Qapital - Mobile Banking Reviews

Qapital - Mobile Banking Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-21

Your goals, our scientific approach to helping you take charge of your
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Qapital - Mobile Banking Reviews

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    My 6 week experience with Qapital

    I had been thinking about a way to be able to save money exactly this way I had really wished my bank did something like this but unfortunately they do not. So I came across Qapital and it sounded great. I was very skeptical bc this is my money we are talking about! I did a lot of research for a good year before I felt comfortable enough to finally download the app and give it a chance. I am really glad I did bc it’s been almost 6 weeks and I’ve already saved 363$! I started this savings for extra spending money for my upcoming anniversary trip to Las Vegas, at this rate by the time we go in a few weeks I should have at least 500$ extra to take with me! I am not good at saving at all so this has been awesome for me. I couldn’t of been able to save like this on my own so I’m very happy with the app so far! Only thing I would change but isn’t really a big deal is that they would take the money out at the time of transactions and not in batches a few times a week which like I said isn’t a big thing but I would change that if I could other than that I give it 5 stars so far! Hopefully that doesn’t change in the future but so far so good! 👍 Update: So I’ve been using Qapital for about 6 months now and I’m loving the app it has been a lifesaver for me!

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    This app can be great

    I used this app for about a year. And it did serve it’s purpose for me and well! I hate to be the kind of person to leave a negative review but at this point I feel like I’m out of options. There is no phone number to contact them so you have to contact them through email only. I closed my regular bank account and opened with a credit union so I needed to change my funding account. So I filled everything out that I needed to fill out but no matter what I did I could not connect my bank on the app. Response time was extremely slow and honestly not helpful at all. I basically was just told to “try again” multiple times. Well it never worked so seeing as I can’t transfer money over to them I asked to close my account. It took a week for them to respond and no questions as to why or if I was unhappy with the app. The woman I spoke to didn’t even take the time to check my account to see what type of account I had that I wanted to close. When I confirmed I wanted to close my spending account she replied immediately that she closed it and sent the money to my bank. But since my bank never connected I don’t know what bank she actually means? The response time is just so slow and so frustrating. When you’re dealing with peoples money customer service is a big deal. But like I said this app is great for saving money and what it’s meant for. But if you have an issue that you need resolved good luck.

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    So far so good...

    All I can is so far so good. Saving isn’t really a strong suit of mine, so I saw this app and thought I would try it. I did a lot of reading on forums and just reviews of the app and was assured that it’s not a fake site since it is backed by Wells Fargo Bank. The first week I signed up I had my water heater go bad on me and I needed to replace it. I added the Lowe’s account as one of my guilty pleasures and then I started to save. I started to save by rounding up and also by charging myself $2 extra everytime I made a purchase. Needless to say I had to make a total of 3 trips to Lowe’s land a minimum of $6 I saved. That is not including the round up part. I use my debit card on just about everything, I very rarely carry cash. Soo everytime I make a purchase I save a little. Yes it does come out of your bank account, the app isn’t giving you the round up money, so make sure you keep a little more in the account to compensate for a little more being deducted when you make a purchase. The app is pretty cool... I also have their debit card that I can use to make purchases. Tells you where you saved and where you guilty pleasure was used. I would recommend it and have to a bunch of friends that have already signed up. I would have given the app a 5 but haven’t been using it long enough to get the full experience. I will do another review in a couple months.

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    Natural saver *long post*

    Read some reviews from ppl who aren’t typical savers so I figured I leave one from my natural saving perspective. I love this app because it’s exactly what I needed and very simple, user friendly. I love that you can set up your goals with a visual picture (similar to a vision board), really makes you want to save towards your goals more every time you open the app. I also love all the options at hand for HOW you want to save and how much. I have complete control over this which was very important to me because I know how important it is to save (no matter how little) when you can, especially when your finances fluctuate as much as mine do because I’m a student-veteran in college. Another thing is the transferring, I have an emergency fund I set up and it works as such, life throws lemons so I have my lemonade stashed in this app. The only CON/Downfall is that your money is not gaining interest while it’s sitting there. So if you just need an app to get you into the HABIT of saving again cause you’ve fallen off the consistency train, this is perfect but if you’re looking to save with some interest, stick to your bank and just get some discipline. I personally save my money through Qapital and then transfer the money to my accounts. Good luck and enjoy everyone!!

