Hurdlr Mileage, Expenses & Tax Reviews

Hurdlr Mileage, Expenses & Tax Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-29

Are you self-employed, an independent contractor or agent? Do you freelance,
have a gig, or drive for Uber or Lyft? Hurdlr’s business expenses and mileage
tracker saves you thousands of dollars in IRS tax deductions. Plus, easily
capture receipts and create expense reports. Hurdlr conn...

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Hurdlr Mileage, Expenses & Tax Reviews

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    Perfect for Taxes!

    As an UBER driver I was recommended to keep track of my expenses and mileage most especially. When I started UBER a friend recommended Hurdlr not knowing of what I really had in my hands until tax day came around. I didn’t know how to use it very much throughout my first six months but I was always helped by the hurdlr Team within 15 minutes of messaging them to help on an area. They would walk me through every step to use the app as best for my purpose. I tracked my miles as I drove, kept receipts saved by taking a picture and saving them in the app as well as my Cloud. When time came to do my taxes the app creates an Excel spreadsheet with different tabs of your expenses, mileage, separated by either Personal or Business. With the totals of amounts at the bottom very well detailed for your tax preparer or Hurdlr can also do your taxes for you. I’ve been very happy to of been recommended this app to track my expenses and mileage and for the fee of 50$ and tax deductible it was worth every penny. The perfect app for taxes:) and your business Totally recommend it for you to aid in your Business!

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    Customer service is on point!

    I use Square for the transactions that come into my business. I bought this app because it said that it works with Square and I wanted it to be as easy as possible. I was loving the app but I did notice that the square integrations were a little bit off (lower) than what my actual sales were that day. I couldn’t figure out why it was doing that but all they had to do was ask customer service what was going on to see if they could help me. It turns out when you integrate with Square, Hurdlr will only track the card swipes but not the cash transactions. So all I had to do to fix a problem was unlink square and I just use my bank account and any deposit that square sent to my bank account popped up on the app so it works just the same! Ashleigh from Customer Service helped me fix the problem and now this app is perfect for my business! 10/10 would recommend.

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    Don’t rename your businesses....beware.

    Awesome, awesome app. But buggy in the sense of renaming your business - it kind of holds on to the old one and associated clients. Even after you delete them as well. Putting in a new business and starting fresh doesn’t work either, because it hangs when you try to change the old business and client to a new one in an associated task such as a mileage trip, etc. Update: the Hurdlr team has fantastic customer support and is working on this issue via chatting with them inside the app. Updating to 4 stars due to fantastic customer support. Differences between Hurdlr and Taxbot: Hurdlr had a MUCH nicer interface. Hurdlr estimates quarterly and annual tax payments (Taxbot does not). Taxbot attaches PDFs of captured receipts to reports (Hurdlr provides reports in spreadsheet form, and images of receipts are linked with a web URL). You can upload receipts early (before your bank account shows them) in Taxbot and it will auto match the receipt and transaction. In Hurdlr you’ll need to leave the receipt in your camera roll for a day or two until the transaction shows up. Combined these two would be the perfect app!

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    Great App - Hope to upgrade soon

    I would live to see a data cache option for entering cash-inflow items and having them calculate offline in the free version. I am a bit uncomfortable w putting personal finance info into 3rd party cloud storage for privacy and security reasons so am not quite there yet for the upgrade version even if my budget was ready, which it is not quite yet. But I am enjoying using the app to have more convenient to use than a spreadsheet. I hope the developers continue to focus on security and privacy while making more data processing available on the free version (while holding back tax data functions for paid) for the slow adopters like myself. I've worked w tech over 45 yrs but am conservative w privacy & security! But I like & trust this app so far more than Intuit quickbooks !! I may never move off Excel files i can secure offline but this app will help store business spreadsheet data conveniently on the fly and estimated tax payment display is also a big plus for the free version! Well done to the developers!

