Cs: Music Player Reviews

Cs: Music Player Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-01

• Enjoy your music collection free from suggestions, recommendations, and
radio stations. Cs Music preserves the classic tabbed music interface with a
modern iOS twist. • Works with your Apple Music automatically. No extra
accounts, signups or subscriptions required. Completely ad-free....

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Cs: Music Player Reviews

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    Very nice app except for one (minor) thing...

    I’ve been using this music player for a few years now. The #1 reason I bought the app in the first place was because the album art filled the entire width of my phone. Apples music app used to do that too, but when they changed it a few iOS versions ago, I was annoyed. I like my album art to be as big as possible. And since they are always a square picture, having it full the entire width is the only way to maximize the viewing size of it. Now with Cesium, that IS the reason I bought the app in the first place, because the developer brought back that UI element and it filled the entire width. With the recent updates, however, I notice that there is how a border around my album art, effectively make it smaller. My phone is already small compared to the large Pro Max phones.... If the dev would simply change it to again fill the entire width of the phone, I would change my rating to 5 stars. *edit* After using this app for a few more days, I have come to really enjoy it. The interface is cleaner than the old version, and it seems to run extremely stably. Despite my comments above about the album art, after these few days, I now find that I don’t mind it as is. It’s very aesthetic with the way the background changes color based on album artwork colors. Very nice update after all.

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    A lot to love, increasingly more things not to love

    I’ve been a long time user of Cs Music Player (or Cesium as it used to be called). I’m not so old but it seems I’m a dinosaur when it comes to the way I like to listen to music since I’m a firm believer in OWNING music, having a music library that somehow reflects my own progressing tastes. Apple used to love music lovers and used to provide some very nice hardware and software to cater to guys and gals like me. Now these times are gone and streaming took over. Anyway. I really would like to like Cs and I lindner do since it allows me to listen to my synced iTunes library in a meaningful way. A huge library needs the right tools to handle it and Cs still does that. So thanks for that. However, I don’t like the direction the app is heading with constantly changing and seemingly erratic UI choices that try to reinvent the wheel. That’s really not necessary because if Cs was just a copy of what Apple’s iTunes app used to be a few years ago, everything would be just fine. But for some unknown reason Mike seems to take pleasure in deconstructing well-proven features which is really a shame since the USP of Cs is really simple: an app that allows you to easily navigate your (huge) music collection and so helps you to enjoy it. Please, Mike, don’t try to improve things that are just fine the way they are. Personal wish: please bring (back) the shuffle by album feature. Thanks.

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    I want to like this app, but it's pretty buggy. Sometimes when you press the home button or modify the queue, the song that is currently playing starts over. Sometimes when you add a song to the top of the queue, it doesn't play (it gets removed from the queue). Sometimes when you try to modify the queue, the changes don't get saved. Sometimes it hangs (I'm not talking about the iOS 11.2 lag, this is different) and sometimes it even crashes. It doesn't seem to update song metadata (e.g. 'last played' and play count) in a timely fashion. Songs that have just played still appear in the queue. If you add a long playlist (a couple thousand songs) to the queue, it reduces it to about 500 songs, I have no idea how it selects which songs to play when it does this. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app and get the same results. I'm on iOS 11.3. Update for version 4.3: This app has gotten a lot better since the developer implemented workarounds for the Apple bugs. However, the Apple bugs still make it very difficult to modify the queue. Is there anything we can do to push Apple along? Post something on the feedback site perhaps? Shame on Apple for not fixing these bugs, they've known about them for a long long time.

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    What Apple Music was and should be. Needs better scrobbler

    Update: app doesn’t work as well as it used to. It might be updates by apple’s fault but daft it is freezes often, crashes, often becomes unresponsive. Sometimes you have to go into the Apple Music app to stop the music playing. Still like the layout but it needs to be more reliable Original review: Good. Still some issues. Has become quite laggy though or just less responsive to finger presses. More so than the Apple player in a noticeable way. Needs better scrobbler. It's not precise when's moving and the hit box for your finger to activate it is way too small. The one thing the new Apple Music player does well is an improved scrobbler. Copy nothing from Apple Music but that scrobbler user experience. The app is What Apple Music was and should be. It's better for large collections. It prioritized usability over eye candy in the cluttered/poor interface Apple Music app. that is probably there for people that don't actually have Music collections. Otherwise they'd want better navigation in the Apple Music app. If you want the old Apple Music player's layout, look, and general function back this is an app you'll like. It's what you've been looking for. And there's other customization like colors, mines all black with blue lettering, night mode style. And other options.

