CalJOBS℠ Reviews

CalJOBS℠ Reviews

Published by on 2023-05-14

About: CalJOBS℠ by California Employment Development Department Looking for a job in
California? Want to find jobs that match your skill set or training through the
convenience of your mobile device? Download and use the CalJOBS℠ mobile app.
CalJOBS℠ is the State of California’s online job search system from the
Employment Development Department.

About CalJOBS

Looking for a job in California? Want to find jobs that match your skill set or training through the convenience of your mobile device? Download and use the CalJOBS℠ mobile app.

• Share your favorite jobs via e-mail and social media.

• Quickly return to previous searches, your favorite jobs, and recently viewed jobs.

CalJOBS℠ is the State of California’s online job search system from the Employment Development Department.

• Search for jobs by keyword, area, or job occupation.

• Use the “Jobs Nearby” function to map jobs near your current location.

• Receive notifications when jobs become available.

The CalJOBS℠ mobile app has access to more than 20,000 websites.

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Key Benefits of CalJOBS

- Provides a good job search engine

- Ability to save Job Alert requests

191 CalJOBS Reviews

1.8 out of 5


They messed up big time

For California they had very little representatives working. They did not check edd claims and gave money to the wrong people.... These people should not face any punishment but should have to pay back every cent especially when EDD was at fault for not checking properly. And no pandemic is not a good excuse as you can say that the Edd claimants we’re desperate for the same reason. TLDR a lot of claims that were fraud some were just misfiled not one should go to mail or pay a huge fine just make them pay back every cent because you messed up big time like class action lawsuit definition of big time. And I don’t care if this isn’t the same edd as they don’t have an app or review for the edd claim.


Deleting the Functioning Unemployment System

I can’t believe how BADLY the last update to the , what is Supposed to be Unemployment Website , that has transitioned into Totally this app. I can not sign in to EDD site it doesn’t exist I can’t access the EDD site at All Is there going to be a FIX ANYTIME SOON?? Separate the “EDD and this app “( church and state) I feel sorry for all the people that hardened finished or gotten to file yet. And then ALL the Extra work to straighten out After this situation of crisis eases up getting all the records Properly accounted and accredited. I TRUELY hope someone is found soon that is competent to fix what at this point is So Majorly MESSED UP


Useful Job Search

Lost two jobs, one in December 2019, and another in September 2021, and on both occasions, CalJOBS provided a good job search engine, although I dare say, I believe that a Google search is most likely the best job search on topic of current status of listings and the ability to save Job Alert requests.


Why does this app still exist?

To the developers why does CalJOBS still exist? I wanted to download an app to keep up with my claim status, I went to App Store and read all the horrible reviews so I decided not to download. Now over a year later I thought maybe it was improved by now because of all the complaints and an Noooo! The same complaints and concerns had not been fixed, people are having nothing but problems with CalJOBS so why won’t you just remove CalJOBS and stop wasting people’s time. PLEASE REMOVE CalJOBS!!!


Crashes every time

I was able to get CalJOBS to load correctly once- when I first set it up. After the “looking for jobs” loading screen it crashes to my home screen. That’s a pretty big bug for such an important service that many of us are required to sign up for. Get your QA manager involved, folks ! Uninstalling since it is unusable.



These app or the way that they manage what you can write is limited and is you are there waiting for 6 weeks, or for money or to hear from them. Good luck cause they don’t even allow you to ask real questions!!! I don’t even know why they made this benefit? Cause you won’t get this money when you needed the most! And we pay for this!!!



Won’t accept my login credentials despite being able to log in w them at their website. But when I get into the website, it then times out so I can’t actually get “in” to do anything. CalJOBS (and their webpage) are the Poster Children for poorly designed & maintained government websites. It’s been like this for over 3 YEARS & no matter how many times I submit a complaint/request for help, I never hear a peep!


I can never open the app

It will work fine for about 2 days. Then I wont be able to open it for another 4 days or so. It will work for a couple of days and again. To do what i have to do its a good app but needs work. Not reliable


Log-in does not work at all, to anyone

App looks in a decent enough shape but the option of logging in to CalJOBS with the account you created on their website does not work at all

I’ve tried logging in multiple times through CalJOBS and it doesn’t work

Your best bet is logging online through their website (desktop)



App doesn’t recognize my login credentials even though I use the same ones to access the website on my computer. You would think the state would come up with an app that actually works. Zero stars.


Get it together my god

I have never been able to log in and I am 1,000% sure I have the correct password. This is a joke. Look at your ratings! If ever this was your moment to shine it’s NOW! Completely dumbfounded at this mess. Shame on you.


Ridiculously horrible app

I can barely login, I am rejected time after time. Then when I CAN use CalJOBS , it only lets me see available jobs ( what a joke). It’s awful, I don’t know why unemployment in CA tells you to use this because it’s easier. It just really isn’t. It’s maddening


This app is so annoying!

First I keep getting logged out and having to reset my password EVERY TIME I try to log back in.

