Webnovel - Fictions & Comics Reviews

Webnovel - Fictions & Comics Reviews

Published by on 2021-11-05

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Webnovel - Fictions & Comics Reviews

  • By

    Great App with Minor Issues

    You have great selections of translated novels & originals along with web comics. As a user who has been using this app for over a year I’ve see many changes. I really enjoy using this app I like how interactive and gives individuals a chance to write their own novels and get paid for it if it gets popular enough. The minor issues I have are for one, some minor glitches with the current update. Webnovel please address them accordingly and I hope you read people’s review. Alright so the switch from stones to coins (I have absolutely no issues with that because as you mentioned it would be the same just the name change) but you took away the bonus (stone/coins) we actually enjoy that incentive when we purchase (stones/coins) to read (please consider it and bring it back), another thing is when you check-in you get experience points to level up (I’m currently lvl 7 & I haven’t seen any perks any difference from 5-7) can give us coins instead or mix it up not just experience points. I would prefer to receive coins because with the fast pass I can only read 3 chapters free which is nice however,(by the way you have to use same day) I can’t save the coins. Anyways keep up the good works I enjoy your app I just have minor issues.

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    Greatly Sadden

    Honestly when this app first came out I loved everything about it. I would spend hours on end on it reading. Back then most of the chapters were free expect the last 10 releases. Which you pay maybe 5 or 1 spirit stones “ sorry coins”to unlock. However as time went by they started locking chapters that use to be free already and making stones last limited time. Soon they added a subscription which I don’t mind paying for one to read and unlock all if not a good amount of novels. However, they got rid of it shortly after and it became what it is today. So why the low review? 80% of the chapters that use to be free are locked, you pay 10$ to get 500 coins which would only unlock around (33 to 71) if your lucky and LN can easily have up to 500+ chapters mind you, daily coins last limited time so if you don’t use it quickly well to bad, and honestly the voting system does great injustice for authors since it pretty much set up for us to vote just to get a little bit more coins without reading their LN. I am down with supporting authors and translators for their work but this? Ima have to say no thank you. I may not understand all on how the back end of this works but as it is now I hope to prepare any future readers before they got on this app. If you do, whip out your credit card because trust me you won’t get far without it. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a good day.

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    Spirit coins

    This app was great at first, not everything was free sure. But it did give you a chance to earn way to read locked episodes, like daily check ins and other things, the problem I had with was when I saved up my free spirit coins to use on a story I was reading, when I caught up I have extra spirit coins so I thought I’d save those for later. Little did I know that those coins expire, so when I found a new story I wanted to read with it, the app have expired +200 spirit coins, this would be on me, I probably should I spend my coins when I got the first notification, I just didn’t have a story to spend them on. Sense than every time I check in I don’t get spirit coins for some reason? I think those were switched out for points? If you watch a add you can get 1 fast pass which lets you read one episode of your story or comic. You can only watch one add a day though so if you are trying to binge or catch up on a comic it makes that much harder. Yes I love the comics I’m reading, I have tried looking for them on other platforms because of this problem with the one a day if you can’t buy spirit coins. I’m sorry if this review made little sense but the point if they added a add system, where if you watch a add you can get spirit coins or fast passes it would be much more helpful.

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    Great app but can be costly for hardcore readers

    I’ll try to keep my review short. First and foremost, I absolutely love the stories that can be found on the app! There is something in there for everyone and most stories get new chapters daily. For those of you who are casual readers (only a few chapters every day,) you can get by with reading the stories in here for free. For those who read dozens of chapters a day, sorry to say that you’ll need to pay or wait a very, very long time to catch up on a very good story. Until recently, there was a membership where $30 would get you unlimited access to all chapters that costed spirit stones (basically in-game currency.), but that got taken away and now all chapters not designated as free by the author cost spirit stones. By my estimation, for the more hardcore readers, I would say you’d have to pay $50 a month in spirit stones to be able to read at a fast pace. This is the biggest drawback of this app. $50 a month I’d quite pricey. I would love to give the app 5* but I can’t justify that on how expensive it is to read. TL;DR: Great app, great stories, but currently too expensive if you like to read a lot.

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    Great app has its flaws

    So since the opened the original author section I’ve fallen for quite a few but to many of them use naruto. Some others have spoken about unlocking chapters its obviously flawed. Especially seeing how the translator can decide how many spirit stones are needed to unlock one. Some authors have decided to make a single chapter worth 10-15 stones. That is absolutely ridicules a hundred chapters all of which take about that many. They should just get rid of the system all together and implement a system where you buy spirit stones to purchase the next novel that’s coming early for the read. Or you can vote for things with spirit stones as well. Now with this new update I don’t know if it’s the update or my phone but nothing is uploading I check the app to see I have six messages but I go on it and nothing is loading at all. Some of the LN on here as well don’t load either. So they definitely need to fix these issues.

