NurseGrid Mobile Reviews

NurseGrid Mobile Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-14

Nurse. Life. Balance. Take control of your schedule and balance work and
personal life like never before. NurseGrid hands you the reins to your career
with 24/7 access to your schedule, shift transparency, direct messaging with
mentors and colleagues, and credential management. Every d...

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NurseGrid Mobile Reviews

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    Very Helpful

    This app is a great and simple way to keep your work schedule organized and on hand. Its not necessary to link with other people, but the more coworkers who use it, the more useful it becomes. My schedule comes out 2 months at a time and it takes me less than a minute to plug all my shifts into NurseGrid. The only missing feature is the ability to have repeating shifts, for those of us who have a revolving schedule. Otherwise excellent app that takes up very little space on my phone. I recommend this for techs, RT's, etc., not just nurses. It's fun looking to see who you're working with on any given shift.

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    Needs improvement

    This app is a good app. And has great potential. It's annoying you can't access the app unless you have service. I want to be able to see my schedule if I don't have any service, or I’m unable to connect to WiFi. I get not being able to add days or whatever, but it's extremely frustrating that it doesn't load though unless you have service or connected to wifi. I wish there was a way to add/make customized days. I don't want to have to use multiple calendars for one schedule. There needs to be a custom option and more color choices. Instead of blocking out the whole day in green, using bars and different colors would be more appropriate. You could have up to 4 bars listed on the schedule in different colors and know what each one was for instead of only seeing a day covered in green, not knowing if it’s work, personal, a meeting etc.. There’s no option for staff meetings. It's definitely got great potential but still needs some additions/changes/updating. I really hope they’ll work on making it more functional, nurses are busy and having an app that makes it easy to see everything would be so helpful.

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    Great App for Nursing Shiftwork

    I work full time nights and teach at nursing as an adjunct. Either this app I am able to schedule both positions and it flows to my iPhone calendar. My coworkers use it to communicate and I can see who is working with me. The two jobs are able to be color coded. One of the best features are in credentials. All of my certifications are entered and I am able to see a photo of each. The site reminds me a couple months before renewal time. I am also able to block view when necessary as in before the actual schedule is published. I highly recommend and frequently use this app.

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    I LOVE this app for scheduling work days at my multiple places of employment. I also use the sharing feature to allow all of my supervisors the ability to see my available days. It keeps my schedule full and running smoothly! Thanks NURSEGRID for an app well done. It just keeps getting better. I used to wish you had an option to close a day so I didn't accidentally schedule myself when I needed to be off, but after reading some others' reviews, I realized that now you do have options to schedule "vacation" days, which is exactly what I was hoping for. This app ROCKS!!!

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    I was living a life of chaos before this.

    I’m SO glad this app exists because before, keeping track of my schedule was a pain until I started using this! I used to write my schedule into my planner or keep it on my calendar, but now, my life feels a little more organized. It’s so easy to put my schedule in and I love that I can see my friends’ schedules too. It’s hard to balance time and coordinate schedules with other fellow nurses and this app helped with that too! I will continue to recommend the crap out of this app to my coworkers and nurse friends!!!

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    Great App

    This app is great, it’s easy to enter & edit my shifts. I do find it difficult to sync with my icalendar, though it’s possible it’s not the easiest thing when I use a calendar on an iPhone, iPad & Mac to track my daily and work life. When I can get it to sync, it’s a little annoying how the “unavailable” stuff shows up. I like to mark my job as unavailable so my coworkers know, but don’t necessarily need all that repetition in my synced calendar. Additionally, some added features like ways to track that you’ve been floated or flexed would be nice! Overall, the concept is great and I’ll continue to use this app for years!!!!

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    My co-workers and I love this app! Makes it so easy to check your friend's schedules, and keep your life updated ! My only suggestion would be to be able to choose different color options under one location so that you can customize your schedule more or show the difference between one schedule ending and the new one starting without having to add a different hospital location. Also wish that you could see at least your own schedule without having service.

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    Great customer support!

    I normally don’t write reviews, nor do I ask for help with an app issue. But I’ve been pretty reliant on this app (it’s that great) that when it did crash on me, on a last bid of desperation, I contacted support for this app. They corrected the issue with the update and emailed me a couple of times with status updates. The customer support is phenomenal. The app is great. I’m dependent on it to view my schedule so that I don’t miss a shift. Love it and highly recommend it to anyone whose schedule is all over the place.

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    Best work organizer app ever

    This app is so wonderful it helps keep all your schedule days from multiple worksite on one calendar,I've been using the app for over a year and it's great. When using with a friend you can see who is scheduled to work with you and even if the person is not on the same worksite you can see friends schedule from wherever they may work if they update which makes it easy to plan trips and time off with your friends outside of working..... love it, love it, love it

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    Great app, but wish there is one more feature...

    Because my work schedule is the center of everything this has become my go to calendar for just about everything. One minor thing I wish could be added is the ability to input a particular pattern and have it automatically schedule it out. This might not seem like a big deal for some but scheduling ahead of time with a 9 week pattern. can become somewhat time consuming.

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    Great, needs just a few improvements

    Syncing to google calendar could be easier. I had to enter a super long calendar url, and it displays strangely when I view it on gcal (one day shift will visibly take up to full days on gcal). It also really needs the ability to put Monday as the first day of the week. My institutions schedule program uses monday as the first day, making the use of the default Sunday on Nurse Grid confusing. Otherwise, google calendar could learn a lot from the preoe at nurse grid, because the all and ease of entering shifts is great

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    Super user-friendly

    I love it because I work night shift and when you schedule a shift from 7pm-7am for example, it doesn’t show that shift on the next day too unlike the iPhone calendar and the google calendar (I hope that made sense). It allows you to see when your colleagues are working or even your friends at different hospitals. It even allows you to switch shifts, notify your manager, request overtime, etc (if your facility manager uses the app also).

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    Was a nice app

    This was a great app to keep and store my work schedule as a nurse. I loved that I can add my different work sites and color coordinate them. Now I do not like the app. My hospital merged but doesn’t actually use the app for scheduling, so now everything is locked. Unfortunately, I might have to find a different app to store my schedule. It’s unfortunate that everything is locked because the hospital merged but my manager has no access. It was nice while it lasted. Maybe the next update can allow nurses to still use and add worksites without needing a managers approval but still let managers change schedules.

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    Convenient and easy

    I just got introduced to it- omg- what an easy way to maximize use of my smartphone. I was carrying a bulky planner with color coded ink - this app is awesome where I can just add and pick which colleagues I would trust to share my schedule with and I can easily plan to have dinner or happy hour with them on our common days off- (instead of asking "when are you off," or "when are you working," it gets kind of annoying - Thank you thank you!!!!

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    I love the app, the only thing it needs is one for vacation with its own colors. when work overlaps personal needs it overides and turns it to its own color, so i cant tell whats in that day. they neeed like color dots for vacation and personal needs separate from the work block colors or make the work block colors smaller for more room for the personal needs, vacay, education, and payday. when work over laps it turns the color its own. so i cant tell whats on that day. so 4 stars. still love it. , quick and simple.

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Is NurseGrid Mobile Legit?

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Is NurseGrid Mobile not working?

NurseGrid Mobile works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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