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    Exactly What I Need

    After trying out different accounting/tracking apps, I found that Hurdlr best suited my needs and ended up buying the premium version after the trial expired. I needed something simple where I could track my mileage, income, and expenses. I also needed something that provides me the necessary calculations and reports for quarterly estimated taxes and for when tax season comes around. As someone who is also paid hourly, it has a hidden time tracker tool. A customer service chat is built into the app. I had recently requested help and they got back to me within 5 minutes. They were also helpful in solving a specific classification question I had. With a simple interface, Hurdlr does everything I need it to for a sole proprietorship. I can’t speak for its effectiveness with larger businesses but with the free trial that doesn’t require a credit card to begin, I think its worth a shot.

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    Brought my business clarity and control

    Although I’m still using the free first week, I’ll definitely be purchasing the premium year membership. I, painfully, do all of our taxes myself, so this has been a godsend. I love the simplicity of accessibility, swiping right or left for business or personal streamlines the tedious process of going through hundreds or thousands of bank transactions. I enjoy the functionality and minimalism of the app, and the fact that you can request a report and it will be emailed in minutes is great. I had a question for the developers and heard back within 24 hours. Within two days I’ve classified all of our income and expenses and feel more confident than ever approaching tax season. I have a reasonable idea of what we’ll owe this year, which is really invaluable for budgeting. It was either this app or QuickBooks Self Employed, but I will gladly be sticking with Hurdlr.

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    The Perfect App

    I have to say I didn't think I'd find an app that could handle all my needs, especially for the price and to not have to deal with ads. I cannot say enough not only about the app, but the customer service as well. It's also extremely easy to navigate. I lead a complicated life, not only as a small business owner, but also a nurse (that is employed through another company). Add to that I have a tremendous amount of itemized deductions (mostly children's medical) that I have to keep track of in my personal life. This app does it all, and allows for easy exporting at any time. I wasn't expecting a whole lot of help when I asked customer service if there was a way to add it all in. To my surprise, not only was it easy, I got an answer in under a few minutes. Ashleigh was friendly & helpful. This is a must buy for any business owner!

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    Love this app! Great for self employed!

    You can use it free! They have a premium but if you don’t mind doing everything manually it works great! My only complaint is they don’t have a search option. I’m a hairstylist and like to be able to look up past clients on my I come section and there’s no easy way to do it, except scroll or somehow find out when they were in to scroll to that date. Besides that it works great! Can track mileage and determines how much you would get for a tax deduction for it. Can track your business expenses and put them in categories. And can track income and you can put your clients right in there. Also has the capability of estimating how much you’ll have to pay in taxes! And has reports you can look at for time periods you want to select for income and expenses, and those are all broken down for you too. Overall, very happy with the app! Just wish searching for clients or past expenses was easier.

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    Never written an app review before, but...

    So I downloaded the free version of this app and LOVED the mileage and expense tracker. Everything worked seamlessly and the automatic tracking, especially for mileage, was enormously helpful for tax purposes. I liked it enough that after the free trial ran out, I purchased a monthly subscription for premium. As soon as I purchased the premium subscription, Hurdlr suddenly was unable to connect with my bank account. In other words, though it had been automatically tracking and logging my expenses, now it won’t connect to my bank account and will not track or log anything. That alone is aggravating but what’s most frustrating is that I have been trying to resolve this problem for close to two weeks with Hurdlr customer service. No dice. I keep being told that my case is being escalated and they ask me to try to connect my account repeatedly with no difference in outcome. In other words, I’m paying for a subscription that I can’t use and that customer service can’t help with. It’s inexplicable given that the thing worked flawlessly when I had the free trial. Classic bait and switch, it seems. UPDATE: Well after two weeks I finally just updated the app (something customer service never recommended) and voila, it works again. Notwithstanding that my issue was fixed, it’s astounding that customer service was borderline useless even though I’m ostensibly paying for that support.

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    Awesome App!!

    This app is so easy to use. With other tracking apps I used to forget to turn them on our turn them off. With Hurdlr's auto tracking all I have to do is start driving and Hurdlr does the rest. Also, linking my income and expense accounts makes adding transactions super easy. Once again, I don't even have to think about it. Doing my 2017 taxes was kind of headache without Hurdlr. I wish I had found this app sooner! Filing in 2018 is going to be a breeze! I also had to use their customer service when my wife needed to download the app and we wanted to share an account. Having the ability to directly chat with them right in the app was extremely helpful. They were very responsive and took care of me right away. Can't say it enough...I wish I had found this app sooner.

