EBTH - Everything Uncommon Reviews

EBTH - Everything Uncommon Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-02

Everything But The House (EBTH) is a revolutionary marketplace that makes it
easy to buy and sell secondhand goods. EBTH was born out of a passion for
helping people via their full-service approach to consignment, and is
revolutionizing how homeowners, estate managers, dealers, and colle...

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EBTH - Everything Uncommon Reviews

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    Read the Item Descriptions Carefully Especially When Buying Jewelry

    Although I have purchased some great household and decorative items, I would caution bidders to be extremely careful when buying diamond jewelry. I bought a diamond necklace that arrived with tan diamonds. When I went back and read the pull down item description, it listed tan diamonds. I felt that this information should have been in the banner not hidden in Item Description. I felt duped. Also, unlike eBay, it it difficult to ascertain the size of jewelry pieces. Almost all sizes are in mm, so unless you are a gemologist, it is hard to determine sizes. I purchased what appeared to be a nice sized pendant with several diamonds, and I tried to determine the size based on mm. It was so tiny, approximately a 1/4 inch that I thought I had been sent the wrong item. eBay will show pieces against a ruler so at least bidders have a visual for size comparison. So, considering the risk of getting stuck with expensive, unused items, I now pull out of bidding on expensive jewelry. To my knowledge, there are no returns on EBTH as compared with eBay.

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    Problems in bidding and beware shipping cost

    I’ve bought many things on this EBTH. You can find great things however be ware of the shipping costs as they are NOT always accurately stated in the obtain a shipping bid. Plus you may think you can pick it up but the location is not the city listed. It may be that city is listed for at least 4 states, such as Boston, as I unfortunately found out includes Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Thus the pick it up becomes a 4-5 hour drive and then you are shipping it unplanned or budgeted. Things may arrive broken and may not always be actually delivered but go to a pick up location if the attempt delivery. Furniture delivery is sent to the lowest bidder and may take a month to reach you. These are the main things. I did have several problems with bidding on higher priced items: On one item the bidding page would not load st the end and the other bidder won the auction but it seemed to have blocked others like me from placing a further bid. That may have been a problem with the app but raises the question could a bidder float and block further bids. I don’t know but something was up. Another time the five minute rule did not occur and I simply won the auction despite others bidding. These occurred but the majority are without problem. The biggest problem is the shipping costs when you are bidding are not accurate at all, so plan for that. Good luck many beautiful items.

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    Buyer Beware

    I had three great purchases with EBTH, but will not use it after my last two. Their images are heavily edited; I’ve had two rugs arrive that were drastically different looking than in their pictures. The written description of the conditions are intentionally vague. In my most recent purchase, EBTH went so far as to show two separate images of the leather binding on the back of the rug (one corner and one cropped bit along an edge) appearing to be in perfect condition; upon receipt it is actually coming completely undone on two corners and shows when flat on the floor. EBTH’s customer service failed to address their intentionally deceptive listing and told me that “the edge support tape is not integral to the rug and would be a very simple repair.” I will not be shopping with them again, personally or professionally. I would urge others to shop with caution, especially for rugs or anything fabric. *** In response to the developer, I have already spoken with your customer service department and was advised that there is nothing they can or will do. I, and I think everyone who is buying estate sale goods, understand that I am purchasing items that are used. The issue is not the use, it is the manner in which they are presented to be appear in much better condition than they actually are upon delivery. For anyone who would like to see what I am talking about, I’ve posted a review on Yelp with pictures. ***

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    Good - Not Great

    EBTH has a lot of great items for sale, and with far less exposure than EBAY, there are fewer bidders involved. I think this keeps bids much more reasonable and especially agreeable to lower budgets. However, there aren't actually any auctions in your area (unless you're from central Ohio), so you're going to pay OUTRAGEOUS shipping fees. I can't stress enough the word "OUTRAGEOUS" here. This is clearly the auction house's primary revenue source. Also, when your auction nears its end, don't assume you've won your item; EBTH will extend the bidding for 5 minutes, and then 5 more minutes, and 5 minutes more, in order to increase the money they'll make on additional last minute bids. I don't feel there's any integrity in that, but I suppose business is business. I still bid (not often anymore), but I bid with the knowledge that the "great" price I'm bidding at will increase substantially for a number of reasons.

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    Love The Concept & Items Available

    I have used EBTH several times and purchased many items from their site. The app is great: you can view, bid, and pay for items very easily. EBTH itself needs a bit of work in terms of representing the items a bit better. There have been a couple items I’ve purchased I.e. clothing that have arrived in a less than desirable condition than advertised. They did offer a credit to their store but nothing more. Also, read the fine print on shipping. Shipping is very inconsistent, slow, and EXPENSIVE. An example is that I’ve had multiple clothing items shipped and paid $16-$24. Normally at the price it would be expedited shipping. It took almost 3 weeks to receive on several different occasions. If you’re lucky enough to live near a warehouse, definitely use the pick up option.

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    I’ve recently seen a slight uptick in larger size fashion, which is nice! Tech-1 star-Even with multiple updates, app crashes constantly. Products-2 stars-some really, REALLY nice things and the auction part is really well done BUT if you're looking at fashion PLEASE do not hold your breath while looking for anything larger than a medium in ladies. I'm not saying you won't ever find anything larger than a medium...BUT if you are actually holding your breath, you will die trying. Guess no ladies larger than a medium sell with them OR it's more likely that clothing items larger than a medium don't photograph well or don't sell well so they are not included in someone's auction. I’m also on the same page with the shipping complaints! They do use high quality shipping supplies but a jacket or shirt does not need $13 worth of packaging product.

