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Published by on 2023-10-17

About: The fastest and most fun way to learn to play the piano! Piano Academy is for
anyone looking to learn the piano from scratch or those who have prior knowledge
and want to continue learning by practicing playing along with their favorite
songs. Piano Academy offers an on-screen touch keyboard so you can start
playing immediately.

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4.7 out of 5

By lavana bruce

1 year ago

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By BlueFurryAnimals

It was a lot better months ago

I first got this app around 6 or 7 months ago when I first decided to learn piano. It was great then and you could play many songs for free and whatever. But you could only go so far in the lessons before they wanted you to subscribe. Then I stopped playing for awhile till I checked in around 2 months ago, this is where everything went downhill. I came back to app after realizing how much I missed it 2 months ago like I had said. I quickly realized that almost every song was marked only for people who subscribed. Every single song I liked I could no longer play. I’m pretty Itsy Bistsy Spider was marked for people who subscribed as well. It’s terrible. I understand that they as a company need to make money somehow but I encourage that a subscription isn’t the best way to do it, especially if the plans aren’t that affordable for everyone. So listen to my idea, people who want to play a song have to watch an add per song. And like a couple ads at a time to unlock a lesson. This way the company can still make money. If someone is really truly fed up with all the ads they have to watch then they can pay for a subscription or something.

By Blondebomber626

Cool app, needs improvement

I pay for this app and it’s not cheap! I probably won’t renew because there are some things that need to be improved. For instance, it reads the notes incorrectly much of the time so it would be nice to have a function in the settings where instead of using my microphone, the app connects with my digital piano through bluetooth and reads the notes that I’m actually pressing (this way I can also leave my piano volume down if I choose). Also, if I am paying for the premium version of this app, I should have access to full sheet music. You cannot repeatedly practice the harder pieces as scrolling notes. You just can’t. Give me sheet music or give me the ability to scroll through the upcoming notes in the pause screen. Lastly, I will have completed an entire lesson section and the next day it shows incomplete because somehow it doesn’t register that I’ve already watched the lesson video? It’s not that big of a deal because I can still progress forward, but again if I am paying so much for the app I expect it to work. I’m sure that small problem can be fixed with a simple update though! Overall, the app has certainly been helpful in sight reading practice and teaching me new songs, and even some stuff my piano teacher glosses over :-) I enjoy the songbook portion too.

By vevexus

Great at first

I started using this app almost a month ago with absolutely zero experience. It has been fantastic learning from square one with a gamified experience that gradually gets more like reading real sheet music as you progress. I subscribed after a few hours and had no regrets until recently. I really only have one gripe - that you cannot redo certain sections of the songs. I am forced to pause - restart and wait for the section I am working on to come up. If I am lucky the section fits on one screen and I can pause it and just work on it while paused or take a picture with my phone. It is especially frustrating when the instructor has a small speech at the beginning, forcing you to hear his spiel over and over again before the music even starts scrolling. All I want to do is rewind but I cannot. Early on I mastered the songs fast enough to not care so much but it takes longer and longer to master the songs as they get longer and more complex which means restarting a lot more. I cannot continue so inefficiently... I really feel invested in the app (not just monetarily) and want to use it.. but I’m done and moving to flowkey which lets you loop any section you want to work on.

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