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    Just started using Qapital

    Just recently started using Qapital after some online research and reading user reviews. So far I really like the app and have saved over $50 in a couple of weeks. I am using this app along with Acorns and Digit so I have a few side savings spread across those apps. I started off with "set it and forget" sum and the "rounding up" feature, just to test how much I could save with just my spare change. You'd be surprised at how much you can rack up. I have a specific saving account set in Qapital for a trip my boyfriend and I are planning. Once we go on that trip I'll set up a new saving account in the app. I also like that the app gives you notifications on your savings. You can also see a more detailed breakdown within the app. I really like this app because I can be very hard to save when you have a lot of expenses. This is a nice way to set up a savings that does the work for you. And honestly you don't even notice or miss the change the app puts away for you. Definitely worth trying this app if you want to save money, even if it's just using the round up feature. this app proves that anyone can save some money on the side no matter your income.

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    I love love love this app

    I’ve been using this app for quite a while and it’s one of my favorites I am notoriously bad at saving money but this app makes it easy and even a bit fun! If I had to share a criticism though it is that Qapital is not the most easy to understand in terms of checking my bank account. For example: Ot checked my bank account 10am yesterday I had about 126$ in my account. I got paid yesterday some money in the evening and afternoon. I asked Qapital to put away 50$ into my savings and today around 7am received a notification that my account was on hold for overdraft protection. That’s fine Qapital will eventually check and notice I have over 500$ in my account now but at the same time I don’t know exactly when because obviously they didn’t check today at 7am. It’s not a huge deal just means my deposits are on hold for a couple days but still I wish I could force Qapital to refresh my bank account or get an approximate time as to when checks are performed as we are just told Monday through Thursday but not when and like I said obviously Qapital hasn’t checked any time today or they’d see my bank account is fine. Still fantastic app though!

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    I love this app

    This app has helped me so much and in so many ways. I am usually the type of person who wants to save money but have a hard time doing it on my own. I love the different features, especially the ones you can round up the dollar amount and fund it for specific accounts. Next year I have to attend three different weddings and a family reunion, which is a cruise. One of the wedding is my mother’s and the other is my own. I would have NEVER been able to save without this app helping me to be discipline. The one thing I also love is if I have an emergency (which I did, my ac went out this summer ☹️) I was able to borrow from here and not be charged a processing fee if I wait 24 hours. Plus, them money was safe and it was very helpful to complete this project without going to the bank and breaking my pockets to get the ac fixed. Plus the money was available only because I started saving with this app! Thank you to the creators of this wonderful app. I currently have not received my card in the mail, but I’m ok with that because it keeps me more disciplined without it and makes me double check my true intentions when it comes to spending unnecessary money.

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    5 stars!!!

    I’ve always been awfully putting money away and saving it. I stumbled upon Qapital one day and decided to do some research. I love the idea of making up your own rules for saving money and now find myself excited every time I use my card and know the round up rule will take my change and store it away for me. I was skeptical as many are about giving my bank account info to anyone never mind an app. But after reading many online reviews and articles about the company, I decided to give it a shot. I’ve had nothing but an outstanding experience while using the app. I just ran into a snag over the past few days where the app was having trouble connecting with my bank. I opened a ticket to them and within minutes had an answer from SANDY asking me to try a few things. Within an hour or so everything was back up and running like nothing had happened! Great customer service! If you are looking to save for a wedding, a trip or even just to have extra money put away for emergencies this is the app! I can’t wait to get my Qapital Visa card in the mail and can’t wait for the Qapital Investing that is soon to come!

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    Qapital destroyed my bank account in 24 hours

    I downloaded Qapital as an attempt to save money and it’s been causing the complete opposite for my finances. Qapital caused my check to bounce because they took out funds with no prior notification, or “pending” status, which would have allowed me to deposit money into my account to avoid the negative balance. I was expecting money to be transferred per purchase or transaction into Qapital, but instead it just took out a lump sum of money 5 days later. When I contacted my bank I was told that because Qapital gains your bank information by account and routing number they don’t need to provide verification and can remove however much they want without your approval. When attempting to return the money in my checking account, the Qapital app stated that it will take up to 4 DAYS for me to be able to reach these funds again, and it’s basically being held in limbo within their app. When reaching out to Qapital customer service you receive a message from an automatic chat system that doesn’t understand most commands or responses and you are told that you will be contacted by a real person within the next day. I’m currently waiting for these funds to clear in Qapital so I can delete my account. I am unable to remove my bank information until their system releases my money. I’ve had the worst experience through this app.

