GoTrends for Google Trends Reviews

GoTrends for Google Trends Reviews

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About: GoTrends brings FREE all the Google Trends power to iOS. • NEW GoTrends 3.

About GoTrends

• Explore trending search topics and videos with GoTrends for Google Trends.

GoTrends brings FREE all the Google Trends power to iOS.

• Choose the best default topic display and select what's trending now.

• Available trends for all regions or a specifically country.

• Examine any topic or chart with amazing interface.

• NEW GoTrends 3.


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Key Benefits of GoTrends

- Good search terms

- Good interface

- Can be used offline

- Works well with one search term

20 GoTrends Reviews

1.8 out of 5


Not a well constructed app

It worked great for about the first 5 minutes. I was really liking GoTrends . Then every time I would press a button or even barely scroll a 30sec AD would pop up then GoTrends would glitch and start a whole AD all over again. Extremely annoying after about the sixth AD so I decided to just delete GoTrends . Would not recommend downloading it. Have never used an app with so many ADs before.


Why the Hate?

Ok so it is like the safari browser version then again you can use it when you’re offline or internet is down making it more useful then in the browser. This is a great app and won’t stop using it.


Totally Confusing

I couldn’t even figure out how to get started or do anything at all. Totally confusing and not user-friendly. I deleted GoTrends off my phone within 60 second, so I might be missing something that someone who kept it on their phone for more than 60 seconds might’ve discovered... but it isn’t worth my time. I’ll go back to using the desktop version of Google trends.


Works with one search term

It works with one search term, but when I go to add another I can type one in but it won’t do anything when I click “done” - eventually I will refresh and then it will take me back to the home page.


Filled with ads, nothing works when you tap on it.

Unresponsive, just tons of ads. Focus too much on different languages, can’t even search. Hit search, get an ad. When the ad clears, you’re back to the home page. I thought this would pull Google Trends, but it’s just a waste of time. Deleted it.


There’s a bug on here

When I go to popular when I put more than 4 compare GoTrends freezes and I have to restart GoTrends and also way to many adds please fix it


Not easy to use, too many ads

GoTrends is not intuitive. I don’t understand what’s going on in it. You constantly get interrupted by full screen ads and which don’t take you back to where you were searching.

It’s too bad, this could be a good app but they have banner ads and full screen interrupting ads all over the place so no.


Doesn't work

The only button that I could even click on was the world button. It allowed me to change locations, but literally no other feature worked for me. Did nothing when I tapped the buttons.



GoTrends looks like a beta release. The functions are not intuitive. Can’t create alerts for specific terms. Hopefully they will improve it over time. All in all, don’t bother. This version it’s a waste of time.


Don’t download

Seems like some scam or virus. Downloaded app, and after it uploaded it was frozen. I refreshed 3 times but it’s not responding to touch. Definitely not recommended.

Take a look at developers other apps and you’ll see a common pattern of confusion and bad reviews


Horrible app, ads stop you from using it

I can’t even search because GoTrends locks up after you press the search the button. It’s a repetitive issue which stops you from using GoTrends .



They’ve just updated it so they now suffocate you with ads you’re not interested in, then GoTrends just freezes! You can’t even close the ad after a few seconds. Impossible to conduct a trends search.


Amazing yet one major problem.

I cannot select language :( it shows everything in turkish and there is absolutely no way to change the language. Unusable :/


Doesn’t really work well

I spent more time waiting through an ad to finally do a search than actually searching... which didn’t even work properly



The ads make GoTrends nearly impossible to use. Disappointing to say the least.


Too much going on in the app

Kind of seems cluttered with ads and whatever the design theme is. Can’t change the language to English.



Half the time nothing will happen when an icon is tapped. Eventually the search function will stop responding after a few searches. It might be a good app if only it would work.


Not as bad as people say

Good search terms, good interface, and good old fun.


The worst experience

Too many ads , they are just looking for money I can’t even feel comfortable to search for something, bye


downloaded and deleted in under two minutes

I’ve never been on an app with more incessant ads. this was intense. it’s a shame because this could be a cool app.


There is a view in front of search text field in some pages

GoTrends could be better than this some problems annoying me
1 - I can’t find how to add my trends to favorite trends easily I am still looking for that

2 - in some pages of this application When I want to search for trend there is a view in front of search text field and that view has a label named explore and I cant tap search text field easily

3 - there is a gap between menu bar and explore view (that view that will come in front of search text fields some times) in trends page and when I scroll this page to up I can see that gap clearly



GoTrends is freaking weird. Why? Because the moment you tried to type on something, it won’t let you search because of the ADS! Waste if time! -10/10



GoTrends is great for me to see my favorite topics shape up.


Not even optimized at all

It’s the exact same as the Safari version. For the most optimized version that works, use a PC.



Can't scroll. Hard to use. No different then using Google Trends in safari browser.


Dont waste your time

Terrible user experience. Too many advertisements.


Nothing but an ad engine

Never saw results of even a single search. Waste of my time.



Advertised as an app for google trends. Good luck trying to fogure out what this does or how to use it


Too hard to use

It’s too hard to use

Is GoTrends Safe?

No. GoTrends for Google Trends does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 125 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 1.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for GoTrends Is 19.3/100.

Is GoTrends Legit?

No. GoTrends for Google Trends does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 125 GoTrends for Google Trends User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for GoTrends Is 37.7/100..

Is GoTrends for Google Trends not working?

GoTrends for Google Trends works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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