Simply Piano by JoyTunes Reviews

Simply Piano by JoyTunes Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-24

Simply Piano is a fast and fun way to learn piano, from beginner to pro. Works
with any piano or keyboard. Chosen as one of the best iPhone apps. - Tons of
fun songs like Imagine, Chandelier, All Of Me and Counting Stars, also J.S.
Bach - Includes courses for different musical tastes an...

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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
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Simply Piano by JoyTunes Reviews

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    I like the app but doesn’t work sometimes..

    The app is helpful and easy to understand. Which I do like, however, the app detects I’m playing a whole different key. It is hard to learn the piano on this app when it is saying you are playing a key wrong. I’ve learned a lot from this app but it is frustrating I have to play the key multiple times to move on. I’ve studied each key, to make sure it wasn’t me playing the wrong key, but it wasn’t. On the bottom of the screen it shows the keyboard, and when you play a key it shows which one you are playing, so when i play the key it wants me to play, it says I’m playing a different one. And to move on, I have to play a key that isn’t required. But on the bottom of the screen It says I’m playing the correct key. to play, I either, play the wrong key and it moves me on, or keep playing the right key over, and over, again and then it moves me on. Sometimes it doesn’t even move me on so I HAVE to play the incorrect key. So this will not help me become a better pianist by telling me the correct key is the wrong key, and the wrong key is the correct key. So I think they should fix that. But other than that it’s is a nice app. It is helpful other than the wrong key thing. It’s easy to understand which is great for young kids who want to learn by them self, like myself. But I really hope they fix that so I can give them a way better rating. If this wasn’t a problem I would give them a 5/5.

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    Motivation to learn piano

    This app is simply a motivating tool to learn piano and it works pretty good. I had a little problem with recognition, not enough to complain. Choses of songs to practice are great and you feel like a rock star on Essentials 1st level, because you already got to play Imagine. The system is neat. Each chapter teaches you a new skill and very visual concept of it makes me motivated to get all notes right, so I get stuck hours playing same song until perfection. I also try to play sheet music for beginners and oh god, how boring those are, so I switch to the app. There are few minuses... Sometimes I feel that finger positions are odd, but you can go ahead and figure out the way you can play it more comfortably. I would like to be able to see songs as a sheet too, so it’s easier to learn them by heart. Otherwise, this app is great. It’s a bit expensive, but teacher would cost much more. I think if I ever get to a higher level in the app and then go to the classes it would be a perfect way to polish my knowledge, but at this point I do feel that I am growing with every lesson I take! Great job

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    Very Useful and Cute

    I really do love this app! It’s cute and useful and it’s designed beautifully. The lessons are good for beginners and it’s easy to use. The only reason why it falls short of five stars is for two reasons: the fact it doesn’t register the audio of my keyboard very well and makes me do practice mode even if I’m hitting the correct keys and that since the keyboard used in the app is 49 keys long and mine is 61, the placement of where my hands are aren’t the same as on the app. For the last thing, I know it’s out of my control the number of keys on the keyboard, but it would definitely be easier if there was a setting you could change where you could say how many keys your keyboard is. The way the app sets you up to learn is by your thumb being 1 and your index finger being 2 and so on, and on my keyboard it’s in a very uncomfortable and awkward position to play in and I bet the people who are in the same position as me can agree. Also, I have tried turning my phone’s volume down and the things the app suggests but it still tends to be a bit glitchy. Other then the two little things the app is good at what it does and I recommend it for beginners :)

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    Good app but w/ a MAJOR issue

    Giving this 2 stars (generously) for how great of an app it COULD be; if my issue were fixed it’d be 5 stars. The app showed its potential and was great until about halfway into the first lesson. My audio all registered fine at first, passed all their audio sync tests, no issues. Out of the blue it was no longer detecting that I was hitting notes. In the app when you fail a part of the song 3 times it sends you into a practice mode with a metronome. Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice feature when needed. HOWEVER, I didn’t need it making it SO FRUSTRATING to keep having to repeat this painfully slow practice mode. I even had my mom who has been playing piano for decades sit and try to play the simple song and it did the same thing! There is nothing I could do at this point; if you can’t pass the song you can’t move forward in the app. The funny thing was on the practice mode it registered all the notes just fine, then it would go back into the regular song and would glitch again. I had to delete the app and start using Yousician which is good but limits you to only 10 minutes per day unless you pay. I don’t like it as much as I did this app which is a shame. Hopefully, this can get fixed as I saw a few other people mention similar issues.

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    Avid user for half a year so far...

    I have to say this product is absolutely fantastic. I’m a music major at a University, and this product has not only kept me up to speed with practice that pushes me in super modern way, but it has also but me ahead in certain aspects compared to my contemporaries. I have recommended this to everyone that has seen me play some piano, and my piano teacher absolutely loves the fact that I’ve added this app to my practice regimine. Is there room for growth? Absolutely. But as someone who somewhat lost touch with his piano playing, it’s definitely gotten me back up to speed and then some and continues to help me learn about different musical genres and improves my playing ability. It’s a bargain. Something like this would normally cost half a grand or more. And you are getting something that isn’t judging you are talking about you. It’s to the point and get’s it done. Can’t wait for it to continue updating and pushing the musical envelope. Now get one for sight singing too ;).