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    Almost perfect

    I love this music player! I can't say enough good things about the excellent UI, the dark mode, the player controls. This is the UI I wish the default Music app had. If you have been using iOS since the original iPhone came out you will remember the much simpler Music app or iPod app as it was called in the beginning back when we still had iPod's This app feels like a modern take on that style of Music app and to put it simply "it just works" My only minor complaints are sometimes there is a significant delay when I pause or resume or skip a track. I've encountered this in a few other music player apps that use the Apple Music library and I get the feeling it has something to do with the DRM protection in Apple Music files and the fact that some songs need to be buffered to stream while other tracks are already downloaded. Still sometimes the freezing crashes Cessium. Also I kinda wish the night mode had a pure black option for the iPhone X.

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    Star rating with app is faulty

    I have used this app for a year or two now, which I prefer over the iPhone music app, primarily for the ability to have favorite playlists listed, greatly reducing the number of taps necessary to start playing. The negative is that for some reason the star rating within the app is no longer properly updating to my iTunes library. I rate all my music using the 5 star rating, and began using Cesium when Apple pulled (temporarily) it from iTunes and the iPhone music app. Although Apple brought it back, it is much quicker to rate via the Cesium/C’s Music app. What I recently discovered was that my iTunes library on my MacBook was not updating with all those ratings made via C’s music. After some troubleshooting, I discovered that any ratings made within C’s music will update my iPhone music app only temporarily and will not make it’s way into my iTunes/iCloud library. I will sit at my MacBook and see this happen in real time: if I make a rating using the iPhone music app, those would update immediately onto my MacBook iTunes library. If I make a rating using C’s Music, I would then switch over to the iPhone music app and see the new rating there, but it will not show up on my MacBook. Sometime later those C’s Music ratings will disappear.

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    Cesium 5 - Perfect!!!

    I originally went with Cesium because it was the closest thing I could find to the old Apple Music app before it went belly up with everything I didn’t want in a music app. I loved Cesium and especially enjoyed and got used to some of the added features; especially the queue management. As time went on, and Apple continued to make changes to how iOS handled music, I could see it was a real balancing act for the developer to try to balance app stability along with keeping features that users were accustomed to having, but at the same time features which were making the app unstable. The developer tried to balance it as long as he could, but in the end chose to have a stable app at the cost of losing some features. Although I enjoyed the old queue management and will miss it, I am thrilled and will gladly exchange it for an app that is now totally stable, not “buggy” and is lightning quick. Many thanks to the developer who truly loves his app and is working diligently to make it the very best it can be.

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    Just What I’ve Been Looking For

    I’ll try to keep it simple, since there is so much one can say about an app that contains so much power and flexibility within such a simple and elegant interface. It does all the basics very well, but for me it’s a few of the deeper features that make all the difference. The three things I value most in Cesium are: 1) The ability to specify a genre (or genres) to sort by composer - a wonderful approach for viewing classical music; 2) The ability to view detailed info about songs, such as composer(s) and comments - one tap tells me who wrote the song I’m listening to; and 3) The ability to tag multiple genres in iTunes that sort out in Cesium as separate genres - artists or albums or songs can at last appear in two or more genres. No other app I’ve seen has even one of these features. Now that I am using Cesium, I am inspired to go back to my desktop iTunes library and tweak my tagging knowing it will enhance my listening enjoyment on my iPhone. What a great job - well done!

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    Best Replacement for the basic Music App I Could Ask For

    I originally downloaded this app because I didn’t like how the normal music app looked after Apple Music got introduced. One of my favorite options, view all music by artist, had been removed. So I found this app to be my replacement and I’ve loved it since. It has all the features I want in a music app and it has a good UI too. Hands down my favorite part though is the developer support. This dev really knows what to work on first and is really good about communicating how the app is coming along. I have no clue what’s being changed about half my apps when I update them because they stopped including anything besides “Make sure to keep us updated and thanks for using our app!” Which doesn’t tell me at all if I should care whether or not there’s an update. This developer puts all the notes in the updates and I always get excited when there is an update since I’ll know exactly how the app is coming along and what is changing. 5/5

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    Love this app so much!!