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    Love the app but not for college kids

    I love this app but something keeps getting on my nerves. I got the app because it looked great and easy and had great reviews and for the most part I agree. I have to say that when I can use it I have no issues and I love the customization, the issue is I can only sometimes use it. I’m in college so my debit card is usually working on around an $80 balance with some days right after a paycheck when I have over $100. The issue is Qapital has a mandatory, non-customizable overdraft protection. HUGE ISSUE. For college kids and some others who keep low balances on their debit cards Qapital wont let you save. My account is set up so I’m only saving in small amounts at a time (never more than $10 on a single transaction) so I don’t really need overdraft protection to kick in at $100. I love this app and I wish they would get rid of this feature or at least change it to automatically calculate the perfect protection for your savings type or let each person choose when they want it to kick in. I want to use the app more but right now I’m saving about once a month and it’s not doing much for me :(

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    Best helper

    I love Qapital it’s an amazing app that helps me save money. I’m learning how to use the application, lots of advantages come alone. You can set up a rounded amount to take out of how much you spend, you can set as many goals as you want. A great thing about the application is that when you account, or more specifically your bank account, is on a low balance, the app does not take out money from your account until you replenish or deposit more money and it will then take what ever you spent, which made your account low and then anything else. I also love that when I deposit a certain amount of money from a check I set up 11% of the money I transfer to be taken out to save. This number ranges to whatever you decide. It’s great! If you’re looking to take money out of Qapital you can then transfer the money from the app back into your account if you find you’re low on money or if you would like to withdraw the money and save it on the side in cash or if you decide to put the money into use, it’s free! Not a lot of free things are great but this one is, surprisingly so try it out if you get the chance to

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    All you need is qapital

    This is essentially a savings account but a more rewarding one. Daily updates and notifications (that are not annoying, more like exciting). Setting silly goals, for serious money. I was unaware of how much money I could really save until about 3 months in to using this app. Though there is a lot of other competition, qapital wins every time because they have the ability to support my account that stands with a small local bank, as other apps do not. Every review must have a down side or a flaw.. the only minor problem for me is that transferring money back into my normal account, while it states it'll be there in 2 business days, for me takes 3 to 4 days on average .. may be a small problem or wake up call for a procrastinator user. I highly recommend this to all my friends and it's very user friendly. Every time you sell this idea to your friends or family and get them to download it, qapital will pay you 5 whole dollars per person... that is a Starbucks frapp babbyyy. Ive treated myself to 3 free Starbucks drinks so far... my future is looking bright.

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    First time I’ve successfully saved money!!!

    This app has changed my life! I’ve never been able to save money. EVER. I have some credit card bills and some issues with my car that I’ve been meaning to pay off but I never save enough money to do so. I usually just spend whatever extra money I have on food or shopping! With this app I’m able to save without even thinking about it! It auto drafts $100 out of my account each month and now I have $400 saved up!!! One week I only had $200 in my account and the app wouldn’t take my $100 withdrawal out until I had more than $200 in my account (to prevent over draft fees) HOW COOL IS THAT?! I feel that the creators of this app truly care about people who have a difficult time saving money. Which is hard to find now in days. Most every company or app wants to charge you for their services but not these guys!!! I’ve told all my friends about this app and I hope they start using it and I hope you do too!! It’s customizable, easy to use, free and just flat out AMAZING! I’m so happy I found it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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    Few complains

    Update: they fixed my issues and now everything works like a charm. Competition has been tough in this space recently but Qapital still comes out as one of the more competent online banking solutions out there. I cannot get my bank (BancorpSouth) connected despite trying multiple times over the past month. My old Bank Of America is connected, which can’t be disconnected because it’s the funding account, so it just gives a red alert saying connection issue since that BofA account doesn’t exist anymore. Why can’t I just use the Qapital Spending account as the funding account? I hated my last bank (BofA) and the my current back (BancorpSouth), and I was hoping I could just close them both and use Qapital as my daily driver but it’s getting quite complicated, and now I am shopping for a new checking account somewhere again. That being said, it’s still a great savings app, and happy to be a Qapital Master member. Will continue to use it to have a VISA card when needed, while I go find myself another bank that provides MasterCard.

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    Love this app

    I *LOVE* this app. Easy to use, no fees (except ATM (use cash back, parentheses-ception!) and international), friendly UI, and the best is that any spending from the Qapital Spendings account (the Visa card Qapital issues you if you signed up for a checking, aka spending, account with them) is reflected INSTANTLY in the Qapital app, allowing me to track my spending as they’re happening. This prevents me from overdraft fees as well as better helps me budget. An exception I’ve noticed is when I’m electronically transferring funds from Qapital Spending to credit card company’s to pay my credit card dues. Still, that’s way better than my old account, which posted transactions 2-3 business days after they’ve occurred. Even if you don’t sign up for the Qapital Spending, it’s a great app to help you save without realizing it. Just gotta link your main bank account, and pick some rules that’ll go into effect, like “Round Up” which will round up any purchases and save the change, or “Set & Forget” which saves a certain amount in a set time interval. Give it a try!!

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Yes. Qapital - Mobile Banking is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 76,423 Qapital - Mobile Banking User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Qapital - Mobile Banking Is 42.3/100.

Is Qapital - Mobile Banking not working?

Qapital - Mobile Banking works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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