LIVIT - 17LIVE(Live Streaming) Reviews

LIVIT - 17LIVE(Live Streaming) Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-27

LIVIT is a live streaming platform featuring the most exciting live streamers
from around the world. Watch, chat, and support your favorite live streamer with
digital gifts. With over 45M downloads worldwide and thousands of live streamers
- there’s a LIVIT live streamer for everybody!...

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LIVIT - 17LIVE(Live Streaming) Reviews

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    So glad this app exists

    Usually I hate writing reviews, think their a waste of my time but, I wanted to now take the time out of day and thank the developers whoever created this app a big thank you. I can finally express myself through my art without no judgement of others and enjoy other open minded people that connects here. There a so many nice individuals on this app and they actually knowledge you and have a great conversation. Thank you again for the creating this social media platform to accommodate us introverts. I look forward to see what you have in store for us next with updates!!

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    Totally weird

    I love the wild and weird world of streaming and this here app gives you a chance to watch various people[typically from Asia, but also from the US and South America] to strut their stuff. There’s a lot of weird crap, and tons of cute girls. They encourage you to spend cash on them, but I don’t. I mean, what’s the use? But it’s a free app, and if you’re bored at night you can wander different streaming videos for entertainment purposes. It’s associated with another app called LINE which is quasi-Facebook profiles loaded with robo-girls pimping “their” streaming broadcasts.

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    so many bot accounts stealing points

    basically what the title says this app is being ruined by so many bot accounts stealing red envelopes from actual people. the devs aren't doing anything about them and everyday more new bot accounts are being made and you can tell they're bot too they will all joined a random streamers room and chat shows new accounts and it'll show all of the bot accounts join at the same time sometimes they'll all say the same thing too and people don't notice them since they don't seem to know what bot accounts are it's so stupid. Unless you're rich and can afford the stupidly over priced points they sell go for it enjoy the app. but other than that trying to get free points is so pointless with all these bot accounts.

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    Great app for streamers and voyeurs alike.

    I am enjoying watching people from all over the world do their thing on this app just as much as I am enjoying them watch me do mine. Very well put together app. I haven’t found any bugs to mention. The community is great and very supportive of each other. There are also competitions built into the app for chances to win some amazing prizes.

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    So much amateurism at the helm

    I’ve enjoyed this app for several months. Recently it’s been blunder after blunder of ridiculous competitions that are handled poorly at the end and show the ineptitude of the two clowns running it here on the US side. It does not appear that they are interested in the community that is trying to enjoy/grow the content, lack of true leadership is really beginning to show. Have all the stream schools you want, but if you can’t honestly try to be leaders and competently run a competition, then maybe there needs to be some reevaluating in what the mission is here. The lack of professionalism when addressing the users (streamers and audience)of the platform only highlights many of the issues that are wrong with this platform.

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    This app is super easy to use and is very interactive!!! As a viewer you have the ability to chat with live-streamers around the globe, meet and watch interesting people express themselves artistically/creatively, and have tons of fun!!! It’s completely different from other social media websites/apps and I highly recommend downloading and giving it a try

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    Live AF is the real deal

    With Quality Content and giving a chance for talent even gamers this is the place you want to be streaming at! Positive community awesome vibes I love it! TBH I tried every live app this have to be by far my favorite thanks LIVE AF excited for this journey ! GET LIVE AF see for yourself! This is the new way to Broadcast and showcase your talents and make friends!

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    Blocked me off the app for no reason

    I was literally only on this app for 24 hours before they decided to block me for no good reason and I had spent money to support one of my favorite streamers on the app and was only on this app to watch my favorite streamer I tried emailing them and they told me that I was in violation of their terms of service and when they sent me the terms of service they were in Chinese which I could not read do you not get this app they banned you for no good reason I do not know what rule I broke as far as I know I followed all the rules

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    People begging for money

    Its totally weird . Its basically streamer asking for points that the views must pay for . And of you want to stream they have to approve you . I guess they just to make sure you can make them money . So all the streamer are just there to make money for the developers. I hope that the streamers get paid at least . Not to mention its a bit of a rip off from periscope. So if your thing is to give money away or hear a bunch of people beg for your money you can download it or just go to Times Square in NY .

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    Fantastic!! (^∇^)

    I absolutely love it! Every single live streamer welcomes you with open arms and the policies on this app in order to become a live streamer from what I learned is great! It weeds out the bad apples that could potentially ruin their social network by interviewing you first before you could proceed to becoming an avid live streamer

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    Best streaming app available

    I’ve done my fair share of rounds around the “mobile-streaming apps” and I’ve come to find LiveAF as being the best of the bunch. You have a community that’s close and cares for each other, clean chat, awesome contests and more! Highly recommended

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    Love this app!

    Everyone is so friendly here it feels like a family! It’s all PG, which is great. I’m a streamer and I’m always painting, playing video games, cooking, or just interacting with my people! I get tons of love from the ones watching :) Highly recommend everyone to it!

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    Amazing community!

    I love this app. The streamers are so talented and the LiveAF community is amazing. I have so much fun on this app watching my favorite streamers and making friends with other users. They have UNREAL events and prizes which keep things super exciting. Definitely recommend

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    Good social app

    The size of this app is getting bigger and caused the app is crashed all the time. It's always crashed while I start to enjoy watching the streamer broadcasting their show, and I feel really annoying. I'm not sure if the engineers of the 17 will see this message or not. However I would like to say this app will be more better if it becomes more smaller in size and more powerful in function.

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    Met some of the coolest people on livestream!

    I have downloaded a lot of livestream apps, but the LiveAF livestreaming community is one of the most authentic and supportive ones! People here (viewers AND broadcasters) really get to know each other. It’s like “Cheers” where everyone knows your name 🥰

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Is LIVIT - 17LIVE(Live Streaming) Safe?

Yes. LIVIT - 17LIVE(Live Streaming) is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,663 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for LIVIT - 17LIVE(Live Streaming) Is 49.4/100.

Is LIVIT - 17LIVE(Live Streaming) Legit?

Yes. LIVIT - 17LIVE(Live Streaming) is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,663 LIVIT - 17LIVE(Live Streaming) User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for LIVIT - 17LIVE(Live Streaming) Is 49.4/100.

Is LIVIT - 17LIVE(Live Streaming) not working?

LIVIT - 17LIVE(Live Streaming) works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Liv Reese
Nov 28 2020

This app is a total SCAM! They hired me as a content creator to go live 40 hours a month and they’re REFUSING to pay me for my time (65+ hours of work I put in) and won’t respond to any of my messages or emails. They told me false information and that my talent manager was “fired” and then the same person told me he “quit.” I’ve found serval other girls who are in the same situation and put in so much time/ work for LIVIT and they refuse to compensate us. LIVIT OWES ME OVER $1200. They are SO unprofessional. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP AND PLEASE PLEASE REPORT THEIR COMPANY! They don’t compensate their workers. If you are in the same situation, PLEASE reach out to me so we can group together and fight for our compensation that we deserve and that we were promised! Send me a DM on IG @liv.reese or email [email protected] THANK YOU!

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