America’s Got Talent on NBC Reviews

America’s Got Talent on NBC Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-26

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America’s Got Talent on NBC Reviews

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    Jerryl A. Hanson/ My Review

    I love this program.. have since it started and look forward to it every year. While I get both excited and anxious for the Final night, I’m equally as sad because I know I now have to wait for the next round. The judges were great this year and I am especially proud of how much hope and encouragement all of the contestants are given. No room for criticism when these talents work their butts off to qualify. Simon, you also seem to have more love in your heart since Eric was born. You seemingly look at these young, tender hearts in a whole new light. I love the new talent this program brings out every year as well... talent that we may not otherwise even know existed. Great job to all of you! Kodi Lee has really enlightened the world of Autism. America got it right again. And I hope all of you as judges help these other top talents find a place in entertainment... they were all phenomenal. Kudos to AGT. Love, love, love the show !

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    Why who makes it to Vegas

    I always think that the judges are blind as far as who should go through. So many times there are certain people that I think are better than the ones that made it to the finals. Maybe it’s just a way of making the show a comical aspect. But there have been many more talents passed by that I don’t understand why the judges didn’t put them through. When it comes to music I respect Simon Cowell . He knows music. My biggest thing is that when it comes to a Vegas show people are gonna want to see something amazing at a Vegas show. Not so much of a singer. I can’t believe that Cion is still in Vegas.

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    Last season, if I gave an act 10 votes, I could change it. This season, guess what? After I voted, I can’t change anything! And it’s still the night of the live shows! I also have a problem with you switching channels with a weather channel. I can’t watch by 7, so I record the episodes. And guess what? I can’t even watch the episode because they switched with another channel! Stay on your own channel! So now I have to search all over for acts, and if one wasn’t as good as I thought it would be, I can’t change it! And really, the judges are sending through bad acts instead of the good acts. Also, if I wanted to make a vote slightly lower, it won’t let me! It will only let me increase the votes! If you want people to leave a review so badly, (I get a request to send a review EVERY time I open the app) then reply to your reviews! Really gone downhill NBC!!

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    I’ll never look at people with disabilities as I did before AGT.

    I have a tremendous respect for the opinions of the judges and their ability to see and hear talent that we would not recognize, especially Simon Cowell. This year’s talent was exceptional and although not everyone could win first place, I believe a lot of people will have opportunities afforded them beyond AGT. The winner is an example of how one is judged strictly on their talent. Two people with disabilities finished in the top and genuinely deserved to win. Kodi Lee has abilities far beyond most normal people. His story has changed everyone’s opinion of people with disabilities. How absolutely extraordinary.

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    AGT App is superb

    I'm happy with the app and how it's easy to use with its use of photos of the contestants and clear instructions on how to use the app. As for the show, I'm pleased to see Simon becoming funnier in his expressions of satisfaction and exasperation. Howie gets a thumbs up for his comical, yet sincere and succinct judgements of the contestant performances. Mel B and Heidi are always impeccably dressed and add a glamorous touch. Tyra can tone down the see-through dresses a bit, but always look her best and has molded herself very well into the role of host. This year's acts have really stepped up the show and makes it a must-see every time it's on (except re-runs). Congratulations.

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    They Changed It

    The app: Last season, I could watch the current episode, live, from the app. This year, it diverts you to the network and the episode is not available. There is no way to watch the live feed now unless you have tv access at that moment. So this year, I have not been able to watch a single show live. That means I can access results via the app BEFORE I'm able to watch the show. It kinda ruins watching and gives all away. Or, I can wait for the show to post, watch the show, and loose the ability to vote because it's taken to long. Bring back the live stream, and without diversion to the network, to the app. The show: The Duncan Save seems to be on a different time zone. You need a new host. I'm sorry, but Tyra doesn't have the right stage presence for the show and messes up too much. The slang also gets annoying.

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    What a shame!

    I’ve watched AGT since it’s inception. I will not watch it again. I am incensed that the two fat guys who made sounds with their bodies went through. Their “talent” could be imitated by two eighth graders after a few minutes of practice. How can you put these guys on par with the young man who plays the electronic violin or the young mother who sang, both of whom put years into developing their talent? Or the father-daughter balancing act? There are so many acts who have true talent. I will spend my Tuesday nights watching reruns of Law and Order. It’s far more worth my time. What a shame the show has sunk so low.

