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About: Pipedrive is a Web-based Sales CRM.
Headquarters: New York, New York, United States.

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1. With Pipedrive for iOS you can access your contacts, deal history and to-do's, create tasks and take meeting notes wherever you are - all changes are instantly synced to Pipedrive web app.

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Product Details and Description of Pipedrive – Sales CRM

Stay on top of your sales pipeline with the iOS app for this app. this app is a powerful sales CRM for small teams with big ambitions. It helps you focus on the right contacts and gives you more control over your sales results. With this app for iOS you can access your contacts, deal history and to-do's, create tasks and take meeting notes wherever you are - all changes are instantly synced to this app web app. ∙ Access your to-do list and contacts instantly. ∙ Log your phone calls. ∙ Explore your business on a map view. ∙ Schedule better with a smart agenda view while planning new activities. ∙ Look up customer and deal details on the go. ∙ Access files related to your contacts and deals. ∙ Record or type meeting and call notes - synced instantly to web app. ∙ Powerful offline syncing for those long flights and metro rides. ∙ Start new calls and emails with just one click. ∙ Get the powerful combination of mobile + web. A this app account is required to use this app for iOS.

Top Pipedrive – Sales CRM Reviews

  • By Scooterfun

    Enough CRM

    We are a small motor scooter dealer that builds relationship with our customers and needed a solution for follow through after the sale, besides all the other stuff with a Crm. I had looked at this product before and passed on it. I had our staff test three CRM products that they would use daily. I was surprised they chose this app for ease and simple to understand what’s happening with a Deal. With other products they had to hunt for the same info. I moved forward and set it up for us during the trial period and found the help helpful. The email is great linking up with the customers and vendors. Is saving me time daily. This week my email stopped working and I found myself with the opportunity to see how the Tech Support worked and responded to our troubles. I used the chat. Amazed how quickly they were there and present with me. First they had me do clearing history and a few other things to get it back, then had me send screen shots and bumped to the engineers. My email was back within hours and all the while the tech support person kept me informed. Happy to say not user error and the tone was upbeat and never felt like I was putting them out. Pleasant experience.

  • By *~P-Dizzle~*

    Beyond User Friendly!

    this app in general is beyond user friendly. When you have an app that is so efficient and compatible with the desktop version it is almost impossible to skip a beat. I set up my initial Pipeline in just about 6 hours; adding contacts, email temps, pipeline fields and settings (this was for 2 separate accounts with a total of 9 pipelines). Then another 6 for tinkering with the integration of several apps and 3rd party services...I'm a novice when it comes to IT, but I was able to do it all on my own. SALESFORCE on the other hand passed me off to an IT consultant that wanted almost $10k for the same implementation that I was able to do on my own! Thank you this app for the ease and simplicity of your product! I'm already seeing a 3x's better efficiency and soon to be 5x's higher production...fivefold income increase for 2017 is fine by me!

  • By AJstockton

    Fantastic CRM

    After many years using multiple CRM’s, this is by far my favorite. The ability to keep its database separate of my personal contacts, yet display the info on incoming calls was an unexpected surprise. The ease of use to store meeting and call notes, blind copy emails that auto populate with correct organizations and individuals and keeping files all in one place is a time saver! Yes, like any CRM, you must spend a little bit of time reviewing how it works vs what you want it to do. this app is extremely versatile and perfect for a multi user organization !!! Sorting of activities is very easy by using the filters (aug 2 post must have been a user who didn’t fully understand PD). You must not look any further, check out PD - it has saved me hours of time which is our enemy!

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