HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation Reviews

HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-06

Welcome to the new HERE WeGo! HERE WeGo is a free navigation app that guides
local and global travelers on journeys both familiar and foreign. The app now
has a fresh, new design and clearer, easier to use navigation. Enjoy a more
carefree journey and reach your destination effortles...

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HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation Reviews

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    So close, yet so far

    I’d like to see full screen use on the iPhone X like Google Maps or even something similar to Apple Maps. It’s trivial I’m sure, but it’s attention to detail. It does appear night mode uses true black which will conserve battery. Being able to download maps is great, it saved us on our last trip to Europe and made getting around a breeze. I also haven’t noticed any ads lately, which was fairly annoying not to be able to opt out of. It would be nice to have an auto switch feature for the units, it’s already using our location, can’t be that hard to know what areas use which units on their roads, there are only three. The voices are a bit digital and processed sounding, not major, but smoother voices would be nice. The directions can be confusing, especially the lane indicators and arrows. If you’re a Windows 10 user you’ll notice the native MS Maps app is in fact Here We Go. This made planning trips in Europe easier since we could see things on my Surface Pro 4 in larger detail then use the iPhone on the streets for navigation. Reality is I’d only use Google Maps if they offered offline maps. However, they don’t, so this is where Here We Go really shines. If Here We Go could get their interface, search and options on par with Google Maps, I may just remove Google Maps. At the moment there’s a long ways to go still.

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    Great navigation app

    Used this when I was in France and London. Was great using offline maps and was very reliable and mostly accurate. Would like to see more integration into iOS. Would like to be able to submit feedback on address corrections via the app as opposed to being taken to the website. Would like the option to not have ads perhaps via in app purchase or just have those removed entirely. Again this is a great navigation app and it’s offline features like being able to download a whole map of a country for offline use is fantastic.

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    As good as it gets!

    This app is as good as it can get. It even works good for over the road trucking as I have been using it forever to drive a semi truck to all of my customers. Do not get me wrong, this is not a truck gps, but what this is.... is a very nice gps that gives you routes on the main highways and for this reason, I have decided that this is better than Google Maps anyday! By the way, Google tracks and records your location at all times and saves this information along with your ip address stamped on it at all times and even use the info to market products toward you depending on your travel habits! As a offline mapping software, I can trust this more than I trust Google who also owns Waze. Apps like these use less data, are easier on your mobile phones battery, and will even help your phone last longer by not depleting the battery by logging your data all day! I know this app is not as popular as Google or Apple Maps, but it should be!

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    Fabulous app for offline driving in Italy

    We tried HereWeGo driving around Northern Italy, both with and without data service. It was better than Google maps because it found destinations when we searched better than google did and it showed more of the actual streets when driving, which helped to make sure we were taking the correct turns. Also, when we were offline, HereWeGo still gave us voice instructions. When we had google voice instructions, sometimes they came late. We used this app to explore around Lake Como, drive up into Switzerland, drive to Venice, drive around Prosecco wine country and drive back to Milan. Just make sure to download the maps you need before you hit the road. I also tried it out offline around home before we left to test it out.

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    Great Overall

    I was looking for a map app to replace Google Maps as Google has become too into our lives that privacy is a matter. Tried Apple Maps and on iOS 8.3 I'm starting to love it but it doesn't always do justice, so I started looking. I first came across Scout, it looked good but reviews weren't the greatest on the latest update. Then I decided to try HERE. It might not have street view/fly over equivalent feature yet on iOS & I hear it's nothing compared to Apple Maps as they're more current & so fourth but it's basic maps are great overall, though no map app is perfect. If you're looking for a map app to supplement Apple Maps & want to stay clear of Google, this may just be the one.

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    Must Have

    I found this app recommended on a website, and it became our lifeline in Central Europe. We were not driving, so I can only speak to walking and public transportation directions. We found them excellent. Various routes were suggested, which especially helped when using public transportation. We downloaded maps ahead of the trip, and once in country and on WiFi, I made sure I could find places we were going. That helped because locations were already in the search queue when I needed then. It became obvious that the app prefers the local name for some museums and sightseeing spots. So be sure you know the Czech or German or Austrian equivalent of where you want to go.

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    Great offline gps app

    I first used this app while driving between cities in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, and Italy and thought it worked great! I downloaded the maps ahead of time and searched for and started routes while I had WiFi. Rarely I found it a bit laggy and missed an exit or turn but was pleased to see that it would reroute me while still offline so I could get back on track. I could have used google maps and roaming data in an emergency but so glad it wasn’t necessary! I also found that it did a great job of guiding me along offline to navigate walking and taking public transport within cities like Zurich, Venice, Florence, and Milan.