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    Love this site

    Love this site, I feel like they do a great job on the descriptions. Love the fact that they use GIA in their grading of stones and identification of metals. One small thing that I fine a bit annoying is when they measure the ruler doesn’t start with a measure mark, like on most rulers it has this extra space. I actually cut this extra part of the ruler off because I measure a lot of standing items. I feel like if you are going to measure something and post a picture it needs to be more exacting,other than that love the site. I have been to other sites like this and I always prefer EBTH over all others.

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    Buyer Beware

    The app and website as a service work quite well, design is intuitive and easy to use. However as a customer it was less of a good experience. I will pass along to anyone who reads this that regardless of the terms EBTH uses in an item description such as vintage, old, or reference to dates (ex 1902) consider anything posted to be a reproduction or potentially modified. I encountered this scenario and upon further research found what appears to be the same items being resold every few months using this type of terminology. Odd as EBTH states these are individual and family collections so not sure how all inventory is truly sourced. After a number of emails with a customer associate the conclusion is regardless of the description unless EBTH declares it “original” you cannot get and they will not offer much resolution at least in my scenario. A good buyer beware reminder for me but also any future users.

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    Fatal shipping glitch!

    Beware of Fatal Flaw: I was shocked to discover some of the items I won on the auction were delivered to the wrong address! I called EBTH and was told their shipping feature is “..very sensitive and will often default to the primary address for a customer... so it is best not to use the phone app to enter shipping. “ Now I have to scramble to find someone to watch for packages getting dropped on the front porch of my second home a thousand miles away from where I want them delivered. Crazy! I enjoyed using the app and thought the site is laid out attractively. I spent a lot of money on a wide variety of nice items over a short period if time. But shipping and handling are high and can’t be combined. Now I will discontinue using EBTH until this shipping glitch gets fixed and I obtain some satisfaction for the items shipped to the wrong address.

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    This app keeps improving in many ways

    For a while I was receiving ceramic and glass items broken. They will not reimburse you for damaged items. You have to provide all kinds of documentations for them to introduced them to UPS. All you can hope is that UPS will reimburse you. Since last month their packaging has improved, better quality carton and tons of bubble wrap. Therefore I feel more confident bidding on fragile items. Something else that has improved is the shipping timing. It used to take 10 days for the shipping process to start. This past Christmas all my winnings were shipped right on time. You do have to be very careful when you bid and the actual cost of things. Between shipping and tax, the bill comes out much higher than expected. Otherwise, I am loving dressing up my new home with beautiful art.

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    immediately crashes after downloading

    i really want to change my rating for this app. I’ve seen my roommate using it on his iPhone and it works perfectly. he recommended it to me because he knows i’m doing a lot of rug and furniture shopping for our apartment. I just downloaded it onto my brand new iPhone X and it crashed immediately after downloading. Every time I try to open it it immediately crashes before it even loads the home screen. I haven’t even gotten into the app yet and I have uninstalled and reinstalled it three times. Extremely disappointed in this experience and hoping I can find a fix so that I can blow all my paychecks on this app like I originally intended to (hahahah). from what i’ve seen on my roommates phone it looks amazing!

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    Love the concept.

    And the app works great. Unfortunately shipping is overpriced, I’ve tried contacting EBTH but they said they don’t control shipping. I live in Hawaii and am familiar with paying for shipping cost, I just ordered a jacket and I’m being charged $60. $60 usually gets you express shipping but they’re shipping ups ground which will take about 10 days to get to California then two to three weeks to get to Hawai’i by boat. The item could fit in a USPS large flat rate box and get to me in 3-5 days. If customers are paying for shipping, especially at these rates we would like our purchase to arrive in a timely manner. Won’t be making any more purchases if I have to wait over a month.

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    The app is ok but times out often

    The app is ok, but many times it has kicked me out. My reason for the 1 Star is not about the app, it is about the shipping. The items are very well documented & photographed, and the bidding is fine... but don't expect to get your package anytime soon. I am recently new to this app, but I am probably not going to buy anything else. My first win took a while to arrive. I thought it was just a one time thing.. until I won some items 10 days ago and they still have not left the location. It took 8 days for them to get me a tracking number and the items still have not shipped. Very poor organization & shipping ridiculously slow. Not a happy customer and will not be suggesting EBTH to anyone else.

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    No Customer Support/Price gouge shipping/app malfunctions

    As others have mentioned, there is some serious price gouging going on with the shipping as well as arbitrary decisions on what can and cannot ship or be picked up. I bid on several items from the same auction. All of them should have been available for pickup from the warehouse. After auctions were over, most now said they had to be shipped, and all shipped separately. Except 1 that could be picked up. I opened a support ticket. No answer after 24 hours. I called and escalated it and was told I'd receive a call within 24 hours. No call or email two days later, and now that support ticket has been closed. There's something really shady going on with this company. Beware.

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    Much Praise! Many Thanks!

    I am a new buyer from your website, but you’ve made me a loyal customer for sure! I just received the items I purchased and they were packed so well and with such great care that I had to let you know! I am so appreciative that your shipping team realized the fragility of the items I purchased and packed them as they would want to receive them. I work in a shipping department and I know the time and effort that went into this. Many many thanks and kudos to your team!

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Is EBTH - Everything Uncommon Safe?

Yes. EBTH - Everything Uncommon is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 18,796 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for EBTH - Everything Uncommon Is 60.7/100.

Is EBTH - Everything Uncommon Legit?

Yes. EBTH - Everything Uncommon is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 18,796 EBTH - Everything Uncommon User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for EBTH - Everything Uncommon Is 60.7/100.

Is EBTH - Everything Uncommon not working?

EBTH - Everything Uncommon works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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