cayenne and am guessing that the app must’ve been designed by the same team that designed the PCM software in the car, it is not at all intuitive and needs an overhaul. The technology in an $80k+ luxury car should be on par with their competitors on the market. I literally only want to start the car and turn on the air conditioning (a separate annual service fee...) and utilize the cars WiFi connection that is apparently fully functioning by att standards but inoperable by my IT guy and children. The tech help at both Porsche and ATT were unable to answer questions about the app and persistently faulty data connection Save yourself the headache and don’t bother with this app.

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    This app should go back to development

    This app is a total JOKE and should be called “porsche disconnect”.... it periodically forgets my porsche ID and stops working here and there. I just need the very basic function of remotely lock/unlock the car, but unfortunately, the App is incredibly unreliable in that regard. One day the app was completely down and my car key was inside the car while car is locked. I couldn’t unlock the car with the App. Called the Connect service, they tole me they are undergoing an outage....so i had to spend $170 bucks for uber in order to get to my destination. Honestly, i have no complaints about the car. Car is great is every way. But the app is a such a huge disappointment, and they are charging a fee for this crappy service after 1st year....

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    Horrible app and horrible customer service

    I’ve had this app/feature for a year now. It took a month working with customer service to get it to pair on a brand new vehicle. It was so bad, Porsche connect customer service emailed me saying they’d extend an additional free year. I’ve been trying to redeem that year for over a month now. Every time I call back I get told they need to talk to a manager. For what these cars cost, the app is horrendous. It should t be on these cars, let alone expect people to pay hundreds of dollars a year for it. The car is great but the constant frustration with a featured service makes me wonder sometimes. And the customer service reps don’t respond. Don’t follow up. Don’t follow through.

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    Used to work. Not anymore.

    The app seems to have been rewritten. The previous version worked perfectly for searching for addresses using Google Maps and transferring to the in-car GPS/PCM. This is in a new 2017 Cayenne S E-Hybrid. Now the app has a very slow login process, followed by a dumber map powered by Here, not Google. It cannot transfer addresses to the PCM because it says “Funct. Restricted for the vehicle.” Why? It used to work with the previous app. There’s a share-sheet feature called My Destinations. When you select that it seems to perform a second address lookup and says it cannot find the address. Literally, the only way you get to the share sheet is by first locating the address. But then 1/2-second later it says it can’t find it again. So, this app was either rewritten to support the way newer (>2017) Porsches work and dropped support for paid-for features in current models OR Porsche is using some form of app-design logic that now requires a manual to use (because it is no longer self-evident). Disappointing lack of appreciation for customers.

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    Can’t give it a zero

    I have two Porsches trying to cone etc to this app. The 911 connected for awhile and is now totally messed up for no reason. The Cayenne e-hybrid has been totally screwed up for months. A way to schedule charging is through the app but it does not work. Many calls to customer support and still nothing works. I’m in technology, run large support organizations, and I’m perplexed why this is so complicated. My third car is a Tesla that has the easiest app in the world. The Taycan was on the radar as a future fixture in my garage. My Tesla will be staying in it’s place. Porsche needs to figure this out and quickly. The benefits of this app, especially with a hybrid are important. Good luck Porsche!

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    Taycan pcm software needs work

    Got a taycan 4s, great car, drives awesome - long story short: pcm is horrible, app is horrible, pretentious try at software. User profiles are half baked, connect app is horrible even though the features are super limited. Physical car dashboard is beautiful, ui is not that great, plenty of icons and crap all around, some good ideas around user profiles, mainly the idea to have the car setup for a specific driver, but the setup is not intuitive, frankly even the Porsche guy was confused and suggested to not have multiple accounts. I still don’t know if the car can use my home WiFi to download updates or if somehow it needs to be connected to a user profile phone. Charging options/profiles are just not very intuitive either, WiFi setup to check the charge? Never works for me. Definitely not there from an integrated point of view of software and hardware- great car though, just not a great 2020 car imo, and at a Porsche premium, which I expected much better.

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    Does some things well. Fails on others

    I have a Taycan and this app does very well on keeping you advised of charging status. Since this is my main objective, I’ll give it a 3 Having said that, the other stuff does not work or, perhaps I just can’t figure it out. Either way, it should be more intuitive. And, for crying out loud, why did they bother to do an Apple Watch version? It has almost no function and doesn’t even look nice. I’d love to be able to check my watch to see if the car was charged.

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    Porsche Connect doesn’t work

    I read the reviews and they are accurate and objective. Porsche Connect is an unreliable app that has never ending and repeating glitches that takes days/weeks to fix. While the Porsche Connect USA support is friendly, they aren’t helpful. Every issue has to go to Germany to get solved. Time frames to get fixed are always open-ended due to “time differences.” If you don’t follow up daily, it won’t get fix. This is my first Porsche. I wouldn’t buy another one because how can a company that claims unparalleled performance allow a software program this bad to be used in their cars while providing ZERO support.

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    Unbelievably Horrible

    I am not even sure what this app is supposed to do but the process of registering with Porsche and setting it up has been a nightmare and whatever the benefits are they cannot possibly outweigh the wasted time and frustration I have experience so far. And just when I think it is all finished I bring my iPhone to the car and attempt to pair it. I followed the instructions and I get a message that services are not available now please try later. I won’t even go into the lack of response from the dealer, but focusing strictly on this app and Porsche connect I would say it is a waste of time.

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    Really great app in demo mode, otherwise...

    This is a really great app if you keep it in demo mode. In that mode, it shows all the things that the app could do if only it had been completed. However, nothing actually works because it is in demo mode. Switching the app out of demo mode takes one to a completely different place. Not really an app at all, but a web site, possibly optimized for mobile devices. Totally different look and feel. Even fully logged in, it is unable to do any of the functions touted in the demo version. Mostly directed to selling one another car. Worthless.

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    Odometer Reading In App assumes Car Odometer is Km

    This upgrade has an error it assumes car odometer is reading Kilometers & convert it to miles; although the car is set to read in miles. Don’t be surprised if you are in the USA to see the odometer reading in the app is different than the car odometer reading. Just multiply the App reading by 1.61 and you will get the same value as the car odometer. Porsche needs to fix this version of the App.

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    From a Taycan Owner

    Always been a Porsche fan, became one of the first owner of Taycan Turbo, which comes with 3-year of free charging at Electrify America...the EA is absolutely the worst, it is utterly worthless for it works only 1-2 times out of every 10 charging attempts...the Porsche Connect is very unreliable, it seldom works, slow updates, and just down and static most of the time...if not for how good the Taycan drives, there is no doubt I will get rid of ALL my Porsches!!! The 3-year of “free” charge is a shameless scam...between these two, they frustrate you so much that one just has to give up trying to charge!! Shame on you!!!

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Is Porsche Connect App Safe?

Yes. Porsche Connect App is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 631 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Porsche Connect App Is 61.8/100.

Is Porsche Connect App Legit?

Yes. Porsche Connect App is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 631 Porsche Connect App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Porsche Connect App Is 61.8/100.

Is Porsche Connect App not working?

Porsche Connect App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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