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    Simon has evolved with the show and has mellowed since AGT and BGT inceptions. I’ve noticed that there seems to be fewer high caliber American acts than people from poorer countries. Those acts come from society’s that are not affluent as ours. All in all, this show truly reflects real talent not mediocre hyped show biz glitz that is pap and boobs or gimmick. This great show is a stepped up version of the Ed Sullivan Show and I love the human sacrifice and overcoming of hardship side of things. At a time when there is so much doom and gloom this inspirational program enriches our lives and reminds us of those things that really matter. Thanks to AGT and it’s Star Judges.

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    I have too amazing things to mention about this app, so I’ll just say my favorites. First of all, I love how it shows you the most interesting videos first, even if they are a little, um, disturbing. I like how it shows you the buzzer sounds, and you can also press the golden buzzer. However, my favorite part of this app is that you can VOTE. I know that might not seem like a big deal but voting for contestants means a lot to me, because in my opinion, every vote counts. I had a friend who was on AGT a few year back, Darci Lynn, and she won! I recommend this app, please please please get it

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    I am 11 yrs old and I love watching AGT with my mom and siblings. It's obviously a great family show. But, we never get to actually watch it live, but we still enjoy it anyways. I also love hidee and Mel B. Simon is to me pretty good judge but he could be more enthusiastic when he likes an act. Howie Mandell, is good at showing he likes an act. Oh yeah and Tyra, if I were on AGT, just saying that I have a great amount of stage fright, but with Tyra waiting backstage helping me get over my fear of performing in front of people helps me do better when I'd be performing. Love u all. 😘😜

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    America’s got talent?

    There are almost as many acts from outside the States as in. This show should be limited to citizens of the USA as the name implies. Also, putting acts through like the 3 guys who smash fruit and the knife throwing couple is a waste of space for real talent. Not one of these types of acts has won AGT and never will. None of them could last the length of a real show in Vegas. Maybe you should do the best of Cirque de Soleil for these types. Howie Mandel’s idea of talent is so off base. The people who can afford a Vegas show probably wouldn’t pay to see Howie’s idea of talent. The only reason I watch AGT now is because there is nothing else on. If something with substance comes on opposite AGT I am gone unless you get rid of the junk and put on acts that truly stand a chance of winning. Take a lesson from “The Voice”. Only talent goes through. Lastly, your emcees all try to emulate Nick Cannon. Nick was the best. The rest have been copycats. Tell them to develop their own style and not be Nick. That’s it. Sincerely, A disgruntled viewer

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    Loving it! Best year ever!

    This season of AGT has been the of all in my opinion. I adore the judging thoroughly . I have a 15 year old twin daughter who sings, takes lessons and has been chosen for the select choir at her high school. We plan on signing her up for next season. My twins are our miracle young ladies. It took my husband and I 10 years to have then, long story! But we cherish and support them in any way and for Olivia having the opportunity to try out and hopefully experiencing AGT is now a very exciting time for her!! Thank you AGT!!

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    Love the show

    Loved seeing all the new talent. However Direct TV. No longer carries the channel that you are viewed on in our area, due to a franchise that bought the broadcasting of NBC and ABC in our area. Greed! Pure greed and if we want it more than likely our bill will be way too much for us to be able to afford TV. Maybe the best thing for us and plug back into talking to each other instead of watching Television. Love how much Simon has changed and love his input and Howie too! Miss this show the most!

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    I have heard movie and television stars talk about how someone’s singing voice brought them to tears and honestly didn’t really believe it until tonight when Cody sang the first lyric of his song I became so chocked up and not because of his disability because I didn’t even know who was singing because I wasn’t watching the tv all of a sudden I heard his voice thank you for having this platform for all acts that we might not normally get a chance to hear or see

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    Great app

    This is a great app to watch all the clips wanted with no ads ever. You can watch the videos when you want how you want and only watch what interests you. It works very well and occasionally the video takes like 5 seconds to load instead of 2 seconds. Also you can vote and try to protect your favorite contestants so they may make it to the next round. If you use this app your favorite person has a shot of a million dollars and if they win it’s because of people like you helping and supporting AGT and the talented contestants

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Is America’s Got Talent on NBC Legit?

Yes. America’s Got Talent on NBC is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 92,368 America’s Got Talent on NBC User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for America’s Got Talent on NBC Is 54.9/100.

Is America’s Got Talent on NBC not working?

America’s Got Talent on NBC works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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