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    Pay to play?

    When you first download the app, you get a free lesson/course, and you learn how to play the first 5 notes with your right hand, which was great... Until I finished it 20 minutes later. Once you finish the first course it shows you what you have unlocked and what more you can do to learn, and I started getting excited! I clicked "next" and it showed how much you have to pay in order to keep learning. I was excited to learn to play because I know how to play guitar, ukulele, and viola, and wanted to learn how to play piano! I had seen this add and thought that I should at least try it! Don't get me wrong, I really like the app, but I know many people can't continue with the app because of the monthly pay ($10), and others I'm sure are hesitant to get it because they're not sure if they will continue with it. I know that there is a reason the creators had the pay, but I was disappointed when they told me I had to pay to continue. Other than that, I enjoyed it and would have given it 5 stars if not for the monthly pay. I might consider it though... It is cheaper than normal lessons.

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    Wonderful app! Just one thing I need

    I am so glad that this app exists and I have enjoyed learning piano with you, Joy Tunes. I am thankful for all of the updates you put out with new songs. I just wish that those songs could also have a sheet music section so I could print them out. Look, the app itself is great but I’d like to get better at my rhythm. The practices for the song offer this sheet music aspect but what if I want to play the whole song like that? I would love to be able to print out some of the songs I can play so that I didn’t have to worry about battery life. The app is wonderful I just would love to see far more sheet music and preferably all of your songs having a sheet music counter part P.S Regardless of what many people who are doing reviews say I am glad you aren’t doing this as a free app. For those of you who don’t understand how businesses work you need to make money. Subscription based apps are waaaay better then frenium. Imagine having to pay for extra songs on the app? I’m glad it’s a payment. Also subscriptions force the devs to always be hard at work to keep you paying

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    Great app, just doesn’t work all the time.

    Hello! This is a great app, and I’m sure it’ll help me become a better pianist. But there’s problems; One, extra keys are playing and I’m not playing them. This may just be the music that it’s playing, but I thought I’d mention it anyway. Two; Sometimes, it plays the notes for me. I really want to be able to become a better pianist and it doesn’t help when something is playing the piano for me. Three; it is really hard for me and my family members to line up the blue line with the notes. I think, in my opinion, that the blue line is fast. And, I don’t know if you could disable this, but the practice mode comes in ALL THE TIME! And I just wanna play without all the stopping for practice mode. And, I think the practice mode is just the right speed for beginner pianists (me). Four; if my family members and me play the wrong key, for example, E. It’ll mark it as the right key. For example, C. And it doesn’t help me when I’m wrong but Simply Piano says I played the right note. Thank you so much for reading this and please consider fixing some of these or give me suggestions on how to fix it! Have a good day! ~Love your beginner pianist, Bombshel3

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    Kind of takes you in the wrong direction...

    Although you learn notes, chords, positions, songs, and more it still is doing something that doesn’t exactly help you. It’s sheet music. Sure they give you the option but 1, who actually does it, and 2, they don’t show you how. When playing courses the notes come at you and you play then when they hit the line. But in sheet music it just isn’t the same. You have no sense of timing or anything. Especially now that they bring the beta play (update ) it still doesn’t help. It would be really great if they added how you time in sheet music at the beginning. It’s totally thrown me off whenever I try and play sheet music. To me the only way I can play is if I already know the song and there is music playing in the background. This is a message mostly to simply piano themselves because I hope they could add a short course entirely based on sheet music. I think this could help a lot. I remember today I just checked the new bets play and although I knew all the notes and chords, I just couldn’t play it. I hope other people find this helpful. (You guys could also add the ticking device to beta play)

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    No Custom music?

    I have been useing simply piano for around 2/3 of a year and started unaware of how to even read a staff, after that time has passed I can play alot of the songs, but the app has trouble reading what notes I am playin, this is not that big of a problem for me sense it ussauly only happens once or twice. There is one key feature the app is missing and that is Song you can add to the collection. (notes to devs) to be able to put your own Songs into the apps album of playible songs. Under the Songs section you can create songs where you can place all the notes and such on the staff aswell as select the tempo. When you finish makeing the song you could save it to the song section aswell as give it its own display image. It would have the same mechanics as the rest of the songs, were it slides the staff across the screen to the speed you set it to. This could be a premuim feature and would allow people to learn songs they want aswell as create them. In all the app is 4/5 due to haveing great learning and paceing, but falling short when it comes to the songs you can play.