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    The Spirit Stone Problem.

    This app has great stories, an interface that is pleasing to the eye, a pretty decent system in which it uses to decide on the most popular books and what books people want to see next, however, there is a large flaw that makes this great system fail. And that flaw is the overly greedy and overpriced Spirit Stone system. For almost all of the popular, reccomended, or highly rated books, Webnovel has employed a system upon it called premium. It requires the reader to use Spirit stones to unlock and read chapters, but if you want to read a few premium books at a time, you will need to either make several fake emails and invite them to earn a decent ammount, or spend money to gain them at a decent rate. The alternative methods they give you such as checking in, voting power and energy stones, and watching videos aren’t enough to read all the books you would want. This is the overarching problem with this, and this apps intial lure is the freeness of the whole process, and if you don’t want to spend 25 bucks a month to read your favortie books, then I don’t reccomend getting invested into this app.

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    Why had it gotten worse?

    It was fine when I started. I went on the app so often, multiple times a day or just hours straight. As time went on there were added requirements, like the time limit on all the spirt stones, if they expire they disappear from your account total. And annoyingly enough it signs me out on its own sometimes and just ruins the “bookmark” I had in any novel, all of them turning to “unread”. So many times I had to search for the chapter I left off. But the biggest problem I have faced with this app so far is today it had kicked me out once more and as I attempted to sign in I was told my account was suspended. It had kicked me out the day before and wouldn’t let me sign in so I waited till today to try again. And guess what? It wouldn’t let me and even told me my account was suspended. Why? I hadn’t done anything!! I even went on the website on safari and it worked at first but when I refreshed the page it kicked me out. I tried signing in but it said my account was suspended. Why? What had I even done? I’m so sure I have done nothing for such treatment. Some books I love to read but this app had finally touched upon my last bit of patience!!

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    It’s okay

    I had no idea about the spirit stones to read until I got 370 chapters into this amazing book. Pretty bumped that I have to either pay to read what I thought was free or do all this extra stuff to earn stones just to read. I’d rather just go out and buy books in person than try to figure out this app. Update: I made this review a couple weeks ago and now that I’ve had more time to try to accomplish the things that earn spirit stones I actually really like this app. It’s not that hard to earn stones and I don’t always read a lot. The only thing that I still don’t like is the fact that I have a hard time banking enough spirit stones to read for long periods of time. Completing the tasks is fine if I’m only really 3 or 4 chapters a day but there are some days where I want to read 30 to 40 chapters and I never have enough spirit stones to do that. Other than that I really like the app and I do my best to log in every day to earn stones even if I’m not reading that day just so I have extra when I want to read.

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    Great app and minimal problems

    The app is easy to navigate and I have no issues with it. If I get a glitch for example where my library is empty I just have to log out then log back in to fix it which hardly ever happens maybe twice. Errors or glitches like that can be annoying but it happens with anything that updates like iPhone updates screw my phone up sometimes where I can’t fix it so I am fine as long as it is an easy fix especially when it hardly happens. I don’t really notice the glitches as like I said it happened maybe twice for me since I got it for a year but wanted to talk about it to share what I know since others may rate it poorly for those points so make your own decision based on that or test it out yourself. I don’t really know much what to say besides it works great for what I want and makes it easy to find new things I like to read.

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    It’s great BUT

    I was so tempted to give this a 1-Star rating but I couldn’t because I loved the books that I’m reading so much. I love Webnovel but honestly I am currently so disappointed due to the elite membership subscription being discontinued. I get it some authors are being disadvantaged but readers are too. We don’t have so much money to spend on SS and trust me there’s so many good books! I barely even discovered the subscription when you took it away. I added so many books in hopes that I could read and enjoy it but no. Now I can’t even read most of it because to be honest I got better things to spend my money on. I would $30 monthly just to subscribe and read unlimited but not for SS because we all know some book chapters cost over 11SS. I have stopped reading and only focused on a few books that I really love but even then ... I’m still thinking of dropping WN.

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    They had a great thing going for the readers.