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    Pretty good but not enough support

    Are used the QuickBooks self-employed app for a year and I liked it but found it to be way overpriced. Hurdlr premium looked like a promising alternative, and it does deliver most of the same features as QuickBooks for a much better price. The customer service reps are extremely nice and respond quickly, but don’t actually have any power to solve problems. I work with several financial institutions and one of them won’t connect with Hurdlr. I have emailed support about this several times and they don’t seem to be that concerned about keeping me as a customer or about solving the problem. It’s a pity because I do like the app, especially the price and how it supports multiple businesses (unlike QB). But how can I use it if it won’t work with one of my institutions? There’s no import or export function, so I would have to enter every transaction manually. I might as well use a spreadsheet for my accounting in that case.

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    Great app

    I downloaded this app late last year and waited to review it until I spent some time with it. This year, I began using it as my sole income/expense tracker for my laundromats and rental properties. It’s perfect for my needs. In years past, I have lost numerous receipts due to my rushing around and carelessness and, as a result, paid more than I owe in taxes. This app has resolved that issue completely. I have my receipts entered in the app as I leave the store and never have to worry about losing them again. The developer is generous to offer a free version of such a useful app. The free version is all I need, but I would not hesitate to use the paid version if I felt the extra benefits would be used. It’s probably saved me more that the cost of the paid version for the year already in receipts that I would have lost.

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    An amazing app with an amazing team!

    Being self employed, I needed something that could track my earnings and expenditures for tax related reasons. Nothing’s more stressful than calculating these sort of numbers last minute before taxes are due. I found Hurdlr on the App Store and am honestly surprised at how excellent the application is. Hurdlr allows you to attach your bank, PayPal, etc to it, and as you generate income through one of those accounts, Hurdlr picks up on it, and allows you to classify that income in terms of business income, or personal income. Hurdlr also calculates the estimated tax you owe on your self employment income which takes into account mileage deduction and expenditure deductions. Hurdlr has a great team with fantastic support and strives for a better and more complete experience for everyone! Thank you Hurdlr team!

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    Great app and greater customer service!

    When I first started using Hurdlr I had looked at other apps to compare and I'm really glad I choose this one! I got the free trial for premium and was excited to try that out. Ended up not being able to link my bank account to the expenses and income but I used the chat option inside the app which is very useful and easy to use and spoke to Ashleigh who actually reached out to my bank to fix the problem. It took 7 days but she got back to me and said the problem was solved. By this time my trial ended and I could no longer use the auto expense and auto income tracker but she extended my trial so I could still try these out! I know I've chosen the right app to help me keep track of my expenses and can't wait to upgrade!!

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    WAY BETTER than QuickBooks.

    This app is top tier. I struggled with QuickBooks for months. Looking for a resolution to a problem with no answers from support to only learn the solution wasn’t existent. Thankfully that led me to Hurdlr. Simplicity, efficiency, and unlimited mileage tracking! My only request would be... In the reports section and looking at the break down of business expenses I would like the ability to click on each category to see an itemized break down of each transaction. This being said because I have a few categories that have expenses in them that should not be there. It would be helpful to be able to edit these then and there. Instead of going back to past previously reviewed expenses in search of the errors. Hurdlr has exceeded my expectations, and I am sure this standard will continue.

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Is Hurdlr Mileage, Expenses & Tax Safe?

Yes. Hurdlr Mileage, Expenses & Tax is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 12,341 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Hurdlr Mileage, Expenses & Tax Is 35.8/100.

Is Hurdlr Mileage, Expenses & Tax Legit?

Yes. Hurdlr Mileage, Expenses & Tax is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 12,341 Hurdlr Mileage, Expenses & Tax User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Hurdlr Mileage, Expenses & Tax Is 35.8/100.

Is Hurdlr Mileage, Expenses & Tax not working?

Hurdlr Mileage, Expenses & Tax works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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