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    Better then the top rated maps but...

    Okay I just deleted google maps as I couldn’t stand their updated lay out. Their turns were delayed and I always got lost . Seems they focused more on adding new features then updating the actual location and giving voice turn by turn accurately. I can say between them both, this app is by far the most accurate voice turn by turn directions. New to this app, and after my first trip, i can say I made it to my destination with only missing 1 single turn, which was my fault. What I like about this, is that it prompts you to make a turn at half a mile, then 800ft then 200ft, which is so useful! I love it! Only thing I gave it a 4 stars is everything but how about a search function while in the route of a destination. Such as, searching for gas or food while your already in a route? That would be useful or setting multiple routes to take. Thanks The “driving over the speed limit” warning and sound is extremely useful and accurate!

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    You don’t know you need it more than other GPS maps BUT YOU NEED IT

    BETTER THAN WAZE AND APPLE MAPS Think about it. When do we use GPS? When we are lost! When you’re lost once something that can tend to happen that’s annoying? Not having cell service! This app lets you (FOR FREE) download and save the maps for different areas so even if you have NO service at all, as long as your phones charged you can use the map with no problems! Trust me, if you’re going somewhere new or looking for a GPS for a road trip this is hands down your safest and most reliable bet. Also has traffic included!

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    Missing a critical feature

    If this app simply had an easy non convoluted way of searching along route then this would be the best. By non convoluted i mean. While heading towards a destination there be a simple button to add a stop. You search the name of what you want and the map will simply zoom out, show you distance from the places, let you touch the place you want and it adds it as a stop along the current route. No trying to build a collection before you leave and trying to use a calculator to figure out how far each stop is. Basically copy what google does for it. I dont get why navigation apps dont do it that way and insist on the most complicated solution possible.

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    Off Line Maps is Great, CarPlay is missing

    Be able to quickly download an entire state or country ( or continent if you really want to) before traveling is so much more convenient than Google Maps unintuitive “offline area” system. It also seems to save far more businesses/business information offline than Google Maps does. The only thing missing is CarPlay support. I’m usually navigating a new city in a new (rental) car when I am traveling, and being able to have directions front and center would be great.

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    Yes. I’m one of those people that does not write reviews because I have “better things to do with my life”, BUT. I don’t know about anyone else—!!!! This app is deserving of five+ stars. I recently just finished a trip that was well over 1,000 miles long up and down the east coast (MA-VA-NC-SC-VA-MA), and this application helped me along the way perfectly. It knew exactly where to take me without needing to use WiFi OR CELLULAR DATA. It exceeded my expectations and then some. Hands down, best navigation app out there without having to pay a penny or use up your data.

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    Best Feature Ever

    This app can’t be beat your able to download the entire United States map to your cell phone device and then use the maps offline without Wi-Fi or cellular service. I know what your thinking when would I ever need a dumb feature like that. Try leaving from a heavily populated college football game and your network is bogged down and google, apple, or waze maps won’t load. That’s when this app and that feature shines the brightest!!! Just one example I’m sure their are others.

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    Delete Apple Maps, Get this🔥🔥👌

    Has a speed indicator, saved me quite a good amount of times, also has offline mode where you can download the maps and use without service (Needs a phone with GPS, some people wrote 1 stars cause they were potato’s and didn’t know that iPads don’t have a GPS built in). Also has a dark theme which has saved me tons of battery life🔥. If you read this far then get the app, definitely worth it👌 (Note: if you’re attended I called you a potato, I don’t care😂😂)

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    Continues to crash

    The best feature by far is he ability to download regions and be able to use while offline. However that is the only redeeming quality about this terribly constructed app. It constantly tries to take me down roads that are either closed, one way the wrong way, dirt or private farm roads, or roads barely wide enough for a motorcycle. Even though I hate the Googles, there is something to be said about their superior products. My wife finally convinced me to come over to the google maps app while we were in Germany last week. We put the two Navs to the test and it wasn’t even close. One question though, why doesn’t The Apple Maps work in Europe?

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Is HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation Safe?

Yes. HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 949 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation Is 58.3/100.

Is HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation Legit?

Yes. HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 949 HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation Is 58.3/100.

Is HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation not working?

HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Carol W
May 20 2021

Can't run latest Here WeGo version on Alcatel phone running Android 10, so reinstalled last release of version 2.0. But latest map of Oregon doesn't include Interstate 205 as an alternate route to Interstate 5, a key highway in Portland area. Here version 2.0 worked great on prior LG phone runnning Android 4 with older map. Very disappointed.

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