    For about 2-3 months they had a subscription service that I used. I read stories from multiple websites and this one used to be a lesser used one. Then they had the subscription service that I used and I would read almost completely one this app because I no longer had to deal with those spirit stones. Instead I used them to give gifts to the stories. Now that the subscription is gone I can only get about 20 spirit stones a day witch could be at most 4 short chapters. So either I wait for more stones or I could start a new book only to end up at a pay wall again. They said it was for the writers and translators to get paid more but who really knows. I doubt they were making more than extra spending money. Edit: they don’t stop there money grubbing ways. Now they are making you pay like $40 to read a extra 50 chapters ahead and who knows what’s next. For now on I’m just going to look for these books for free. I don’t care if they’re stolen from here. I have always been one to support authors and translators but not those from Webnovel.

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    Coin problem

    This app is great there is only one problem the cost of coins. There are three way to fix this problem. One give us some coins when we check in and when we complete challenges. Two when we read a certain amount of minutes we get points instead of coins so the only way to get coins is to buy them we should get around ten coins each time we reach a reading goal. Three the last and best way to deal with the coin problem is to make it possible to watch an add to be able to read a chapter for free. This would help with the coin problem and make people give better reviews which can only benefit the app in the long run. And not everyone wants to have to watch an add to get one free chapter so people will still pay for coins so it this idea won’t make the app lose money it could even help the app make more money since better reviews means more people will want to get the app resulting in more people paying for coins.

  • By

    Enjoyed it for a time

    I am an avid reader. I find a book I like I read it to finish in one sitting, if I can. This app was nice for when I went to work (3-4 hour round trip daily) and i could download the books that caught my interest in advanced so i didn't need to use data. It even had a premium service which was around $27 a month for unlimited reading. It did have some bugs like when you first open the app you would lose the navigation bar so you would need to close the app and reopen it or logging you out at random though it only did that to me once. Unfortunately one of their updates has removed the premium service from the app (their website never had or even promoted it to begin with) and so it has gone back to requiring you to be connected with either data or wifi to read chapters because you need to unlock each one individually. So as of now, the app has lost most of why i used it. Plenty of enjoyable reading experiences but cant really use it on the go any more.

  • By

    Saw the ad on Facebook and it checks outs

    I kept getting ads on my news feed for this app. I finally decided to click on it and read the comic. The comic was “The Adventures if the Mystical Doctor”. I was surprised that the story line started with death, but then it pulls the character into a new world. The story is captivating from their. The main character is a strong female lead who doesn’t take trash from anyone. Overall the app is very interesting. It has a lot of features, ones that I’m even still trying to figure out. I like the point system is uses. As you read you can earn points to open locked chapters. And if that’s not enough they give you the option to buy points as well. There are plenty of comics and stories to choice from and there is even the option to write your own story.

  • By


    For those who wants Webnovel, the system has changed. When I first got Webnovel, it used spirit stones as currency. You can earn spirit stones by watching a video, daily logins, voting with energy and power stones, posting a comment. Of course, these spirit stones have a expiration day but as long as you keep collecting daily, you can keep reading. HOWEVER, the creators have change spirit stones into coins and everything I mentioned about earning spirit stones has turn into exp or free pass. There are only three free pass, so if you have many stories you want to read and they cost coins then you can use free pass to unlock that chapter. But you can only unlock three chapters and it also limit stories you read if you have no more coins to unlock chapters. Free readers, meaning those who don’t use or can’t afford to use real money, are going to have a hard time because there’s no way to earn coins. You have to use real cash to buy coins. Return Webnovel to how it used to be

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Is Webnovel - Fictions & Comics Safe?

Yes. Webnovel - Fictions & Comics is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 33,527 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Webnovel - Fictions & Comics Is 52.6/100.

Is Webnovel - Fictions & Comics Legit?

Yes. Webnovel - Fictions & Comics is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 33,527 Webnovel - Fictions & Comics User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Webnovel - Fictions & Comics Is 52.6/100.

Is Webnovel - Fictions & Comics not working?

Webnovel - Fictions & Comics works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Keeri
Aug 15 2021

I wasn’t even aware I had a renewing subscription, when I first bought it I thought it was just buying the coins. It didn’t tell me there was a renewal, so now I am $9.99 less, which I could’ve used for something else. Thanks Webnovel. You should put it down if it’s an automatic renewal system next time.

By Khelsea
May 30 2021

This app is great because the stories are great, bot to mention the selection is quite good. However their whole system for unlocking chapters is a total rip off. Most of these web comic apps you pay per episode or you pay for a membership to have chapters unlocked as they're released so you don't have to wait and can read at your leisure. Webnovel charges you per chapter AND for a monthly subscription. Well what does the subscription get you if you're still paying per chapter? It gets you 10 coins per day. That MIGHT be enough yo unlock one chapter. But let's be honest who is only following one story and only reading one chapter at a time?????? Come on webnovel is this how you treat your PAYING customers? Then let me stop being a customer 🖕🏾

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