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    Please Read

    Overall I think the app is an amazing idea and has so much potential, I know despite some difficulties I have already learned so much, but at 120 dollars a year for a premium membership the app should be flawless when it comes to functionality and unfortunately this is not even close to the case. I have just recently gotten my standard everyday piano tuned and I have followed every suggestion the app has given toward improving note recognition; I have tried lowering the volume on my device for minimal interference, playing with no background noise again for no interference, flipped my device, moved it as close to the piano as possible while still being in view while playing, made sure the microphone was not blocked, and I have even tried removing my phone case, all have had no success in improving the app’s ability to recognize notes. I have noticed that the app has a particularly difficult time recognizing the first G note after middle C especially while being played simultaneously with a left hand chord. I am extremely motivated toward learning piano and the app has already helped me so much in this goal but this annoyance is really hindering my progress. Please fix this issue as soon as possible.

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    High cost, poor performance

    Developers of this app should read this: I have recently subscribed to this app for 2 three month periods of about $45, but I am shocked to know that there are so many issues! I paid $90 in total for this app, and I was surprised to learn that it STILL can't recognize the keys I'm playing! The keys I am playing are the correct keys. However, for some reason the app can't recognize or sense them and then marks them wrong, and I am constantly made to do the practice mode even though it was the app's fault for not recognizing my notes! It's really hard to make any progress in this app, because it can't even recognize the correct notes being played! How am I supposed to improve my piano skills if the app won't let me progress? I'm just wasting my money and NOT even learning how to play! Another thing is that once you have completed the course, you should be able to go back to them and replay them EVEN if your subscription has expired! I shouldn't have to be charged just to replay the courses I already completed before the subscription period ended! That's ridiculous! The developer of this app shouldn't be charging so much to subscribe if there are all of these issues! These are very big cons! It honestly should be way cheaper, if not free!

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    PLS READ Perfect at first, now Regret

    I have seen thousands of ads about this app and I decided to try this for myself when I got it I immediately fell in love with it . it was everything I expected and a better . It was perfection . But then I started learning chords on the piano . It taught me well but when I played it on the piano it kept saying I was wrong, even when I was playing it correctly . All 3 or 4 keys at the same time with the same amount of force and at the right keys and position. It even shows me where on the piano I'm supposed to play the chords . But no it kept saying I was wrong and it wouldn't let me move on . And when I was actually wrong it said I was right . this mainly happens when I'm using both my left and right hand to play chords . If I'm playing the right cords with my right hand but the wrong key with my left hand then it says I'm right . Now I purposely played the wrong chords to see if it says I'm right and it did . We payed a YEAR trial for this app and I have already sent a message about a month ago and never got an reply . I haven't been playing for longer than a month now, and I'm PAYING for this . If you can't fix this then at least give me my money back . Thank you .

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    One tweak and you get five

    This app is great; I’m an early 60’s piano learner and after numerous attempts at other apps finally found one that I can use.....for the most part. I wrote the developer sometime back and suggested that they allow for some of us ‘slower’ learners to utilize their ‘wait for me’ system while learning an entire song and got a great note was a great idea. You won’t get every key stroke correct the first time or every time. The app detects that and will stop and let you try again after a few missed keys. If you still don’t get it, it will send you back again, and finally revert to ‘wait for me’ mode as you peck your way through those few bars. Good, but sometimes I need to peck my way through the whole song!!! Having that ability would allow me to work through pieces of the song at my speed, not the app’s speed, and save endless hours cycling through speed drills I’m not ready for yet!! Again, this is a great app, and I really enjoy playing. One small tweak and I’ll sit at a piano all day practicing and training my hands, but I need the ability to slow things down from time to time.

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    Fun way to learn but not helpful with rhythm

    I like using the program and it’s great at detecting whether you’re getting the notes right. However, I think they could do a lot more with making it useful for learning rhythm. I don’t have a good natural sense of rhythm and when the exercises aren’t on any timing (when it’s just detecting notes) it doesn’t hold you to any rhythm. Then in the exercises where the staff is moving, it doesn’t provide any rhythm feedback other than telling you that you maybe got it wrong by sending you to practice mode. On some exercises it does chime out the rhythm for you in advance and that’s really helpful, but I think it should be more widespread, especially in practice mode. If I’m not understanding the rhythm and it just makes me do it over and over again with the metronome, it’s not really helping me understand how to break down the eighth notes and rests and etc. It would also be helpful if there was different color coding for timing being wrong versus the note being wrong. Sometimes I think I’m getting the wrong note when my timing is off instead, so more specific feedback would be helpful.

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Is Simply Piano by JoyTunes Safe?

No. Simply Piano by JoyTunes does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 339,203 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Simply Piano by JoyTunes Is 14.5/100.

Is Simply Piano by JoyTunes Legit?

No. Simply Piano by JoyTunes does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 339,203 Simply Piano by JoyTunes User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Simply Piano by JoyTunes Is 14.5/100.

Is Simply Piano by JoyTunes not working?

Simply Piano by JoyTunes works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Kookie
Jul 03 2021

I used to have simply piano in my lost phone but i can't play it anymore in my new phone
This is my email of simply piano
[email protected]
I already payed for simply piano of 1,year so i hope i can get back my account to learn piano
I will be waiting for your response.
Have a great day

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