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Published by on 2022-09-13

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Reported Issues: 26 Comments

By Mark Kerr
Dec 29 2022

It takes your money but provides no email, confirmation, etc... Furthermore, there's no way to actually speak to anyone at all. No chat, phone, nothing.

By Sravya Palagummi
Dec 19 2022

When I am trying to enter card details , I am geting security code error problem. Tried with two cards but still facing the same issue.

By Amy Hammond
Oct 01 2022

I have downloaded the app and am trying to use it on the recommendation of friends. I have WiFi connected, but the app does not load past the I ital screen with the hopper logo. I have shut down and restarted the phone and uninstalled and re-installed the app. Still nothing.

By Rogelio Lozano Rosciano
Sep 23 2022

I try searching for flights and it always says there has been an error and should try again later

By Michelle Paul
Sep 11 2022

We have an existing flight reservation on October 11 from Los Angeles to Frankfurt on the Condor flight we wanted to see about upgrading our flight - I tried using the app and it continuously says the server is down please advise as what to do

By Shashi
Aug 31 2022

I need to cancel my booking made 2-3 hrs ago and the Hopper app says “Uh Oh. Server trouble”. And the status.hopper.com website says no outage. I was really hoping Hopper was better than other apps.

By shelly Crewe
Aug 30 2022

I am unable to change my flight because every time I try to access the in app chat option it doesn’t open and says “Uh Oh, server trouble”. It’s been saying this for two months and it’s very frustrating!!!

By Tina Dowlearn
Aug 28 2022

Unable to use app, once I sign in to my account, it boots me out and the app crashes. Have more to book and I am unable to access my current bookings.
Please help!

Aug 11 2022

I have deleted the app many times, reloaded & still can’t connect!
All other apps and connectivity are working just fine.

By Renee White
Aug 07 2022

I have been trying to book and pay for a flight for the last three hours and every time I get to the swipe to pay it says there’s a problem and I have way more than enough money in my bank account so the problem is not on my end. I’m getting really frustrated because I really want the price of this flight and your system is not working so now I feel like I’m going to get stuck getting a more expensive flight .

By sisca
Jul 28 2022

I am trying to login to my hopper app but it keeps saying 'limit exceeded'. Please help!

By Hasan Mostafa
Jul 26 2022

I booked International fly for my wife and my son for August 2nd and I changed to Octber 15 I paid extra fee for any reason fly change on my wife flight and I've been having issue with Hopper app I am not able to cancel or change or talk to customer service . I need this flight to be canceled immediately or at least I can change the date

By Jutatip Pinsaimun
Jul 26 2022

my flight was pending status for 2 day
I want to cancel this flight now

what i can do ?

By Dewi
Jul 24 2022

The hopper application cannot be used. I can't book a hotel anymore. I am sad. I am disappointed. Suddenly the status limit exceeded when logging in. Please help.

By Dewi
Jul 24 2022

Aplikasi hopper tidak bisa di gunakan. Saya tidak bisa booking hotel lagi. Saya sedih. Saya kecewa. Tiba tiba statusnya limit exceeded ketika Log in. Please help ya.

By Keith Morton
Jul 22 2022

We're trying to buy a ticket through the Hopper app, and when we try to use our (Uzbek) phone number, we receive the message that the limit has exceeded.

By Makennah
Jul 12 2022

The app crashed when trying to book my flight and it took the money out of account which was more than I was agreeing to pay for the flights anyway. I was unfairly charged and unable to view any sort of confirmation of the flight in the app or through email therefore unable to contact support to get help.

By Regina Davenport
Jul 11 2022

I have always relied on Hopper!!
I have deleted the app 5 times, reloaded & still can’t connect!

By Amaani F Lyle
Jun 19 2022

server trouble. just got a new phone but this error message has been appearing for weeks.

By Charlette Rose Epifanio
Jun 07 2022

I booked flight but can’t access the booking in the app. I get message that I have connectivity issue. But I have good WiFi and cellular. I can also access other items in app like bookings. Hotels etc.

By Kash Ajayi
Jun 01 2022

I am trying to login to my hopper app but it keeps saying 'limit exceeded'. Please help!

By jim
May 26 2022

I can not get past the screen where you enter the from and to information on an android surface duo 2

By Orenda
May 19 2022

I booked a flight with hopper in they did not send me a confirmation code how can I get my code

By Jaid Winland
May 05 2022

I have tried to book my flight three times and three times it has crashed, but it has taken money out of my account EVERY SINGLE TIME. I only want to book one flight. I DO NOT authorize any of those charges and I want a FULL REFUND as I did not book those flights.

By Kate Murphy
Apr 13 2022

Trying to book a flight on hopper app (android) and it allows me to choose my flight, 'add all the things', and then i just get the pink screen with the running rabbit .. forever. I uninstalled and reinstalled .. same thing.

By Carsey Stamos
Mar 14 2022

I have waited till the price dropped 3 times now over a week to book my flights. Every time i book the flight the app crashes at the end and my money is taken.

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