    Been using this app for a couple years now. The developer is so dedicated and puts so much into making it great. I love that I can use a widget for the app to give star ratings to songs while I’m on the go that I can sync with my iTunes on my computer when I get home. I love being able to customize the colors of the background and the controls. And I love that I can once again click an artist name and see the list of their albums instead of a cluster mess of songs to have to scroll through like the more recent versions of apple’s stock music app. Cesium is basically just a “skin” for the stock music app, so anything you do with that automatically works backs and forth on Cesium. You can even play a song in the stock app and the switch over to Cesium and take it from there. Cesium is just a drastically improved and customizable user interface for the stock music app. So it works seamlessly with iTunes because it’s really just controlling the stock app.

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    Good, but used to be great

    First started using this app two years ago and loved it. There have always been some glitches but they’ve been rather minor. After upgrading to iOS 11 the glitches have gotten more major. The most annoying glitch is the app controls will randomly freeze - music will still be playing but you can’t control anything. The only way I’ve been able to fix it is to force close the app and then reopen it. A couple of times I’ve had to restart my phone. Super annoying. The other really odd thing the app does is if I haven’t been playing music for a while, say a few hours, whatever song I play next will restart at some point in time during its playback. It’s only the first song, and it’s only once. After that playback resumes as normal. Even with those glitches Cs is far and away better than iOS’s music app.

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    Music App for Those Who Liked iTunes 1.0

    Look, I have no problem saying I don’t want a new version of iTunes every week. I can’t stand the incessant fiddling that programmers feel is their right with all your favorite apps and programs...Yes, I’m not ashamed to say I’m old enough to remember them being called PROGRAMS!!! I could program the Apple ][e, and it JUST WORKED!!! So I don’t appreciate a new “updated” iTunes every three seconds, and it has a million problems every time. Never can they just fix all the problems, and leave it alone. That’s all I want. So HERE is an app that Steve Wozniak would have designed. It’s user friendly and it has good solid programming, like in the olden days...when computers started with a crank!!! Use this iPhone program application like you might put a record on an old Victrola or a wax cylinder on your Edison, and let it just WORK. This app does what Apple forgot was their best quality. It just works. Keep it up, CS!!

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    Apple Music Should Hire This Developer!

    This is the music player I’ve been looking for since Apple destroyed their stock player in iOS 10. Cesium is a beautiful player and has even more features than Apple ever had. Simple interface, with plenty of customization options. I can see my album artwork again! It also gives you the view to see metadata on each song that Apple never exposes. I love the option for disabling auto-lock when you want to have the album artwork on display at all times. This works well with the gestures built in to the app that let you skip, re-play and pause. Playlist folders are displayed the way you organize them in iTunes; other players don’t display that way. Landscape mode was a nice surprise too. I’m not much of a streaming music user but it can also play your Apple Music. However, if you have a lot of local music you’ve carefully collected over the years, this is a must have app.

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    Best library player on the iPhone

    First off, this is an app that shouldn’t be needed, but does because a developer took the initiative to fix a problem that Apple created to promote Apple Music: the native Music app is a shadow of its former self when it comes to playing through the music library you’ve been investing time and money in for years. I went looking for an alternative to the native app and found this labor of love by a small developer who loves music and misses the glory days of the music/iPod app. The app for the most part looks and feels familiar and provides a great way to navigate your library and a great music player. The developer works hard to keep this updated and when there’s a bug (as with the current version) he communicates it clearly. He’s reachable by email and Reddit which is something that can’t be said for most apps. So download it and try it out, and send him some money to show your love.

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    Classic Music App with a Twist

    I first found Cs when I was looking for a way to fix the stock music app not displaying my painstakingly-entered lyrics on my tracks, and tucking them away when it did recognize there were, in fact, lyrics in the file. Cs gave me a music app that worked like I expected, the way I liked it, without constantly promoting streaming services or soon-forgotten social networking features. The latest release goes a step further, supplementing the standard color scheme (including true-black backgrounds that look great on OLED iPhones) with subtle accent colors derived from the album art of the current track. I loved when iTunes had that feature, and mourned it’s loss, and I’m glad to get it back on my phone. It’s a music app that plays your music, the way you want, without a lot of extra cruft, and looks great doing it. What more is there to want?

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Is Cs: Music Player Safe?

Yes. Cs: Music Player is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,358 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Cs: Music Player Is 76.6/100.

Is Cs: Music Player Legit?

Yes. Cs: Music Player is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,358 Cs: Music Player User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Cs: Music Player Is 76.6/100.

Is Cs: Music Player not working?

Cs: Music Player works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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