Second. Why does CalJOBS need to know a person sexual identity preferences and despite that also want to know what gender their birth certificate states not the one their LEGAL State ID states?


Credentials don’t work on app - useless

I wonder if this is going to get read... it says staff read every review. This is an app-breaking issue that renders CalJOBS completely nonfunctional. Why even have an app if you can’t log in?



I shouldn’t have to type in my whole entire résumé line by line by hand I should be able to within five seconds just download my already done résuméI’ll be on my way to job applying


Doesn’t work

Downloaded it. Set it up. Started searching. Changed a search filter, now it doesn’t work. Crashes 3/4 of the way through sign in.


Need updates

Extremely hard to use this service i use indeed much easier to navigate



I just downloaded this after registering online & CalJOBS is not accepting my same log in information as I just entered on to the main website! What a waste of time!


Trash app

I'm proud to be a citizen of California with top-notch technology products, but I'm really disappointed with CalJOBS, the interface is bad, buggy, difficult to use.


What’s the point of an app

So I downloaded this thinking i would have better access, however, I can’t even log in. What’s the point of CalJOBS if we can’t log into it



Please update your app. It’s now 2020. I don’t have a computer and I’d like to use CalJOBS instead of having to go to the website on my browser every time. Thank you.


EDD app

CalJOBS is a disaster. I’ve been trying to download it and all I get is: Error 405


Doesn't work at all

Wow, has anyone used this or, you know, tested it? On my iPad it's worse than useless. Not remotely intuitive, and once I finally get to the search page, I get zero results no matter what I do PLUS there's no way to get OFF the search page. When I restart and am ON the initial page, it doesn't seem to pull up any data from my regular website account. I don't understand how this could be released.


Could be better

CalJOBS is nice but it's annoying how job titles and employers won't appear on the map markers when you tap them (like google maps). They make you go into the job page without seeing if you really want to look at that position.


Total waste of time

There went an hour of my life I’ll never get back. Even with their latest update CalJOBS still crashes. I had half my resume manually entered (they don’t have an option to upload your resume) then CalJOBS crashed and saved nothing! To spare you any foul language, I’ll just say it’s a total waste of time.


Doesn't work

App doesn't work, even after updated a few weeks ago. I've downloaded three times over past two months and app shuts down after opening, without allowing users to log in or register. Similar to the EDD phone system. Purposefully not working??


App keeps crashing

I go to login and it says searching for jobs in the white box. It continues to rotate the EDD logo and then stops and crashes every single time. It very frustrating when you have to deal with this and the website is very slow as well.


Horrible app

If you for get your login and wish to have info sent to your email app doesn’t let you type the whole email address. Info that works on the actual full site does not work on CalJOBS


My rate

Can’t register because the choices for job not show ,how can I finish the Register account



Their services in very inconvenient. Their website also very inconvenient. And now their app just as inconvenient. Can't log in. Always an issue with them one way or another


App constantly crashes

Every single time I go to apply to a job it crashes as soon as I hit apply. It’ll take 10-15 tries to apply to one job. It’s the most frustrating thing ever.


Not useful - crashes constantly

App needs a serious revision, its totally useless as it immediately crashes while searching nearby jobs!!!


Search logs me out

I get all the information for my job search loaded into the system, and then I hit search, and it closes CalJOBS .


Does Not Work

The first few weeks, it worked fine. Now when I try to log in it crashes over and over. I can't get in.

BiotechBye   2 months ago

CalJobs needs to be eliminated as a requirement to receive unemployment payment. I am very concerned about the potential for identity theft that CalJobs may unwittingly enable, especially given that there has been so much fraud associated with unemployment claims. In fact I couldn't register as someone had fraudulently made a profile with my information during the pandemic and had attempted a bogus claim (which my employer denied so EDD should have taken steps to remove the fake profile). Profiles on Linked In are much more powerful for a professional. CalJobs is an unnecessary and risky hoop to jump through. It is dangerous that it requires entry of your SSN and personal details instead of the EDD Customer Account Number associated with your unemployment claim. And as others pointed out, asking about gender, sex assigned at birth, and sexual preference is inappropriate and irrelevant. All in all, I am so concerned with the fraud risks posed by CalJobs that I may forgo my claim. It will cost me more than the payments are worth if a successful identity thief gets my information, ruins my credit, gets access to bank accounts, etc. I've paid into the unemployment system for decades and should be able to get the weekly support I need without having to risk further identity theft for a state required job site that isn't secure and is inferior to LinkedIn and other services.

Gloria   2 years ago

I can’t get cal job on phone I alway look for work

Is CalJOBS Safe?

No. CalJOBS℠ does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 191 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 1.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for CalJOBS Is 14.7/100.

Is CalJOBS Legit?

No. CalJOBS℠ does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 191 CalJOBS℠ User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for CalJOBS Is 32.5/100..

Is CalJOBS℠ not working?

CalJOBS℠ works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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